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Author Topic: Feodora Usui [Beta]  (Read 82 times)

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Feodora Usui [Beta]
« on: December 16, 2021, 03:43:17 pm »

Name: Feodora Usui

Alias: Feo (for short), Feo-chan

Date of Birth: January 15th, 1988

Age: 34

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Oregano and Pecan Pie

Sexuality: Bisexual (biological male and females only)

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Cooking, Teaching, Helping & Protecting Others, Watching Movies (romantic comedies w/an occasional action film)

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Feodora is always nice and warm to everyone she meets. She's a very carefree woman and teasing towards her younger half-brother Yuuto due to being very protective of him. She can, however, get serious when needed but remains kind at all times. Examples of this would be showing her disapproval of her family's treatment of Yuuto. She had no qualms about slapping her brothers Tatsuya and Naji when they were abusing Yuuto and standing up to her stepmother and her father's new mate, Ouka Usui (née Seta). Feodora cares about her family but isn't above calling them out on their bullShit when it's needed. Due to their mother's absence in their lives, she took on the nurturing role that Ouka never provided as a parent/mother should upon entering into the family. She has a close relationship and bond with her brother Yuuto, looking out for them despite being told many times to not do so or asked why was she bothering to do so. She sees him as family and her brother and she knew that their mother would want them to be close. She has upheld this for years.

Despite having staff to cook for the family, Feodora always preferred cooking meals for them as she always felt that families having meals together was one way of bringing them closer. While it doesn't always work out with her family, it does work out for her job as the manager of Amestia Inn. She runs the ins and outs of the hotel and isn't above pitching in to help out when they're shorthanded. She can usually be found working with the kitchen staff to make sure that meal requests made by guests are prepared correctly. On the side, Feodora is a tutor that teaches foreigners that are struggling with Japanese by helping them learn how to read, write and understand the language and teaching those who are Japanese how to read, write, and understand English. She's also well versed in speaking other languages such as French and Russian. She will only teach these languages to those that inquire about wanting to learn them. Feodora doesn't mind teaching anyone who's willing to learn and expand their language vocabulary.

But even she gets burned out and does enjoy some downtime to herself. She enjoys watching a bunch of romantic comedies and sometimes action films. She spends a lot of time with the guests of the inn due to the fact that she also lives there as well and has become friends with many of its residents. She'll offer advice to them to help them when they ask her for it and makes sure that when they are experiencing Heats and Ruts, she does offer for them to go to the Amestia House but doesn't force this upon them since many aren't too keen on the idea of Heat Houses. She respects everyone's privacy but she would be lying to herself if she didn't show concern for them all and is protective of them. That said, she does her best to make sure to keep trouble off the property grounds and make sure that things are in tiptop shape. Even if she has to get out and help clean rooms herself. That is just how hardworking and dedicated of a person Feodora is. She hopes for one day to have a family of her own and that it may be possible for her own to be close and not so divided from one another.

Occupation: Hotel Manager of Amestia Inn

School: ----

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > Second Floor > Room #49. However, Feodora does on occasion return to her family's home to visit with her brothers and her father.

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: My Hero Academia - Fuyumi Todoroki

Appearance: Feodora is the spitting image of her mother Reika. She's 5'3" and has all-over white hair that she dyes red in specific areas which she feels makes it stand out more. Her hair is shoulder length while sporting side bangs and the short clump she leaves hanging down her forehead. She'll sometimes wear her hair up in a ponytail or a bun, especially when she's working and cooking. She also has her mother's eyes which are turquoise in color and she wears rectangular framed glasses. Her face is rounded much like her mother's and she also seems to have inherited her Reika's breast size as well, given that Feodora is a D-Cup. Despite being a Beta, Feodora is often told how beautiful she is and this is because she presents herself well when around others. That said, this stems a lot from her attire. When she's on shift at the Amestia Inn or tutoring on the side, she's naturally sporting a business suit that is a pantsuit skirt either in all black or a few different colors with stockings and high-heels. Her casual attire when off-shift are t-shirts and sweaters that she wears a cardigan over and she'll wear jeans, shorts, or a dress depending on her mood that day. Feodora's footwear consists of high-heels, flats, or sneakers. Feodora I

History: Feodora Usui is the eldest daughter of Tenji Usui (Alpha, male) and Reika Usui (Omega, female). She is also the older sister to younger brothers Naji Usui (Alpha, male) and Yuuto Usui (Alpha, male). Tatsuya Usui (Alpha) is her stepbrother and is older than her by one year with his mother Ouka Usui (Alpha, female) being her father's new mate and wife. For Feodora, growing up with her parents and her brother Naji, things seemed fine. At the time Reika was given a butler to watch over her and her children, Feodora didn't think anything of it. In fact, she remained polite to her mother's butler, an American man named Chris White. She saw him as a nice man while Naji felt otherwise about him, not liking the idea that he was spending a lot of time with their mother. But Feodora would assure her brother that things were fine and that they shouldn't worry. Plus, she would notice that it was the first time her mother actually seemed happy to tutor anyone outside of teaching those who were her students. To Feodora, it seemed like a chore for her mother to tutor anyone because it was at the bequest of Tenji who would always recommend his wife to clients that had children who were academically struggling or those that struggled with the language.

Teaching someone who wasn’t a client looking to form a sound relationship with the family was refreshing for Reika and her daughter saw this. Feodora’s life growing up, her father always ran things whether at home or with their family business with strictness and discipline. Falling out of line wasn’t tolerated. Tenji was never abusive toward his daughter but that hadn’t meant that seeing him angry didn’t frighten her at times. Feodora always did what she was told, occasionally slipping and being honest with how she felt about something, believing that she wouldn’t be listened to. It was expected of her brother Naji to work in their family business that ran lifestyle stores across Japan and it was how her parents met. Feodora clearly showed no interest in the family business but was willing to support and help her father and brother if they needed her. She couldn’t help but feel as if she wasn’t needed by anyone except her mother but kept these feelings to herself to avoid upsetting her father. Like her mother, Feodora wanted to be a teacher when she got older and it was this desire and interest that showed how close she was to her mother and how she could see and understand how she felt.

Truthfully, she always knew that her mother wasn’t genuinely in love with her father and felt like she became his mate out of obligation to her family and their business fields. Yet she never said anything at all to her father or Naji about it. She saw it through how close her mother was becoming to her butler and how they would oftentimes sneak away to be alone together. As much as she wanted to pretend that nothing was going on between them, Feodora knew. Deep down, she always knew. She feared what her father would do to her mother if he discovered this seeing as how he had his moments of violent outbursts when Naji wasn’t doing something right or didn’t do what was asked of him. A lot of this came from how she and her brother performed academically in school. While Feodora excelled, Naji struggled and would often cry or feel bad about the grades he’d make and didn’t want to show them to their father. While they could’ve just as easily been homeschooled by their mother, their father was willing to send them to top-notch boarding schools for their education. Their family had their fair share of problems but Feodora tried to look on the brighter side of things to avoid conflict between them all. This is why she ignored her mother’s relationship with her butler because it wasn’t her place to say anything or force her mother to stop and ignore what she felt.

While Feodora didn’t approve because her mother was bound and married to her father, she didn’t want to take away her mother’s freedom to make a choice for herself that felt like her own for the first time during her entire marriage. She wasn’t upset with Chris either and knew that he deeply cared about her mother. So she kept her head down. Saying nothing to her father or Naji about it. Feodora focused on her school and to keep their father off her brother’s back, she’d help him with his studies, showing him easier ways to understand the areas he struggled in, which he got better over time and felt happy about his achievements. And both of them presented their secondary genders earlier than normal which isn’t uncommon for this to happen with children but in rare cases, strong genetics play a factor. Naji presented as an Alpha while Feodora presented as a Beta. It wasn’t hard for her to see the slight disappointment in her father’s eye about her being a Beta, hinting that he would’ve preferred for her to present as an Omega but because she had, he didn’t ridicule her for it but it gave her the open door to do what she wanted with her life that didn’t involve choices being made for her.

It was something that Feodora appreciated but that still left her feeling bad for Naji who had more expectations placed upon him because of presenting as an Alpha like their father. As for their mother, Feodora was ten years old when her mother suddenly fled the country along with her butler without a word of where they were going. She knew then that the truth about their relationship would come to lie. Her father and brother may have been oblivious to their closeness or Naji having some awareness but not definite knowledge, Feodora knew the entire time while pretending to know nothing. Her father being the proud man that he is would not take this lying down and use all his power to find them. It was too late and by the time he’d found out anything was through a letter to her family at her request to tell them everything. Feodora felt so devastated to learn of her mother’s passing and Naji taking it the hardest while saying he’d never trusted or liked their mother’s butler. She chastised her brother for saying such things only to be yelled at and asked why she was defending someone that broke up their family and took their mother away. Feodora couldn’t answer her brother’s question. She could only respond by telling him that she missed her too. Losing their mother wasn’t the only thing that would change their family. As it turns out, Reika had a baby with her butler and in Chris’s words from the letter, he promised not to disrupt their family any further and would take care of their son on his own.

He wasn’t looking for anything from them. Only to let them know that Reika was happy and she truly loved and cared about them all while knowing that running away was wrong. Seeing this in the letter is what made Feodora stress to her father that they had to bring them to Japan. It wouldn’t be right for them to struggle to survive when she knows it wouldn’t be something her mother would want. For the first time, she showed immense fear of her father as he towered over her and told her that Chris was no longer welcome into their home and if she dared to utter such words like that again he would make her regret it. Like her brother, her father also harbored the same hatred for Chris, but he wasn’t against the idea of bringing the child she’d had with him into the family. If only for the man to know what it felt like to have someone taken from him. This is why he went to the states to face Chris and the child who’d been named “Yuuto” who’d been still a baby at the time Tenji approached him. Telling him that he would be taking his son from him once he reached the age of ten which Chris hadn’t wanted because he promised to not disrupt Tenji’s family more than he’d already had. He was willing to take care of his son on his own even if it meant he had to struggle to do so while giving up the dream of studying in Japan as he wanted. He knew he messed up but he wasn’t given a choice in the matter. Chris was only allowed to keep and raise Yuuto until he was ten years old and when that time came, Tenji was coming back for the boy.

Chris wasn’t allowed to have contact with him and neither would Yuuto be allowed to do the same. He would be raised in the Usui family as if he was Tenji’s despite not being his biological son. So ten years would pass and Feodora had discovered that her father had come up with such an idea that she hadn’t disliked at all. She didn’t find it fair to do this to Chris or his son. To which Tenji would tell her that one has to pay the price for shaming the Usui family. Feodora didn’t like how her father went about things and while her half-brother wouldn’t be able to have contact with his real father, at least she could meet him, tell him more about their mother, and welcome him to the family. Her brother was definitely not keen on this idea and didn’t want Yuuto to come live with them at all but this was their father’s decision, even if it was a despicable way of doing it. Eventually, their father did find a new mate and wife who already had a child of her own. She was a widow and an Alpha woman who could actually give birth which is a rarity among Alpha women. Fedora wasn’t sure why her father mated and married this woman but it certainly didn’t look like it was for love. The woman was named Ouka Seta who had a son named Tatsuya Seta. They were presented before Feodora and her brother as new additions to the Usui family. This also meant Ouka had been informed about the arrangement Tenji made with the man who’d taken Reika for him.

Tatsuya openly expressed his disinterest in a bastard child being brought into the family to make Feodora voice her opinion against him despite not having met Yuuto yet. Ouka disliked Feodora’s outburst to which she’d slapped her for it, telling her to be silent and not protect a bastard. She would accept the arrangement because she had no choice as it's already been made before she became Tenji’s wife/mate. It would be the first time Feodora showed or even had a dislike for anyone despite how carefree and kind she is. She had no connection or attachments to Ouka as her stepmother and kept her distance from the woman unless she had to interact with her. And when Yuuto had officially come to live with them, she was twenty years old, and seeing him for the first time made her unexpectedly cry before hugging him. She wasn’t sure why she cried but maybe some part of her could see how much he looked like their mother and it was almost like having her truly back with him even if that would never be. Feodora could tell that Yuuto didn’t trust any of them and was understanding in that but she made it her mission to make him feel welcome while expressing how happy she was to finally be able to meet him. Her brothers, on the other hand, were very indifferent if not downright cruel to Yuuto. Naji was verbally abusive to the young boy, saying that “this thing is not my brother!” while Tatsuya was downright physically abusive. From kicking and punching him, constantly calling him an “unwelcome bastard child” when no one was around.

This stemmed from him being told by his mother that he could do what he wanted to the boy because he wasn’t Tenji’s son and did not care anything about him. Naji was told the same thing but at most the only thing he’d done was occasionally push Yuuto out of his way, refusing to acknowledge his existence while getting upset with Feodora for protecting him. Especially when she came to Yuuto’s aid when Tatsuya had been ordered to tend to a sick Yuuto when no one was available at the time to do it and instead of giving him soup to eat, he’d thrown it on him instead. Feodora discovered this because she’d heard Yuuto wailing loudly in pain and found out what Tatsuya had done and slapped her brother hard across his face for such an action. Shouting at him that what he’d done to Yuuto was disgusting and he should be ashamed of himself. Her actions are what caused her stepmother to see her privately and ask why she was protecting him. They owed that child nothing and Feodora didn’t agree with this. She told the woman that she was his big sister and she would always protect him. What she’s telling Tatsuya and Naji to do is deplorable and she would never recognize her as her new mother for this. Feodora eventually moved out of the family home by the time she’d entered university and while she still had a desire to teach others, she also showed an interest in business. Wanting to own or at least work somewhere she can bring everyone close together and feel welcomed.

Feodora earned the degrees she needed both in teaching and business and her knowledge behind how businesses work, formed, along with her family background are what led her to become the new manager of the Amestia Inn. Originally, it started out as a rundown hotel with a different name along with the Heat House being connected for guests that stated at the hotel to go to it and use it for its intended purposes. Given how society views one another, especially based on status and secondary genders, Feodora put in the hard work to change the view of the place. Renovated both the hotel and the Heat House and renamed them the Amesta Inn and Amestia House respectively. The Amestia House still serves its purpose as a Heat House but with a more relaxed and safe environment for guests of the Amestia Inn or the public to come and use during their Heats and Ruts. Making sure no one was taken against their will by hiring a manager to work the Amestia House while she managed the inn. Both of them correspond when needing to while also chatting casually outside of work.

She does twice the work to make sure that everything is up to par, even if it means she has to get out and help her employees when they’re shorthanded. Hard work was never an issue for Feodora considering she spent most of the time taking care of the cooking at home to give the cooking staff a break. Food seemed to be the only thing that made her family feel somewhat like a family even though there was animosity between them for varying reasons. While she still wants that feeling of having a family again from her own family, she does show this same affection to the guests of the inn. Making sure they have everything they need, that they’re safe, and not discriminating against anyone that wanted to stay there. And because she gets a lot of foreigners that come to stay there because the rates are affordable, she, like her mother, took on the role of private tutor whenever someone needed help. This usually meant helping them with schoolwork or teaching them the language. Secondary genders didn’t matter to her. All she wanted was for everyone to feel like they had a welcoming place to come to. Whether they were a long-term resident or short-term one. As an older woman, she still finds herself struggling with her family but still feels protective over Yuuto and has at least talked things out with Naji who believed that she felt Yuuto was more of her brother than he was and she assured them that all of them are her brothers.

No matter the dumb things they say or do, she’ll always chastise them for it, adults or not. This is especially true with Yuuto who she notices likes to troll Tenji and Ouka by actively disobeying them and getting amusement out of it and Tatsuya who views Omegas as property and feels as if they should all respect and listen to him simply because he’s an Alpha. Feodora finds this very distasteful of him but isn’t surprised by it. Naji along with Tatsuya work with their father as part of the family business, handling business deals with clients wanting to partner with them and expand their own businesses. Ouka does the same but on occasion can’t help but criticize Feodora for being single at her age and not mated or married yet. She deflects this every time by saying she’ll stop by once in a while to make dinner for the family so they can spend time together and catch up. Showing that she has learned to hide her dislike of the woman and not attempt to engage in conflicts because it is emotionally draining. It’s trying but she keeps in touch with her family while focusing on her job as well. Finding a mate for herself isn’t a top priority for her but if it happens, then it does. At least it’ll be a mutual and organic love. The one that her mother had for her butler.

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