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Author Topic: Runa Kugimiya [Alpha]  (Read 91 times)

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Runa Kugimiya [Alpha]
« on: June 19, 2022, 06:06:44 pm »

“Someone seems to be craving me so badly ...
So much that your delicious scent ...
Tells me how eager you are for me to be inside you.”

Name: Runa Kugimiya

Alias: Runa-chan, Runa-san

Date of Birth: May 28th, 1992

Age: 30

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Tequila & Coconut

Sexuality: Bisexual (biological males & females)

Race: Japanese

Species: Succubus

Hobbies: Training to strengthen her abilities, Seducing others with her charm, Competing w/her sister Asuna, Teasing her sister for her own amusement, Punishing anyone that doesn't follow the rules of Amestia House

Succubus Physiology - Runa possesses the standard abilities that succubi normally have but unlike her sister, she isn't ashamed to use her powers on others to relieve not only herself and others as well. May they be human or non-human. She can induce illusions and lust and as she's practiced and trained to hone her abilities over the years, she has a better handle on her powers than her sister who has similar abilities but to a limited degree. She also has enhanced strength, speed, and other abilities as well.

Flight - Runa always has her black wings on full display on her waist no matter where she goes as she doesn't feel the need to hide them and she adores the attention she receives when others notice them, finding them fascinating. The wings on her waist aren't the ones she uses primarily for flight. The wings she can produce out of her back that is larger and fuller are the ones she flies with. The ones on her waist, while she doesn't use them to fly, she can use these sets of wings in conjunction with her primary wings to take flight and full speed at Mach 20. When she doesn't need the wings, she can retract them at will.

Enhanced Strength - Runa has incredibly and almost monstrous strength as a succubus, even more so that she presents as an Alpha. Her physical strength is pure brute force to the point where one punch can cause a shockwave and create a crater on a wall without making physical contact with it. This shows how incredible Runa's strength is and can be as long as she feeds on the energy of others through sexual intercourse. Punching a hole in the ground can create a shockwave around her so powerful that the force could level buildings in a nearby area or vegetation. Without having to physically use any physical force, Runa remains incredibly strong because she knows how and can reign in her powers unlike her sister Asuna. Her strength does come in handy when she needs to fight to defend herself or someone else but most of the time, it doesn't require much effort for her to do this.

Enhanced Speed - Runa is not only able to fly incredibly fast but run fast as well. She is able to run 100 meters in 10.9 seconds but her dodging speed is 2.5 seconds depending on who she's engaging in a fight with and how powerful/strong they are. The only person she's never been able to beat in a fight is her own mother but she is able to beat her sister during their training sessions. Runa finds her sister's moves very predictable and it allows her to easily dodge and strike back before being hit. She can be caught off guard by someone who is capable of keeping up with her.

Enhanced Durability - As long as Runa consumes enough energy from those she engages in intercourse with, she can withstand heavy attacks with little to no injury to her. This also means the same for internal injuries as well. However, this doesn't make her immune to weapons and spells that can kill her kind. If struck by a weapon or spell that is specifically used to weaken or kill succubi, her energy would be entirely depleted and rendering her vulnerable to attack if she isn't careful.

Stamina Absorbtion - Like her sister, Runa's body barely produces fatigue toxins that are most noticeable in humans that require the need to rest after expending too much energy. Being a succubus, she can retain and replenish her strength and energy through sexual intercourse. The energy and power it provides her feel amazing and she can't get enough of it. She does have a lid on this power and knows to only take enough energy from a person while still leaving them alive, whereas her sister is unable to do this without almost draining someone to death. Given that Runa lost her virginity at an early age and instead of ignoring her biology and abilities and training with her mother to better understand how to use and control them, Runa takes 20% percent of a person's energy during sex which satisfies her enough while still being able to enjoy the act through the end. For herself and the person, she's with. She finds it no fun to be with a corpse and prefers her partners to be alive. And because she regularly has sexual intercourse, Runa rarely runs out of strength and energy. As she has so much energy on hand, Runa can also give energy to others who are in need of it through the act of a kiss. On top of that, her metabolism is enhanced as well. Allowing her to eat as much as she wants without gaining any weight.

Charming Illusion - Runa has the ability to hypnotize people around her to make them attracted to her instantly. Having extensive stamina, she is able to maintain control over her illusions over people and she can enthrall both males and females. Loving the attention, at times, she can't help herself but use this power on a whim. She can erase a person's memory of her but they'll remember what they did and said even if they don't remember who it was they said everything to. She can even make a person imagine they're with someone else while they're with her which she only does out of amusement to humiliate someone that's terrorizing someone else. Her sister has the same ability and it annoys her how she barely uses it to her advantage and doesn't hesitate to call her out on it.

Swordsmanship Skills - Runa was also skilled in swordsmanship. When she was attending school and having graduated, she was part of her school's disciplinary committee and she'd always use a bokken to punish others and was very strict when it came to those breaking the rules. Of course, she was mainly punishing a lot of Alpha students that were harassing Omegas and Betas. This side of her still applies as she doesn't mind punishing anyone that breaks the rules and sanctity of the Amestia House by causing problems. With one good swing, she sends a strong wave of energy to knock wrongdoers off their feet. She uses a bokken as an alternative to using her fists which Runa knows can be more destructive and damaging to the property and to others, especially if they're human.

Personality: Runa has no shame in her sexuality or having intercourse with others to maintain her strength and energy. While her sister Asuna finds this distasteful, she feels otherwise. Runa finds it pointless being a succubus and not using her abilities to their fullest extent. As long as she hasn't and doesn't kill anyone, she is fine. She finds it rather harmless to use her powers. In the eyes of others, this can appear selfish and narcissistic, Runa does on occasion use her abilities to defend others and maintain order when she needs to. A notable trait about her was her strict personality when being serious. She will punish anyone that doesn't follow the rules of Amestia House and will remove them by force if she has to. She is very blunt when speaking to others, not hesitating to say what's exactly on her mind. She can definitely be manipulative in trying to get what she wants which can come across as both good and bad. Only when it benefits her, she's never had an issue in using what authority she has to get others to do things for her without using her powers or using her illusion abilities frequently to have people fawn over her despite being told not to do this by her sister which she clearly ignores.

Weirdly, Runa has a low tolerance for alcohol which is believed due to her own scent being that of an alcoholic beverage. While she can drink without falling instantly drunk, if she overdrinks, she ends up passing out and not remembering what she did when waking up. Because she can't help herself and competes with her sister all the time, Runa ends up falling easily into the trap of a drinking contest to prove she's stronger and better than her sister at virtually anything she finds worth competing over. This hints that Runa could be jealous of her sister for reasons she's unwilling to admit to and it shows how temperamental she can be. While being sexually open is a good thing as a succubus, Runa, tends to have no shame at times when and where she displays her openness. She has her favorite clients that request her for their Heats/Ruts and she has a tendency to immediately flash them a part of her body despite being openly around either a group of people or her sister and she is of course chastised for doing this by her sister. Whereas their boss encourages it. Runa finds this humorous while others do not. Though she'd never admit it openly, as much as she enjoys sexual intercourse, she desires a mate that can satisfy her enough so she'll never want anyone else. And part of her believes she will never find that perfect mate. Despite how she feels regarding this, she doesn't allow it to stop her from enjoying the lifestyle she has.

Occupation: Works Full-Time at the Amestia House assisting clients that visit to relieve and/or need assistance during their Heats/Ruts.

School: ----

Place of Living: Amestia House

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Overlord - Albedo

Appearance: Runa stands at the height of 5'7" with jet black hair and golden eyes with vertically split pupils. Runa loves to self-proclaim she has the body and face of a goddess because of how many people want her physically. Her most noticeable features are her two thick horns protruding crookedly and on her waist are a pair of black wings that appear angel-like that she doesn't retract. She doesn't hide what she is and uses her appearance to her advantage. The only thing she doesn't have is a tail like her mother and sister do. Her most notable outfit she wears when working at the Amestia House is a pure white dress with sinking white gloves covering her hands with a golden spiderweb necklace that covers her shoulders and chest. She finds this to be her best outfit when assisting clients that come to the Amestia House for their Heats/Ruts. Runa's always been told how beautiful she looks when she wears it and makes it a point to always have the outfit prepared and ready and have multiples of the outfit. However, she does wear casual clothing when not working but her attire is usually showing some part of her body either her legs, waist, or breasts which is that of a large Double D cup size. Runa I

History: Runa is the eldest daughter of Anko (Alpha, Succubus) and Takumi (Omega, Incubus). She has a younger sister Asuna (Omega, Succubus) with both of them being the heiresses to their parent's family fortune but have no interest in it. Runa's mother was an heiress of a popcorn franchise that started in the 1950s but it was also during an era in which humans hadn't fully accepted non-humans being integrated into their society and the societal secondary gender system was followed to a T where Omegas were treated as lower-class citizens that were good for only breeding and Betas were ignored or used as servants for powerful Alpha families that were at the top in the working class. Runa is aware that her mother's family fought to be accepted by humans. Never hiding what they were but succubus and incubus were stigmatized for what they were based on stories that were spread around their species. Therefore, Runa's mother had been arranged to mate with her father to avoid and not out of a choice of will. Had her mother not had a mate already chosen for her, then she would've mated and married a human who didn't treat her in the same fashion as others did.

However, Runa's mother was pressured to immediately have children with Takumi, thus she'd been conceived further, and much later so was her sister Asuna. Runa did use to question in her mind why her parents weren't official mates. It was as if part of her could sense they weren't but believed she wasn't allowed to question it. But once this realization came full circle with her parents going their separate ways and no longer seeing her father anymore, she came to understand her parents' decision at a young age while she saw that it bothered her sister a little bit. Vocally, she was annoyed that her mother's family was insistent that she mate officially and marry someone to take care of them and none of the arranged suitors Runa liked. They were even specific by secondary gender and gender to rectify that and Runa could see that her mother wasn't happy. This did change when she noticed that her mother was happy and had fallen in love with a human as she wanted. An Omega male named Masafumi Kugimiya with a son named Haruhiko which would give Runa and Asuna a stepbrother.

He was a young man that had a lot expected of him, including the need for him to have more children with him being from a family that was successful in the medical field. His son's mother passed away, leaving him with only one blood heir. Masafumi had no intention of having more children and he displayed a personality that was commonly known amongst Alphas. He was a cold, strict, and calculating person but he was more than willing to follow in his family's footsteps and that same expectation was given to Haruhiko. Runa's mother was clearly smitten with this man which she found to be very strange. He was human. Nothing like her father and she'd often heard from her grandparents that humans couldn't be trusted despite living amongst them for years and even she began to realize that, that wasn't true. So she couldn't be upset that her mother chose this man as her official mate and as an added bonus, Runa found his son to be highly attractive. She wanted him and at times Masafumi would jokingly make comments regarding his son being with one of his stepsisters which Anko would quickly nip in the bud by punching him for such an idea. Runa didn't find the idea unappealing despite her mother's protest against such an idea.

Being very confident in her body and appearance, unlike Asuna, Runa had no problems using all the right moves in order to seduce Haruhiko, much to the dislike of Asuna who she knew also had feelings for him as well. She'd try to use every opportunity whenever she was alone with Haruhiko to take complete control over the situation so he'd Crack and finally fall in love with her. Even when the three of them attended school together with Runa being someone that was strict when it came to dishing out discipline and following the rules, she had no qualms about using her position to get her stepbrother alone with her. Going as far as to dress up in lingerie and waited in his room for him to come home from school which would earn her a scolding from her stepbrother, her sister, and her mother. It was clear that her tactics at trying to get Haruhiko to pay attention to her because she was jealous of how nice he was being to her sister bothered her. Why was it so easy for him to be nice to Asuna, like Asuna but not do the same with her?

This is how Runa and Asuna began competing with one another with Runa always being the one to instigate things to get under her sister's skin. Even if she knew that Haruhiko would never return her feelings, that didn't stop her from using her charms as some form of an attempt. But both she and her sister got a dose of reality when their stepbrother finally told them that he was in love with someone else and that he wanted to be with that person. It hurt worse for Runa because she presented as an Alpha which she took as a sign originally that she couldn't be with another Alpha as it wasn't common for two Alphas to be pairs. It made her feel as if she would've been better off being an Omega and then maybe she would've had that chance whoever her mother told her not to go about feeling sorry for herself. To pick herself up and move forward. There would always be someone out there that will love her and return her feelings. It didn't matter who they were, what secondary gender they were as long as they loved her as much as Runa loved them. It was probably the first and only time Runa ever openly cried around anyone.

While she and her sister both eventually graduated from school, only Asuna was the one out of both of the two who went to university. Their stepbrother did as well but he'd decided to become a doctor as was expected of him and Asuna decided to work on a major in business. Runa was the only one that had no idea what she wanted to do so instead she focused on honing her abilities as a succubus and allowed herself to openly allow others into her life at least on a sexual level. And because she trained regularly and extensively with her mother, she has a lot more control over her abilities than her sister does. Sometimes making her more terrifying when in a one-on-one fight with her which most never dare to try. They take one look at her and instantly fall head over heels. If she's not using her power of illusion on them to make them fawn all over her. Her sister finds it distasteful while Runa finds it absolutely amusing how easily people can be manipulated but even she knows how to reel herself back when she needs to. Even now as an adult, she has childish aspects about herself, especially loving to compete with her sister still.

More so when offered a job opportunity by her to work at the Amestia House to assist clients during their Heats/Ruts. Runa, while ecstatic she could make some money with such a job like this, she also saw it as an opportunity to challenge her sister to see who can satisfy the most clients. She has no issues when it comes to partners. Only that she's satisfied out of the entire experience as well as them. But given that her sister originally never fully experienced sexual intercourse with anyone and feared doing so when she almost hurt a few of her clients unintentionally, Runa took it upon herself to help Asuna. If only to call her out for being weak and not getting a better handle on her abilities. They train with each other occasionally but because she has more experience, oftentimes, she ends up besting her sister. She never thought she'd enjoy working at the Amesta House since the idea of Heat Houses to most was thought of as disgusting but this place had a nice vibe to it that she liked.

The people were nice and the clients were metaphorically tasty. Even if nobody could handle her vulgar and blunt mannerisms, they learned over time to get used to it. This included her way of handling situations that required strict and necessary discipline of those who like to start shit. In the event there's any trouble caused at the Amestia House, she's the first one to take charge and handle a situation. Smacking anyone around that doesn't follow the rules should they make those that work there feel uncomfortable as if they're obligated to please them. Runa may have an insatiable sex drive but even she knows that people should have the right to consent. This job is perfect for her and she doesn't want anyone ruining that. And as fun, as it is, deep down, she's also working there in hopes of finding a mate of her own. Whether or not that will happen is anyone's guess but until then, it's not going to stop Runa from having fun and causing mischief when she can.

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Re: Runa Kugimiya [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2022, 03:07:19 pm »

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