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Author Topic: Minako Aino [Alpha]  (Read 84 times)

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Minako Aino [Alpha]
« on: August 28, 2021, 08:01:12 pm »

Name: Minako Aino

Alias: Minako-chan, Mina (for short), Magellan (Hero Name)

Date of Birth: October 22nd, 1996

Age: 25

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Sandalwood & Lemon

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Sports (Volleyball), Giving Advice, Reading (romance novels)

Magellan Compact - This crescent moon-shaped compact item is what Minako uses for most of her attacks. It also serves a dual purpose with the ability to disguise herself when she needs to. Giving the compact the command to give her the disguise of her choosing when she is on important missions that require it. That command phrase she has to call out would be “Magellan Disguise Power!” along with the name of the disguise she wishes to take on and she transforms into it.

Magellan Sword - This sword is different compared to most conventional ones. While Minako can still fight with it if she so chooses to as it’s not incapable of being used in a close-range fight, however its sole purpose is for power draining. That said, the sword mainly appears as a light blue and orange hilt that’s attached to her hip but when Minako uses it, she presses a button that makes the blade visibly appear. The blade is see-through and bright orange in color. The use of the sword requires her to stab it into her enemy/target in order to drain them of their strength. At least by half. She can also use the sword on herself in case someone were to attempt to copy her abilities through other means. Doing so puts her at a disadvantage in a fight but depleting her own strength this way means she can’t be used as the main source of duplicating her powers and have them used against her.

Magellan Crescent Boomerang - Upon calling out her attack name, her Magellan Compact glows brightly then Minako tosses it at her enemies. If they’re struck with it, they are usually disintegrated into dust. This depends on how strong her enemies are and what they are. Minako can willfully use the attack at half its strength so it doesn’t end up killing anyone, especially innocent humans. As for the Magellan Compact, it automatically returns to Minako once the attack is complete.

Magellan Wave Blast - There are two ways Minako can perform this attack. One way is slapping her hands together either above her hand or in front of her to send out a large way of orange energy towards enemies and the second way is by Minako punching the ground hard with either fist which would send those very same energy waves through the ground. The ending result is usually knocking multiple enemies off their feet at the same time though the second could also damage the ground they are standing on.

Magellan Beam Shot - Using the compact, Minako holds it out in front of her and sends multiple beams of light that are fired directly at enemies. An attack that also strikes multiple foes at once.

Magellan Crescent Love Shower - Using her compact, Minako would call down a shower of rain that has purifyin properties. She uses the rain both as a finishing move to destroy monsters and to restore energy to unconscious civillians, remove curses, undo brainwashing and even detoxify noxious gases.

Magellan Sulfer Smoke - The compact has the ability to create a pungent sulfurous cloud of smoke that could overwhelm enemies. This move would allow for her to either make a finishing move with a much stronger attack or make a quick getaway when she’s at her limit.

Personality: Minako has always had an athletic side to her which helps her out greatly with her line of work. Her body stays in tip-top shape which she’d trained it that way from having played a lot of volleyball during her high school years. She is experienced in fighting, being able to defend herself when she has to but that doesn’t make her invincible. Even Minako herself is aware of this and doesn’t beat anyone over the head regarding her powers which she feels is a shallow thing to do. Outside of her work, she has always had a love for music and at one point dreamed of becoming an idol, which was a dream she eventually gave up on as she’d gotten older. However, no longer being that immature teenager and more of a mature adult, Minako dislikes seeing those around her sad or upset and will attempt to try and help them to be happy again, even if it’s only for a little while. She does so by giving them helpful advice that could alleviate their problems. It may take them a while to apply said advice to their lives to help them but Minako sees it in a manner of no one can say she didn’t try to help, at least to the best of her ability.

Because of her line of work, Minako tends to keep people at a distance to keep them from getting hurt. This has happened before where someone she cared for dearly got hurt and because of it, she doesn’t put herself nor her heart out there anymore. It also makes it hard for her to trust anyone, unsure if they’re attempting to get close to her just to do her in and those she knows. Therefore, Minako had personally decided to not finding and focusing on a mate. Something that many who are Alphas are unable to help but she ensures that she takes medication that to make sure her secondary gender doesn’t interfere with her work. She personally believes she’s not fated to find love and it’s much easier to focus on protecting those who can’t protect themselves. Whether it is from regular situations to otherworldly ones. Minako focuses her attention on important tasks at hand and would rather encourage her friends to find love than to find love for her own self. Let it be known that Minako tends to feel a bit envious of her friends whose lives have finally started to get better for them and does often feel a bit lonely for companionship. Deep down, she is very happy for them and is someone that desires to find love herself even if she believes she’s undeserving of it.

Minako isn’t close with her parents and speaking about family is a subject she prefers to avoid. She holds resentment mainly towards her mother for constantly putting down how she chooses to live her life. She finds her job to be dangerous and wants Minako to find a more suitable profession and settle down. She clearly dislikes the idea of being told how she should live her life and it’s the reason why she’d gotten fed up with her mother when she was younger and moved out on her own. They would often argue about Minako’s powers, something that she unfortunately could not do anything about. If she could give them up and live a normal life, she would but because she inherited the abilities she has from distant relatives, she’d rather put them to good use and use them how she sees fit, whether her mother agrees with her decision or not.

Occupation: Works for the Marvelous Hero Agency as a Full-Time Hero that does solo missions

School: ----

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartmans - Apt: A7

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: Sailor Moon Crystal - Minako Aino/Sailor V

Appearance: Minako is 5'4'' with long blonde hair that goes all the way down to the back of her thighs with a red bow on the back of her head and blue eyes. For casual clothing outside of school she'd wear such clothes like tank tops, blouses, skirts, shorts, dresses, bathing suits to show off her body, and occasional idol outfits she'd dress up in. For shoes it's flip-flops, high heels, sandals, tennis shoes and every now and then she'll wear boots. When working, Minako wears her hero uniform that consists of a red mask with a white choker around her neck and a crescent moon attached to the front of it. Her outfit collar is blue with two red stripes and on top of her shoulder pads are a white armor-like shoulder guard. Her bow in the front of this is red with the center of it being orange. Her gloves have a smooth orange-yellow band around their top edges. Her uniform shirt is in a midriff style, bearing her stomach with some red accents placed along the sides of it. She sometimes swaps out the shirt with or without sleeves. She wears a blue skirt with a red border, her back waist blow is blue and her shoes are also blue with ankle straps. Minako I, Magellan I, & Magellan II

History: Minako Aino was born to parents Kameko Aino (Omega) and Yasuo Aino (Alpha) and is their only child. Minako’s parents never became official mates due to the fact that Kameko was only interested in Yasuo because he was a businessman that made a lot of money and as long as a man had income, Kameko was willing to stick with them. They met at a casino where she worked as a performer and Yasuo found her to be a very beautiful woman. Though he had not expected their one-time fling to result in Kameko getting pregnant. This was intended by her as she was looking to get away from such a line of work to be taken care of. If it meant trapping a man into getting her pregnant, then so be it. Yasuo was not pleased with how this came to be but as a man of honor, he would not abandon the child that was created between them. He convinced Kameko to come and live with him in hopes of taking care of her and their child but under the agreement that he would not mate with her.

Kameko didn’t like this idea, at least not at first but, after giving it some thought, she decided to agree to it if it meant that she no longer had to work her job. Their daughter was eventually born and they named her Minako. They agreed to stay together for her sake and never tell her how she was really born. Yasuo didn’t want his daughter to end up hating her mother which is why he didn’t want her to know about their arrangement. She was too young to understand it. However, Yasuo also had secrets of his own that he hadn’t told Kameko. More like, he personally didn’t feel he was obligated to do so since they were not married nor were they mates. They were together out of convenience only for the sake of their child. But Yasuo came from a family that had special powers. He was one of few within his family that didn’t inherit them and since he didn’t, he thought it wasn’t worth bringing it up as he’d hoped that Minako wouldn’t show signs of developing any herself. His parents and his older brother had powers but he did not and while it made his life easier since he didn’t have them weighing him down, that didn’t necessarily mean he was entirely free from it ever surfacing within the distant future.

In his case, his daughter would eventually develop her own powers at the age of four years old which scared the hell out of her mother when Minako accidentally destroyed something out of anger when her mother told her no. This is when Minako’s life began to change for her. Kameko was scared of her daughter, thinking that something was wrong with her which in turn, scared Minako. However, Yasuo sat them both down and explained everything to both of them. That while he had hoped it wouldn’t happen, it had, and that Minako has developed powers that are considered normal in his family. He admitted he was hoping this development would skip his daughter but it didn’t and since it had, she had to be careful when using her powers. Kameko was unsure of what to make of this. Anyone in her situation would think “freak” would be the right word to use in this situation but while she may have been freaked out herself, she tried her best to understand this and wanted to know what they could do for Minako.

Yasuo suggested it would be best if their daughter learned how to use her abilities under his parents who were not happy with the arrangement their son was in with Minako’s mother, yet understood why he made the choice. Because of that, they didn’t put a lot of trust in the woman and were rather resentful toward her for trapping their son by getting herself pregnant by him. However, they did agree to train their granddaughter to use her powers properly so she wouldn’t end up hurting herself or others in the process. Like any child, once Minako stopped being freaked out, she thought of herself as a superhero in training and thought it was cool that she had powers. The training wasn’t easy but neither was handling it along with school on top of that. It was hard for her to keep up with school and socialize and then train at the same time. Anytime her grades would slip, her mother would yell at her for it instead of helping her. Then again, she began yelling at Minako for various things such as her schoolwork, getting her clothes dirty, and unladylike behavior. Kameko viewed this as her daughter possibly presenting as a Beta which is something she hadn’t wanted.

Minako didn’t understand why her mother was this way while her father and grandparents were the opposite. Just because she did things that normal children her age did wasn’t a guarantee of what her secondary gender would be when she became of age. She couldn’t help but find that hurtful hearing her mother say that sometimes. So because of that, she would often act out if it only meant doing things that she enjoyed. She enjoyed singing and dancing for fun. When she turned twelve is when she became more physically capable and interested in other things such as sports. But one sport she liked most was volleyball which she found herself to be quite good at. The skill in playing the game also helped alongside her training as well, which she was getting better at. Her powers were developing nicely and she only used them when she had/needed to and for no other reason outside of that. Eventually, her mother got tired of this and told her that all of it, even down to volleyball was a waste of time. Basically belittling her daughter more and more. It was clear Minako was past tired of it and asked her father what was up with her mother and why was she being so mean to her.

Yasuo couldn’t give her an honest answer to her question but he did eventually feel that his daughter was old enough to be told the truth about his relationship with her mother. When Minako was told how she came to be, why she was here was because of her mother’s selfish actions, she couldn’t believe it but she also understood in a way why the woman was acting the way she did. Her parents weren’t married nor were they mates. She did take notice to them never showing affection to one another and that they didn’t have any children after her. Everything made a lot more sense. It was at that point, she lost respect for the woman and stopped listening to her every time she complained about the choices Minako made. Especially when it came to her love life which whenever she attempted to have one, it ended in disaster. The reason being was because she fell hard for a fellow classmate named Banri who turned out to be a demon posing as a student at her school and preyed upon Omega and Alpha female students there for their souls by discovering what made them most vulnerable and weak The demon had gotten away with it for a while until Minako eventually figured out what he was doing and took it upon herself to stop him.

The two of them fought and it’d resulted in Minako having to kill him and this emotionally scarred her from trusting her heart to anybody. But this situation also is when she’d presented as an Alpha, which is why the creature became interested in her. The last thing he said to her before he died was love for her would always be hopeless and that she’ll never have it, no matter how much she wants it. This was an indication for her that her powers would always make her a target. It also meant that those she became close with would also be targets. It was such a frightening realization for her that upon reaching adulthood, Minako had already decided for herself that she would not focus on finding a mate. She was more than willing to make friends even if some didn’t think highly of her because she had powers and because she was an Alpha. The only person that was ecstatic about her presenting as an Alpha was her mother but Minako just found her to be a nag who kept constantly trying to tell her to settle down. That was impossible for her to do. She knew this. And so, to protect others from harm, she decided to seek out work that would allow her to use her abilities properly to do this.

This is where she stumbled upon a new up-and-coming agency that’d was recently formed in Tokyo called the “The Marvelous Hero Agency”. They were looking to recruit those with powers that wanted to do some good for the city and also didn’t mind working internationally when it was required of them to do so. Minako saw this as a great opportunity and wasted no time going to apply. She was happy to be given the opportunity to work with them once she showed what she could do by proving herself capable in a mock battle against the Head Hero of the agency, Abigail Kirkland. Having said that, Minako accepted the job offer and preferred to work solo for the time being. There may come a day where she will open herself up to the idea of working with a team but for now, Minako is fine with this. Her father and grandparents couldn’t be happier for her and her mother, not so much but what else is new?

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Re: Minako Aino [Alpha]
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