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Author Topic: ❤ In the Closet ❤ // Asuna Kugimiya  (Read 34 times)

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❤ In the Closet ❤ // Asuna Kugimiya
« on: June 26, 2022, 04:13:29 pm »

Twenty Heterosexual Omega Kaibara Student Succubus Biography

❤ About Asuna ❤
Kugimiya, Asuna is deep down a kind-hearted young woman that is a succubus who was originally in love with the idea of being in love. This stems from her original infatuation for her stepbrother Haruhiko Kugimiya who eventually came out to his family that he was in love with someone else and it broke Asuna's heart. The reason behind that was her loving how nice and attentive he was to her which caused her to shower him with attention and affection in return. Despite her mother's rejection of the idea of her and her sister Runa pining for their stepbrother. He was Asuna's first love and while it saddened her that he found the person he wants to have as a mate for the rest of his life, she realized what Haruhiko had found, she truly wanted that for herself too. She is also constantly competing with her older sister Runa over different things. While Asuna herself doesn't initiate the challenges, she isn't above using a situation to her advantage to get over on her sister from time to time as she tends to grind on her nerves. And unlike her sister, Asuna is attending university, studying for a business major.

She took an interest in Heat Houses and the stigma centered around them as there is a genuine dislike for such places and many opt-out of using them. Discovering the Amestia House was a chance to prove that Heat Houses aren't bad places and they don't all work in the same way. She works there as a General Manager and will sometimes assist clients during their Heats/Ruts. It's not required of her to do so but she doesn't mind it at all. She's very hardworking when it comes to her job and studies. She may be a succubus, however, she doesn't actively use her powers outside of her work because she doesn't want to scare anybody from associating with her. Non-Humans may be more socially acceptable now, but Asuna would like to keep it that way. She's very helpful but can at times be clingy and very jealous which shows a more childish side of her she "tries" and "fails" at keeping hidden. This includes hiding how easily embarrassed she gets around discussing certain topics openly around others but has no issues privately looking into such topics. Overall, Asuna has no issues with anyone unless given a reason for her view of them to change.

❤ Family of Friends ❤
As Asuna is a completely different character in this universe compared to her original incarnation which I won't go into full detail about, she's still relatively the easiest character to plot with. On top of being able to make more friends because of how sweet of a person she is. Yes, she can get upset and very jealous, especially when her sister Runa is involved, but it won't stop her from saying what's on her mind if she's fed up with something or someone. But Asuna wants to make friends with everyone and doesn't want anyone to be afraid of her or judge her because of what she is. Socially acceptable or not, part of her still worries that because there are non-humans out there that do, do terrible things to hurt people, this will cause everyone around her to change their views and become fearful.

This is also why she doesn't use her powers as frequently as Runa either and in turn, it makes her weaker in comparison despite being stronger than the average human. That doesn't matter to Asuna. She is more than just the species she is and wants everyone to see that. It's also why she loves working at the Amestia House so much because of how accepting everyone is there of one another. There's no judgment at all and the main focus is assisting the clients that come to the establishment. So, with that in mind, I do want Asuna to make some friends whether it be characters outside of the Amestia House or within it. She needs some good friends she's able to confide in when her sister gets on her nerves. If anyone has any ideas in regards to that, drop your responses below or in discord.

❤ Rival or Enemy ❤
There is a lot to unpack here with Asuna. First things first would be rivals. One of them being her sister Runa. The two of them are always in competition with one another to prove which one of them is better at something. Asuna doesn't initiate these challenges, it is always her sister doing it by getting her riled up knowing that it's very easy for her to poke fun at Asuna for any reason or another. Whether it's a drinking contest which she knows she can win because her sister's affected by liquor a lot easier than she is or competing to satisfy the most clients for their Heats/Ruts. Asuna doesn't do these kinds of things with other women. Most commonly with her sister only. However, she can show jealousy towards another woman if they happen to be interested in the same person she has feelings for.

So I'm not having to write out insane competition ideas between the sisters all the time, I'd really like to write some jealousy-type plots if possible. It doesn't have to be romantic, the plot can be with Asuna getting jealous for any number of reasons so long as it makes sense and it's overall fun for the whole family! *wheeze* As for enemies, at the moment, I don't have ideas for her getting involved in plots that require her to use her powers. If she has to use them, the reasons have to make sense. Like her protecting someone from harm or fighting to defend herself even if she's not very good at it but she'll try. Asuna will even use herself as a shield in some situations if necessary. Again, everything has to have a reason so if anyone has ideas at all I can drop her in, let me know.

❤ Falling in Love ❤
Despite how kind Asuna is with others and being able to strike up a normal conversation with them easily, there are a lot of things she feels uncomfortable talking about openly around others. Case in point, she's a closet pervert. Why? Despite no longer being a virgin, she is easily embarrassed about the things she researches and desires to do with someone. She knows the basics of what to do with someone and what they enjoy and if there are things she wants to try on herself, she does so in private where no one knows or sees her. This would include reading a lot of romance novels both tame and trash and watching porn. Yes, Asuna has watched porn before. If anything, she does it to have more of an understanding of what guys like and enjoy in bed. She has been caught by either her sister or Minoru reading a dirty magazine and naturally becomes embarrassed about it. Runa has no qualms about teasing Asuna and calling her an open pervert which she dislikes greatly and tries to defend herself by saying it's a misunderstanding and it's only for research.

But being a succubus and an Omega, it's also normal for her to have a high libido even if she has to be careful when she is with someone to not drain too much of their energy or she'd end up killing them on accident. This has almost happened twice because she gets caught up in the moment of how good the sex feels and she doesn't know how to control her powers very well, which is why Runa chastises her about needing to train more with her abilities so that doesn't happen. Asuna also worries that because of this, she won't be able to find a mate that would not only love her but she also wouldn't end up accidentally killing them in the process. But she definitely wants to find love with someone that will return her feelings. I am open to the idea of potential male candidates that are compatible with her. So if anyone is interested in a pairing, let me know and we'll discuss it. Also not against AU ideas either for the OOC board. Cuz well, I get bored too sometimes. I like trying out new shit too. XP

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