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Author Topic: Ayato Nakamura (Alpha)  (Read 60 times)

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Ayato Nakamura (Alpha)
« on: May 24, 2022, 10:02:01 pm »

”𐌉'𐌌 𐌅𐌄𐌄𐌋𐌉𐌍Ᏽ 𐌕Ꝋ𐋄𐌉𐌂, 𐌔Ꝋ𐌌𐌄𐌁Ꝋ𐌃𐌙 𐌔𐌕Ꝋ𐌐 𐌕𐋅𐌉𐌔.”

Name: Ayato Nakamura

Alias: --

Date of Birth: June, 10, 1994

Age: 27

Primary Gender: Male.

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Metallic Iron and Gasoline

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Asian - Japanese

Species: Human - Genetically Altered

Hobbies: Drawing, Martial Art Practice, Writing

Powers/Abilities: Upon arrival into the Omegaverse, Ayato and his abilities went through a change.

Shinobutō: Upon losing most abilities that defined him as a Shinobi in his original universe, Ayato regained key abilities including those once lost permanently. The main return of his prized fighting style made him, in a sense, complete. With 4 tendril-like appendages originating from a sac on his back, these 13-feet long tendrils, a glowing, pulsating red, are called and dispelled by the breaking of his finger bones. A spin on the original which used a more gentle trigger.

Due to the self-induced mutilation required (the Cracking and breaking of phalanx/finger bones), Ayato's hand bones repair at a much faster rate, but this expedited healing is only locked to his fingers. The real boon is these tendrils are fluid and organic, flowing like squid tentacles, but, these movements hide their true durability stronger than any human-made metal. These tendrils are able to move at speeds faster than an eye blink if necessary but they can only move either through gestures made by his arms and/or hands. On top of this, they can only react to what he could really react to, just like any brain-to-limb communication.

While impressive, even more so than him, the much more organic trade-off makes them even more limited.

Mutated Eye: Unlike back home where his eye had actual boons, the genetic alteration that is done to attain them now only changes coloration under two conditions. One is activation under extreme, emotional duress, the other is controlled activation/deactivation as another visual sign when using Shinobutō.

Personality: In his young childhood, Ayato has always wondered about the unknown. He always questioned how everything works; why people die; what makes a ninja, and so on. Despite being taught manners, Ayato didn't comprehend why one is supposed to be nice to those older or more skilled than he, likewise, he didn't believe one had to be uplifting to those younger, or weaker. Ayato thought of everyone as an equal and that everyone was capable of seeing that as well. Before the Chunin Exams, Ayato thought the nicest thing to do was to point out everyone's faults, to help maintain those who weren't ideal.

Ayato thought the idea of empathy was important. He focused on being kind, actually using manners. The phase didn't last. Upon promotion to special jounin as a result of being nominated for hunter nin position, Ayato developed a more philosophical view again, referring to everyone to be inferior to him merely because they don't have his views.  He kept this up even after being promoted to hunter nin status. Upon an encounter with a Kaguya who introduced his power and ideals to him, Ayato thought he knew how the world works and was trained to right it.

After mastering a jutsu he developed, Ayato wanted to bring immediate change to the world. His peers didn't share his views, and because of this, Ayato incapacitated his peers long enough to flee the country. He wanders the world to find an infrastructure to infect so he could bring change from the shadows. Killing those who interfere with his cause.

It was the detection that proved Ayato had changed a lot. Within this time period, Ayato developed a darker, uneasy state of mind. This mind state would brighten the darkest of scenarios with tainted images and impossible/improbable scenarios. This odd state of mind-melded thinking and gave him a knack for detecting the smallest of details in heavy personality disputes between himself and something darker. As time would pass Ayato's mental state eroded more. Trauma, fear, and paranoia began to fill Ayato and "break" his broken psyche. Because of this, Ayato gained access to a mental state/room that would allow him, his conscious, and anyone currently melding their chakra into his, free reign to discuss/debate/tirade/or preach to the other in a mad philosophical debate.

Years of this would devastate Ayato's mind, blurring the lines between delusion and reality more than previous. This paved the way for more corruption and eventually grandiose mistakes. Soon after his incarceration, the link between reality and delusion was severed from his thinking. This deficit would prove to be quite a hindrance to Ayato who was known to handle frequent personality shifts earlier. Anchors were needed to fix this separation, if only temporary unless a recovery point was restored or a permanent anchor was placed.

Time continued on and like a flower, Ayato finally broke his mental torture. The man's psyche came back together, one would almost say replace. After jarring events that would leave many dead from shock, Ayato found solace attaching tying his mentality to an individual who took over his thoughts. This external remedy would pave the way as more of Ayato's psyche pieced back together, resulting in the restoration of a rather large part- almost all of Ayato's sanity. He keeps a small, broken fragmentation in the back of his mind. This constant mental figure (taking the appearance of his childhood self) reminds Ayato that he can't fully break from his past, nor kill it as it makes him up. There will always be a duality that formed from the trauma, and this will haunt Ayato to the bitter end. This mirror gives a look into who Ayato is and who he still is, a broken soul that can live, learn, or build off his pain; a fall from grace, a rise to it, or Damning himself respectively.

This mental restoration gives him undisturbed access to all of his cognitive abilities. Clearing memory haze, receiving full sensory registration, allowing him the ability to process and interpret new information without having to fight through a mental dilemma just to comprehend what he's even trying to see. Not only can he think to perceive detail appropriately but he can still use slight sensory input/paranoia from his days as a Shinobi to register knowledge not quite perceptible to the sane. A sight to two worlds is what his restoration gifted his cognition with.

However, once he left his old life into this new and strange universe, all of this became moot. An attempt to rebuild a new life after serving his time completely shattered left the man in both pain and shock. His already broken psyche further broke as he tried to accommodate his new forced life. If anything, he is more pessimistic and nihilistic. He doesn't care about the state of this new world, he just wants to be reunited with Suzuku. Whether him going home to her, or she coming to get him. Everything else is colorless and bleak.

Occupation: Barista at Melody Cafe.

School: N/A

Place of Living: Amnestia Inn, Room 11

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul


Upon arriving in this new world, Ayato had a few very important changes. First, his hair reverted back to white even after all the healing to reverse the trauma, new stressors aided in the whitening of his hair. A concerning but noticeable change was his reversion to his almost signature light-toned shorts with a black t-shirt. Accompanying this change is a surge of a dual-toned jacket over a tuxedo for more formal occasions.

As well is as form-fitting black clothing, which he tends to only wear when operating at night, whether that be searching for Suzuku or going to pursue those that angered him. Another article of clothing is the barista uniform he has to wear for his job. Both a formal tuxedo and a more relaxed sea-green hoodie and blue denim pants.

Retrofitting his mask to that of a muzzle, the half mask of a smile has a dual purpose of concealing his identity when committing crimes as well as a sort of restraint to hold himself from claiming an Omega by accident should he come across any in his search or generally his new nightlife to help him blend in.

Aside from those changes, he still has his extremely pale skin as well as a toned body from a past of seemingly a different reality. Standing at 5’7” (173.74 centimeters), Ayato only weighs a mere 137 lbs (63.05 kilograms).

History: The month was June in a small village near Takigakure. The sun shone brightly in a small house, where a woman cried in agony. Her husband tried to console her to induce labor. She was given a defined summary of her choice, whether to give her newborn a great life or to raise him in poverty. After giving birth, a raven-haired, grey-eyed boy informed her the choice of giving him a great life concluded with him being sent away from the family forever. The family wasn’t told they just sent out their newborn to a life of experimentation.

After being shipped off to a new country and a lab facility within, the infant was placed in a large test tube. The boy floated in the tube for years, experimented on countless times. Each experiment traumatized the boy enough to dull his hair from black to charcoal grey, to grey, to ivory, and eventually white as snow. The men recording data were covered in bandages, a sight the boy didn't register until he was four.

The boy simply existed, not knowing what the world was, or even his name; he was simply referred to as "Purotaipu", Prototype, by the scientists. At age of six, Prototype was experimented on to see if it was possible to genetically recreate a weaponized biological physiology. During the experiment, the Bandaged men were able to allow the eye to change color after affecting the genome sequence of Prototype. Before they could weaponize it; a system malfunction damaged and permanently altered his physiology.

During the malfunction, shinobi stormed the underground lab and apprehended the Bandaged men. All the experiments were freed before Doton users destroyed the lab. Prototype and others were sent to orphanages in Kirikagure. From there, each experiment was given an actual name, Prototype was renamed Ayato Nakamura. The boy had to adorn an eye patch because his genetic alteration made him a monster. As soon as his feet were on the ground, Ayato went out to discover the world.

He learned how to talk, he learned to be social, and he satisfied his curiosity wherever. It was expected at how he came to be as normal child development goes but he did incur a few bumps along the way, something not unexpected given his Damned fate. To satisfy his ever-growing thirst for knowledge, Ayato fully participated in his class. Thanks to genetic engineering, he was able to move and fight with extreme fluidity, however, he could only perform general ninjutsu. While disadvantaged to some degree, he stayed in the academy for three of the four years. He proved too adept for most of his age. Ayato was promoted to rookie genin at age of eleven. With older graduates, he was picked on for being too different from them.

Ayato trained hard to succeed in missions. He trained day and night to prove his merit, but when missions came, he was labeled as an "Over-achiever". Ayato didn't know what to do besides succeed; he was altered to the point of being foreign. He took off his eye patch and made a flimsy ANBU-like mask. Trying to hide his alien body, Ayato fought to be his own self; to be his real self. Two years passed before the Prototype returned. He and his team were nominated for the Chunin Exams.

Many targeted Ayato, hiding behind the ANBU-like masked. The first test was sabotage and aside from being most people's target, his team still pulled through, but barely. The second test went with no conflict. The team hid and scrounged for the remains for the Earth scroll. Once they found it, they ran to base avoiding all conflict. The third test was dicey, in the first round, given it was a heavy combat round that saw many near-deaths that were resolved via quick thinking.

For a brief time, he emphasized empathy while he trained. As he grew in skill, he aimed to be kind and understanding to people. However, the kindness and even chunin title were changed after nominated for hunter nin at 15. This transition brought out a cold, callous Ayato. He trained so much harder while looking down on his comrades for not comparing to the skills of a foreigner. Ayato, out of discovering the powers of a Kaguya, developed a jutsu in absolute secrecy to counter their power and increase his own. Upon the age of twenty, Ayato saw how war turned people into animals. In spite of a civil war, Ayato swore to change the world. He used Taijutsu and general ninjutsu to try and persuade others to his cause. With no success, Ayato made a new leather mask to hide himself.

He unveiled his new jutsu in battle, only to turn against his comrades. The power overwhelmed his allies and they were incapacitated one by one. Ayato heard of a new hunter in who will track and kill him for turning onto the Mist. If anything he saw it as a challenge. With that said, Ayato ran through battle, using the civil war to aid his escape. The message was true, as soon as Ayato went rogue, hunter-nin followed. Despite their skill, he won by using fear.

Using lining from the fallens' masks, he created an even sinister mask to hide his past. Now, he was geared to change the world, even just a little; alas, he was placed in a situation that would make this dream impossible in his early twenties to now. During a gory run-in with the hunter nin captain, however, Ayato was maimed severely and imprisoned for his crimes against the village.

Within this time period, Ayato developed a darker, uneasy state of mind. This mind state would brighten the darkest of scenarios with tainted images and impossible/improbable scenarios. This odd state of mind would be the simple link he has from delusion to reality. This melded thinking gave him a knack for detecting the smallest of details in heavy personality disputes between himself and something darker.

Despite strict imprisonment, overlooked structural flaws allowed Ayato to plan and attempt a prison escape. After a battle against two keen guards, a murder of one, and even more maiming of the legs. It was decided by the Mizukage at the time, that Ayato be transferred again to higher security prison. From this point, he met and allied with the medic healing him for his execution/freedom battle against the Kage. The medic, Kuronmeru Suzuku was not only scared but worried about the conditions placed on the man.

In Yomi Sekai, Ayato's mental state eroded more. From a  padded cell, he observed the treatment of his fellow cellmates; noting the practices were malevolent in nature. Inhumane and sadistic, this would cause fear and paranoia to fill Ayato and "break" his broken psyche. Because of this, Ayato gained access to a mental state/room that would allow him, his conscious, and anyone currently melding their chakra into his, free reign to discuss/debate/tirade/or preach to the other in a mad philosophical debate. Ayato heavily used this to discreetly discuss his ideas and strategies with himself without fear of anyone hearing him.

Years of this would devastate Ayato's mind, blurring the lines between delusion and reality more than previous. Corrupted thoughts were concentrated by meeting Yomi Sekai's in-house doctor. He encouraged Ayato's delusions while the doctor monitored Ayato's health, measuring him, and molding him, within the confines of the rules of the prison. This routine continued until Ayato was released to a fighting stage. Energized by the doctor, Ayato awaited his fated battle.

After a fierce battle between the two, ending in a draw, it was decided by the village elders to release Ayato from the Kage's watch and granted him to Fuyumi, the head medic of Kirigakure. Fuyumi sought to harvest cells from the strange individual with the help of her assistant, Kuronmeru Suzuku. As Fuyumi harvested the cells through borderline cruel methods, the agonizing screaming and begging of Ayato allowed Suzuku to demand his life be spared with the condition he was placed under her watch. Nonchalant, but interested nonetheless, Fuyumi granted this request and harvested the needed cells while keeping him alive.  His fate is still to be fully decided by Suzuku, given her position and his bingo level.

Ayato's mental state was constantly breaking and rebuilding since Fuyumi's job. During that year, his mental state heavily relied on anchors; each having a significantly different roping effect on him. A tendency that heavily favors one fate over the others. A fate soon to be written...

Even after that hellscape, the nightmare never ended as he had to fight for his life on multiple occasions against threats growing more and more dangerous. It seemed, in that dark hellhole, he finally found solace. Through an arduous trial following his transference, he was freed under the conditions his abilities be sealed and put under the watch of Suzuku again. Something Ayato wanted as a budding romance had formed between the two, and quickly became a burning flame. It seemed like he found his ending but a curious mind led him to a forgotten shack near the edge of the village. He entered the building and looked for signs of life, it wasn’t natural to see something this rundown. Upon finding and grabbing a scroll, he unfurled it to find words of a foreign land written. Brushing off the dust, he eventually stated words somewhat close to a translated version before feeling his body burn up as if on fire.

Gradually, he crumbled into ash and his world turned black. In that abyss, he called for Suzuku, that he loved her and wanted to be reunited with her. After what felt like an eternity, the pain came back, but there was no body to harm. His confusion was answered when he felt himself forced together, it was such an odd feeling but one he couldn’t help with. The pain eventually subsided and under him, Ayato felt grass. Jumping back, he wrestled with his thoughts about what had happened. He got up and started to run to tell Suzuku only to realize he wasn’t in the village, rather, he was somewhere that made little sense.

Doing what he needed to to survive this world, he got his barrings before he was plagued by a horrific scent. He was confused, he didn’t have a strong sense of smell earlier; so why was he able to smell iron and what he’d come to learn as gasoline?

He did what a rational reaction would be to an unfathomable cause, he ran. He was eventually stopped by more men looking to gain cash off him. To his surprise when he was defending himself, a singular locked away ability manifested in the most violent of ways. Tearing the men limb from limb, Ayato relished as he was in a place he had no idea where yet it gave him at least one thing he wanted back. Peeling the clothes off severed bodies, the man looked at his new belongings. With no name, he scrounged what cash he had to establish that and gain a new life.

Five eerily long months brought about once again, another Nakamura Ayato. He was able to repeat his earlier crimes enough to get what he needed to survive. It took a run-in with a gang, a self-proclaimed pack to get false IDs and cards printed, a start at a new life. The pack helped him far enough to get a job before abandoning him. It took a long bit of time to get used to this thing and even longer to work the amount to find actual shelter outside of homeless shelters. All the while, the man wished, longed to reunite with Suzuku. He didn’t know where she was, nor where he was in relation to her. He continued searching, continued moving both places of living and jobs in search of her. But this new urban jungle he found himself in diminished his hopes. He didn’t want to accept it but he needed to realize that he may be alive, but he isn’t living. Without his flame, this new life… feels hollow.

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Re: Nakamura Ayato (Alpha)
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