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Author Topic: Lin Mao [Alpha]  (Read 128 times)

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Lin Mao [Alpha]
« on: December 12, 2020, 07:57:12 pm »

Name: Lin Mao

Alias: ----

Date of Birth: December 3rd, 2003

Age: 18

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Hyacinth & Spearmint

Sexuality: Demisexual

Race: Chinese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Dancing & Music (anything that has a beat and rhythm), Protecting Others (doesn't like seeing people get hurt), Reading, Staying to herself

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Lin has always presented herself as confident, independent, and a mature individual. Despite not having siblings of her own, she is considered an older sister figure to those around her, offering advice and helping others who are in trouble. She's always been a loner, refusing to attach herself to anyone. Her reasons behind this have nothing to do with fear but rather, she doesn't trust people to not take advantage of her. Lin's shown to be intelligent but tends to masks her knowledge of things to keep from making others around her feel bad for not knowing anything. She's not into the idea of holding her status and fame over others and dislikes it when others do this. While she has been told that doing so can get her further ahead, she always refuses because she finds it to be a disgusting thing to do to people. Lin would rather for everyone to treat her as an equal just as she would them in return.

However, many are unable to see past the life she has to get to know her as a person and it is why she closes herself off. Outside of her career, Lin enjoys dancing, listening to music, and even singing. She'll sing for anyone that is willing to listen to her and can see as well as feel the meanings behind the songs she sings. Reading is also something she enjoys doing as well as it's a form of relaxation and occupying her mind on something that's not a TV or cellphone. She's also protective of others for she doesn't like to see them get hurt for any reason. This ties into her dislike of seeing others that present as Alphas bully Omegas and Betas into obeying them as if they were nothing more than tools. Lin would not hesitate to step in and stop a situation like this if she sees it. It may not be her business but making it public makes it the business of everyone around them. That's how she views it at least. If they didn't want people getting involved, they shouldn't cause public commotions.

Occupation: Fashion Model (constantly travels for her work)

School: Lin is home-schooled because of her job, therefore, she is constantly surrounded by tutors seven days a week for five hours before having to work.

Place of Living: Red Fountain Towers > First Floor > Room #2 [Platinum Suite]

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: THE iDOLM@STER - Kisaragi Chihaya

Appearance: Lin Mao stands at the height of 5'4” with long, glossy raven-hair with chocolate brown eyes with long, strong, and thin legs. At least that is how many of her fans describe her. As a professional model, she wears a variety of clothing and she refuses to wear anything that she doesn't like. Her range of fashion style ranges from mostly feminine wear with a business outlook added to it. When she isn't working, her clothing is more down to earth casual while adding shades to the mix to help hide who she is a little more so she isn't so easily recognized. She realizes that her fan base is bigger in China and Japan and whenever she's in either country and not want to be seen, she tries her hardest to wear clothes to make her look like your average civilian but still comfortable.

History: Born in China, Lin Mao is the only child and daughter to an Alpha x Alpha couple. A male and female pair that despite their secondary genders, showed an interest in one another rather than Beta or Omega individuals. They were close friends due to both of their families being particularly well-known for their work. Lin's mother is a model and her father was an actor, therefore, growing up in the public eye wasn't anything new for her. How Lin came to be is the question that many tend to ask. The answer is always obvious. She was adopted by her parents who wanted a child but knew neither could have one with each other so instead of relying on a surrogate, they decided on adopting a child in need of a home. This was how Lin Mao came into their lives. She was adopted as a newborn from a young Omega mother who'd gotten herself pregnant as a teenager. Her parents wouldn't allow for her to keep the child because it was born not only out of wedlock but an unpaired mating, which resulted in this being the solution to “solving” their daughter's problems. This means that Lin never knew her biological parents or family. She's known the Mao couple that adopted her.

As she grew up, she always gave an air of maturity about herself, being that she was taught how to properly behave when in public which she would obey. Never a wild child but an observant one. She showed an interest in the work her mother did, which meant she never sought out making friends with those her own age. She's met millions of people throughout her travels with her parents for their work and has even done photoshoots with her mother and played in nonspeaking roles in movies with her father. Lin was always told she had a natural talent and her parents couldn't agree more. They didn't trust sending her to public school so they arranged for Lin to be tutored regularly, which meant she had no time to make friends even if she wanted to. Anytime she were to interact with those her age, they were usually children of influential people that her parents knew and they were always less than pleasant. They were usually spoiled and bratty children who thought they were better than others because of who their parents were and the secondary gender they presented as. This would always confuse Lin who never saw people by their societal status and refused to treat people differently because of it.

This was something that put her at odds with other famous children who were brought up to believe otherwise while Lin was taught by her parents to respect everyone. They also taught her to be mindful of people trying to take advantage of her which being constantly around other famous actors and actresses, many of them older, it was easy for children to be taken advantage of. However, Lin was fine being more of a stand-in as she favored fashion more. She always had an eye for detail, color, and style. Not to mention, her features began to show more as she got older which made her perfect model material. They refined more when she presented as an Alpha at age ten as she displayed such an air of confidence and intelligence. Something that Lin would never use against anyone. If anything, she hated seeing others using their status to bully and get over on people. She would often step in to diffuse a situation that appears to be getting out of hand, even if told she should've stayed out of it. However, she'd always retort with the response 'then don't make your issues public'. Showing that she can be rather blunt when speaking to people.

Lin has a protective side to her and is willing to stand up for others that are being wrongfully mistreated. Her parents don't favor her doing this but don't chastise Lin for it as long as it doesn't cause any serious problems that would end up making trouble for her. Lin is always sure to be as careful whenever she's interacting with people. Be it her managers or fans that are familiar with the work she does. Lin not only does modeling and acting but she occasionally does singing and dancing as well. She doesn't find doing any of these things to be troublesome. In fact, she finds music to be a relaxing escape. The same with reading as well if it's anything good. She prefers to be distracted from watching TV or using her phone since these are things she finds to be troublesome. And because of her work, she tends to stay to herself a lot of the time and has difficulty being able to do that, especially when she's not working or studying. She's constantly uprooted whenever her parents have to work which is why she's never attended public schooling. To this day, she's still being tutored with her parents making sure that she is receiving the best education.

What Lin desires more than anything is to form friendships with people that she doesn't work with and aren't aware of who she is or even if they are aware, they don't make a big deal out of it. But that is like trying to find a needle in the world's largest haystack. Currently, her parents are working in Japan which leaves Lin to also work and study staying at the Red Fountain Towers hotel. She will sneak away on occasion but is usually found and returned to her hotel, meaning she's usually not alone without an escort. Something else she finds troublesome...

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Re: Lin Mao [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2020, 08:09:34 pm »

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