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Author Topic: Lucas Kanejou [Alpha]  (Read 128 times)

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Lucas Kanejou [Alpha]
« on: October 05, 2020, 09:30:13 pm »

I would appreciate it if you didn't underestimate me...

Name: Lucas Kaiser (real name)

Alias: Lucas Kanejou (new name), Lulu (dislikes this nickname)

Date of Birth: August 10th, 2004

Age: 18

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Lemongrass & Green Tea

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Irish American

Species: Human

Hobbies: Staying to himself, Reading Mystery Novels, Playing w/puzzles & Collecting Figurines, Playing video games & winning them

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Lucas has always found taking joyful pleasure in humiliating others in online gaming competitions. He's a prominent gaming fanatic and has beaten a lot of the games he plays. He's into video games of all types, even if they suck. He enjoys the idea of knowing he can beat a game, even if it may or may not be pure trash. It's also something he doesn't mind telling others as he doesn't mind telling others since many consult with him about certain games they find difficult to play. He also collects action figurines and puzzle games that challenge and stimulate his brain. He's an intelligent young man despite having an IQ of 200. While he makes exceptional grades in school, he doesn't find it challenging. Lucas is often bored and he finds other means to cure this. It tends to cause him to stay to himself a lot of the time, primarily when he's concentrating on something he feels that's important to him. He does love to read mystery novels outside of playing games. Lucas has always been spoiled since he'd been born. It's because he's the only child his father has and why the man dotes on him. While this is fine and all, Lucus would prefer his father to be around more, instead of being given things.

It isn't that he's not close to his father, but at times, he can be distant because of his father's work as a CIA Agent. His life is always on the line as is the life of the clients he works for. In this respect, he understands why his mother Danielle didn't rush to marry his father but not why she decided to leave him in the man's care despite her decision to not be with him. It still confuses him to this day. He doesn't hate the idea of living what he considers a "normal" life but rather dislikes the idea that he has to hide who he is because his father's job is just that dangerous. It's clear he hates lying to people, but if it is for the sake of everyone's safety, Lucas does what he's told. He's been living with his mother and half-siblings since he was seven and he's still rather indifferent towards them all. He has attempted to give them all an equal chance at trying to get close to them over the years. Out of all of his half-siblings, he finds his half-brother Aori infuriating because he doesn't think before he says things. He has always hated being called "Lulu" but has come to tolerate his mother calling him by this name and doesn't make a big deal out of it as much as he used to. Lucas still shows annoyance when anyone else addresses him by this nickname.

Occupation: ----

School: Hakoniwa Academy | 12th Grade | Book Club & Video Game Club

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt K1, shares w/Danielle & Usegi

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Tears Of Themis – Minase Natsuhiko

Appearance: Lucas stands at the height of 5’7” with short brown hair that stops at his neck and red eyes. He is often seen wearing a black trench coat, shorts, a white long-sleeved shirt with a large white bow, and black boots. He wears a considerably dark outlook when it comes to his clothing. It is rare he'll wear anything remotely bright-colored unless required to or he is in a mood where he doesn't care. When attending school, he’s seen wearing the Hakoniwa Academy boys’ uniform. While he owns the proper shirt required to wear with his uniform, he will sometimes switch it out with a plain black or red t-shirt. Lucas I

History: Lucas Kanejou, born as Lucas Kaiser, was raised in Kyoto, Japan by his father Liam Kaiser (Alpha). His mother Danielle Tsukishino was a Beta woman with children already by her first husband Kiyoshi Tsukishino who are his half-siblings. Liam was on an assignment in Japan when he'd met Danielle and didn't expect to become taken with her. Once done with his job assignment, he would frequently visit the woman whenever she was free. They started as friends and later became lovers. By then, Liam had already been introduced to her children, so it wasn't as if they weren't aware of their mother's new friend. Danielle hadn't expected to fall for the man but he was a refresher compared to her ex-husband and his new wife and mate. She was also aware of Liam's job as a CIA agent but never knew of the clients he worked for or a lot of what he did when he was on assignments. She did like the idea that he would return to Japan to visit with her and her family. It wasn't long before she'd become pregnant by him and she had a son they named Lucas. Danielle didn't mind the idea of having another child, and it was because her income was already limited. It'd stressed her out quite frequently.

She does care about Liam and their son but didn't feel she could handle another child along with the ones she already had. Liam told her not to worry about that. He knew how much stress she was under and thus proposed the idea of taking care of Lucas himself for awhile. He'd send her money every month to take care of her children and will contact her to make sure that Lucas would know who his family was. Danielle didn't want Liam's money, but he insisted due to how much he cared about her and her children. He'd also made a promise to her that one day he'll retire and return to marry her. As lovely as it was to hear, Danielle wasn't sure if Liam meant it or not. He was a great man despite often being away due to his work. At least she knew he was working and not out being tempted by the scent of other women. Liam had never been that kind of man, but he'd always shown distrust of the world around him thanks to his job. Thus he was protective of Danielle, her children, and their son Lucas. Lucas had begun his life living with his father who doted on him because he was the only blood child he had but also because he knew just how dangerous the world was. It was clear at an early age that he'd shown signs of being intelligent.

He was alert and never had trouble solving problems, finding more straightforward methods in dealing with situations. He always found amusement in solving puzzles and reading books to occupy his otherwise bored mind whenever he felt nothing else was a challenge. His father noticed this and would often test him to see how much Lucas listened and paid attention to his surroundings. Whenever Liam didn't work, he would take Lucas camping, which he enjoyed. It allowed him to spend time with his father whenever he wasn't focused on work. Lucas didn't mind the company of being watched by a babysitter, but he preferred it when his father was around and didn't have to work. Lucas was fully aware of Danielle being his mother and would always speak with her via Zoom, though part of him felt he'd never be close with her because she was never there to be with him nor could his half-siblings. It was when he turned the age of four that he'd been told of the arrangements his parents had made between one another. Danielle never denied her love for her son and was happy just to speak with him even if she couldn't physically be there with him and Liam. Lucas was smart enough to understand the arrangement between his parents compared to most children his age. However, he didn't find the necessity in it but never vocally expressed this. Instead, he kept how he felt about things to himself.

Whenever he was left in the care of sitters, he occupied his time with video games when he got bored trying to solve puzzle games that weren't challenging for him anymore. He began to find joy in gaming, especially when it came to humiliating people he played against online that were older than him and were sore about the idea of losing to someone who they felt was the age of a baby in diapers. Lucas ignored such stupidity from people, whether in person or online. He doesn't treat others as if they're beneath him but doesn't like it when people underestimate him either. The whole societal secondary gender system and how certain people are treated based on what they present as he considers it to be completely dumb. Thus, he chooses not to focus on it compared to others. Instead, he focuses his time and energy on things he's good at, like video games of all kinds, knowing how to win them, game glitches and shortcuts. He decided to create a personal website as an online video game consultant. Liam found out about this and although he didn't think it was a good idea, he was, for the most part, glad his son used an alias when he made it. In that respect, he didn't scold him for it and allowed him to have something to call his own. When he was seven years old, Lucas and Liam's lives were put at risk. A client of Liam's that he and his colleagues had been assigned to escort to an arraigned court appearance due to information they had, that would put some highly dangerous people in jail.

The client's enemies were more dangerous than any of them had expected to be and though Liam and his team did their best to protect them, they were ultimately killed just to avoid any dirty secrets from being leaked to the public. But because Liam and his team were involved in protecting this client, not only did they become targets, but also their families. Lucas became a target and these people invaded the home in which he and his father lived in. They managed to escape without being killed, but Liam had to choose between sending Lucas to live with his mother and siblings to protect him. Danielle was informed of what happened and what was going on and she was scared for both of them and wanted them to come home to her. Liam said that it would be too dangerous for them both to hide out with her and her family and that he could only leave Lucas with her so he could be safe. He would continue to provide financial support while he is in hiding and to make sure that none of his enemies find him or them, Lucas had to be enrolled in school under an alias where he couldn't be located. While Lucas would have never admitted it openly, he was scared. Like he'd been doing, Lucas would use his online alias that no one knew about as his name whenever he attended school. Liam had made Danielle his official mate before going into hiding to let her know that he would always come back to her no matter where he was.

So for the next ten years, Lucas has been living with his mother and half-siblings. They'd moved into a larger apartment as well so Lucas could have a room of his own. He didn't want this and would've preferred to live in a dorm room in a prestigious school but his mother wouldn't allow this. Not because she didn't want him to attend a school that would give him more of a challenge academically, but because she didn't want to put a target on his back by doing so. He would stay at home and live with her so she can protect him. Liam would manage to contact them over private networks he couldn't be traced on whenever he used them to talk to them but for no less than ten minutes. He would give them updates on what was going on and as it turns out, most of his team had been killed. It is now just him and three other members left alive and in hiding. Lucas was scared his father would never return home but would never express this. Instead, he would just hide in his room, closing himself off from everyone, causing his mother to worry about him. This is still happening to this day and it worries him that being there with his mother and siblings is more of a danger than him being alone on his own. He didn't want to make his mother worry by suggesting other ideas to fix this so he just accepted the current arrangements. He continued to live with them and sure it's a gated apartment community that no one can get in without the access codes, Lucas knows that codes can be hacked.

He doesn't put any of this out of his mind and pretends for the sake of his family, that he's okay. Since living with his immediate family, he has gotten to know his half-siblings more and has also grown to dislike his half-brother Aori who doesn't seem to understand why the others get upset with him due to him always saying insulting things but he doesn't seem to care about that. He does show clear annoyance whenever he decides to visit. He has no problems with his half-sister Derri who'd always been nice to him and Jacob and Usegi are pretty much the same. They interact with him, sharing certain hobbies in common that allow them to talk to each other. When attending school, he will socialize with others, but only those he's familiar with, and isn't complete morons that cause him nothing but grief. He's always at the top of his class in grades so while he appears to many as someone who slacks off when attending school, he doesn't. He's usually already done with his assignments before his peers so he's doing other things that aren't school-related. Lucas is just doing what he can so he can move on to the next year and prays that his father returns home alive.

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Re: Lucas Kanejou [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2020, 07:23:11 pm »

Your character has been approved! Make sure to add character to your Page List.





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