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Author Topic: Hanjin Su [Alpha]  (Read 110 times)

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Hanjin Su [Alpha]
« on: December 02, 2020, 11:54:48 pm »
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Careful now, I might go home and cook for you until you give me a real smile.
Name:Hanjin Su

Alias:Han, Han Solo

Date of Birth:June 13, 1996


Primary Gender:Male

Secondary Gender:Alpha

Character’s Scent:Fresh Linen


Race:Half American, Half Korean


Hobbies: Cooking, reading(mainly novels but will slip in a manga every now and again), gardening, tabletop games(dnd but traditional games like chess are fine), coding

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability: Since his blood is infused with magic Hanjin has the upper hand in most physical situations due to his extensive training he did not just to improve his magical abilities.

Brain Grid Blood Battle Style: Hanjins’ special technique that allows him to create large, cross-shaped weaponry from his blood to attack, defend and even seal away enemies.

Pattern 02 - Shot Welder: cross-like shuriken that impales the target

Pattern 13 - Finger Greed: A series of blows that cause glowing crosses to appear on the target's bodies, burning them from the inside.

Pattern 39 - Keil Barrikade: Creates several miniature crosses to defend against oncoming attacks whilst pinning the enemy in place.

Pattern 999- Debunker Von Kreuz Sarg: It creates a coffin of a giant blood cross and prevents omnidirectional attacks which can not be prevented by shields by entering into it. This is a last minus get out of jail card that has harsh effects in Hanjins ability to fight in extremely long battles due to giving a large amount of blood for this ability.

Personality: Despite his size Hanjin is a giant teddy bear who seems to have an aura that radiates nothing but positivity. If you were to ask him something he’d probably do it in that instant, even if you were a stranger. But don’t take his soft personality for granted because he’ll take any threat personally and make things physical, hopefully his sister is around to calm him down but then again if she’s angry at you also then bless your soul.


Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > O8 > Cristin Gray (Lives with sister)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Sign Language, Go Yohan

Appearance: Hanjin is of a broad build with wide shoulders who stands at 6’5. His closet compared to his sister is surprisingly casual with few formal items only preserved for special occasions. He also is cursed with poor eyesight like his sister but will wear contacts from time to time, he also keeps his hair relatively short though still messy.

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History:When they were younger Hanjin always had a softer personality which many even till this day try to take advantage of. With their families magical background he took after his mom with a affinity for magic of the bloody kind compared to his sister who seemed to be more of the traditional sort of magic. After the incident with the family dog and the move to Japan his school life was more akin to Hogwarts, though less secrecy and more pretentious rich kids. So until he graduated, Hanjin tended to get into fights with other students due to them taking great offence to his magic style seeing it as alien due to the rarity of it. This leading the school to eventually try and expel him but thankfully his mother wasn’t going to take such a serious threat against her son lying down and was somehow able to give an earful the headmaster as Hanjin and Cristin leaned their ears against the door for they never seen their mom in a rage. After that whole fiasco Hanjin was promptly left alone to continue his school life.

After Graduation went on to train under another blood magic user which led out of the country and to Germany surprisingly. This was where he did a majority of training for the last six years until a few months before his sister was graduating and he couldn’t miss it plus he was also a little home sick so he moved back home and into an apartment not wanting to be a burden to his parents. For a job Hanjin went into monster hunting around the country since the pay was okay enough for the trouble of traveling so far to take deal with at best vampire fledglings or wannabe witch who has no idea of what they are doing in most cases.

Though the downtime between jobs were slowly increasing meaning money would become tighter for Hanjin. Though as if a god was watching over his shoulder his younger sister, Cristin, calls him one day yelling about her now ex roommate suddenly bailing on her claiming she finally found her “true mate” needed help since in her field of work jobs weren’t consistent enough to pay her bills on her own. So he decided to help her out since the both of them ended in the same situation and thankfully she has a eye for beauty because the first thing she asked him not long after moving in was to be her model. Hanjin was the guy everyone wanted to be with in high school but he honestly was a bit too dense to have a significant other, but this was a perfect opportunity to make some money, or so his sister said. So here the two siblings are now, Cristin working towards her dream while Hanjin helps out since its a simple enough task for the money, while the two hunt a supernatural creature or two on the side all just to have a place to stay.

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Re: Hanjin Su [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2020, 06:23:14 am »

Your character has been approved! Make sure to add them to your Page List.





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