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Author Topic: Dusan Libre [Alpha]  (Read 246 times)

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Dusan Libre [Alpha]
« on: May 27, 2020, 08:01:05 pm »
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Intimidation, turns the wisest men to fools.

Name: Dusan Libre.

Alias: Boss.

Date of Birth: November, 7th, 1983.

Age: 36.

Primary Gender: Male.

Secondary Gender: Alpha.

Character's Scent: Campfire and Leather.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Race: American.

Species: Superhuman.

- Gemology
- Painting
- Studying mythology
- Tennis
- Working on or riding Motorcycles.

Powers/Abilities: Dusan is a human who has been impacted with the alien species known as Rods. Due to his body merging with the Rod it has changed his genetic structure and has imparted to him a series of superhuman abilities closely connected with his personality. Because Dusan is a rather manipulative and intense person his powers manifested as the following

- Alchemic Transmutation: Dusan is capable of transmuting elements and matter into other existing forms. In order to do this he must make physical contact with the target with which he is attempting to alter. The more complex the shift the longer he must make contact. While it is possible to alter living material it is not easy and it is not his preferred method of use for the ability. He is also unable to transmute substances into new objects outside of his experience. As an example he could transmute a weapon into a book, painting, or videotape, but the content must be something with which he was already familiar.

- Heat End: Dusan acts as the focal point of an eruption of a small dimensional rift that anything caught in the blast around him has a possibility of being torn through. The rift is unstable and produces an intense burning fire for as long as Dusan keeps the portal open but he himself can not move under his own power so long as the rift remains. He has not used this technique very often since he can now use his alchemy in combat more readily.

- Telepathy: By concentrating or through touch, Dusan can read another personís mind and can also transmit thoughts to the target. Dusan has kept this ability one of his most closely guarded secrets and has not revealed it to his closest colleagues. When making use of his mind reading he does so subtly and has learned how to hide that he is using it.

- Willpower: Dusan has an almost unconquerable will that is backed by an intensity that can be felt as much as it is seen. He is able to project his intent and form a limited rejection field. His aura even as a teen was able to avert wild beasts from attacking him by breaking their resolve.

Personality: Dusan has a rather complicated personality that one can't approach in a straight forward manner. To begin he is  resourceful and self sufficient. He has great natural instincts and can be very insightful when the situation isn't too personal. He is very passionate with his pursuits as much as he is with his bedroom antics. Even without any of his powers he is able to quickly discern a persons desires and preferences and use that for their benefit or detriment. He is protective of those he cares about but this can also border into possessiveness.

Much of Dusan is a fine balancing act. He loves a good mystery and can grow bored with something if it is too simple or straight forward. The reverse though is that he can become highly frustrated if an answer becomes too difficult to find. He doesn't trust people who live their lives like an open book because he believes that everyone has something they hide but he also doesn't like for his companions to try and hide things from him which he takes rather personally. His keen memory allows him to recall information easily but unfortunately this also causes him to remember every little slight that he has experienced and it can make him be bitter. As a teen he was highly manipulative and though he does this much less with those close to him he can find himself accidentally using them if he falls into old habits.

Although he can never bring himself to admit it outright he can become jealous and it is during these times he can be the most self destructive until he receives some sort of reminder of his own value and appreciation. This can be difficult when he feels he must live in the shadow all the time due to his career choice. He cannot trust easily yet on some deeper level he knows he needs some that he -can- trust in. He requires a mindful balance as he doesn't like aloofness but being too straight forward is something he finds a bore.

Although Dusan is quite the Alpha when he lets himself be he prides himself on his self control. He desires to only have sex when -he- wants to. His superhuman willpower helps him to resist the scent of Omegas in heat and is even able to suppress his own rut if it is required.

Occupation: Founder and leader of SPIRIT a supernatural investigation task force.

School: N/A.

Original or Canon: Original.

Face Claim: Hibari Kyoya from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


History: Dusan grew up in a less than happy environment. His father Ayaz was an abusive, scary and an alpha criminal. The man had enough pull locally that he never did get locked up for very long and those who opposed him often went missing or had a horrible accident befall them. Although Dusans mother Masuma (Omega) loved her son she could do little to stem the tide of abuse that she and he underwent from the man who took out his frustrations on them both. As Dusan aged he learned rather quickly that survival meant being smarter and as he was entering high school Ayaz had begun to express more of an interest in his boy taking on working for him. Dusan was less than thrilled at the prospect of doing anything for the man who caused he and his mother so much pain. But it seemed that fortune was with them as only a week later Ayaz died to a car bomb. When police investigated they were lead to find that it was a man named Jiles a leader of a rival gang who had been responsible for the assassination. During the raid on the gangs warehouse, Jiles was tipped off at the cops approach and during the attempted escape there was a firefight where the mobster was ultimately killed.

As relieved as Dusan and and Masuma were at Ayaz demise it was still a surreal time for the two of them. What no one knew was that it had been Dusan who had orchestrated the entire thing. He had learned his fathers routine and had been willing to leave a few informed notes for Jiles. He also knew that Jiles would never be the kind of person to let the cops take him in alive. Because of the things Dusan had learned about Jiles from his father, he was able to share enough information anomalously with the police to see to it that they'd be able to put him away, leaving Jiles no choice but to try and fight his way out. Jiles died during the ensuing fire fight with the police and with that, none of the police ever took a second glance back at the son or mother.

Dusan had no interest in becoming a criminal the way his father had been but it didn't mean he hadn't learned some tricks of the trade. He had become somewhat manipulative himself often times blackmailing his teachers for better grades, perks, or downright money. Some of the female teachers that he was unable to straight up blackmail he would simply seduce. For Dusan the classifications of Alpha, Beta, and Omega meant little to him with scent meaning little in his choice of partner. For Dusan there wasn't any accomplishment in simply bedding someone who was in heat or rutt and while he wasn't above using those things for leverage he felt no pride in doing so. For Dusan he'd rather turn down a thousand partners in heat for one that he had personally worked into a frenzy of desire.

 It was during his years in high school when the city began to report strange anomalies showing up. People were making reports about strange creature sightings but then the creatures always seemed to be gone without much of a trace as to where they went. Upon investigating these creatures Dusan felt a sudden pain in his back as if he had been hit by a burning hot coal that had wedged itself inside of him. As the pain inside him seemed to get stronger the air around him began to waver as it became super-heat. Soon there was a violent burst as everything in a 10 meter radius of him had become charred and distorted. Over the course of the next few weeks, he began to realize his strange new found powers but kept them under wraps. In keeping his ear to the ground about strange goings on in the city he soon discovered that he wasn't the only person who seemed to be having some supernatural affinity. Reporting of cryptids or strange creatures appearing around town continued but with it came reports of a group of teens much like himself with strange powers that were using them to send these creatures away. After working independently for a few months Dusan presented himself to the group and offered that they should team up.

In meeting the small group of other teenagers he met Ella (Omega), John (Beta), Nimmue (Omega), Nick (Beta), Terran (Alpha), and Kyoko (Omega). All whom seemed to have developed their own unique powers each with only one thing in common that they seemed to be able to open portals in some way shape or form. There had been one more member of the group by the name of Claire (another Alpha) whom went missing shortly before Dusan introduced himself to them. Really he wasn't very altruistic and while he did help the group, he was often using them to his own ends. Though the teens did their best to keep everything hidden, most of them were not used to being inconspicuous and the group soon attracted the attention of two by the name of Hatch and Lilith. These two were operatives for a group that went by the name of The Agency. The Agency had an interest in the strange creatures that had been appearing and wanted the teens to stop getting involved and sending them back through their portals. The teens feigned that they would consider it but as Hatch and Lilith were departing, Lilith made a show of "accidentally" kicking over Dusans motorcycle and chastising him with the words "leave this to the pros.". The teens agreed that they had no interest in actually stopping and Dusan vowed that he would get revenge.

As time went by the scuffles between The Agency and the team of ragtag heroes would escalate with every cryptid sighting. For Dusan it came to a head when during one encounter he was certain to fight with Lilith alone. Having developed his transmutation powers without revealing it to the group they came as a surprise to Lilith whom had fought with him a few times prior. Dusan had been playing a long con about the limitations of his abilities in order to get her to screw up. He made sure to activate his Heat End when she was too close and though she did manage to get clear of the portal, the intense heat and dimensional instability did permanent damage to her legs and rendered them unusable. Leaving Lilith injured to go and help save Ella he tossed Liliths words back at her that perhaps she should have left this to the pros.

Over time the group had many strange adventures, discovering that one of their teachers named Mr Duke was in fact an alien. Mr Duke scanned the group and discovered that the source of their powers was a semi intangible and rather small alien species most commonly referred to as Rods. Rods seldom interacted with organic matter which explained the groups newfound powers. It was also revealed that Earth was situated on a dimensional layline which was why the portals were opening and alien creatures from other worlds were coming through.

During the next encounter with The Agency, Lilith had returned to the field with a mechanical frame set for her legs. Insisting on attacking Dusan for revenge the two fought once again and when she screamed in a rage that Dusan had taken her legs he calmly reminded her that she had scratched his bike. The fight once again went in Dusans favor and this time she was successfully sent through the portal he opened. Meanwhile the rest of the team had been fighting Agent Hatch but Terran was killed during the fight. Terran whom had been in love with Ella as a dying request asked for Dusan to protect her. Terran had never showed any like for Dusan in the past and it came as a bit of a surprise that he entrusted Ella to him. When asked why Terran simply commented that Dusan seemed to be the only one capable of protecting her and the rest of the group were "kind of dumb".

With two of the primary operatives out of the way, the group quickly moved to attack the leader of The Agency. In the confrontation they discovered the organization leader was a Rod infused being himself but also an alien. Now he was more of a Druid and drew energy from various forms of life which is why here on Earth with the surge of beings showing up, he could become unstoppable. He also revealed that he too could create portals and sent the group through one of them to another planet.

The planet was known as The Default Planet and was desolate mostly due to small drones that scoured for anything they could take apart. Typically any planet that possessed portal technology just sent their trash here. The team became aware that all the creatures they had ever sent through portals had wound up on this place. The group was rescued however by Claire as well as a group of beings that had been sent through the portal over the last few years. The others were happy to reunite with Claire who revealed that the Druid had approached her family about hiring her for The Agency but when she had grown suspicious he had her sent through the portal to here. Another inhabitant at the small haven was Lilith whom had no memory of who she was. This unsettled Dusan extremely and he vowed to never entrust his life to her or let down his guard.

The group learned that with proper parts they would be able to return home thanks to Ellas now mutated pet Goldfish (Whom she had accidentally teleported away when she got her abilities) Dr Shinysides. The fish told them that if they could attack the processing plant for the drones on the planet that perhaps they could have enough parts. With the group acting as a unit they began to launch the attack with success albeit with Claire and Dusan's personalities always in conflict for who should act as team leader.

Though the group now had the technology to get off the planet, they did not have the ability to get back to Earth and began to have to planet hop in the hopes of someone who had the planet code for Earth. Eventually they were able to make their way back to Earth and fought with the Druid once again and ultimately killing him.

Dusan could see that there did need to be some sort of safety net protecting the Earth. Many Agency officers didn't know what their boss had been doing and so Dusan began his own task-force under the name of SPIRIT consisting of many of the now adults who he had journeyed with, some of their new alien allies, as well as some former Agency members. Dusan has spent the last several years of his life monitoring Earths strange goings on and trying to keep tabs on any increases in technology or strange human sightings.

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Re: Dusan Libre [Alpha]
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