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Author Topic: Akasha Kusama [Beta]  (Read 82 times)

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Akasha Kusama [Beta]
« on: May 27, 2021, 10:59:04 pm »

Name: Akasha Kusama

Alias: Aka-chan, Kusama-san

Date of Birth: May 15th, 2004

Age: 18

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Pink Peony & Lily

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Having Fun, Watching Movies, Playing Video Games, Living life to the fullest, Helping others feel comfortable about themselves.

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Being the optimistic person she is, Akasha has always been one to enjoy having fun. She doesn't allow the fact that she's stuck in the wheelchair from living her life the way she wants it. The one thing she feels is thankful to be alive so that her younger sister Athena wouldn't be left alone. She tries to encourage her sister to be more social and make as many friends as she possibly can because no one can predict when they'll leave this world. And yes, Akasha is a very sociable person as well as outspoken and opinionated. She's not afraid to speak her mind during any situation she's faced with nor does she care whom she is talking to when she does it. Instead of wallowing in despair about her disability, she takes each opportunity presented to her by the horns if possible. At the same time, she tries to do her best to give advice to others who lack the self-confidence to believe that they can do or amount to anything because she believes that not to be true deep down. Everyone has something unique about themselves and it is up to them to find out what it is and bring the most out of it. She feels that no one should have to be bound by their secondary genders and doesn't care if people look down on her for having these views or putting her down for being a Beta. Akasha does not care. She's a knowledgeable person and doesn't think that people need to do stupid things just to be or feel special. Especially when they're already special and there was a reason why everyone was made different.

Akasha's more like a cheerleader for more classification. People actually do listen to her too. On a side note, besides cheering others on, she does enjoy the tactful hobby of playing video games and it is normally violent fighting games because she considers them to be so much cooler and a great stress reliever. Watching movies is also another favorite pastime of hers as she can always be found in front of the TV stuffing her face with popcorn watching any kind of movie. Despite having an honest and encouraging personality, there are some things about Akasha that people are not aware of. Some are but it is very little. One thing in particular that Akasha dislikes is being pitied by others because of her disability. She doesn't want to be looked down on because of her disability. It annoys her to no end and it's also the other reason why she tries to push herself to make more friends and take care of herself so it doesn't appear as if she is unable to. Part of her also feels that she should've died right along with her parents in the car crash but instead, she lived, causing her to have survivor's guilt. Her parents were killed on impact while she escaped by only losing the ability to use her legs. It's something that deep down, she hasn't truly gotten over but knows that their parents wouldn't want her to be sad, but to look out for her younger sister and to take care of her.

She knows she may not be able to walk anymore like everyone else but that doesn't stop her from being Athena's big sister. However, because of her sister's constant smothering and worrying about her, she doesn't feel like the older sister but more or less the younger sister. She knows Athena won't stop worrying about her so she doesn't expect her to change and stop coddling her. But she does find it annoying. Much like when other people get in her face and think they can hurt her with words in regards to her disability on top of her secondary gender. She won't hesitate to tell them off if need be but half of the time she just ignores them. It is also known that Akasha is also shy around those that she admires or has a crush on. This isn't all that often this happens but she shows a more vulnerable side to herself where she's known to be slightly nervous and unsure of what to say because she thinks she'll come across as sounding like an idiot.

Occupation: Works as a Front Desk associate at the resort located within the Tokyo Dome.

School: Hakoniwa Academy | Twelfth Year | Disciplinary Club Treasurer

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt B1, shares w/younger sister Athena

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Guilty Crown - Ayase Shinomiya

Appearance: Before Akasha became wheelchair-bound, she stood at the height of 5'6'', making her a very tall girl at a young age which is something that's completely uncommon in Japan but something that's not particularly noticed now that she is confined to a wheelchair. Despite this, she is considered to be quite a beautiful young girl with brown hair that stops at the middle of her back, but she normally wears it up in a ponytail and pale violet eyes. One of the most noticeable aspects of her body (besides her inability to walk) that a lot of girls in her grade notice (younger girls included) is her breasts which can be described as a c-cup. She wears a lot of casual clothes like skirts, shorts, pants, and capri pants. While on school grounds, Akasha wears the required Hakoniwa girls' uniform. Akasha I

History: Akasha was born a Beta and the oldest daughter to Rin Kusama (Beta, Male) and Amaya Kusama (Beta, Female) and is the older sister to Athena Kusama (Beta). She grew up in an average family that was fairly normal. For a while until Akasha's parents split up after having her younger sister who was only five years old while Aksha was ten. Their parents breaking up was more a traumatic experience for Amaya because she loved her husband Rin very much. They were high school sweethearts that understood what it was like to be judged based on their secondary gender and not as individuals. It was how they were able to connect with one another and eventually fall in love. But as much as Amaya loved Rin, she couldn't forgive him for catching him in bed, in their house, with another woman. The fault was not entirely Rin's though as the woman he'd slept with was a coworker he had invited over to discuss the project their boss assigned them to work on together. Truth be told, Rin had no attraction to his coworker but she had an attraction to him and wanted to wreck his marriage with his wife by drugging him with pheromones one would have to ingest in order for them to work. They were in the form of a tasteless powder and she didn't believe it'd work but they were known to force anyone that ingested it to find sudden attraction in the person closest to them. This was later discovered and the woman was fired for it. Rin regretted his actions and didn't make excuses for what'd happened. But he wanted to reconcile with Amaya, to start over, and apologize to her. It wasn't easy but while the two of them were working on repairing their marriage, Akasha was put in charge of looking after her sister Athena because she was the youngest and didn't have an understanding of what was going on between their parents. She only knew that their father wasn't around but wanted him to come home.

Akasha knew what was happening and while upset with her father for what'd happened, she also knew that the actions that led to it were not his own. Just some disgusting woman who didn't know how to go out and find her own mate that she'd rather take someone who is already paired and married. The very thought of it disgusted her. She was just glad they were working through it since this was the only thing serious that's ever happened between them. They rarely fought about anything except for an occasional disagreement but it never turned into an argument. But at least it didn't ruin the happiness they all had together. They were all working through it as a family. Aksha began helping out more around the house while also trying to stay focused in school as best she could. Akasha was a very bright and intelligent child. She may not have an IQ over 200 but she was a smart kid. This may have had something to do with her being forced in a sense to grow up a lot faster than others her age. After all, her parents were still separated yet still married. But she wanted to be there for her mother and sister. To not break down and cry when there were times she wanted to. Whether she was having a bad day or having trouble making friends with others, she kept it all to herself.

As she got older, she took an interest in a lot of things in school such as sports as she was considered to be quite the tomboy. She was quite an active person, not liking the idea of sitting still for a long period of time, especially if she felt bored with something. She especially enjoyed having fun with her sister to take her mind off of things that were going on or just to spend time with her. Whether it was going to the movies, going shopping, just having a little girl fun. Akasha wasn't ashamed to hang out with her sister if it kept her from being depressed about their parents' relationship. Aksha wanted them to get back together but she knew her mother was having a rather difficult time trusting her father's place of work where something like what happened would even happen to begin with. They were separated for three years and with each day they seemed to be okay from what Akasha could see but her mother was quite "there" yet. She didn't want to do anything to upset the flow of them working things out so instead, she kept her mind focused on school and finding ways to keep both her mother and sister happy as much as possible because she hated seeing them sad. As much as possible she kept encouraging them to be happy and that things would work themselves out. Akasha always had an optimistic and cheerful personality. She spoke her mind when necessary but mostly tried to defuse situations before they get out of hand. She was like a referee and cheerleader all in one.

Especially when it came to her friends in school and has made plenty of them who have their own fair share of problems where they argue with one other over the stupidest of things. And every time she'd be there to tell them such crap isn't important. Normally the arguments are defused before they start so she was glad about that. When it came to students running off at the mouth and acting as if they were better than someone like her simply because she was a Beta, it was clear she was always annoyed with this. Her parent's separation wasn't a secret but things were getting better for her family. She viewed them like any other family with problems that happened. They had them and they worked through them. She didn't understand why it was such a big deal to present as an Alpha or even an Omega whenever some did care enough about them to give them acknowledgment. It was confusing and insulting all in one. As luck would have it, her parents had worked through the incident as Rin had found himself another job and spoke of getting back together. Akasha was the first one to be told this news when her parents had arrived at her part-time job to come to get her. They couldn't wait to get home to tell Athena for they knew she'd be happy as well.

That very same day they had picked Akasha up from work, they were on their way to pick up Athena from her friend's house. But on the way there but unfortunately never made it thanks to a truck running into the car, ramming into the side of it, making it flip a few times. Rin and Amaya were killed instantly but Akasha remained alive but at the cost of losing her ability to walk as her legs were crushed in the process. Since that day of her parent's death, she'd questioned why she was alive, why didn't she die right along with her parents. But she knew that she had to be strong and not break down in front of her sister. Though she was unable to do so when she in the hospital recuperating and the only shoulder she had to cry on was her sister's. Athena had vowed to be there for her so that she wouldn't have to be the only strong one out of the two of them and so she dedicated her time to helping Akasha through her rehabilitation once she'd been released from the hospital. It became difficult for Akasha to adjust to her new life of having to get around with the use of a wheelchair but she knew she had her sister there for support.

So for the next two years, she and her sister depended upon one another, getting an apartment together since they technically had no family that was willing to take them in or rather, wanted to deal with the "burden" of taking care of Akasha now that she was in a wheelchair. Sure they felt bad but she was made to feel that there was nothing they could do to help when there was. So she started learning to help herself. She remained her usual cheerful self of course as she didn't allow her disability to keep her down or hold her back. She was alive. That's what mattered. She didn't understand why but she came to the conclusion that it was to take care of her sister because no one else possibly would. That was a responsibility she was willing to accept as it's not as if she's not had to help take care of her before when their mother was busy working and rebuilding her relationship with her father. Though Athena began to smother Akasha way too much, hardly letting her have any fun if she considers it to be a 'danger' to her health and as much as possible she tries to tell her to make her own friends and not focus so much on taking care of her. Her injuries from two years ago had been since healed. She's accepted that she can never walk again but the last thing she wanted was pity from others.

Since being in a wheelchair, she's lost a lot of friends but in the process, gained new ones who look past her disability to get to know the person that she is rather than just staring at her like some sort of alien with two heads. She had to deal with a lot of crap from other students mocking her disability and calling her a freak of nature. Akasha ignores them but if they continue to push her buttons she will not hesitate to go off on them to get them off her back. She's way more outspoken and tries to help others to be more confident in themselves rather than hate themselves or be made to feel that they're not worth living in this world. She tries to spread as much hope and advice to others as she possibly can but as a person, she can only do so much. She is now a senior student at Hakoniwa Academy and aims to attend university when she does graduate. Akasha hopes to achieve a degree in Physical Therapy because she wishes to help others that are like her, this is what she desires. Akasha also still has her same job ever since she was much younger at the Tokyo Dome working as a receptionist at the indoor resort. She uses the money to provide for her and her sister even though Athena tells her it's not necessary and that she'll find a job but she tells her no all the time. She's still her happy and entertaining self because there's probably not a chance that Akasha will stop wanting to have fun and looking on the brighter side of things for herself and others around her.

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Re: Akasha Kusama [Beta]
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