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Author Topic: ★ Out in the Open ★ // Runa Kugimiya  (Read 37 times)

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★ Out in the Open ★ // Runa Kugimiya
« on: June 26, 2022, 06:13:43 pm »

Thirty Bisexual Alpha Mommy Dom Succubus Biography

★ About Runa ★
Kugimiya, Runa is a succubus woman whose rough and domineering exterior makes it hard for others to befriend her. While she is open and upfront about what she wants and desires, there are things that she doesn't want others to know about her. She has a younger sister named Asuna and as much as she always teases, chastises, and competes with her sister, it bothers her a little more than she's willing to admit that they aren't as close as sisters should be. In fact, she finds herself jealous of her sister at times because she's an Omega and how nice she is that many see her in a different light because of her being an Alpha and more confident in herself and her body. Despite being a succubus, Runa can show emotions of feeling defeated and upset but not around others. When around others, she's always confident, strict, and oftentimes brutally honest whether in a sexual or nonsexual context or not. Instead of whining when things don't go as they should or feeling immediately defeated as Asuna does, Runa just handles business with no issues. And with her working at the Amestia House with her younger sister assisting clients with their Heats/Ruts, there's never a day where she isn't putting the fear of God in someone for breaking the rules of the establishment.

While she may not look like someone that is protective of others, Runa is capable of doing so when the situation calls for it. And she punishes those that cause problems using her bokken instead of her powers. As she actively trains to strengthen her abilities, she is much stronger than her sister and a single blow from her could destroy a wall or tear up the ground. Knowing that her powers are destructive, this is how she refrains from seriously injuring anyone, especially if they're human. At most, she's knocking the wind out of someone. Runa's never actively had a reason to use her powers at their full strength but that doesn't mean she won't. She tries to get her sister to train more but it's never any fun when she's always beating her. When actively not doing that, Runa openly uses her other abilities for the sake of trolling people. Given that she's a straight-up pervert and isn't ashamed about this side of herself, it doesn't come as a surprise. To her sister, anyway. To others it does. This was evident when the two of them were actively seeking their stepbrother Haruhiko's attention when they were younger. It was the first time that Runa ever felt defeated when he told them both he was in love with someone else and wished to mate with them.

It doesn't bother her as much as it used to as she has the intention of using the Amestia House to eventually land herself a mate. Her clients always either enjoy how attentive she is or love how much she dominates them. Runa has no qualms about doing both at the same time as it makes the entire experience for her all that more enjoyable. And to be childish, even if she'd never admit to it, she competes with Asuna with how many clients they can satisfy without getting exhausted. And even better, she challenged her to see which one of them would find a mate first. Runa didn't think she'd like the idea of working at the Amestia House but it allows her to shower anyone with love, attention, and satisfaction!

★ Small Friend Circle ★
Considering the past incarnation of Runa didn't have friends, I'd like to change that this time around. She can joke around a lot even if what she says is inappropriate all the time which can be off-putting to many around her. Like her sister, she is willing to put herself on the line for others when the situation calls for it. Such as using her illusion abilities to trick Alphas who are causing problems to others into becoming obsessed with her but leaving them humiliated in the end. It's clear that she doesn't like seeing others being bullied around even if she's often seen teasing her sister. She doesn't hate her for any reason but it's more or less she doesn't know how to build that sisterly bond with her and inwardly feels jealous of how easy it is for her to make friends while many look at her as if she's some sort of demon with extra heads. It's an ironically funny comparison given what she is. Sure she can help people but her conversation skills could use some work as she's very vulgar in what she says and it doesn't always paint her in a good light speaking the way she does. The only person that seems to find humor in it is Minoru which makes things somewhat easier around the Amestia House but not always. So, if anyone is up to the challenge of trying to befriend Runa, by all means, go for it. Should be fun. I would like for Runa to have some actual friends this time around.

★ Let's Fight ★
Say what you want about Runa and how she acts and treats her sister, she is quick to rage at someone that dares threaten her if she's in a situation where she can't fight to defend herself. She'd be way past the point of trying to play tricks or ridicule someone, it's at that point she's ready to fight. And she's a force to be reckoned with should she ever go all out in a fight. That goes for the rest of her family as well. She may not know how to show it very well, but Runa does care about them deeply and will go out of her way to protect them from harm. I can see this happening on occasion but not as much. The same with Runa having to go full force using her powers if she were in other situations where she had to fight to protect others. She is willing to protect the safety of everyone at the Amestia House but if there was a more widened threat, Runa would have to have been plotted with more for her to reach that level of she'd do the same for everyone else like she would for her family and everyone at Amestia House. I don't have any ideas that would require that level of chaos but I'm also not above it either should anyone have ideas. Rivals, outside of her sister, I haven't put much thought into that but I'd be interested in the idea of Runa having a rivalry with someone else as that sounds like fun.

★ So Please Love Me ★
This time around, it won't be as difficult to play Runa being sexually outspoken and forward because the obsession with the stepbrother isn't the main focus of her personality. She currently has no one she's interested in and therefore, I'm starting completely fresh with the character in this area. That doesn't mean she won't be vulgar, constantly horny, and trying to tempt characters into sleeping with her. She is bisexual so she's interested in both men and women so it shouldn't be all that difficult to interact with her in this department in terms of romance. I would like an actual romance plot with Runa. For like her sister, she has her own insecurities but tends to hide and put on a brave face. In actuality, she can't help but be jealous of her sister sometimes. She believed and wished at one point if she'd presented as an Omega, maybe she'd be loved more as Omegas are highly wanted by many who are seeking mates. She may be a highly attractive succubus woman but despite the clients she has, she has her moments where she thinks not one of them would actually fall in love with her. She can wear as much lingerie as she wants, be attentive, and definitely dominate in bed, she wants a mate that not only enjoys all of what she has to offer but love her too. So yeah, this time around, I want Runa's love life to have a better outcome. ^^

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