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Author Topic: Catherine Himeshiro [Alpha]  (Read 163 times)

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Catherine Himeshiro [Alpha]
« on: July 09, 2020, 11:06:12 pm »

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. Prove me wrong.”

Name: Catherine Himeshiro

Alias: Cat or Cathy (for short), "Cat Princess" (by her mother)

Date of Birth: December 25th, 2001

Age: 20

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Dark Chocolate & Chestnut

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: ¾ Japanese & ¼ French

Species: ¾ Human & ¼ Nekomimi (Cat Girl)

Hobbies: Cats, Reading, Studying, Cosplaying, Video Games

Stealth Skills - Much like a cat, Catherine is able to sneak in places without being detected due to extensive knowledge and skill in many stealth tactics. In other words, if she wants to get into someplace, she'll find a way to do it even if it may involve breaking the law or two occasionally, though nothing incredibly serious beyond breaking and entering. She's perfected her stealth skills on some of her former peers and others at Hakoniwa Academy who has a habit of making the lives of others around them miserable. So she broke into their homes and changes their entire wardrobe to hideous clothing and colors while throwing out all of their original attire and forcing them to wear what she left behind for them. None of them ever put it together that Catherine was the culprit as she was careful enough to not leave any evidence of herself behind when doing this. She chooses this method of payback to avoid using the method of constant violence against idiots.

Speed & Agility - Through time and practice, Catherine has built up the skill to increase her speed and agility. She is able to easily do sprints, backflips, and other various gymnastic, athletic, and occasionally martial arts implements with little to no effort.  She possesses cat-like speed and it takes a lot for her to become tired after running for so long. But this added speed and agility to her body have made Catherine entirely more flexible. And like any "cat" she can leap and scale from high areas and land on all fours (hands and feet), without injuring herself.

Enhanced Smell & Hearing - Much better than the average person who can smell and hear things, Catherine learned to perfect these two senses more than her others which she uses for more important things that don't involve petty breaking and entering to humiliate others. She has learned to tell if someone is lying based on the hormones that a person's body releases and since people tend to sweat more when they're lying, the odor within the sweat rises which case making her hiss. Whether this is actually been proven to be helpful to her, no one that's hung around her specifically knows for sure. This could be due to Catherine's distrust and dislike of certain people and she would use this as a way to freak them out. As for hearing, she can't hear conversations from a mile away. Only within the current area, she's in. If she concentrates hard enough and focuses her hearing on the direction she's hearing sounds from, she'll be able from there determine if she needs to make a plan of escape if she's somewhere she isn't supposed to be or she'll mainly listen in on the many conversations her classmates are having involving meaningless topics. It's only useful to her as she can use it against them should she decides to break into their house and find a way to create a person's worse fear without getting caught.

Personality: Catherine particularly likes doing things your average nerd in would be doing. Studying is one of them and she has always made high marks in all of her classes. While she has no problems tutoring anyone who desires it, it's not uncommon for her to say no to those she doesn't wish to tutor, especially if she can tell if they're trying to use her for her smarts. Given she was considered a loner and due to her feline characteristics, she doesn't easily trust others very well, and although she will help others in need that she has a close friendship with them. She can be normally found at the public library either studying or looking for some new reading material. Something that doesn't bore her to death. She's very particular about the kinds of books she'll read. She typically enjoys books that talk about cats, have superheroes within them or other supernatural-type characters, or even mystery to horror books.

It is very seldom she'll read a romance novel and it is only if the story within the novel is believable romance and not something spewed for the sake of satisfying some "tween's sexual need" as she calls it. Catherine has a love for cosplaying, going as far as wearing cat-themed outfits with bells around her neck and on her tail. So it shows she's not above dressing up, be it in cat-themed outfits or something else that tickles her fancy. She's also good at playing video games even though she doesn't play them as often because she finds games to be boring when played alone. While Catherine still harbors some feelings for her former classmate Usegi Tsukishino, she has accepted that he is happy being with their former teacher Sousuke Leiko as his mate, even if because of that reason, she still comically hisses at the man without warning. She strives now to move on from her feelings from Usegi and try to focus on her life and aspire to do something she can be happy doing regarding a career.

She isn't particularly someone that stands out compared to others around her. She's only ever been shy when talking to Usegi but always hid her feelings for him because she didn't want to ruin their friendship. It's also why she never actively interfered in his relationship with Sousuke, preferring to have Usegi's friendship and company over not having that at all by being selfish and only thinking of herself. He was the only one that acknowledged the fact she existed when they attended classes whereas their other peers would always see her as the "new student", which irritated her. Since they've graduated, she's remained friends with him and settled for not focusing on finding a mate for herself. For her, she doesn't find it a necessity but annoying, she is always aware she can't escape her biological desires. As an Alpha, Catherine finds it distasteful when others belittle one another and won't hesitate to speak her mind if need be. She does have a temper when angered to where her cat-like behaviors start showing. Examples of this would be her scratching people with her fingernails if someone is annoying her or bothering someone else.

She's also not above breaking into their house and replacing their clothes with more hideous ones and throwing out their entire wardrobe just to get back at them. Although she hasn't been caught yet and it proves she has great stealth, it's obviously not the smartest thing to do knowing that eventually one will get caught. But she doesn't put her faith in fear so she does so without remorse for the person's humiliation. It is not surprising that she displays hatred towards dogs. No, she is not frightened by them but she does dislike them with a passion, calling them disgusting animals and believing that cats are superior to the canine species. It is apparent that her loneliness stems from the fact that her parents are never around so she does things often alone to entertain herself so she isn't bored. Attending university around new faces is different and while all eyes are on every student, compared to her previous school years, for the first time, she finds the attention and acknowledgment overwhelming and has a tendency to hide and want to be alone. It's taking her little by little to get used to such an environment where she's not ignored but she's willing to soldier through it to maintain and keep her grades up.

Occupation: Works Part-Time with her mother as a Doll Maker

School: Kaibara University | First Year, AS Major in Fashion Design Apparel & Art Specialization | Gaming Club Member

Place of Living: Living in family mansion located in the Asakusa District

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal - Cathy

Appearance: Catherine is a Nekomimi, meaning she has a human appearance with cat-like features such as presenting ears and a tail. She stands at the height of 5'7 with long gray hair. She has large and expressive green eyes and also doesn't sport any eyebrows. She also wears a pair of large square-framed glasses but has been known to take them off and wear contacts occasionally. She has a pale skin complexion and her bust size ranges at a b cup average at best. A small c-cup if she wears a push-up bra but very seldom. As for attire, Catherine isn't above wearing anything so long as she believes it looks cute and appeals to her appearance. As such, there will be times when she doesn't wear cat-themed attire but the majority of the time she does. She has been known to wear regular clothes with only some cat-related items present such as a bell around her neck and putting a bow on her tail. Cathy I

History: Catherine Himeshiro was born as an only child to parents Chanel Himeshiro, an Omega Nekomimi, and Hideyoshi Himeshiro, a human Alpha. Catherine grew up being given everything that she wanted that was her heart's desire. Sometimes being given gifts that she didn't want by her parents just to show that they love her. But it didn't replace how empty she felt without them in her life for the majority of it. Oh sure they were around when Catherine was unable to take care of herself being a baby up to an elementary school student but as she got older, her parents felt that their daughter was able enough to take care of herself and didn't need them around so they went back to their respective jobs. Chanel was a French American Nekomimi woman and a successful doll maker. Her doll creations have been sold all across the world, including variations of said does dress in holiday attire. From tall dolls to small dolls and even animal-themed dolls, Chanel made them beautiful and perfect for every little girl in the world to play with and love. She'd always dreamed of someday having a daughter of her own but could never find a man that caught her interest. Oh sure she always had offers from many men to date her but none of them she felt an emotional attachment with.

Then came Hideyoshi Himeshiro. His family was built from a successful toy company in Japan and always sought to do business with their competitors in the market. However, with Hideyoshi as the new acting CEO of his family's company, he took a different approach to doing collaborations with other toy competitors rather than doing shady business deals with them. At least this way, both parties got what they want by the time the deal came to its end. He'd always had a love for visiting beautiful countries around the world and France was no different. He'd met Chanel in Paris and what started out as a business meeting turned into something more between the two of them. Chanel found the man to be quite charming and wanted to learn more about him. It wasn't long after that the two began dating, they rushed quickly into marriage on spontaneous feelings of love and lust. The two did love each other mutually but they had different dreams. Chanel still wanted to create dolls for children all over the world but she also wanted to have a family too. She was willing to take time off from her job so she would be able to raise a family.

Hideyoshi however, wasn't ready for a family. In fact, he believed that he wouldn't be a good father and didn't see himself as father material because of the lack of parental guidance and love in his life which caused him to lose faith in himself to build a family of his own. He had no choice in the matter to be ready for it when Chanel told him that she was pregnant. He was shocked as well as frightened but he loved his wife and didn't want her to leave him because of his own insecurities. He promised her he'd work on them for the sake of their child. In turn, he'd also take time off from his job to prepare for the birth of their child. Nine months later, their only daughter Catherine was born and they both did their best to raise her even though it wasn't something that was easy. Raising children isn't easy. Catherine was a happy and yet handful of a child. There was no mistaking that she belonged to her parents because she displayed such obvious features from both of them. With her mother's pale skin and green eyes along with her father's hair and bad eyesight as she had to eventually ended up wearing glasses at the age of three. Catherine didn't like them because she didn't want to be teased for having to wear them but her parents did their best to assure her that she liked fine with glasses on. She didn't accept this but rather tolerated it despite her parents' comfort.

As she became older, Catherine began showing many different traits such as a high level of intelligence which didn't appear to come from either of her parents but most likely someone within their families who were possibly highly intelligent and they weren't aware of their existence. She was actually smarter than children that were of her own age group and picked on and avoided because of it. She didn't understand why this was such a big deal to people. Catherine never displayed any actions or stated that she felt that she was better than her classmates because of her wide knowledge but they took it that way. Girls found her to be boring and boys thought of her as a smart weirdo with "ugly hair and glasses". There wasn't a day she never went home crying her eyes out because of the kids at school picking on her. It was by age twelve that she'd presented as an Alpha which only made partial sense that she didn't connect with a lot of other girls her age. She grew up in Paris, France up until the age of fifteen when her parents decide to relocate to Tokyo, Japan where Hideyoshi can be able to fully manage his family's toy business. Although Chanel hadn't wanted to move, she did see it as a business opportunity and a chance to start back making more dolls again. And this was based on her knowledge of not just what little girls around the world would want but also because her own daughter loved her dolls too.

So the move was agreed to and it wasn't as if Catherine was going to object to it based on the simple fact that she hated the school she attended. She didn't feel like she was being challenged academically and through all her years of research, she knew that Japan had some of the best schools known to man. A school was a school that would always be filled with idiotic bullies but at least she could feel like she belonged somewhere without being verbally tortured on a daily basis with insults. This caused her to not be able to easily trust others based on past experiences. The move to Japan wasn't easy but it was successful. Since Catherine was able to take care of herself, her parents went back to focusing on their careers, which meant they spent less time at home than they did with their own daughter. So, Catherine used their absence as a way to get into other things like video games and cosplaying. She was really good at playing video games but always found them boring when she had no one to play with and she had all the best-known games that have ever come out on both PlayStation and Xbox. She also has two closets, one for regular clothes and one for random costumes she feels like wearing. Granted she never wore them outside of the house but being the recluse she was at the time it helped to ease her boredom and her loneliness a little bit by pretending to be different people in different outfits. These things she kept to herself whenever she attended school. Catherine is a student at Hakoniwa Academy, which was a public co-ed high school. Instead of being noticed and bullied on a daily basis, she was hardly ever noticed by her classmates. If she were acknowledged, it would be someone occasionally wondering if she was a new girl when she's been in class with them for the entire semester but they failed to notice her because they were too busy paying attention to other things and people.

So she mostly faded into the background being unnoticed unless she decided to speak. And being a Nekomimi like her mother, she found comfort being surrounded by stray cats she found which both surprised and terrified at this discovery. The cats she collected followed every order Catherine would give them and would attack if need bit. She even started honing her cat-like skills such as her ability of stealth which she uses mostly to break into the homes of students who are downright cruel to other students and destroy their original wardrobe and replace it with hideous clothing designs and other cat-like habits such as increased speed, flexibility, and agility. All of these are things she keeps to herself even though many are suspicious of many different "cat burglar" incidents that have happened even though nothing was stolen, just destroyed. Her various habits could've gotten her locked up ages ago which is why she tries to be as careful as possible not to alarm her parents any more than she already has. Catherine hates dogs and prefers cats over them any day. She even finds dog people to be unbearable to be around because they smell just like their dogs. The only semi-normal thing about Catherine is that she actually does have a crush on someone. A boy from her class named Usegi Tsukishino. He is out of all their classmates the only one that's actually noticed her existence and doesn't assume every time that she speaks to him that she is the new girl when she's been in class every day for an entire semester. As well as knowing that she's the only one in their class that makes higher marks on all assignments. However, he is hardly her intellectual equal which she's chosen to ignore due to the simple fact that he is nice to her.

He has told her that he finds her a bit weird at times, this is mainly because she hardly takes to their other classmates and because they often tend to forget she exists. Despite that, he was willing to be friends with her, not even caring that she was an Alpha either. This made her happy. Though this only lasted up until about their tenth year when Catherine began to notice their teacher's scent always on him. She wasn't stupid by a long shot and therefore knew that Usegi had found himself a mate. It may have saddened her a little since she was just getting to know him and was going to confess her feelings but it was too late. Catherine may have accepted the idea of Usegi having a mate, but that doesn't mean she particularly likes it. No one really knows or pays attention to things the way she does and therefore she believes herself to be the only one that knows this. That said, whenever she randomly hisses at their teacher, she usually plays off the reason being related to something else. This is because she wants to remain friends with Usegi since she doesn't want to feel alone again. As graduation has come and gone, she feels saddened that she won't be able to see Usegi regularly like before.

Eventually, he came out and told everyone of his relationship with Sousuke which Catherine had accepted. It still hurt but she knew she would be okay and that Usegi would be okay as well. He was happy and that's all that mattered to her. Her friend was happy, even if it wasn't with her. They see each other from time to time, but again, not as often as they used to. Especially since Catherine had begun attending university at Kaibara. As expected, she'd decided to work with her mother as a doll maker. At least testing out the ideas related to the outfits she wanted to make for actual people. She could at least use dolls as a test to see how well the outfits she wanted to create would come out. Catherine wanted to make apparel for cosplay purposes that everyone can have fun wearing for conventions, parties, and even Halloween. That's where Catherine's mind and desires had gone. However, she didn't write her mother off completely and she agreed to work for her, even though now, she doesn't care much for the attention. Having gotten used to being ignored frequently by her former peers and seen as a new student, now she is more recognized due to her family connections. Never before, had she ever thought she'd dislike being the center of attention. And when she feels like it's too much, she finds a place to hide to be alone.

This worries her mother who wants the best for her daughter who often fought to be acknowledged and accepted. Now she is weary her daughter may become reclusive and alone, Catherine's mother thought it best that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to introduce her daughter to the many families that she's friends with in hopes that maybe she'll connect with someone. Catherine hated this, and protested it vocally, stating she didn't want to do it. She's been down that road once and doesn't want to put her heart out there again only for it to be crushed. It was clear to Catherine, her mother was trying to set her up but she immediately put a stop to that by telling the woman, that isn't someone she wants or is looking for. Even if she can't ignore her biological needs for she will have to find a mate, she'd rather it not be through the actions of it being arranged. If her parents could fall in love on their own together, then that's what Catherine wanted. She expressed this to her mother. It made her feel bad but she accepted that it was what her daughter wanted and was in full support of her decision. So now, Catherine's focus is still on school, trying and struggling to embrace her current life as a university student and working alongside her mother making dolls, trying to get a full understanding of art and design so she won't fail and not give up on the decision she made for herself.

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