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Haley Russell [Beta]
« on: May 15, 2020, 12:13:47 am »

Reporting the truth is my job!

Name: Haley Anne Russell

Alias: ----

Date of Birth: March 30th, 1997

Age: 25

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Rosemary

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: American

Species: Human

Hobbies: Writing, Blogging, Traveling, Journalism, Watching TV, Photography

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Haley doesn't have many talents as she was revered in her school days as a 'geek' because she didn't share the same interests that the majority of girls usually would have. No, for someone such as Haley, she enjoyed writing and not the kind that would get her popular either, but journalism type of writing, along with photography. She pays very good attention to detail and when she notices something out of the ordinary in the pictures she takes of her subjects (usually famous celebrities that don't have her arrested for trespassing), she dedicates herself to finding out the truth in order to get a good story. Whether it's a conspiracy going on or not, she as best she can state the facts without sounding like a trashy and sleazy tabloid. Most of her stories end up on blogging websites where she gets paid very little for how many reads and comments she gets since local newspapers consider her work to be mediocre.

What little money she does make, she uses it to travel around the world in hopes of landing a good story that would land her a job as a reporter which is something she's always wanted. Aside from having great ambitions and goals, Haley is like any regular person. She's clumsy, easily distracted, always has large amounts of bad luck that seemingly follows her around wherever she goes as she ends up getting herself into a lot of trouble than she needs. She's been arrested many times for trespassing on private property, though that was done out of an attempt to take pictures and gather information on a story lead she was working on, she doesn't have much of a social life and but it is know that she often rivals with an old high schoolmate named Angelica Bartlett who IS a more successful reporter as well as rude to Haley anytime they come into contact with one another (usually when they're working on the same story).

And while Haley would never admit this to anyone, she always enjoyed writing stories of others successes as she hopes to someday be successful in her line of work but of course, she has not. No local newspaper will hire her for some reason or another, which could mean that she may have been blacklisted from getting a job as a reporter without knowing it. Something she also intends to find out. She doesn't talk much about her life with others as she makes it a point to forget the past and not look back but it can be obvious at times that she feels embarrassed by the fact that she didn't have a great life growing up. She also has poor eyesight which causes her to have to wear trifocals at all times. Without them she is what would be classified as 'Blind as a bat'.

Occupation: Freelance Blogger

School: ----

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds - Carly Nagisa

Appearance: Haley is 5'6'' with long black hair that stops to the middle of her back and hazel colored eyes. She wears trifocals due to her poor eyesight. She has a triangular rounded face, round shaped eyes, a peach skin complexion, a small figure for someone that weighs 120lbs and she has a good size bust on her too. Her usually attire is a blue and white long sleeve striped sweater that is covered by an orange-brown vest, she wears a bag that hangs over her shoulder which has all of her materials like a notebook, pens, pencil, eraser, marker, car keys, etc. all stuffed inside, blue knee high length pants with a belt that slouches in a downward like motion, white socks and orange sneakers. When attending formal occasions, Haley wears a series of different outfits, though her most famous one is a simple light blue spaghetti strap dress with no embroidery designs or anything on it and it goes all the way down to her ankles, she also wears blue flat heels with this dress too. As for other formal attire, she'll either wear a black strapless evening dress that goes to her knees with black stockings and black high heeled shoes, another outfit she has is a black long sleeved turtle neck dirt with a gray skirt and black flats.

History: Haley is a young woman that was born and raised in Carson, California who grew up in a not so well off family. Her mother, Carly Russell, was an Omega who became a high school drop out that had Haley when she was only sixteen years old. Carly never bonded with the Alpha that got her pregnant, leaving her daughter to grow up not knowing who her father was. So, her mother’s surname became hers. Carly’s parents weren’t thrilled about the idea of their daughter dropping out of high school with a child. They had hoped she would marry an Alpha when she got older that was from a respectable family. But instead their child had a child. Her child had been had out of wedlock. Haley’s grandparents considered her to be nothing more than another mouth to feed since she and her mother remained living with them and her mother’s three older siblings. While they worked, Carly spent time taking care of her daughter whom she wanted to have a better life than she did. But without having a lot of money to get her child the things she needed, it was rather difficult.

So, Haley grew up with a lot of ‘with outs’. Her mother eventually began working, leaving Haley in the care of her grandparents or her aunts or uncle. They treated her decently despite her mother not being bonded or married when she was born. She loved going to the park to play on the playground and she had no problems getting along with kids her age. She was always so energetic and carefree, while pretending to run around saying ‘SNAP!’ and move her right index finger doing as if she was taking a picture. Her grandparents thought this was strange and asked her why she was doing that. Being a child, Haley gave the simple response of thinking it’d be fun to take a picture while she was having fun or pretending to but she wasn’t old enough to use cameras or handle a cellphone without being careless and dropping such expensive items. They were surprised to hear this answer from her so they decided with approval from her mother that they would buy her a camera. She was so excited and this made her grandparents and her mother happy to see her happy.

As she got older, is when Haley’s passion for taking pictures and writing short story pieces and captions for them took off. It is when she began attending junior high that she also presented as a Beta and not an Alpha or an Omega like her family thought she’d turn out to be. They didn’t love her any less but it was worrisome that Haley would end up having a similar life to her mother’s. She vowed to not let that happen to herself and kept her focus on her studies and her hobby. Her hobby and her status as a Beta, however, made her an outcast around others. Guys didn’t deem her to be attractive or worth spending their time with if they were an Alpha and girls both Alpha and Omega kept their distance. Also finding her unattractive but also a dork as well. These were girls from families that had high expectations for them. They were expected to find an appropriate mate that would take care of them. Haley was not interested in such things. She wanted to have friends and just be accepted for who she was as a person and not what society and others expected of her. She hated how so many people viewed the status of Betas. It was no different than how Omegas were poorly treated in other places, except Betas weren’t sought after like Omegas and Alphas were.

Haley eventually accepted that she was plain and just hung out with small groups of other students that were just as socially inept as she was and also liked similar things she did. However, junior high is where she met her rival, a girl named Angelica Bartlett. These two attended junior and high school together and Angelica remained head of the school’s newspaper at both. She was very popular, very beautiful and liked by many. She was also an Alpha that had high confidence in herself that Haley viewed as arrogance. Omega guys were always enamored by her. As much as she liked the attention, deep down, she was self-conscious about herself. So, she’d take that out on others. Mainly Haley, who she belittled because of the stories she wrote, finding her stories to be mediocre while praising the stories of other students that were part of the school newspaper. Angelica knew that Haley’s stories were better than her own but to not show that she was in charge of what was published and to not have her more liked than herself, she’d turn down a lot of her stories. These two were always at each other’s throats, competing with one another to submit the best stories in the papers.

The rivalry between these two lasted even after they graduated from high school, in which case Angelica managed to become a real successful reporter while having a very doting and handsome male Omega as her husband. And Haley was stuck living with her mother who had by then moved out of her parent’s home. She wasn’t able to afford continuing to go to college, especially when there was a period when the economy took a dive, making attending college and finding a decent job rather difficult, especially in the state she lived in where it got hit the worst for many. She only attended the California State University, Dominguez Hills for one year and had to drop out due to not having the funds to continue paying for her classes as she was only qualified to receive financial aid for one year and that was it. Haley had so many plans of furthering her goals to become a reporter and then they fell short thanks to the fact that she had to drop out after one year. During that time, she worked dead end jobs to help her mother pay the bills, but continued blogging as well as watching the news picking up and skills from the news cast she sees and applying them to what skills she already has. Though they didn't seem to do any good because no local newspaper would hire her to work for them.

Haley was reduced to earning money through online blogging by the amount of views and comments she received on the stories she posted. It wasn’t enough and it began to cause her mother grief as her thirst for proving she was a good journalist had gone into levels of stalking famous celebrities to get the inside scoop regarding a story before any other reporter does. She’s been arrested on numerous occasions for trespassing where she shouldn’t have been. And her rival Angelica always beat her to the punch every time but was more famous for broadcasting faux lies about people than reporting the truth and no one calls her out on it which frustrated Haley to no end. For anytime she attempted to submit stories to local news stations, they weren’t interested. It made her believe that it was possible she’d been blacklisted. Her mother felt that her daughter needed to find a new field of work since trying to become a reporter wasn’t happening anytime soon or her finding a mate to settle down with. She’d stress with her mother each time that her work mattered more than finding a mate. She had plenty of time to settle down and wasn’t in a rush to do so. She just had to get her feet in the door somewhere that hadn’t heard of Angelica Bartlett.

Haley does her best to remain positive despite her mother’s worries but even bad luck happens to the most optimistic of people. If she's not falling all over herself, or getting arrested, she ends up forgetting her camera, or notebook to take notes which frustrates her beyond belief. But the one thing that frustrates her is living in a nice and beautiful city but struggling to live in it. Thus, from time to time, she saves back money, pick a place around the world to go to and just pack up her stuff and leave, but she always tends to come back since the majority of her things is with her mother and by the time she does get where she's going, she ends up sleeping in her car instead of sleeping in a hotel. She often does this to get a vacation away from her mother and other times, it's to follow up on a story that she feels Angelica might not know about. Again, causing her mother more grief as the woman prays that her daughter comes back safe and sound and not locked up in a jail cell in some strange place.

Now 24 years old, Haley recently made a large move on her own by hoping to succeed in traveling to two places, one of them being Japan as she is intrigued by the fact that they seem to always have the best action going on there, especially with the sightings of people, normal citizens fighting strange and evil creatures. She wants to know who these people are and why do they feel it is up to them to stop whatever is attacking innocent people. Maybe it was a thing in other places around the world but it wasn’t common where she lived since a lot of people, she hung around were fairly normal. Either that or she just didn’t pay much attention to other things that weren’t on her radar in terms of a good story to report to the public if it was true. She wanted to know why there were strange things happening in this country. Random attacks happening, what's attracting it all to Japan, specifically. She also wants to visit another state in the US but was more eager to go to Japan more. Heck, she hopes to get lucky and score a job as a reporter that gives her traveling benefits where she doesn't have to come out of pocket herself. During her first few months staying in Tokyo, she was homeless with nowhere to go.

She lives in her car and did what she could to keep herself clean and make sure she ate enough despite not having enough money to be able to do either one. She had a few people that were nice to her and helped her out while they could but she remained on her own. Haley's stubborn streak to go back to the states with the feeling she won't get where she would like to be is what kept her here in Tokyo. Well that and the stories she’s seeking out. So far, Haley hadn’t seen anything happening and it just reminds her a lot of back home, fairly normal and quiet but bustling with a lot of people. But to be on the safe side, she spends her time trying to gather more information that she possibly can while still living in her car. Haley hopes that once she discovers the truth about the concerning rumors she’s heard, she hopes she could report a story that would put the people of the public at ease.

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Re: Haley Russell [Beta]
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2020, 12:16:30 am »

Your character has been approved! Make sure to make a Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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