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Author Topic: Bridget Pendragon [Alpha]  (Read 252 times)

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Bridget Pendragon [Alpha]
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:11:00 pm »

I'm broken anyway, so I halt my breath, not even the truth can unravel me.

Name : Bridget Pendragon

Alias: Bridge (for short)

Date of Birth: August 20th, 1997

Age: 24

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Tonka Bean and Bay Leaf

Sexuality: Demisexual

Race: Japanese American

Species: Empowered Human

Hobbies: Reading Manga/Comics, Playing Video Games, Peach Boba Tea, Helping others w/o harming them

Black Lightning – Bridget possesses the capabilities to produce black lightning. This power possesses a high voltage and destructive power. Though he trained to have better control over it, his fear is what holds him back from properly controlling it. So, the power tends to have a mind of its own and activates when he least expects it to. This requires the need for limiter bracelets that control the output of his lightning abilities to avoid destroying highly populated areas and accidentally killing people. Bridget is capable of using this power in melee combat to a lesser degree. He doesn't have to put out much power when in hand-to-hand combat situations. He is capable of releasing one powerful attack and less powerful ones.

  • Black Lightning Cannon – An attack where Bridget expends both of his arms before themselves with his open palms and fingers are pointed towards a target. Sparks of black lightning are formed between his arms, growing larger and gradually extending to a surrounding area. His arms are completely covered in black lightning, he fires a massive concentrated beam of this powerful black lightning at his targets. Such an attack capable of completely vaporizing whatever it strikes. Since he isn't a heavy combative person, he avoids using this attack. The threat of the world would have to be at stake for him to use it and even then, Bridget wouldn't feel comfortable launching it. He's working on trying to control the output of the attack where it doesn't cause so much destruction in its wake.
  • Black Lightning Punch – This works when Bridget activates his power through his hands and they’re engulfed in sparks of black lightning. When in a close combat type fight, his punches are more powerful than normal. It works in a manner of stunning a person to render them unable to move and he usually goes for a quick gut punch that doesn’t require him to release a lot of his power. That doesn’t mean it hurts less.
  • Black Lightning Shield – This ability has two forms to it: one form he can create a protective shield made out of black lightning by holding either hand out in front of him to do so if he has an attack suddenly coming right at him from the front. The second form of this ability is creating a protective black lightning dome shield around himself to protect against consistent oncoming attacks. The strength of the shields depends on Bridget’s mindset. If his mind is clouded with fear, his shields can easily be destroyed.

Hand-to-Hand Combat – Bridget is good at basic hand-to-hand combat that involves the use of his hands and sometimes kicking moves if necessary. He can incorporate his powers into his moves as well to make them more effective when facing stronger individuals. Luckily, he’s only ever faced against those he's trained under, so he rarely puts that into practice. Standard close-range combat he’s capable of doing without his powers. He tries not to harm anyone badly if he can help it. It depends on the situation and the people involved. His moves aren’t lethal so there is no need for worry.

Personality: Bridget is a kind person who is known for keeping to himself because his powers are dangerous and he doesn't wish to harm anyone because of his lack of control over his abilities. He's a rather normal person who does have hobbies such as enjoying music and reading books. He'll read anything he deems interesting with a good plot, whether it be a novel or manga series. With music, it varies. He prefers to listen to older music over anything new. It's rare for him to like any new music and it's usually a song a year. Bridget also enjoys video games as well. He's no video game good but he does enjoy a game that keeps him interested in its compelling story and gameplay. He's also someone that doesn't focus heavily on status and wealth when it comes to interactions with others. Bridget would prefer to get to know someone as a person and not based on that or because they're either an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. He also dislikes "mate setups". Bridget isn't against the idea of finding a mate but fears hurting them that he avoids settling down with anyone.

While his parents understand this, many do not. He doesn't care much for how others view individuals of other status but he keeps this to himself as he is someone who doesn't like confrontation with others. Bridget has high anxiety and it is because of how destructive and dangerous his powers are that he is very cautious when interacting with others. He'd prefer it if people didn't touch him since his powers have a tendency to act on their own depending on a situation. For he has accidentally harmed others that have ended up fearing him in the end. Because of this, he grew up a very lonely person despite the comfort his parents gave him. Unless he has to, Bridget avoids using his powers. Due to him having harmed others and himself on multiple occasions, Bridget has to wear power limiter bracelets that control the output of his powers. It's also why he dislikes being in the public eye despite being an Alpha and Alphas are known for being very prolific individuals. This isn't something he cares about even though he's told he should. He doesn't understand why he should but doesn't argue about it.

Occupation: Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan

School: ----

Place of Living: Lives in a large condo alone in the Shibuya District.

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Fate/Grand Order – Arthur Pendragon (eye recolor)

Appearance: Bridget stands at the height of 6'0'' with short golden blonde hair and gold-colored eyes. He has a peach skin complexion and has a slender build. Bridget of course does wear casual clothing that consists of a long black coat with a red shirt underneath it. He also wears black jeans and black shoes. The only time he wears a dress suit is whenever he is around his family who have influential jobs that have them attending gatherings together. His most notable suit is an all-white suit with blue trimmings. Bridget I & Bridget II

History: Bridget Pendragon is an Alpha and the oldest son of Minaka Abe (Beta) and Atlas Pendragon (Alpha) and has a younger sister named Brittany (Beta). Minaka was a Japanese woman who was the daughter of the Prime Minister of Japan, Yuuji Abe, an Alpha. Minaka may not have been born an Omega but her father still wanted her to find a suitable Alpha partner and would constantly arrange "mate meetings" for her. She hated this and just wanted to choose her partner that would love her for who she was and not because of her family background or out of obligation to please her father. Minaka never got to know her mother who had died after giving birth to her and so it was up to Yuuji to take care of their only child. He never found another mate after Minaka's mother died as he loved her too much to eve think about mating with someone else. Losing his mate, his wife, hurt him so much.

This is why he devoted his time and life to make sure that his daughter had everything. Being an Alpha himself, a lot was expected out of him and he worked hard to get to where he is today. He tried hard to instill this knowledge into his daughter but she would often argue with him about how pushy and controlling he was about her life. There was also the concern of Minaka's abilities as well. The Abe family was known for bearing children that would inherit the abilities of their parents. In their case, their power was lightning. A power that is very difficult to control but not impossible to master. Minaka inherited these powers but to a lesser degree. Unlike most in her situation, they didn't cause her a lot of grief since she wasn't going around playing tricks on people to deliberately shock them or allowing her emotions to get the better of her.

Her powers weren't nearly as destructive but they were useful at the time such as giving things an electrical charge that needed it. Personally, Minaka never found much of a need to use her powers so she kept them to herself whenever she interacted with others. However, this doesn't mean her father didn't properly train her to use them. She didn't like the training. She wasn't trying to be some sort of "hero". She wanted to focus on the things she wanted for her life. Luckily, she wasn't forced into politics. It became of interest to her because she was very tired of seeing how corrupt such officials were and it made her glad that her father was not such a person. He worked to help and protect the people of Japan with others and this is what inspired her to do the same. But Minaka wanted to make her mark somewhere. So, she studied at the top schools to reach her goal and decided to leave Japan for a year, continuing her political career in America. It is here she'd met other politicians and her fated mate, an Alpha named Atlas Pendragon.

Minaka was able to connect with Atlas because they shared a lot of the same views but also possessed lightning abilities. Though Atlas did like to have fun using his on occasion, it was never in a manner that caused damage or harm to anyone which Minaka liked about him. Plus, it was worldwide knowledge that non-humans and humans with powers existed so it wasn't a big deal that people knew he had them even though Minaka was the opposite. They did share the feeling of their powers not being the main focus of their lives. They wanted to be acknowledged and seen as regular people whether they had powers or not. They connected through this and other things and it is how their two children came to be. Their first one was their oldest son Bridget and their second a daughter they named Brittany. Out of the two of them, Bridget was the one that developed abilities as he became of age.

It is when Bridget's powers surfaced is when Minaka decided it would be best they return to Japan as she knew her father would be able to help her son control his powers. The reason for this is because his powers weren't the same as his powers. They were the opposite. He developed black lightning powers that had more destructive effects compared to normal lightning powers. Minaka didn't know how to help her son control such power and felt her father would be able to help in that department. Yet she feared that he wouldn't accept Atlas as the mate she chose to be with. But she felt she didn't have a choice in the matter since her son's powers were accidentally harming people. Upon her return to Japan and her father was accepting of her choice in her mate. She was happy with the two children she had with Atlas and he saw no reason to interfere with that.

Her father was especially intrigued by the development of Bridget's powers and how they became the opposite of his parents. He'd stated this wasn't uncommon for that to happen but he would do what he could to help Bridget control them. Bridget was just afraid of them and didn't want to use them at all. He'd hurt other kids unintentionally and frightened his sister who was worried she'd inherit such a power herself. Meanwhile, everyone within his parents' political circle, including his grandfather often praised him for being such a powerful Alpha. Praise was the last thing Bridget had wanted. He would be happier without since it did him no favors when it came to making friends. During his school year, he'd harmed many of his classmates without meaning to, causing them to avoid him. Yet some did admire him and found his power to be amazing but just as others who feared him, they avoided him as well. This made his grandfather remove him from school for a while to have him be tutored instead to avoid any more mishaps. It also gave Bridget the desire to want to have control over his ability when it came to its output.

Like his mother, he avoided the idea of training in the beginning since Minaka had often told him that she hated the training but he knew his grandfather was a kind and helpful man and put his grievances aside regarding how he felt about training to training. Yuuji was more than willing to help his grandson do that on top of arranging "mate meetings" with him in hopes he'll find a suitable partner that could handle his power. Fine with the training he was, not so much with the mate meetings. They made him feel rather uncomfortable since finding a mate was the last thing on Bridget's mind. He had too much anxiety and fear of hurting the person he cared about that he was fine with the idea of not searching for a mate. He struggles a lot with the mindset he has regarding his powers but his grandfather thought it best to ease his grandson's anxiety by having him wear limiter bracelets on his wrists that were created just for him to control his power output.

Plus, the training he'd done with his grandfather and some of his friends with his powers did help a lot for the man knew many people capable of helping him train with them. He was even taught self-defense moves as an alternative to using his powers. This was to avoid having to rely heavily on them in the event of an altercation. Bridget actively avoids those at costs. It was also expected of him to follow in the footsteps of his parents to become a well-rounded politician. It wouldn't have been Bridget's first choice in terms of a career since he much rather preferred a simple life. He enjoyed reading, enjoyed playing video games since these things helped to take his mind off of his problems. He would much rather stay out of the public eye but having parents as politicians made that rather difficult since he and his sister often interacted with the children of other politicians. But he didn't want to disappoint his family so he decided to study to become a politician, achieving the position of Chief Cabinet Secretary at such a young age. Bridget did have a lot of ideas he believed would be helpful to the political world but he'd share his ideas with others for them to use since he disliked being the center of attention.

Many do expect him to become the next Prime Minister of Japan like his grandfather but Bridget would prefer he didn't. If he can help more through the position that he has currently, he'd rather do that. He is still occasionally set up to meet with suitable mates and only sits through them to please his grandfather. He's still sticking to not finding a mate. Not because he doesn't want, but because it's the safest way to keep people at a distance and keep them safe. That and he's easier to keep his anxiety in check by having less to worry about. As a person, he’s very soft-spoken which is uncommon for many Alpha. He’s the least bit aggressive, preferring not to hold his status over people. Bridget would like to make friends with anyone that wouldn’t end up being afraid of him because of his powers.

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Re: Bridget Pendragon [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2020, 05:57:33 pm »

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