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Author Topic: Tea and Tin Cups // Kyu-nari Wells  (Read 64 times)

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Tea and Tin Cups // Kyu-nari Wells
« on: April 10, 2021, 06:30:35 pm »

Kyu-nari never really talks about his family, and when he does, itís only his mother that comes up in stories.  Born in South Korea, his mother was a Beta who worked at a small apothecary and also acted as a mid-wife.  She died when Nari was 14, less than a year after he Presented.  While itís not a topic that he ever brings up, those who manage to see him without a collar would notice the tell-tale scaring of a mating mark; itís had a few years to heal and fade, but is also heavy enough to speak to a long-term relationship in his past.  He is friendly and polite, though not overly extroverted when it comes to people.  He shows a distinct wariness around unknown alphas especially and tends towards quiet observation in most public settings.  That said, he has a soft spot for people who are down-on-their-luck, other omegas -in particular- and children; and nothing will turn him vicious and protective faster than abuse or mistreatment.  When he's with people he knows and trusts, Nari is sarcastic, sassy, and outgoing; it's only strangers that he's warry of, and he takes his professionalism on the job very seriously. 
All his legal paperwork lists him as 23, though when he does open up about his past (and itís timeline specifically), the math adds up to 21 instead.

In truth, itís only been in the past six to ten months that Nari has begun making an effort towards building friendships.  He has only been in Tokyo for a few years, and for a long while it took all of his energy and time just to make ends meet.  Thankfully, through a combination of hard work and luck, he was able to build a stable enough life that heís begun to relax more.  He only has a few close friends who are local, a beta coworker and two others whom he met through an omega social mixer.  When it comes to having fun, Kyun is the Ďmom friend,í even when heís out with other omegas (some of which ARE actually moms); but heís more than content to let them relax and make sure they all get home safely at the end of the night.   
I wanted to keep this vague to start out, since Iím brand new to the board and community; I figure that gives plenty of open-ended room for new friendships to develop, and/or for others players to reach out with potential character ties. 

While no one has ever heard him talk about enemies; his wariness, caution, and generally reserved attitude are enough that those closest to him wouldnít be surprised to find out that he has a reason for his low profile.
Nariís former Mate was into some illegal **** while they were together, though it never would have occurred to the Alpha to talk to Nari about any of it.  Still, when Nari found his dead body, he fled (more like escaped) rather than sticking around to find out if those same enemies wanted to finish their clean up.  I donít have any definitive plans for this to come up in Plot, but it could be something fun for down the line.

Kyu-nari has already been mated once; it was a marriage arranged by his father after his mother passed away.  His mate wasn't a good person, and those few years were the worst of his life.  So, his experience with relationships is heavily jaded.  Between his (late) Alphaís abuse and the way his Alpha Sire abandoned his mother and him, Nari would have sworn off the secondary-gender entirely had it not been for the fact that heís seen just as much proof that good Alphaís exist too. 
He is not looking for another Mate, and heís certainly not going to jump into anything fast.  I try not to plan too much when it comes to in-character romances, since I find them both more enjoyable and more authentic when I let them develop organically.  It is something I would love to write though; Iíve been itching for a good slow burn for a long while now and I think that it would be a good point of development for the character to find himself in a healthy relationship with an alpha.  That said, alpha isnít set in stone and I would potentially be up for a romance with a beta or another omega if the chemistry is there.

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