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Author Topic: Akira Hayato [Alpha]  (Read 106 times)

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Akira Hayato [Alpha]
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:34:28 pm »

ĒI can't Ö I can't seem to let them go ...Ē

Name: Arthur Hall (real name)

Alias: Akira Hayato (adoptive Japanese name)

Date of Birth: April 25th, 1998

Age: 23

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Wisteria & Honeysuckle

Sexuality: Homosexual

Race: British American (birth) & Japanese (adoption)

Species: Human

Hobbies: Music, Singing, Making Friends, Watching Movies (romantic comedies, fantasy-action, and horror)

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Akira is a polite young man thatís kind to everyone he comes into contact with. He cares very much about others and tries to do his best to get along with everyone as well as be of help whenever he is needed. Any favor asked of him, he does his best to deliver results. He also has a strong sense of right and wrong as he canít stand to see others who canít defend themselves being harassed. It doesnít put him in the best of favor with many people. He's rather shy as a person despite how he is but this is mainly because he worries constantly that others will think lowly of him because he cares about the well-being of others. He tries not to but is unable to help it at times. He does still like music whether it's reading music or listening to it but he is wary about singing around others because of how his family tossed him to the side because he stopped singing despite being pressured to do so.

He doesn't like using his status as an Alpha to act as if he's better than others. In actuality, Akira believes himself to be the opposite. He just views himself as a regular person that isn't better than anybody. There are many who would disagree and show the usual mentality that Alphas are known for having and he ends up being shunned by those that don't share his outlook when it comes to status. He's even avoided by Omegas at times whom he tries to help and believes are in trouble, only to be pushed away. Akira doesn't have this issue whenever he interacts with those who are Betas and Unknowns who are usually a neutral group of individuals. It does bother him that he struggles to make friends with others like him and Omegas. It shows that he cares a lot about others and encourages them to do their best no matter what it is they wish to do. However, many tend to look past his features as a person and only focus on his secondary gender status which he dislikes.

He tries not to focus so much on it by trying to do things for himself. He's not an avid gamer but he does play video games occasionally but he mainly likes watching a variety of movies when not working on anything music-related. He can care a bit too much which shows why he struggles a lot in forming friendships but this stems from him just not wanting to be seen as an Alpha. Akira wishes to be seen as a person. He hasn't contacted his family in years since his parents willingly gave up their parental rights to his adoptive parents that took him in. As much as he would like to talk to his family, a part of him fears that even after all these years, they still resent him which hurts more than anything.

Occupation: Currently searching for part-time work

School: Kaibara University | Second Year | Music Major

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt B7 (adoptive parents foot the bill for his rent)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Free! Dive to the Future - Kisumi Shigino

Appearance: Akira stands at the height of 5'11'' with unkempt salmon pink hair and violet color. He usually is seen wearing a lot of casual clothing that consist of long or short sleeved shirts, pants or shorts, with sneakers. He's known for dressing comfortable but also appropriate depending on the occasion whenever he goes out. Akira I & Akira II

History: Born in the northwestern side of Europe in London, England, Akira Hayato originally born as Arthur Hall came from a family background that involved music being the established career that many were required for striving for. The family  line also consisted of mostly Beta and Omega children. It was in Akira's family that he was the only child born as an Alpha. Much like his siblings, he immediately received the highest education the moment he could walk and talk. He was treated more like royalty by his parents when he presented at a young age as an Alpha because he was the first born Alpha into the Hall family so they went out of their way to arrange for everything to be perfect for him. This included a line of potential future mates for when he became of age so he would breed more Alphas among his future children.

Other members of his family like his siblings and cousins showed signs of resentment towards Akira because he received the most attention from everyone. He also showed having a natural talent for singing instead of having to be taught how to sing or learn to play an instrument. It's because he had a love for music and how it made him so relaxed to listen to instrumentals or people singing and so he picked up on this. Mainly to help comfort himself since growing up with his family, he didn't feel truly excepted. Instead, he felt alone. The adults-only cared about his talent and his secondary gender and his siblings and cousins wanted nothing to do with him because he was doted on by them while they were ignored. He did enjoy singing for fun in the beginning but he'd been forced to sing against his will by his parents and would make him sing songs they would write and be often critical of him not reaching the highest notes. They believed he wasn't trying hard enough.

This wasn't even the tip of the iceberg of things he'd been made to do. He was also dressed up like a doll by them as well. He always had to look presentable because while he had the appearance of an Omega, he was a naturally handsome boy that they felt was perfection in their eyes. They didn't want him to ruin that imagery they had of him, the life they wanted for him, prepared for him. He didn't originally mind it when he was young but as he became a little older, he felt uncomfortable wearing clothes he didn't feel suit him well. Yet his parents didn't listen. They would never allow for Akira to be his own person. He had to be what they wanted him to be, do what they wanted him to do. This changed when it'd been arranged for him to do a small concert performance in front of many Scouters looking to recruit young impressionable children to work with. His parents saw this as an opportunity for their son to be discovered and he was to sing in front of a theater packed full of people.

Instead, stage fright got the better of him and he ran off stage and burst into tears. The Scouters were not happy about having wasted their time with him and selected other children that were also present. Akira had done nothing wrong but he just didn't feel comfortable singing in front of a large crowd of people. It frightened him. He may have been trained to sing but he wasn't trained to deal with being watched by so many people that would be judging him. His family, however, was not pleased with how things turned out. They didn't understand why Akira was showing signs of self-confidence that was usually known for Omegas. He was an Alpha yet didn't show the strong desire of confidence that many would have. It was at this moment that the high hopes they had for him had vanished. His parents no longer wanted anything to do with him and anytime he'd attempt to talk to them or connect with them in some way, they would always respond with such violence towards him.

From verbally to physically abusing him more for the public humiliation they felt they'd gotten because of him. One time Akira had hugged his mother unexpectedly, just to see if she would hug him back because he wanted to know if there was a sign that some part of her didn't truly hate him but she responded by pushing him off of her and then attempting to choke him half to death. To destroy the voice that he had that she felt he didn't deserve any more. She no longer saw her own son as her child. And his father did nothing. This emotionally broke Akira inside to where he stopped talking for a while. When this happened, his family immediately disowned him and dropped him off at a local orphanage in the city as they declared him a waste of space they were tired of carrying. He didn't like the orphanage but it was better than being surrounded by a family that only was interested in using him for their own selfish desires. As luck would have it, he only spent six months there before a young couple from Japan was visiting England as part of their vacation was interested in adopting a child of their own.

The discussion had come up between the couple numerous times but they kept constantly putting it off due to things always coming up. They lived in the country back in Japan but they were a quiet and comfortable pair, a Beta male and female, that wanted to travel around the world for a while before settling down. It was their trip to England that brought them to the orphanage that the wife became curious about and wanted to venture into it and convinced her husband/mate to allow her to. There were so many active and happy children running around except for one who always remained alone. This child being Akira or Arthur Hall. He was the one child that refused to socialize with any of the others or eat much of anything. He also still wasn't speaking to anyone either. This was explained to the couple but they were willing to take a chance in getting to know the young boy if he would allow them to. They stayed in England for a little longer just to visit him and slowly over time he began to open up to them. They didn't act like his parents or his family did towards him yet he had doubts off and on. The couple decided to officially adopt him as their son and gift him with the name ďAkira HayatoĒ. They did this to make it official that he was now a part of their family and he didn't have to worry anymore about feeling alone or abandoned.

When the adoption was official as his family had legally signed away all their parental rights, Arthur, now Akira was allowed to move to Tokyo, Japan with his new parents in their countryside home. The older heís gotten, the more he'd come out of his shell and even began speaking again. He also found his life for music after listening to the different Japanese music that was produced. Learning the language was rather difficult for him since he wasn't a native-born to the country but he got better at it and doesn't butcher it as much as he used to when he was much younger. Now an adult and attending university, Akira's major is in music but carries many uncertainties about making it into an actual career. He's fine learning about the variety of music that exists across the globe but he does fear singing due to how his family treated him.

Akira's a kind young man when he interacts with others. He just doesn't make friends much with Alphas and Omegas but has no trouble befriending Betas. It's not strange to him. He knows it has more to do with the fact that he cares too much and doesn't want to see others being mistreated but he tends to misread a situation before getting involved. He hasn't tried to contact his family since they abandoned him but in his heart, he still can't let them go and does wonder from time to time if they're doing okay without him. Even if they don't care about him, a part of him will have the humanity within him to care about them. Right now, his main focus is on school and deciding on what career path he wants to take.

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Re: Akira Hayato [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2021, 10:53:19 pm »

Your character has been approved! Make to post your Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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