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Author Topic: Kasane Randall (Alpha)  (Read 106 times)

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Kasane Randall (Alpha)
« on: October 07, 2021, 10:53:12 pm »

Name: Kasane Randall

Alias: Design Child, Onee-Chan (By Sister)

Date of Birth: June, 10, 2003

Age: 18

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Dominant Alpha

Character's Scent: Pine Tar | Arabaica Amazon Coffee Bens

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Japanese Asian-American (Adopted)

Species: Genetically Created Hybrid |  Half Human, Half Demon

Hobbies: Reading, Martial Arts Training, Drawing,  Horticulture, Body Conditioning

Ability: A limited version of manipulation of matter by the mind, Kasane is able to affect any loose objects on her person or the environment as long as it is greatly weakened to the point it is considered already loose or objects not pinned in place. An ability she can use both offensively and defensively to an extent. She is commonly known to use a set of Arrowroot Leaf Knives in tandem with her powers for a low strain use of her offensive capabilities.

Free Reign of mental manipulation of loose or greatly weakened objects.
Versatile use.
No weight limit nor amount of objects affected limit.
Limit thresholds heightened during ruts.
Heavily taxing on the user over prolonged use.
Limited to only loose/broken objects, or objects on her person.
Must be within her sight to affect (can not be used on objects faster than she can track)
Cannot be used for fine movement. (Switch pressing,  no. Throwing a dumpster, yes.)
More objects manipulated at one time increases the tax on user.
Overuse leads to bleeding and mental strain.
Easier to lose control of during high emotional duress.
Genetic Modification
Ability: Kasane has been genetically modified to be a highly combative individual in an effort to heighten her physical capabilities to peak human performance without the need of extraneous training. The main power she has developed, however, only caps this modification at the top human performance. This bars her from ever reaching meta-human abilities, but she is still a force to be reckoned with.

Personality: Confident, Pragmatic, Collected. These are words people have used to define Kasane's stoic personality. These hit the mark but not the precise definition, in truth, she just doesn't collect and process the normal social cues of anyone outside of her sister. She analyzes the people around her, nothing their habits and expressions to make sense of the world. Always looking for what could be advantageous to her, Kasane views almost every situation, every interaction as a battle. And dealing with the human aspect of emotions, empathy, well, it's a work in progress.

She is quite capable of love and expressing joyful emotions to her sister, most everyone else gets her stoic expressions. If there was a literal conversation with a rock, they might actually be talking to Kasane. She suppresses emotions she doesn't truly know locked up within her, easily causing emotional outbursts. Her anchor every time was her sister, Naomi. Because of this, she has grown to be overprotective of her, quite fiercely. Naomi is her Achilles heel and should something befall her, Kasane loses her tactile persona and do whatever to protect her.

Occupation: Freelance Journalist, Yokai Agent

School: Hakoniwa Academy, High school Senior, 12th Grade

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments, R1: Randall Family Unit- Kasane & Naomi Randall

Original or Canon: Semi-Canon

Face Claim: Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall


Standing at the petite height of 5'3" (161 centimeters) and weighing 110 lbs (49.89 kilograms), Kasane is one of the smallest Alphas to exist. However, the scent pouring out of her and the sheer power within her very clearly marks her territorial positioning. While her clothing does appear black, this is just a visual misperception. While a very dark grey, the top of the outfit is accentuated with a multitude of red marks. For the most part, it is sleeveless, however, Kasae covers her forearms with skin-tight sheaths, ending in black and red fingerless gloves. A loose-fitting scarf is worn which comes with its own retractable hood. Leggings are worn for pants which is complete with tabi-based shoes.

History: The story of Kasane began in June of 2003, the subject named Kasane was created in a Yokai Inc. Lab, her purpose was to combine the strongest genetics of a human and a demon. Cultivated, the subject saw rapid development within the lab. Subjugated to tests of a rather inhumane nature, her own genetic make-up was modified to be peak performance from a demon's DNA code. Throw rapid growth modification, the girl was pushed through a rapid body development and trained to master the use of her powers. During an accident that brought about the destruction of the Yokai Lab, the girl was brought to a personality rehabilitation center to wipe her memories of those years. Upon success, the young girl was brought to an Orphanage in Japan and placed for anonymous adoption. It wasn't long till a family adopted the child with no last name.

On the desire of a sibling, Kasane was introduced to the Randall family, a weapons manufacture, and to her 'older' sister, Naomi. Kasane didn't really know how to interact with people, relying on her sister to help. Years of growing together made Kasane grow more into her human aspect and was kindled into society as a somewhat functioning teenager. Her human genetics formulated into that of an Alpha, she was still unknown to her past and to the other aspect of her genetic makeup.

In school, she really paid no attention to her peers,  rather she focused on the academics like a good girl, listening to the input from her sister as to what is normal, including what her body was going through. It was early high school that everything she knew changed. She was approached by a Yokai member using the leverage of seeing her actual family again, using photos of her within the testing areas along with her assigned caretaker. That alone was enough to easily sway the girl to help Yokai Inc. for the chance of seeing her 'family'.

Now in her senior year of high school, Kasane has to weigh the balance of continuing being human with the Randall family or uncover the truth of her origins through aiding Yokai Inc. Right now, she just has to know and thus took on the operation of hunting down the escaped Test Subjects.

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Re: Kasane Randall (Alpha)
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2021, 06:36:50 pm »

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