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Author Topic: Vincent Phantomhive [Alpha]  (Read 130 times)

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Vincent Phantomhive [Alpha]
« on: December 16, 2020, 05:29:25 pm »

Name: Vincent Phantomhive

Alias: Earl Phantomhive, Mole (nickname), Devious Earl, Funtom Watchdog

Date of Birth: June 13th, 2000

Age: 21

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Coffee and Sugar

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: British American

Species: Human

Hobbies: Reading, Befriending Others, Avoids doing tedious tasks, Helping & Protecting Others, Tricking others into doing tedious tasks for him, Taking on challenges (even if he loses them)

Martial Arts Skills Vincent practices both the skills of Karate and Aikido which in turn makes him an efficient fighter. Before coming to Japan, he trained in England and although he didn't start out that well, in the beginning, he got better the more he kept at it. Therefore, he can take on others using techniques of both practices, sometimes combining them together, whether he realizes it or not. However, he doesn't fight to gain attention or without reason. He tries to avoid seriously injuring someone if he can help it. It's never on purpose. However, if he doesn't want them to escape, he will subdue them if need be. Unless it is required of him, Vincent won't be seen fighting hardly at all which causes many to mistake him for being a weak man and that becomes their undoing in the end. This doesn't mean he can't be defeated either but he can put up a fight to defend himself and others.

Marksmanship He is a rather good marksman when it comes to hunting and if need be for any reason, he will carry a gun on him but he seldom uses it. The types of guns that Vincent is used to holding are hunting guns, desert eagle pistols, and a 9mm gun. He and his sister both were taught by their uncle how to use a gun.

Personality: Vincent is an exceptionally kind, courteous, and chivalrous individual when interacting with others. He has no trouble building a network of people on his side as it comes with being the son of a very mass production company that specializes in making children's toys as well as candy. However, being the son from a wealthy family admittedly bores Vincent and therefore this makes him the type of person that doesn't always use his family's name to get what he wants unless the situation depends upon it. No, he would rather exchange pleasantries with others and socialize than to talk about his family's work or their money. Although it provides him a rather cozy life, he simply doesn't really care but out of respect for his parents, he does what he is told and what is expected of him as the next head of the Phantomhive family.

The life he has he may find to be a tad dull and not all that exciting whereas most would probably disagree with him, this doesn't mean he wouldn't protect them either. As a young man, he does have a strong sense of pride, and therefore, should someone insult or harm his family, he would make them regret they had. The same thing goes for close friends as well as he would go out of his way to help and protect them if need be. This has also made Vincent the Funtom Company "Watchdog" as he's known for being called. It is clear that Vincent while he doesn't dislike hard work, he more or less dislikes tedious work of little things that take up his time and finds very boring. Thus he would avoid it or trick others into doing it though he does so harmlessly. He likes to take on real challenges as well, something he finds to not only be entertaining to him but exciting as well. He's quite a confident young man and even if he were to lose a challenge, he would accept his defeat. He prefers reading as he is often seen with a book on hand all the time and reading it.

Vincent is known for being highly skilled at manipulating people when he needs to. These are usually people who are trying to publicly make him look bad or make others look bad and as such, he's been nicknamed the "Devious Earl". To some, this side of him does make him look quite bad as a person but deep down, he really isn't. He just knows who to keep close to him and who not to. Being the oldest with his sister Francis born later, a lot is expected out of him and he is constantly doing a lot of travel work for his family in regards to the company. He finds this to be boring and unless such meetings are deemed important, he doesn't always go to them which angers his father greatly. He doesn't do it to bring the Funtom Company down but rather to keep others from trying to take it over and if he feels that that's what someone is attempting to do, he will not do business with him.

This sort of thinking upsets his father who while is a smart businessman, jumps too quickly to do business with others which puts him at odds with his son. He loves his father but prefers not to fight with him. Vincent also tends to take on challenges while knowing he might end up losing them in the end which is obvious that his pride as a man tends to take over at times. While he does do housework which isn't expected of someone of his position, what he doesn't know how to do is cook. He can fix quick and easy meals which is a no brainer but real meals that require a lot of ingredients and time to cook, not so much. He grew up around a lot of servants, therefore never requiring the need to cook. It's something he desires to learn but hasn't found the time to do it.

Occupation: Works as the Representative of Funtom Company branch in Tokyo, Japan

School: ----

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments Apt D3

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: Black Butler Vincent Phantomhive

Appearance: Vincent stands at the height of 5'10" with short blue-black hair and brown eyes with a beauty mark (or mole) underneath his left eye. He has a peach-pale skin complexion and narrowed eyes. He has quite a handsome appearance for such a young man his age and many has mistaken him for being older than he really is. He makes it a point to dress appropriately when in public and therefore is known for wearing a lot of pants suits. However, he can dress down and go casual at times. He's also been known to often wear a smile, making it hard to tell when he is angry, and displays an array of other facial expressions such as confused ones, surprised, or even disappointed. Considering that he does like to tease others sometimes, he does have some playful expressions as well. Vincent I, Vincent II

History: Vincent Phantomhive is the oldest son of Baroness Claudia Phantomhive (Omega) and Earl Aaron Phantomhive (Alpha). He's also the older brother to his younger sister Francis Phantomhive (Alpha). His family is famous in London for their Funtom Corporation products, making them highly wealthy and respectable. As the oldest, Vincent was expected to succeed his father in taking over the family business as its CEO when he steps down. However, Vincent never felt himself to be good enough for such a position but would do what he could to please his father but more often than not, they were always at odds with one another due to their differences of opinions. His sister Francis asserts the fact that she would be more suited in taking over the family business and many a time Vincent would agree with her. She desires the position more than himself. After all, their father wanted an Alpha child to take over the company and he was blessed to have two of them. Aaron did not expect to have two Alpha children and while he couldn't be happier for that, he would've preferred them both to have been boys. That way if the oldest son didn't want it, the younger son could take over. He would hide his true reasons behind why he didn't want to give his daughter the rights of CEO of Funtom. Instead, he would deny her and then lie and say that it is because she wasn't suited. Francis wasn't stupid and knew her father's true reasons. She may not hate her brother and finds his decision making to be better than their father's, but she hates being overlooked because she wasn't born first, let alone male. Vincent would assure his sister that once an opportunity presents itself for her to have leadership of the company, he would give it to her. He'd much rather have more challenging and exciting tasks to do that aren't business-related all the time.

Vincent has always been this way. He likes reading and he played some sports and studied martial arts practices such as Aikido and Karate. His sister Francis also trained with him as well and she was better than her brother, making her feel confident and happy that she was better at something than him. Vincent got better over time but suffice to say, in matches he never managed to beat Francis not once. He never became bitter about this. He respects his sister's skills but they were still highly different from one another. While Vincent is more calm and aloof, Francis is more strict and proud but they still respected one another despite their father treating them differently. Their mother never did so but she wasn't a vocal woman and always remained in the background when it came to important decisions but she always treated her children equally. However, they did attend separate schools and Vincent attended Weston College and became a prefect of the Sapphire Owl Dormitory when he was only thirteen years old. This very school was under strict discipline and it always stressed the importance of traditions and customs. It's been that way since its founding in the 1800s and has not since changed in this day in age. The boys at this school are raised to become sophisticated gentlemen of Britain through an exclusive boys dorm life and their individual high-level educational curriculum.

The fees of this very school are high but that wasn't a problem for Aaron to ship his son off to the same boarding school that he attended. It wasn't through Vincent's own choice to attend Weston College but rather the choice of his father in order for his son to obtain the proper attitude that was expected of him as his son and an Alpha to take over the Funtom Corporation. But that was easier said than done since growing up in a luxurious life would make anyone lazy but Vincent wasn't someone that was lazy. He was motivated so long as it benefited him or he wasn't bored. Being a prefect was an easy job for the most part but he found the work that came with it to be tedious and often ditched it to hide and read a book. He'd been caught by another prefect of the Green Lion Dormitory by the name of Dietrich who was a German male Alpha student upset that he had to take care of preparations for the school's annual cricket tournament all by himself when all prefects of each dorm were required to participate. In anger, he tried to strike Vincent with the cricket mallet but missed and hit his book instead.

Vincent made a snide remark that "everything German is pretty tough to handle," fueling Dietrich's anger. Dietrich commented that since the leader is representative of the pack, the rest in the Blue House must be awful as well. Provoked, Vincent proposed a contest: whichever dorm is the winner of the tournament will have the loser perform a free request for him. Later, Vincent led his house to their only triumph in the annual cricket tournament, and this astounding event was dubbed as the "Miracle of the Sapphires". Afterward at the Swan Gazebo, Dietrich accepted his loss to Vincent and asserted that he will carry out Vincent's one request. Vincent then told him to become his fag, much to Dietrich's alarm as they are from separate dorms; however, Vincent stated that he must keep his promise regardless and that whenever he is to call him, Dietrich must come without question. It comes as no surprise that Vincent did relish at the fact that he attained a "loyal German dog", much to the dismay of the other. Although he did consider Dietrich a friend, he felt different and found Vincent to be frustrating at times, especially whenever he asked him to do whatever he was told to as his fag.

As amusing as his time was at Weston, it started to get boring fairly quickly. He made his mark at Weston and became a highly respected student and prefect among others but his overall reason for being there was because his father wanted this of him. So he decided that to be able to get our more and do what it was he wanted, he would do more of what was asked of him, even if it meant having to be sent away from home a lot of the time where he wouldn't see his family. Aaron was glad to hear this but concerning business relations, the two butted heads a lot because Vincent was observant as well as calm when speaking with those wanting to do business with Funtom Corporation while his father was the opposite. Wanting to make sure that the company thrived no matter who came to him with a large lump sum offer. For his son, it wasn't about money. The corporation was built from the idea of creating toys and candy for children to enjoy and he wanted to stick with that rather than trying to build up the company's stock and earn it money through shady means. The company could still earn good money without having to do bad dealings, something Vincent avoided a lot of the time.

At the age of sixteen, Vincent had gone to a lot of business meetings on behalf of his father, many of which weren't always in London, thus requiring him to leave home as he had expected. There were a lot of offers to do business with Funtom Corporation and many of which he turned down because he knew that they were up to no good and would bring the company down. On the one hand, there were a few good offers where the presidents of the company were completely legit and Vincent having done his research on them beforehand made it easier for him to make decisions based on what they could not only offer but how serious they were about it. He moved around from one place to another, doing business meetings and there were a few where both he and his father were present together but they mostly did their own and Funtom Corporation continued to thrive. Before he turned seventeen, he was to meet with the president of a gaming corporation, which he did, and saw how much work was put into their own company and the dedication it took to get to where they were. The president was around the same age as Vincent and the two worked out a deal to where Vincent was able to create a Funtom Corporation branch in Tokyo, Japan.

Rather than being the CEO of it, he decided to take the position as being a representative and asked his sister to join him in Tokyo to be the CEO over it, keeping his promise to her while angering their father in the process. Francis was more than happy to accept and wasted no time joining her brother. While Vincent was supposed to return to London after the meeting, he decided to stay and check out what the country of Japan had to offer. Besides a large entertainment district, he saw that they had a nice educational system too which intrigued him and from there he decided to go to school in Tokyo and properly earn a diploma. Francis did the same but enrolled into Asuka Girls Academy and Vincent enrolled into Hakoniwa Academy Why? Because he was interested in the country's educational system and he was bored and heard many rumors about the school having a low reputation in the beginning. He wanted to see if he could do something to change that by using what he learned from Weston at Hakoniwa with the help of any teachers that would indulge him. It also intrigued him to see that the country as well as the school had more individuals that had powers and weren't human. Admittedly, he was satisfying his curiosity by wondering just what was making the school's quality go down.

He received his answer upon discovering that it was a mixture of students and teachers acting too entitled to do anything because of their secondary genders. There was a lot of bullying going on and special treatment as well. Vincent knew he couldn't just go in and try and change things in an instant so he used what he knew to get anyone on his side to help him. Most of the time it was his looks as he was admired by many female students for it. He was respected by males students for his confidence. He took a position on the school's student council during his time as a student to help try and bring more order to the school. While kind to everyone, he doesn't indulge further beyond a conversation. For a while, things began looking up, they were normal. There would always be teachers or students trying to use their power/position over someone but Vincent, being the person that he was would immediately diffuse the situations with alternative solutions. This showed that he was protective of those that couldn't defend themselves. He'd never use fighting as the first choice. He would wait for someone to make the first strike before retaliating and ending it quickly. He even kept up his studies for school and working with his sister in the Funtom Tokyo Branch.

It's been five years now as Vincent and his sister have graduated from their respective schools and work together to manage the branch in Japan. Their father is still not pleased with this decision and pressures Vincent to return him but he refuses and doesn't want to abandon his sister. She may frighten him at times with how strict she is but he is very protective of her. He doesn't doubt that their father would do anything to remove her from her position of the branch in Japan and Vincent doesn't want to see that happen. So he has been dubbed the 'Funtom Watchdog' by many of their coworkers due to making sure that things stay on the up and up. However, he will get bored and sometimes do random business trips for the company on his own, if to just see another part of the world he hadn't been to yet. He'd much rather be entertained regularly than be bored with tedious paperwork that he pushes off on other members of the company to do, which they aren't fond of. He also does this to avoid any random arrangements for him to meet, marry, and mate with someone to produce more Alpha males in the family which is something that's not on Vincent's mind right now. He'd rather enjoy having more life experiences before settling down with anyone. That is his goal at least.

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Re: Vincent Phantomhive [Alpha]
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2020, 06:54:35 pm »

Please be sure to update your claims and character list.





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