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Author Topic: Gentaro Yoshida [Beta]  (Read 100 times)

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Gentaro Yoshida [Beta]
« on: June 08, 2021, 01:38:41 pm »

It’s possible I can no longer get close to people…

Name: Gentaro Yoshida

Alias: Gen (for short by Satoshi)

Date of Birth: April 20th, 1992

Age: 30

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Pink Roses & Sparkling Mandarin

Sexuality: Asexual

Race: Japanese

Species: ¼ Angel & ¾ Human

Hobbies: Cooking, Cleaning, Drawing, Reading (Comics & Graphic Novels)

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Gentaro is a fairly smart young man when he originally attended school. Though he never scored higher than his classmates on assignments and tests who were considered “overachievers”. As much as this had made him feel quite inadequate at times, he was still able to pass his classes on his merit. He has always desired to go back and finish schooling and maybe attend university but found that to be rather difficult living as a slave in the home to a wealthy, yet selfish Alpha named Daisuke Inaba who always had him following orders and the man purposely made it so Gentaro couldn’t learn anything past the level of high school. This annoyed him greatly since he had a lot of things he liked doing. Cooking wasn’t one of these things he favored but he knew how to do it because he’d taken the responsibility of caring for his sickly mother and caring for his younger brother as well. What Gentaro loved doing the most was drawing since he’d always wanted to make his own comic books and had a lot of ideas for stories based around characters he’d created and inspired by characters from works he’d read from other creators. However, he’d lost his desire for it when his life had been taken from him and he had to become accustomed to the new one he’d been forced to live.

He very much wants to get back the love he had for drawing as it’s a side of himself that not even Daisuke knew about. He even enjoyed reading since he did own different types of comic books as a child. It’s what made him want to create one of his own. But living within the walls of Daisuke’s home, there was no such thing as comic books in his extensive library. This meant he’d read on his own or be required to read different books of other genres. He didn’t complain and it helped keep his mind occupied as well as keep himself sane by occasionally pretending he could escape within the confines of the stories he reads. As a person, Gentaro is nice once you get to know him but there are a lot of things he just won’t tolerate when it comes to people now. The obvious was stupidity which he had to deal with constantly being around Daisuke all the time. It was frustrating for him to deal with someone smarter than they let on yet there was nothing he could do to change them. He can virtually get along with anyone that isn't trying to hold him hostage or hit on him. He will speak his mind though and isn't above telling someone about themselves if they are showing out.

Gentaro also has trust issues when it comes to meeting new people. This stems from him being held captive by Daisuke since he was a teenager and being sexually and physically abused by him. This has put him off from the idea of wanting to mate with anyone since living around Daisuke and having to constantly interact with the man’s extended family has made him quite alert as everyone has an ulterior motive for attempting to be social. Nothing is without something needed in return for it. He isn’t against the idea of making friends, but it will take him a while to trust them. The one friend he had made is with another servant of Daisuke’s name Satoshi, but he dislikes it when Satoshi’s trying to hit on him and feel him up. The topic of "love" isn't something Gentaro cares about talking about for he wasn't given that chance to love anybody when his innocence was robbed from him. As such, he doesn't "feel" anything for anyone romantically that he comes into contact with.

He doesn’t even feel anything for the Alpha that’d held him captive for half his life before letting him go. Other than sheer annoyance and disgust, it doesn't go beyond that. His sexual experiences with the man have also caused him to develop a weak stomach for he's prone to throwing up at random times whether he wants to or not. He is unable to control his stomach when this happens. No matter how much he may feel hatred towards Daisuke for robbing him of his life, which he tells him on many occasions, he's not stupid enough to do anything to the man without his family trying to kill him for it. So, he settles for calling him out on anything he does and verbally voices his opinion about how he feels a lot while knowing he should remain silent but chooses not to. As such, he's developed a bit of a foul mouth that contrasts with his kind nature which he displays towards those he feels do not mean him any harm and aren't attempting to use him for their own purposes.

Occupation: Pizza Hut (Part Time) as Cashier & Server

School: Kaibara University | First Year | Intermediate, going for BA in Studio Art | Book & Art Club Members

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > First Floor > #9

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Chiaki Yoshino

Appearance: Gentaro is 5'10'' with short neck-length spiky dark brown hair with side bangs that cover his left brow and faded blue eyes. He has a peach skin complexion along with a small muscular build but nothing with bulging muscles and all that, a slanted face, a square-shaped chin small eyes that appear narrowed all the time. He works at Pizza Hut as a server and cashier so his work attire consists of long black pants, black sneakers, a burgundy and black vest, and a white short-sleeved shirt. When he's not working, Gentaro wears casual clothing like t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and sneakers. Gentaro I

History: Gentaro Yoshida was born in Hiroshima, Japan to parents Aria Tenma (Omega) and Hiroshi Yoshida (Alpha). He’s also the older brother to Hanataro Yoshida (Omega). Gentaro’s mother was a human with no powers when she’d met Hiroshi who was a man with a few secrets of his own. Hiroshi’s family consisted of Angels with immense power and because they wanted to keep this power in its purest forms, this meant no one within his family was allowed to mate with humans or any other species outside of their own. This family rule had been followed for many years until Hiroshi was born as he was the only one who didn’t follow such a rule. He found it to be quite unfair they couldn’t choose the mates they wanted but they were allowed to be friends with virtually anyone. Whether he was refusing to understand their reasons behind why this was put in place or not, Hiroshi didn’t care. So he often rebelled, going out to do his own thing and it was when he’d first laid eyes on Aria. He didn’t know why but he felt a pang in his heart that longed to be close to this woman even though she was human.

This indicated that the Alpha inside of him wanted to mate with this woman so he sought out to learn more about who she was. Aria wasn’t interested in the beginning since she thought of Hiroshi as nothing more than a playboy Alpha due to how much he was flirting with her. As flattered as she was, she was very cautious. This was because she was a low-class Omega and because she was, it seemed unreal that any Alpha would be kind to her much less want her without trying to be forceful and get away with it only because they can. It left her unmated and alone but she wasn’t a woman that would just sleep with someone who showered her with compliments without wondering if they had ulterior motives. Hiroshi understood that but he also assured her that he genuinely wanted to get to know her but avoided talking about himself and his family. His family has migrated across the world before settling in Japan where he was born but while the world was more aware of individuals who weren’t human, there were still some that weren’t accepting of them. That said, he wanted Aria to get to know him for who he is before he’d told her what he was.

Aria did just that. Getting to know Hiroshi and finding him to be a rather interesting man. Eventually, she did fall in love with them, and to spite his family the two of them became official mates and had gotten married. It was after this he’d told Aria that he was an Angel and had powers. He’d wanted to know if she still wanted to be with him despite not telling her in the beginning. He loved her but would understand if she was upset with him. Aria only smiled and said that she didn’t care about that. She’d already accepted him for who he was and will continue to do so. All seemed serene and they eventually had two children together. Their first child is Gentaro and their second is Hanataro. Aria did show concerns about their children's developing abilities but it was only Hanataro that developed powers at a young age whereas Gentaro didn’t develop any at all. Though he wasn’t resentful towards his brother because of it. Like average brothers, they argued and would get on each other’s nerves but they didn’t hate one another. Plus, it wasn’t common in the current age for humans to be mates with non-humans, so that didn’t mean they had to hide any powers they eventually gained but that didn’t mean they could abuse them by using them on others.

And Gentaro never saw his brother trying to abuse them so he didn’t have a real opinion regarding his powers other than wanting him to be careful. Their parents also felt the same way. Their peace ended when Hiroshi’s family had decided to visit them, being very resentful of him deciding to leave the family to mate and have children with a human woman. This would also be the first time that Aria had seen, much less heard about her husband’s family but they didn’t hide their dislike of her. Yet they were surprised that a human woman like herself was able to birth a child that showed promise. They set their gaze on Hanataro and ignored Gentaro. He and his brother also weren’t aware of their father’s family and Gentaro took it upon himself to protect his mother and brother from them while Hiroshi settled things. While doing this, Gentaro watched over his mother and brother to keep them calm. His father, on the other hand, had been told to return to his family and leave the family he had behind except for bringing Hanataro with him. Despite being half-human, they would train him properly to perfect and use his powers to do good things with them and a proper mate would be found for him. First, they wanted to sever the pair bond between Aria and Hiroshi.

Hiroshi had confronted his wife and children about this and Aria pleaded with him not to leave or take Hanataro away. She believed they wouldn’t survive without him. Hiroshi didn’t want to leave them or take one of his sons with him but he knew that his family wouldn’t let up and would consistently harass him until he agreed to do it. Hiroshi wanted his wife and children to be left alone and he’ll only agree to go back with his family if they agreed to this. His family accepts his choice, leaving Hiroshi to apologize to Aria and their sons for this. He loved the life he had with them but his duty as an Angel would always be a priority to his family and them reminding him of it. That said, he told his sons to take care of their mother as they would probably never see one another again. To give Aria some peace of mind, he for the first time used his powers but only to erase memories of him, leaving only a vague remembrance of having loved someone before they left. He kept his sons’ memories intact. He said farewell to them and left. Aria was never the same person when Hiroshi left. She was constantly depressed and unable to focus on her job whenever she went to work. Eventually, she fell ill with a terminal virus that was attacking her body, making her unable to work, much less do anything around the house.

Responsibility had been placed in the hands of Gentaro who was fourteen at the time and already presented as a Beta while his brother was still young and hadn’t presented yet. Gentaro had not only gotten himself a job to help with the bills around the house that his mother was unable to take care of herself now but he also had to focus on school as well. He strove hard to want to leave Hiroshima to attend university in Tokyo once he finished high school but constantly dealing with medical emergencies with his mother’s health was hindering him a lot and he had to take care of his brother as well which he’d only told to not use his powers since they seemed like they would be nothing more than a burden for him. And then he believed it was still possible that their father’s family would return to take him away anyhow despite their promise to leave them be. He didn’t want to take the risk. Especially with their mother getting sicker and no amount of medicine was helping her recover. When he was able, he did attend school. He wasn’t academically intelligent like a lot of his peers but he passed his classes with decent grades. He had a love for art and would often hide away by himself somewhere on campus, usually the library to draw anything that came to mind for him, regarding how he was feeling.

He loved reading, specifically comics and other graphic novels for he decided that maybe someday he could make amazing art like that. He was pretty good at drawing but never showed anyone anything he worked on. Then an Alpha classmate of his got spiteful one day and took what Gentaro was working on just to give him grief. His reasoning behind it was because the boy was nothing more than a useless Beta to him and he wasn’t showing respect to those who are superior to him. He ripped up the picture Gentaro worked so hard on. Normally, it wasn’t in him to argue with anyone, let alone fight but he disliked the idea of being looked down upon for something he had no control over when he already had enough on his plate to deal with. So he punched the guy in the face. He wasn’t expelled for it which is what the parents of the Alpha wanted but he was suspended for a while on top of being made to write an apology letter to him. Gentaro knew an apology letter wouldn’t make that guy any less of a Dick but he’d done so without complaints. Since he’d been suspended from school, he used that week to earn a little extra money. Hanataro did his best to help out around the house as well and keep their mother company.

He wasn’t sure if he was doing things correctly but he wanted to help his older brother as much as he could. If it meant secretly using his healing powers to ease their mother’s pain. As his powers were undeveloped, he was unable to rid her of the illness she suffered from. He just never told his brother about this and instead would tell Gentaro that their mother was feeling better some days and not worrying. This made Gentaro feel relieved he didn’t have to worry as much and he could focus on other things. However, at the age of seventeen is when his life was suddenly taken away from him. He was leaving work when a group of Omegas and Betas were running from a scene of the crime at a local art studio they’d broken into. They stole a few pieces of highly expensive art and would attempt to sell them to make some money to split between them. Gentaro would always take the same route home but he’d gotten caught up in this when one of them had knocked him down while running away from the police. They were all caught and taken into custody but he’d been taken along with them despite not knowing who any of them were and what was going on. The police didn’t believe him despite being told he was innocent and he was only trying to go home as he’d gotten off from work.

He’d been told to keep silent and locked in a cell with the rest of the art thieves. Gentaro believed that things couldn’t get any worse since he was the only one taking care of his mother and brother. He knew they wouldn’t survive long without him but as weird as it was, this changed when the owner of the art gallery had come to the jail to confront the thieves that attempted to steal from him. This man was named Daisuke Inaba, a wealthy and well-known Alpha. At first, he was not pleased by what’d happened and released a powerful wave of his scent around the captives in the cell. However, he noticed that one of them wasn’t as affected by his scent as the others. He found this strange since it didn’t matter if he was in the presence of another Alpha or around Omegas and Betas, they would almost instantly fall victim to his scent and pass out from the strength of it. Gentaro was the only one that didn’t as he was clinging to his innocence in not being involved in what’d happened. The man became intrigued by this young man and ordered for the police to release him but prosecute the others. Gentaro hadn’t expected such an ordeal to happen, much less meet a well-known Alpha like Daisuke. He couldn’t help but be suspicious as to why he’d asked for him to be released instead of prosecuted with the rest of them.

Instead of taking Gentaro home, he’d taken the young man to his mansion. He’d asked the boy to tell him a bit about himself and what he was doing in an area where those thugs were. Gentaro was hesitant. But he told the man he had nothing to do with what was going on. He was just trying to leave work to go home, the same thing he’d told the officers. He’d slipped and said that he had to get back to his sickly mother and his younger brother as he was the only one working to take care of both of them. Daisuke had decided to offer him a job to work in his mansion where he would be given free room and board and a reasonable wage. It seemed too good to be true for Gentaro. As much as he needed the extra money, there was just something about the man that didn’t sit well with him. So he declined the offer and asked if he could go home to his family. He appreciated it but his family needed him more and he couldn’t be here working and leaving them alone to fend for themselves. And he was fine with the job he had. This was not what Daisuke wanted to hear. No one had ever turned him down before and he was someone that wasn’t used to being told no. But the decline had also aroused something within him and he couldn’t allow this young man to leave him.

Daisuke also told Gentaro that he couldn’t allow him to leave. If he did, he would simply take him back to jail and not home as he wanted. Then who would care for his mother and brother while he was in jail? He informed him that he was giving him a reasonable offer where his family would still be provided for even with him being away. Gentaro still told the man no and that his place was with his family and not stuck being the lapdog of an Alpha. This struck a chord with Daisuke, disliking his tone and struck him for his insolence. He then grabbed him, tossed him on the bed, and forced himself onto him with Gentaro pleading for him to stop. Being **** by this man was a horrific experience for Gentaro and later humiliating for after that night, he’d been forced to be that man’s sex slave as long as he was in his “possession”. He felt no need to claim him for he felt fear was enough to keep Gentaro from trying to run away from him. He may have kept up his end of the offer in caring for Gentaro’s mother and brother by sending money to them and any additional help they would need, but this left Gentaro broken. He hadn’t expected his first sexual experience to be with someone he didn’t want to be with and because of it, he’d been turned away from the idea of love. Daisuke was always rough with him whenever he was in one of his moods but occasionally, he would be gentle.

All the while, he found it to be nothing more than disgusting, and having to put up with Daisuke's bizarre moments of stupidity now and then frustrated him to no end. Gentaro spent the next seven years of his life living with Daisuke as his servant and sex slave. He wanted so much to leave but didn’t believe he had the confidence to do it without thinking Daisuke would send someone after him to bring him back. He felt so useless and was often depressed so to cover up this fact, he would always snap at anyone he came into contact with, which included other members of Daisuke’s family which he’d later discovered over seven years to be a large extended one. Gentaro didn't have any friends, not that he had any before he was forced where he is now but Daisuke did have another servant boy that to Gentaro's knowledge, he didn't sleep with but he was overly flirtatious and constantly hit on him ALL the time. It creeped him out and many a time he would tell him to stop but he'd continue to jokingly pester him. The boy's name was Satoshi and he did seem to genuinely care for Gentaro's well-being and would often scold the man for how he treated him. Threatening to take him away if he didn't treat him better. Albeit in a joking manner of course since he was always cheerful whenever he was around them.

Gentaro appreciated Satoshi's friendship but he wasn't into him like that. That ideal of romantic emotion ... he didn't believe it existed inside of him so it comes as no surprise that he doesn't open up to others so easily. It's also why he never responded whenever Daisuke attempted to be nice or gentle with him for he always believed there was an ulterior motive behind it. That and he was just bothered by the idea of sexual contact with anyone and embarrassed at his own body responding to it each time, always feeling disgusting. He's openly said that more than once and other times he's kept it to himself. Regardless, Gentaro desired to have a sense of normalcy back into his life and he didn't know what that felt like anymore. Satoshi could see this and decided to do something nice for Gentaro. He decided to look into the matter involving his mother and younger brother Hanataro. Discovering the information he'd given it to Gentaro and he found out that his mother was no longer living. She'd finally succumb to her illness and was buried in one of the Hiroshima cemeteries. His brother had left the house they lived in, having sold it, and used what he got from it to leave and head to Tokyo to start a new life. All he could feel was just sad that he wasn't there for the two of them. At least his mother wasn't in any pain anymore but this left him without a reason to worry anymore. Granted he still wondered if Hanataro was alright.

Having learned of this information, Daisuke had eventually decided to let Gentaro go and be free of what he always felt to be “imprisonment”. It was hard for Gentaro to believe at first but since he wasn’t being stopped from leaving, he took him at his word that he was genuinely letting him go. He was given money to go wherever he desired and his desire to leave Hiroshima and go to Tokyo had begun to surface again. He didn’t want to live within the city any longer. It’d also given him a good reason to look for his brother as Satoshi had informed him that Tokyo is where he’d gone to. He first had to establish himself somewhere and that meant finding work, a place to stay, and going back to school. Daisuke had only allowed for him to finish up high school but not allowing him to attend university, only wanting him to always be around the mansion. But since he was out on his own, he took the chance in taking a university entrance exam. Plus, Tokyo was known for having some of the best schools and Gentaro already had an idea of what he wanted to do. Getting back into art since being around Daisuke had made gave him a dislike for it but he still wanted to follow the old dream he once had. He did pass the entrance exam to an all-boys school that had a university attached. Ashford Private Boys Academy.

He’d also found himself a job and a place to stay that was affordable which was the Amestia Inn. He did eventually find his brother Hanataro who was a high school graduate and currently a student at Kaibara University. Gentaro couldn’t be prouder of him as well as happy to see him. He was also thankful that Hanataro never had to see him in the situation he was formerly in. He didn't think he'd get to have a normal life again but it's finally happening. No more does he have to worry about looking over his shoulder and worrying. He can focus on himself now. He is content with the new life that he is starting to settle into.

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Re: Gentaro Yoshida [Beta]
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