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Author Topic: Yuuto Usui (Alpha)  (Read 85 times)

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Yuuto Usui (Alpha)
« on: November 10, 2021, 07:44:08 pm »

Name: Yuuto White (real name), Yuuto Usui (adoptive name)

Alias: Yuu-chan (by Shouta), Yuuto-sama

Date of Birth: April 27th, 1998

Age: 23

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Peppermint & Sage

Sexuality: Bisexual (biological men & women)

Race: Japanese ¾ & American ¼

Species: Human

Hobbies: Drawing, Comic Books, Manga, Anime, Cooking, Cats

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Yuuto started out as a reserved individual, speaking when spoken to. Most of his younger years were spent reading or talking to his cat Sarada. He had a bleak view of the world as a result of growing up with his stepfamily. He’s even admitted that he believed people are only kind to others because they expect something in return, clearly stating he didn’t believe in sincerity. This view changed when he met Shouta Akimoto. Someone who genuinely cared about him and his interests, along with wanting to know more about him as a person. Though he was initially irritated with Shouta’s innocent and cheerful disposition because it made him see his personal negative sides, eventually he warmed up to him, being able to admit that he enjoyed and had fun hanging out with him. Them sharing mutual interests in comic books also helped with this and he was inspired for the first time to choose a direction for himself. As Shouta was dead set on becoming a comic book writer due to his love for American superhero comics, Yuuto had decided on wanting to pursue a career in art. Maybe even becoming a comic artist. The more these two spent together, the more Yuuto began to develop feelings for him which his step-parents didn’t like very much.

He was forced to break off his friendship with Shouta since they believed the young man to be influencing him so much that he could “think for himself”. Yuuto didn’t want to do this since it was the first time he was looked at as a person and not just an Alpha from an upper-class family. However, since being a part of this family wasn’t his choice and it was a decision made between his biological mother and father so that he could have a better life, he was backed into a corner to end his friendship with Shouta, something he’s regretted even to this day. He was told he had to always obey what he was told, which is a sentiment he didn’t agree with at all. It also didn’t help that growing up with a stepfamily made him always feel like an outcast, even if the only person that cared about him was his half-sister while his half-brother constantly made his life a living hell while living with him, at the bequest of his stepmother as Yuuto’s mother had died during childbirth. He finds his stepfather to be a tyrant of a man that cares only for public appearances and his own children but tends to use Yuuto as a tool for whatever he needs. It’s why he rebelled to do things he liked even if he was told many times he wasn’t allowed to do them.

But once Yuuto got older, he got wiser and began standing up for himself and expressing his wants and desires. Such as wanting to attend university to study literature and art and showing how dedicated of a person he is when it came to his work that it’d acquired him a job at a publishing company as an editor and chief of one of their departments that focuses on shoujo manga. All while proving he had the capabilities and understanding of the job and what customers look for when searching for something new to read. His step-parents don’t like this but accept it even if his stepfather constantly tries to get him to work for the family company which Yuuto refuses. He has his own interests and prefers to stay true to them. He’s always been a great artist as it was art that inspired his biological father to study in Japan and it was something shared with him as a child. He finds drawing to be an escape from his problems as well as giving him personal time to reflect on any mistakes he’s made with others. Compared to his more reserved personality, Yuuto is actually more outspoken and forward now. Stating what he wants without showing too much disrespect to those he’s talking to. He prefers to keep his private life, like that, private. He’s not someone that brings his life or problems to work or school. As stressful as it may be to deal with, those are not where he prefers to bring such problems that should be dealt with between those involved.

Relationship-wise, he has dated others but they only lasted for a short time due to not connecting with them emotionally to consider them “mates”. It has prompted his stepfather to arrange for suitable mates for Yuuto to consider, which he politely turns down. There are only two of them he keeps in contact with only because he considers them as decent friends, not as lovers. That and it’s clear he’d rather not have his partner decided for him as he constantly makes that clear. Luckily for him, the arrangements aren't consistent and they’re only arranged out of a business deal his stepfather is handling at that particular moment in time. Personally, he doesn’t look for it because he still has his heart set on trying to fix things with Shouta like he wanted to do years ago.

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief of Kageyama Publishing in the Ruby Department

School: Kaibara University | Third Year | Graphic Design Major & Literature Major

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt C1 [Single]

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: My Hero Academia - Shoto Todoroki

Appearance: Yuuto stands at the height of 6'1", being a reasonably tall, muscular, and well-built young man. He has quite long hair that doesn't pass his neck, wears bangs that are parted twice as to not obscure his vision. His hair is evenly split between two colors, white on his right side and crimson red on his left side. This genetic coloring is common on his biological father's side who had two-toned colored hair colors of crimson red with pink streaks with his mother having only white hair. As a result of this, he possesses heterochromia iridium, causing his left eye's iris to be turquoise (mother's eye color) and his right eye is a brownish dark gray color (father's eye color). His eyes, in shape, are quite thin and reserved. Additionally, he has a large burn scar on the left side of his face that was done by his older brother and it reaches from his hairline to halfway down his cheek. He usually has a serious expression. Despite the burn scar, many throughout the years have stated he is handsome. On occasion, Yuuto will put skin concealer over it if he doesn't wish to be easily recognized by anyone. Yuuto's almost always dressed in proper formal attire whenever he is working or in the presence of his father. However, when not doing either, he does wear casual clothing he feels comfortable sporting outfits such as t-shirts both long and short-sleeved, shorts, pants with sneakers. Yuuto I & Yuuto II

History: Yuuto was born as the illegitimate child of a Japanese woman named Reika Usui (Omega, female)  and her personal butler, an American young man named Chris White (Beta, Male). Reika was already married and mated to her husband Tenji Usui and had two children with him, a son and daughter, but she fell in love with her butler. Chris was on a scholarship to Japan while studying at Kyoto University because he wanted to study abroad to become a manga artist. He felt he wasn’t going to get anywhere in the states wanting to do that line of work without it having that “Westerner” style to it. So he wanted to go to a school and be taught under the best teachers that would help him achieve this dream. Thus why Chris worked hard to obtain the scholarship he had to attend Kyoto University which would cover his first two semesters and further if he kept his grades and GPA up. Learning a new language was especially difficult, thus the need to also acquire a tutor to help him so he wouldn’t fail his classes, which would cause him to fall behind and lose his scholarship.

It was then he’d found an ad online that was looking for a live-in butler with no experience necessary. Chris knew he also needed to work as well and this opportunity was perfect for him. He wasn’t keen on the idea of living in the home with the family that needed the butler but he needed money and he didn’t have a place setup to live when he moved there as he was staying at a hotel which was beginning to get expensive. This was how he’d met the Usui family who managed and ran many lifestyle stores around Japan with wine and lavender field as its main products. Many organic products are also sold in the stores such as oil, candles, and cloth items. They were a well-known family that did business with many companies which did impress Chris upon discovering this. The atmosphere of the family was also an intimidating one and this was due to the head of the family Tenji Usui having such a strict and structured environment that everyone in the home followed, even down to his wife and children. Tenji took notice that Chris, despite being an American, showed determination to work hard. It’s also where it was suggested that his wife Reika help Chris with his Japanese as he hadn’t wanted to see the young man’s scholarship go to waste due to a language barrier.

Reika was a kind and charming woman who worked as a teacher and would also tutor students on the side in their weakest areas. She had no issues agreeing to help Chris. She’d also introduced him to their two children, her oldest daughter Feodora and youngest son Naji. Since Reika was to start tutoring him, Tenji had decided that Chris would be his wife’s personal butler, looking after her and the children. Her relationship with Chris began normally in the fashion of teacher and student while also learning a little more about him and what brought him to Japan. It was how she discovered Chris’ love for art, having shown her many of his drawings in an anime style because he grew up reading a lot of manga and watching anime that he wanted to eventually make his own manga for everyone to enjoy. He wanted to get better and perfect his drawing style, which made him travel to Japan to learn from the source of his favorite titles instead of attending a school in America. Reika found this to be a nice dream and always made it known that she’d love to be the first to see and read his future works.

Hearing that made Chris happy and without realizing it, he’d unintentionally fallen in love with his boss’s mate/wife. He kept this to himself and focused on his duties as a butler and his studies. Unbeknownst to him, Reika had begun to feel the same way, never actually being in love with her mate and husband as she’d let it slip that her relationship with Tenji was arranged as it was him who prompted her family with the interest of marrying her. She not only was strikingly a beautiful woman but her family was well established in wholesale foods. In short, their marriage was more of a business deal than it was built on mutual interest. But Reika wanted to make her family happy and agreed to the marriage. But the entire time she was married/mated, she never once said she loved her husband. The feeling of love didn’t surface until she’d met Chris. While Chris was willing to put his feelings aside for the sake of his job and school, Reika was the one that started their relationship secretly. Desperately wanting to keep it away from her mate and husband by doing everything she could to hide their affair. Even if it meant lying about going out to run errands and because Chris was her personal butler, he'd have no choice but to accompany her.

However, what she hadn’t expected to happen was getting pregnant. While she wasn’t horrified by the idea of having another child, she was scared of what her husband would do. Given that she’d kept the affair a secret for two years, she knew she would be disowned for this. Chris suggested that she come with him to America which she agreed with and went into hiding. Nine months later, she gave birth to their son that she wanted to name Yuuto but she was only able to hold him for a few moments before succumbing to death as her body had lost so much blood during the birthing process. Chris was saddened by Reika’s passing on top of blaming himself for it. Her family in Japan was hurt the worst by this news when they discovered where she was. It was already obvious Chris had lost everything by doing this, including having invoked Tenji’s wrath for sleeping with his wife and leaving with her to another country. Chris promised to not return to Japan and would take care of Yuuto himself and he wouldn’t ask for anything from them. Tenji was a proud man and felt that an eye for an eye was necessary. Since Chris took his wife/mate from him, he’ll take his son once he reaches the age of ten years old. In other words, this was his way of saying enjoy time with him while you can as soon he will be mine and no longer yours. So Yuuto grew up with his father who shared a lot of his interests with his son that he loved very much.

However, there was never a time Yuuto didn’t ask where his mother was and why she wasn’t with him only to be told that he would tell him when the time was right. Yuuto took him at his word even if he still wondered why his father looked so sad anytime he asked about his mother. For the most part, he grew up a happy child living in America with his father who was making ends meet working a dead-end job and would only make extra by selling any of his artwork online to anyone that was interested in buying it. In other words, he got paid through art commissions which are where most of his income came from. Yuuto began to show an interest in his father’s art and wanted to know if he could teach him how to draw too. His father hadn’t minded and he showed him his favorite manga and comic titles that he loved as a child and teenager with him which is where this interest came from. He loved Japanese anime and manga artwork and wanted to do this. Yuuto asked him why he didn't and was given the answer that he had to give it up to protect him and his mother. Yuuto was confused by this of course since he never met his mother but it was before his tenth birthday that his father explained everything to him. Who his mother was, what happened to her and why they can never see each other again. He didn’t agree to this but he knew that Tenji was a man that wouldn’t take no for an answer.

So whether he wanted it or not, he was going to have his son taken away from him. When that time came, Tenji was remarried and mated to a new wife who became the stepmother of Reika’s two children. She was a widow who already had a son from her mate named Tatsuya who had been informed of this arrangement two years earlier that Yuuto would be coming to live with them. She gave off the same aura that Tenji did and this was because the woman was an Alpha and strict just like her husband. She had no interest in this child since he was not Tenji’s. But that didn’t stop her from encouraging her son and Reika’s son to treat Yuuto poorly. Yuuto didn’t want to leave with these people, he wanted to stay with his father but he had no choice in the matter and was taken to live with his stepfamily. The only one that welcomed him was his half-sister Feodora but Tatsuya and Naji were indifferent towards Yuuto. In the beginning, they didn’t want Yuuto’s existence to be known so he was homeschooled and changed tutors regularly because they didn't know what to teach him but told him that he should use his brain more often. His stepmother didn’t like this behavior from him and would slap him for being an “arrogant bastard child” as she often called him.

His “brothers” were also cruel to him. Physically abusing him to verbally abusing him with Feodora being the only one to protect Yuuto and telling them to stop. Her stepmother didn’t understand why she was protecting him to which Feodora said that “because he’s her brother she should protect him”. This cycle of abuse continued from his brothers, stepmother, and his stepfather on occasion whenever they did bother to interact. It’d gotten to a point that Yuuto only trusted Feodora and no one else. He eventually grew bored of being homeschooled and wanted to attend an actual school around others. Unfortunately, he had to get permission from Tenji for this which is an idea he hated the thought of. He agreed to it shockingly but it wouldn’t be a prestigious school which Yuuto was not expecting. He was enrolled into Seinan Academy, which was a junior high school and this is where things had begun to change for Yuuto. Being someone who was reserved and only speaking when spoken to, he didn’t have a large look of the world compared to others. He had a bleak view of it and because of his mistreatment from his family, he also developed the mentality of thinking that people were only kind when they want something from you. No other reason outside of that.

But this view had changed when he’d met an underclassman named Shouta Akimoto who had an interestingly large obsession with Western superhero comics and constantly talked about how much he wanted to become a comic writer so he could create stories for others to enjoy. This same dream his father had when it came to becoming an artist. Yuuto didn’t know why but this boy intrigued him. He found it refreshing to hang around him besides people who worked with his family when it came to business matters and he was just genuinely inspired to write. It’s what Yuuto liked about him the most. He was able to open up more about his own interests when it came to drawing. Something he wanted to learn to do because he enjoyed it. That and because it bothered his step-parents that he was doing something he considered to be “a waste of talent and potential”. More so because Yuuto presented as an Alpha which he could care less about. He didn’t think all that much about the secondary genders of others because it wasn’t his concern. It only became one when it was noticed how happy Yuuto seemed when it came to this new friend of his. To ruin that, he was told he had to break off the friendship he had with Shouta or they’ll do it for him and disown him while making sure he could never be successful.

Yuuto found this to be so dirty but at that time, he felt like he had no choice and did what he was told. He ended his friendship with Shouta and has regretted that decision ever since he did it. Because he thought they were going to help him like they said they would but it was nothing more than a lie. They only helped Yuuto when it benefited them and he eventually got fed up with it before he graduated high school. They may not have liked it but Yuuto became more outspoken for the first time in his life and told them how he felt towards them. He didn’t care if he was disowned for it but he refused to be put down and used by them. The one thing he wanted, he wasn’t allowed to have because of them but he refused to allow them to take anything more away from him. His stepmother was clearly not happy by Yuuto’s words and actions but Tenji, on the other hand, for the first time respected Yuuto for standing up to him but this meant the man would attempt to interfere in his life more because of it. Something he refused to allow. He keeps his distance from them but keeps in contact with his sister who remained supportive and took care of him as he grew up. Yuuto had decided to establish a career at first in art when he first attended Kaibara University but also pursued literature upon finding a job opening at Kageyama Publishing.

They publish a wide variety of content with everything from literary fiction, shoujo and shounen manga, photography books, non-fiction, and cook books. The job opening was in the Ruby department of the company which focused on shoujo mangas. Mangas that Yuuto recognized from his father’s manga collections as a child. He started working here at the age of nineteen as an editor for three years before acquiring the position of editor in chief over the department. He helps oversee storyboards of manga produced by mangakas to make sure everything is up to par before the final product is published. Being raised in a strict environment unintentionally rubbed off on Yuuto. When working, he’s shown to be strict and demanding of himself and those around him. He’s described as a tyrant that is respected because he possesses the skills and ability to produce incredible results. It’s why Tenji would encourage and suggest he work for the family business instead of doing what he’s doing now but like everything else, he tells him no. He has others from the other Kageyama departments that envy the success he’s produced for the Ruby department of the company while still being young and a university student. Yuuto pays attention to everything and everyone around him. Not being afraid to state what he wants and when he wants it.

He still remains this way to this day, only having to deal with his family on occasion at the bequest of his stepfather, usually throwing some sort of gathering or business arrangement with an engagement attached to it. He only ever acknowledged two of those meetings and remained friends with those individuals since he didn’t see them as potential mates which they were more than satisfied with his decision to not partner with him. Yuuto knows it annoys his step-parents to turn down anything they try and get him to do, which is why he does it. It annoys them and amuses him when they can’t get their way. Feodora often chastises him for it and he can never hate her for “trying” to get them all to be a proper family but he realized sooner that was never going to happen. He especially avoids Tatsuya due to throwing hot scalding soup on his face as a child which left a burned scar on his face that never healed properly. Yuuto is focusing on school and his career and he also wishes to make amends with those he feels he’s wronged in the past. This would include his former friend, Shouta Akimoto.

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Re: Yuuto Usui (Alpha)
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2021, 07:54:01 pm »

Everything looks good now that I've reread this! Character has been approved! Make to post your Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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