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Author Topic: Leiko Sousuke [Alpha]  (Read 236 times)

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Leiko Sousuke [Alpha]
« on: May 20, 2020, 03:08:54 pm »

To Speak a thousand words, yet remain silent; To walk in the sun under the silver light of the moon and stars.

Name: Leiko Sousuke

Alias: Leiko-sensei, Sou-kun

Date of Birth: November 15th, 1988

Age:  31

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender:  Alpha

Character's Scent:  Has a deep musky scent that is a bit sandalwood and jasmine with a very faint undertone of of orchid.

Sexuality:  Homosexual

Race: : Japanese

Species:  Human

Hobbies: Teaching, Hiking (on weekends), Reading (mystery novels), Gardening (owns a vegetable garden)

Powers/Abilities: None

Personality: Sousuke has a strong sense when it comes to being a teacher. He's very thorough when giving lessons and assignments to his students and sets high expectations for them, causing many of them to complain about his strict teaching methods. He's someone that's not above giving out punishment if he feels one is deserving of it. While he won't physically harm anyone, considering his students love to try his patience a lot of the time, he's known for being that one teacher that gives out many detention slips. He is aware of this and doesn't put stock into it since he's at school to do his job professionally as a teacher and not be friends with his students. Outside of work, he does enjoy going hiking on the weekends or reading an occasional mystery novel to cure his boredom. Sousuke also has a vegetable garden which he takes pride in growing given that he is a vegetarian. He's sociable to an extent but doesn't make it a point to socialize with his fellow coworkers outside of work. He will speak to them, even if it's to point out the flaws in their teaching methods.Is unquestionably loyal to his love and won't be lead astray not matter the attempts of other Omegas.

Sousuke is an honest person whenever speaking to people which comes across to others as him being rude even if it's not the intention. He just has a low tolerance for general laziness no matter who someone is. It's often hard to tell when he's having a bad day because the air he gives off when around others make it seem like to them that he's always in a bad mood when it's not the case. This was something that was known about him when he himself attending school and it hasn't since left him either. He isn't the most sociable person either, preferring to stay to himself even though he may have wants and desires, he has always been known for being awkward around others. This is why many don't know much about him because he doesn't give away anything for people to assume. Guess maybe, but not outright know about him. He keeps his personal life to himself, especially pertaining to his sexual interests that he outright refuses to talk to about with ANYONE at work. He actively avoids these topics when they arise around other teachers. Sousuke doesn't seem to overly care for the whole dynamic of Alpha's, Omega's and Beta's finding the whole thing pointless preferring to see people as just people.More interested in his deep affection for those he cares for and his lover.

Occupation: Teacher-Hakoniwa Academy

School: N/A

Face Claim: Brothers Conflict - Ukyo Asahina


History: Sousuke Leiko was born in Tokyo, Japan, he has a older brother named Shousuke they don't talk much these days.Though like any siblings  while they might not see eye to eye  they got along well enough.Both where quite competitive as kids and teens, with Sousuke being the bookworm while his brother was the Athletic type.While their differences where each others strengths and weaknesses it never stopped them from trying to over come the other at the same category, or different things.Both attended Hakoniwa Academy, Sousuke always being a bit of a shut in awkward, neurotic person  who wasn't good at socializing with others. He always took things seriously not matter how small, which made him even more unpopular and disliked. Considered by most students to be a teacher's pet despite not trying to gain favor on way or the other.

Doing his work as he needed to he constantly noticed many teachers did not take their job seriously.Which set him on a misguided perhaps attempt to correct it when he got older. Bullying was rather common during his time as a student and the teachers rarely seemed to care or desire to help. Sousuke often being a target of the bullying himself would stand up to them and try and protect those weaker where he could. The few students that liked Sousuke would approach him and ask for help with their school work or anything else he could possibly assist with. During his time as a student he became the student leader of the Disciplinary Squad and would actively report the many many digressions to the school officials or stop them personally. It was around this time his bad habit of having a very unreadable if not irritated and serious facial expression would come about. Due to the constant lack of concern from the staff, with a lazy headmaster and and vice headmaster who where fired by the time he graduated.

After he graduated from Hakoniwa with full scholarship to Tokyo Univeristy  he attended college opposite of his brother who had gotten accepted into Kyoto University on a athletic scholarship.Burning the candle at both ends and working his ass off day and night, Sousuke was able to obtain a teaching license and how to teach, which included dealing with tough situations involving problem students. Though as he was never good at understanding or talking to people in general, talking to those younger  than him lead to new problems for him as much as trying to understand their problems. Not quite understanding thing when many kids and teens took everything in a dramatic direction went it wasn't needed. Not wanting to push his students away he endeavored to at least be able to listen and address concerns his students may have, though his face would scare many  he was always strict, stern and honest when it came to helping them or teaching. Setting expectations at a high degree in all his grades and assignments not taking into consideration the need for being their friend to have them succeed in life. While he was a teacher at Hakoniwa Academy he was elected by most of the staff to be the Lead instructor over the mostly dead in the water disciplinary committee.

The other teachers did not like how Sousuke now as a adult and teacher constantly undermined their attempt to half-ass their jobs, many looking for a reason to sack him, and make it quite apparent.Sousuke also became the book clubs sponsor due to his love for books and figuring it would also help students. Despite being on the **** list of most of the staff he got with the current headmaster and vice headmaster to try and figure out a way to corral  the students a bit better to stop them from trying to kill each other. As well and institute new policies to keep the lazier teachers from not doing their jobs. One such policy was making it where teachers could only give detentions to disruptive and destructive students  due to the disturbing rise of many just giving those who bothered them  detention.

Gossip however would still abound about Sousuke among teachers and students alike due to him never wanting to hang out or socialize after work  in general, keeping most of his own personal life and details to himself  to avoid gaining stigma of being gay or anything else. Though for the longest time only Sousuke's brother was aware of him being gay and would often try to set him up on blind dates as a form of brotherly harassment and "concern", making Sousuke dread visiting and talking with his brother in recent years.However even Sousuke couldn't stop the sea of love from capturing his heart, during the second year of Usegi being held back in his very first class the boy was in of his.

Sousuke found himself drawn to Usegi though the prospect seemed to terrify the boy, as he would push him harder than his other students offering to help him if need be though at nearly every turn he was meet with fear and Usegi running. Though as luck was kind despite the age gap between the two and the sacred code of conduct for teacher's, Usegi would finally get a detention that left him with Sousuke for hours alone it was here that Sousuke's first confession happened though as he wasn't being direct about it it failed spectacularly. Though it did help Usegi understand him a bit better, nothing really changed until a few months later. A monster of some sort was attacking Usegi, Sousuke thinking nothing of his own safety ran headlong into danger hitting the monster something fierce with his fist stunning it briefly allowing him to escape with the younger student. With the monster recovering and coming after them both now enrage Sousuke with Usegi go through his office and into a unused classroom that is normally for detentions. Both hiding from the creature  loud sounds are heard outside the classroom as the entire area of Sousuke's office is collapse trapping them together.

In the Time the two where trapped Sousuke opens up to Usegi fully and properly and for once in his life lifting the mask he had created as a habit from his face. While knowing full well a relationship between the two of them was illegal  and in-moral, Sousuke was able to make his confession surprising Usegi quite a bit,With the two making out  and exploring each other quite awkwardly. Sousuke was able to relax entirely with Usegi Intoxicated by the boys scent though able to maintain his senses more than most other Alpha's. It was this moment he realized it was only Usegi's scent that could even affect him in the slightest for the two days they where trapped together  they talked  and both fell deeper into love.

After they where rescue while they both abstained from mating to fully cement their love, the both had long since marked each other. In secret at night when neither where to busy they would go on dates, while during the day at school it would remain a mostly normal situation though Usegi had stopped being scared of him.Now with Usegi's graduation coming up with deep pride in his heart at the boys progress the day after the graduation they are scheduled to have a wedding, with Usegi now of age it is possible they may mate and seal their love fully even while they are still student and teacher. As when it comes to Usegi he is everything to Sousuke and he will do anything for him except falsify his grades.

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Re: Leiko Sousuke [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2020, 04:24:10 pm »
You have some mistakes that need to be fixed before this can be approved. First is Sousuke's birthday. He's 31, not 29. For personality, nothing's wrong with it per say but I'd like to know his overall opinion regarding the whole status system regarding Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Does he just not give it much thought like many others do? Like it isn't of importance to him as he focuses more on the deep connection his has with a person rather than worrying about breeding or something related to that. If his occupation is still working as a teacher, then you need to put which of the schools he works at. Astraea Academy, Seinan Academy, Hakoniwa Academy or Kaibara University. If he's a university graudate, then there's no need to put anything by school. You can put N/A by that. The history itself reflects LH so you're going to have to change a lot of information around to reflect the universe of Enchanting Love. None of the schools mentioned in Sousuke's bio exist here. Therefore, you need to replace them with the schools that the board does have which is stated above. Secondly is talking a bit about the Alpha, Beta, Omega system and how it reflects within Sousuke's family. Since Sousuke is an Alpha, more than likely, his brother would be too. Because of this, a lot of things were expected of them because of that. Not just career wise but partner wise. Since it says originally their parents didn't treat them any differently from each other, this would mean his parents didn't focus too much on the it as many other families do. That and people thinking of him possibly trying to gain favor from teachers during his younger years because he was an Alpha or something. Things like that. So, it's mainly changing a lot of information around and adding in a bit more to fix it up so it's not confusing of a read to other players. Once you make the necessary changes and post letting us know you've done that, we'll check it over and approve it if it looks good.

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Re: Leiko Sousuke [Alpha]
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2020, 07:09:02 pm »

Your character has been approved! Make to post your Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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