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Author Topic: Abnominable Snow Woman [Mizore Shirayuki]  (Read 46 times)

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Abnominable Snow Woman [Mizore Shirayuki]
« on: May 27, 2021, 11:56:13 pm »

Mizore Shirayuki is a Beta Yuki Onna creature born in the Yokai Realm who is a student at Yokai Academy but attending Hakoniwa Academy under a three year trial to build proper relationship with humans and monsters. As for Mizore herself, she is a rather lonely girl who has a habit of "people watching" from afar. She does this because it helps her to feel less alone without having to actively get involved in socializing with others. It's a defense mechanism to protect herself emotionally by building walls around herself. She's rather shy and quiet, rarely showing her emotions. She finds it difficult to trust others, especially humans due to being told that they can't be trusted. But a part of her wants to try despite her fear of them. Her mother also basically gave her a strict ultimatum to return home with a husband which Mizore finds to be impossible with her being a Beta as she thinks no one would want her. Part of her feels she's made a mistake in deciding on this but she is making the best of it.

Currently, Mizore has no friends. She may have been admired by a few boys at Yokai Academy, she found them to be unattractive and gross. When she showed no interest in them, they turned their attention to more well-endowed female students. Other guys weren't interested in her because she was a Beta and in the Yokai Realm, Omega and Alpha monsters were considered the most desirable. She hated being reminded of her secondary gender. It also doesn't help that her own kind don't want to mate with her because of it. Plus, her "people watching" habits doesn't help her case either because people can sense when she's close by watching and it sends a child down their spine. That and she'll sometimes stalk them on purpose to scare them if she finds out they're doing something to others they shouldn't be doing. That and she tends to appear at random when people don't expect her to. Concerning friends, I don't expect anyone to make Tsukune here on EL. I'd rather Mizore make all new friends seeing as how I didn't write in the other characters from the main Rosario Vampire cast into her bio. I basically wrote her bio from scratch that she isn't friends with them/haven't met them. So, she's a blank slate. I'd like for her to work on trying to make friends with humans and not be afraid of them. I also don't mind her making friends with other non-humans either. If anyone is interested, post below.

Because I've not written the original cast into Mizore's bio, she currently doesn't have any love rivals so to speak. Nor does she have anyone she's in love with that she would end up considering someone who is also eyeing a person she's into, to be a rival. Much like the friends area, the rival and enemies area is a blanket slate as well. So, if she does develop a crush on someone, she would at least need to make some friends first for that love rival idea to work. I am interested in that. Enemies, should anyone try to hurt her, she will fight them off. Again, she needs to make friends for her to care enough to protect them. She is quite a versatile fighter when she needs to be and won't hesitate to use her powers whenever necessary. Though there are times she uses them when someone annoys her by firing ice kunais at people. The book is open for enemies and rivals. I was interested in a sibling rival between Mizore and the OC younger sister I wrote in, Miyuki. While the two don't argue or fight in the same destructive manner that Moka and her sister Kokoa do, like any siblings, they would have some sort of rivalry, In the case of the sister, it's more or less wanting to spar with her sister and prove she's gotten stronger. But it can be something sillier. I do have a face claim picked out for her already but no bio. If anyone is interested in making Miyuki, I would not mind at all.

Canon wise, Mizore only had feelings for Tsukune Aono in the Rosario Vampire series. EL wise, Mizore hasn't shown an interest in anyone. No one has to worry about, again, making Tsukune Aono. If you want to, that's your choice but not a requirement for me to be able to play Mizore. The romance area is completely open. I'd rather her find an interest in someone that will share the same feelings for her that she would for them and isn't creepy. I'm in no hurry for it and much like in the series, Mizore would fall hard for someone and would find it difficult to let go of her feelings for a person if they don't reciprocate her feelings. If that happens, I wouldn't have her take her too long to get over it and accept being friends with them. Learning to move on and eventually finding someone to be with. Someone that would make her feel she would make a wonderful mate that doesn't care she's a Beta. Whether this is a human or a non-human, I am not particularly specific. If anything, I just want a good idea for a pairing and if anybody has one, feel free to post your ideas so we can work something out.

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