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Author Topic: Hiroka Kamiya (Alpha)  (Read 191 times)

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Hiroka Kamiya (Alpha)
« on: July 23, 2020, 10:51:42 pm »
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Now the words from your sweet lips
And the looks from your sweet eyes
Are lessons that I study day by day

Name: Hiroka Kamiya.

Alias: N/A.

Date of Birth: June, 24, 1990

Age: 30.

Primary Gender: Male.

Secondary Gender: Alpha.

Character's Scent: Cherries and Myrrh.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Race: Japanese.

Species: 1/2 Human - 1/2 Unknown.

- Gourmet cooking
- Horseback riding
- Reading modern literature
- Reading medical journals
- Swimming
- Writing poetry

Powers/Abilities: Since his youth, Hiroka has demonstrated a strange set of abilities and while early in his life he made no qualms of hiding them he has since taken to using them more conservatively. While it is not concrete as the the origin of these powers it is highly believed that it was due to his father being of superhuman or alien physiology.

- Fate's Eye: While looking at any living thing it is possible for Hiroka to examine their life force expressed through a series of symbols above them. As he has grown Hiroka has been able to decode the signs and can translate them into numeric values and so by looking at something he has an idea of how strong its life force is. Different circumstances are able to raise and lower a beings life force. Negative emotions such as resentment and sadness can lower their life fore while positive emotions such as feeling happy, lucky, or loved can raise it. Physical wellness is also a factor as someone who is sick will have a decreasing value (or traditionally very low value if they chronically ill.) As outside influences affect a person it is possible for Hiroka to tangibly see if it is better or worse for someone. If somethings value reaches 0 that is when they have died.

- Life Force Manipulation: Hiroka is able to use his body as a catalyst to manipulate life energy. This energy is present in all living things and is what he is seeing the tangible value of with his Fate's Eye. Hiroka has learned how to draw out life energy from one being and put it into another. Traditionally this will cause dead cells to reactivate and other systems to restart however the greater the repair then the more energy that has to be used (as one might imagine jump starting a car battery). While it is possible for Hiroka to revive someone from the dead, the longer they have been deceased then the more energy that would be consumed to bring them back as it would require greater cellular rejuvenation. Under normal circumstances Hiroka will use his own life force to heal others but this is not a hard limit. It is possible for him to take the life energy of other living things and transfer it through himself and into something else. Due to the nature of such a power it is easier to draw a little life force from multiple beings (with high life force values or high life force recovery) to heal something as opposed to a straight one for one transference. If Hiroka uses the power too much he will become drained and possibly slip into unconsciousness.

Personality: Nurturing is Hirokas number one trait. Growing up he proved to be deeply in touch with human emotions. He is an attentive listener and confidant. He is thoughtful and always offering a shoulder to cry on. He's been known to make gift baskets or food for someone feeling down as a show of comfort for others should the need be present. He exudes warmth and his kindhearted nature makes him willing to give of himself to help put others at ease. While he can be introverted he is in no way impersonal. He wears his heart on his sleeve and acts on his feelings with complete honesty. As an extension of his inherently emotional personality he is highly intuitive. Being aware of others emotional states causes him to rely more on feelings instead of a practical sense of judgement.

Being so emotionally aware isn't always a good thing though. This sensitivity can also mean that Hiroka can feel hurt just as deeply as his joy. When stressed or faced with a particularly sensitive topic he can become moody and withdrawn. He is both caring and giving and inwardly he expects the same of others. If he perceives that these traits are not being reciprocated (or that he starts to feel he's being taken advantage of). He can become rather moody. His colleagues have known that any of these things can sometimes cause him to make a piercing (and rather hurtful) remark before secluding himself for a while. In the end though he always returns and makes good on whatever hurt he may have caused ultimately feeling bad for lashing out.

Although he is intellectually gifted and can memorize things rather quickly Hiroka remains humble. Even though he works and teaches in the medical field he has a goofy sense of humor, finding that he does generally like to have fun with the people he's opened himself up to. While Hiroka loves practically everyone, he does prefer to keep his personal social circle rather small. He's about intimate connections and giving people his undivided attention rather than trying to entertain large groups. Because of this he would prefer a talk over a cup of tea than he would in going to a bar or club. This manifestation of Quality over Quantity causes him to cherish his close friends.

Occupation: Professor of Clinical Reproductive Biology at Kaibara University.

School: N/A.

Original or Canon: Original.

Face Claim: Ozymandias from Fate.


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History: The story of Hiroka coming to be was a somewhat strange one. His mother Sayuri was a nurse. During her time at the hospital she began to see a man whom caught her eye. They would make eye contact, smile at one another, but then he would seem to disappear. Increasingly she saw him more frequently but when she would ask other people who he was, they never seemed to see him. Whenever Sayuri would seek him out he always seemed to vanish. When Sayuri started to talk to her friends about it they believed he must be some sort of stalker but Sayuri felt he never gave off any sort of dangerous vibe as much as he did mysterious.

One night on her way home after work it was raining and Sayuri felt a hand grab her arm rather suddenly. A car coming down the rode hydroplaned and crashed into the place where she would have been standing, missing her by inches. Turning around she found that it was the man she had been seeing. At first she was startled but she quickly turned her arms in his grasp and took hold of him, not willing to let him go. She asked who he was and what he wanted. The man told her that it was hard to explain but that the best way he could describe it was he was an advanced being that was tasked with the overseeing of some aspects of death on Earth. When pressured if he was some sort of angel he answered that it wasn't anything quite like that.

He wasn't supposed to interfere in the deaths of humans but after seeing how loving she was with her patients and how many people she had helped he felt that he couldn't let her die. He told her that due to his failure to stick to the rules he would lose his assignment and it meant that he would not see her again. Sayuri lamented that though they only spoke just now she had felt like she loved him and kissed him. The two shared in one night of love but come the next day he was gone. Nine months later Hiroka was born.

The first few years were hard for Sayuri and Hiroka. Having a newborn child meant that it was hard for sayuri to continue work. It also meant that she didn't have much financially to help take care of the new boy, and most men had no interest in marrying a woman who had a kid from a previous fling as they saw it. There was one unusual factor though and that was that Hiroka was a remarkably gifted boy. Having little choice in the matter caused his mother to bring him along to work at the hospital. As she took her shift, some of her coworkers and members of staff would take turns looking after him. Hiroka was not only a well behaved child but he also seemed to absorb all the medical knowledge around him. By the age of four he was already able to perform advanced mathematics and by 11 he had helped to co-author a book on the study of STDs.

This wasn't the only area that Hiroka developed in an unusual way though. As he entered his preteen years he started to notice strange symbols floating around things from plants, animals, and most especially over people. At first the numbers were here and there but they became more frequent as time went by. With careful analysis Hiroka deciphered that what he was seeing was the tangible life force of the things around him. When he asked his mother if she had such an ability she admitted that she did not but surmised they might have been related to his father. Hiroka recalled that he hadn't read anything about this sort of phenomenon and so he took to self examination. During the process he realized that the choices people made in life had an impact on how much life force they had. Healthy lifestyles tended to have higher amounts while those in hospitals registered very low unless they were recovering and it began to rise.

At 16 Hiroka had completed his school curriculum and had graduated college. He was offered several scholarships to various medical schools to continue his education. Even though his school bills were paid for he worked extra hard and took on a job at the hospital to help financially provide for his mother who had taken care of him. The young man didn't really have much of a social life at all aside from those he talked to between classes or while he was working.

During his tenancy at the hospital proved to be a perfect testing ground for Hiroka. Due to his sight he could tell when medicine was helping or hindering a patient. Participating or being present at emergency procedures  meant that he could adapt rather quickly before the situations grew out of hand. But even with such a marvelous track record he was in no way perfect and the first time that Hiroka was present for a patients death was something he would never forget.

There had been a motor vehicle accident involving two cars. One of the passengers had been a five year old boy who was brought into the hospital for year old boy who was brought into the ER to be stabilized. Hiroka was eager to make his way over and try to lend his services by the time the boy arrived his vitals were alreayd low. The best attempts were made but nothing seemed to work and the trauma done to the boys body was too severe. After hours of attempted stabilizing the boy slipped away. Hiroka was almost inconsolable as he had never witnessed a loss before. His abilities had always been enough and this time they were 't.

Falling in tears beside the bed he grabbed the boy and held him close just wishing that there was something he could do. As the rest of the staff mourned with him a most remarkable thing happened. The boys life force numbers began to rise. As Hiroka watched the boys number slowly return to 1, he continued to focus, as though he could -will- the number higher and slowly, gradually and with what seemed extreme mental duress the number steadily rose.

The other medical professionals set to work to continue doing what they could and after a great deal of effort the boy was brought up to stable and was able to be kept alive. The entire ordeal had been a drain on Hiroka who felt he needed rest. After he had time to recuperate Hiroka began to wonder if he really had some active control over the healing process. It seemed like folly but one could never know without scientific testing. For several weeks Hiroka would experiment by simply visiting patients without their knowledge of his being present. Doing nothing but focusing on the person and 'willing' it to happen he found that he could indeed help heal them and increase their life force. The process always left him feeling rather drained than he had been before the process started.

Testing further revealed that he could transfer this same life energy from one being of a different classification to another. He started with simple plants in his home but did learn that the same process could apply to greater life forms in greater amounts of life force. This left him with a difficult moral dilemma though. If something was ultimately giving up of its life to restore something else then was it really a worthwhile cause? Perhaps a family would all be willing to give up the equivalence of a year of their life to be with their grandmother a little longer but what about a loved one willing to give half their remaining life as long as it gave their significant other the same amount of theoretical time left? Just because the life energy was given was no guarantee it would last or that nothing could shorten or lengthen it.

Such moral problems were a secondary worry though as for the moment all that mattered was that Hiroka had found a way to help prolong life. What more could a doctor have hoped for? For a time this was sufficient. Bringing people back from the literal brink of death, healing otherwise incurable trauma and all while using his own life as a catalyst gave Hiroka's already prestigious reputation an even greater boost. But the joy was still eventually forced to come to an end.

After a particularly draining process of healing a man who had been injured on the job and who had fallen into a coma from a head injury that it was possible he might never awaken from, the entire process left Hiroka out of commission for about three days. After he was able to return to work at the hospital he grew pale to hear about a girl who had been in recovery with pneumonia had taken a turn for the worst and passed away the day after he had to return home. Hiroka had never revived someone who had been dead for more than a few hours and the difficulty seemed to compound every hour after the death.

This was the first time that Hiroka really had to come to terms with his own mortality and limitations. The revelation that he was unable to save all the lives he came across left Hiroka shell shocked for a time. It caused him to question if he had done the right thing and how could one make the choice of who should live or who should die. It was at this time that he turned his attention from strictly practicing medicine to deciding he should teach. The way he saw it was that if there were more doctors then that would mean there could be less death in the future.

Choosing the field of medicine was a little problematic but eventually Hiroka decided to focus on the reproductive system. While his primary focus was on Obstetrics he also made sure to research Endocrinology and the part it played in the hormones and pheromones exuded by A/B/O as well as dabbling in Pharmacology in the event of contraceptive studies or the need for repressing natural tendencies of their primary and second genders.

By focusing on reproductive health complications as well as heat and rutt related medicine Hiroka felt it could help prevent careless life or early chronic problems. The majority of child mortality rates was due to chronic troubles caused during pregnancy. Early cautionary measures it would ultimately help prevent unnecessary death.

At the young age of 24 Hiroka finished his medical degree and thanks to his preexisting track record he was quickly secured a position as Professor of Clinical Reproductive Biology at Kaibara University. This meant that his work hours were now split between some time being spent at the hospital the other half was spent teaching at the University.

Being around young people helped to restore the joy that Hiroka had begun to lose. Having been around sick and ailing people so much he forgot how much life there was still to be had. It was also during this time that Hiroka became more accepting of his own limitations. While he was still eager to help heal and aid whomever he can, he knows there is only so much one person can do. So long as you give something your all, you can never be faulted for it.

He's happy with the hard work he has put in and is glad he finished his training early because it has now given him time for the other experiences of life. It's for that same reason he has sought balance by taking up hobbies such as equestrianism and swimming to help him separate himself from stress. He has also developed a fondness for gourmet cooking as it does fill him with joy to see people happy when they eat good food, and hey a little life force boost never hurt anyone.

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Re: Hiroka Kamiya (Alpha)
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2020, 12:50:30 am »

Your character has been approved! Make sure to add character to your Page List well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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