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Author Topic: Ami Mizuno [Beta]  (Read 102 times)

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Ami Mizuno [Beta]
« on: December 24, 2020, 09:56:29 pm »

"A future is something that you make yourself. You have to believe in it."

Name: Ami Mizuno

Alias: Mizuno-san, Dr. Mizuno

Date of Birth: September 10th, 1995

Age: 27

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Freesia & Fresh Rain

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese American

Species: Human

Hobbies: Studying, Reading, Helping Others, Working, Swimming, Chess, Computers

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Ami is an intelligent young woman who's good at calculations, has an eidetic memory along with being able to come up with strategies to solve anything she has a problem with. She's used to spending most of her time studying and reading as she's always scored high marks when she attended school. It was her dream to be a doctor like her mother Saeko Mizuno who works at Andros Hospital. And to achieve that dream, she had to study hard to work hard to achieve it. And Ami did, keeping her grades at their highest. Having become a certified doctor as she wanted, Ami feels her happiest when helping others and constantly throws herself into her work. During what little downtime she does give herself, she's known to take up swimming which she finds to be relaxing whenever she needs to unwind.

She's an excellent swimmer as she'd been scouted during her high school years but each time she would turn the scouts down by saying she had too much on her plate already. So she does the activity leisurely. As a person, Ami is generally shy. Once you get her to open up, she is kind and loyal. She's also the type to avoid conflict being a pacifistic person who doesn't like to fight, thus she keeps herself wrapped up in her work and is always by herself. Through her teenage years and currently, this has caused others to think that she's too stuck up or just better than everyone else because she's smart and that her mother works at the local hospital. Many believing that she got where she is through her rather than on her own merit. Others are intimidated by her based on this analysis.

She's never been one to brag about her intelligence but it does make it hard for her to form friendships and relationships with others who base their impression of her on wrong assumptions. Ami hardly ever finds time to relax because she believes that if she takes a break, she's wasted time she could've used for working. She's never been told to take a break before or asked to have any fun with anyone so if she does take a break, it can be sometimes hard for her to enjoy it. On top of that, all the work causes her to remain to herself, getting that feeling that no one wants to be around her because she's too smart which is something she cannot help. If anything, she'd rather help others but extending the offer could sometimes be a bad thing for people who want to take advantage of her so Ami is a little cautious too.

Occupation: Ami works as a full-time Pediatrician doctor at the Andros Hospital. She normally works down in the nursery with the newborn babies but occasionally gets asked by her mother Dr. Saeko to work above when the doctors need an extra set of hands. As such, she has worked as a trauma doctor frequently.

School: ----

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments Apt K4

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: Sailor Moon Crystal Ami Mizuno

Appearance: Ami is 5'3'' with short blue hair that goes down to her shoulders and blue eyes. She occasionally wore other clothes like shorts and a skirt with tennis shoes. Ami also has reading glasses, which she only wears when she's studying. She doesn't care too much for exposing her body but she will wear a bathing suit when she's swimming to clear her mind. It's usually a one-piece fully body one. Dr. Mizuno & Casual Ami

History: Ami Mizuno was boring a Beta to a Japanese woman named Dr. Saeko Mizuno (Beta) and an American man who was a traveling painter named Erich West (Beta). Ami's parents were not officially bonded and it is only because Saeko knew that she couldn't see herself tied down to a mate and she and Erich both agreed to part ways and did so on good terms. Saeko had found herself pregnant with her daughter Ami who'd taken her mother's family name when she was born. As for her father, beyond being a painter, Ami didn't know much about him but was told that he did love her even if she didn't understand why her parents weren't official mates. She used to think that it was because she did something bad but Saeko would always assure her daughter that was never the case. She couldn't tell her daughter that she valued her job/career as a doctor at Andros Hospital and it wasn't a focus or a necessity for her to find a mate. So instead she told her that she will understand eventually once she was older.

Ami was a smart young child so it didn't take her long to figure out the answer to her question. In fact, she thought of many possible answers to her question as any number of them could've been why her parents weren't official mates. Whenever Saeko and Erich did meet with one another, she'd never seen them argue so it was safe to say there was no ill will between them. It was something else she wasn't seeing. It'd gone from trying to figure out her parents being unmated to compiling numbers and calculations. It was then Saeko saw that her daughter had a brought future ahead of her and wanted to see her grow more. She was seeing herself in her daughter, constantly spending her time studying nonstop. Saeko had done the same thing during her school years but she had two dreams, to either become a professional swimmer or a doctor. If one didn't work out, she had a backup plan just in case.

She attended Meiwa University where she earned her medical degree and it became more apparent that her desire to become a doctor grew. She wanted and strove for it more than anything. Saeko wanted to help people and eventually put her dream of becoming a professional athletic swimmer aside. As for Ami, she had her own dreams, while similar to her mother, she had her own desire to help people and was often found reading a lot of her mother's medical books and so she decided on her own that she wanted to become a doctor like her mother for she believed that this is where she could do the most good at. Admittedly, Ami knew she wasn't very strong as a person. She would be overlooked by others her age wanting to play as they thought she'd bring them down. So she never made any friends as a child. Her mother told her not to worry so much about it but would tell her it would happen someday. Until then, she wanted her to keep focusing on her studies.

Ami never saw much of her father but every year she would receive a birthday card from him and a letter telling her of his travels and wanting to know how she was doing. Beyond that, she never physically saw Erich. Saeko just began working nonstop while pushing her daughter to study hard in school. This caused her to rarely ever be home to spend time with her daughter but in case she wanted her to know something important, she would leave a message on the whiteboard in the kitchen for her. Ami would also leave responses for her mother whenever she found time to do so between her cram sessions. As she got older, schooling wasn't much of a problem for her. She had an IQ of 300, causing a lot of schools to be interested in wanting to teach such an exceptionally smart child. Many of the faculty of those schools were surprised to discover that Ami was a Beta as many weren't known for having such high intelligence, yet it wasn't uncommon. It was more common for Alphas yet she didn't present at such. Ami felt that things such as secondary gender didn't matter.

She was someone who didn't jump right into the fold or trying to stand out. She preferred to work her way up so out of all the nice schools she'd decided on attending Hakoniwa Academy for high school over a private school. It didn't have all the classes she would've liked to take but it was the school she'd chosen at that time to attend. And as expected, she did well in all of her classes, scoring the highest out of all her peers. Because of this, many were intimidated by her or assume that she was too stuck up because she was always found alone with a book or studying. Her female peers would think that she was faking being smart just to get attention, that she was cheating as it was impossible for Betas to have high intelligence. There was nothing special about her. There was never a day that went by that someone wouldn't drill that into her head and it would always make Ami hide more from people and uncertain of approaching them. In actuality, she was a rather shy person who wanted to have a social life but was too embarrassed to admit it nor did she have any idea on how to go about it.

She'd already assessed beforehand that because many made the wrong assumptions about her, that she would never have any actual friends or find a mate of her own. As a result, Ami never had any real friends and like her mother just focused on school until she eventually graduated and attended Kaibara University where she'd go with the major of being a Pediatrician. Finding it easier to understand and work with children than with adults. Her mother also thought it'd be a good idea to double her work and expand her medical knowledge in trauma which Ami had taken into account and done so. Now an adult, Ami works as a full-time Pediatrician At Andros Hospital with her mother and will occasionally help her in trauma at her request. Part of her does long for having a family of her own as she sees so many paired mates together that come and see her with their children. However, she has accepted that it will never happen and puts all her time and attention on her work.

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Re: Ami Mizuno [Beta]
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2020, 04:59:02 pm »

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