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Author Topic: Girl in Green [Kusano Yatogami]  (Read 65 times)

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Girl in Green [Kusano Yatogami]
« on: January 02, 2021, 08:25:30 pm »

Kusano is an eight-year-old girl from the Yokai Realm that was born to parents who possessed different types of magic of their own but her own magic lies more from her mother's side of the family. She never got to meet her parents' families but they are aware of her existence. However, she is an only child and her parents adored her despite her birth being unexpected for them. She grew up hanging out with them while they worked at the Yokai Incorporated Facility. They specialized in experiments to create things that would be beneficial to the entirety of the Yokai Realm and humans as well. So Kusano's parents believed. While she was around adults more, she did interact with the children of some of the researchers that worked at the lab who also would bring their children to work with them. As for her powers, they were strong for someone her age yet she was inexperienced in controlling them. Her power as well as her status is what made Kusano a target for the board members of Yokai Inc. along with other researchers' children as well. They wanted to use her and others for many experiments and even eventually use her as a breeding machine when she became of a proper age to force her to mate. They hoped to use her because her power technically makes her immune to poisons that would kill the average person and non-human being. Kusano's parents had suspected they were targeting their daughter and they made sure that she got out of the lab alive when it was being destroyed. Kusano didn't want to leave her parents or the friends she'd made at the lab so she'd made a promise to them to take them someplace safe that her father spoke about and she and two other children managed to escape to the human world in Tokyo, Japan. As much as Kusano misses her parents and the many people that worked at Yokai Inc that was nice to her, she knows she can't go back there. She also can't take her two friends back either. Together, the three of them are on the run on the streets of Tokyo, protecting one another from the people sent from Yokai Inc to capture and take them back to the lab.

Kusano always wanted to have a lot of friends but she never got the opportunity to befriend a whole lot of monster children in the Yokai Realm. They would demean her for being more human than monsters and she didn't understand why such a thing mattered. However, she was happy to make friends with other kids that were the children of the researchers that worked in the Yokai Inc facility. They didn't judge her simply because she didn't have a monster form. They were just glad to be around kids their own age. Two of them she became close friends with: a young boy named Akira Yaotome and a young girl named Eri Hayase. They all became targets when Yokai Inc had been purposely destroyed as Kusano was the one that helped them to escape to the human world where she promised she'd try and find them somewhere safe. As much as she wants that, she knows them being around anyone innocent would put them in danger. Kusano isn't against the idea of making friends or trusting people, but she doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. She will be willing to protect them with her powers even if they may get a bit catastrophic due to her not being able to control them properly. Despite being a little girl, Kusano cares a lot about others. It's not hard to get her to like you as she likes plants and practically anything a little girl her age would like. Now if this person happens to be willing to try their hardest to protect her and her two friends, then she would become attached to them more than likely. Outside of that though, virtually anyone can be friends with Kusano as all age groups are welcome. She may be frightened at first but that depends on a person's facial expressions they're making at the time of meeting her. Little kids get like that as that's normal so don't be upset, just expect it but she'll warm up to your character if she feels she can trust them. Also, don't be surprised by her pet cat either. It has a lot of possibilities itself that can make for a lot of entertaining ideas. As for her two friends, I am debating on whether or not I'll make bios of them. I probably will when I find more time to do so and the brainpower to work on them. I also have no preference in terms of gender with her friends. Male and females are fine as long as they're friendly to her as she doesn't like it when people are being mean. ^^

Kusano and her friends are on the run from the people of Yokai Inc. While it was destroyed and many innocent people died, there is no doubt it has been rebuilt or another building has been bought to do the experiments and research the current board members of the old facility wanted to do. They were willing to use anyone for their own personal gain, even humans who they so greatly despise as they feel they serve a better purpose this way than anything else. However, having many failed experiments requires new and fresh ones. Such being the case with Kusano as they want her for her power as they find it would be extremely useful to them. The same could be said for her two friends as well. It wasn't just the board members who are distrustful but many others that worked for the lab sided with them in their projects as well. The ones that wanted no part in this paid for it with their lives. Kusano knows if she and her friends are caught, they would be used as test subjects for the rest of their lives. The only bios required right now would be of Akira and Eri which again, I need brainpower to work on them. However, as for the people of Yokai Inc, they don't have any official names as they are just NPCs. If anyone wishes to play an NPC random board member, I'm fine with that. No bio is necessary for it as they are expendable. The second is the flunkies. As the board members, flunkies who work for them in order to obtain Kusano and her friends are also expendable. No bio is required unless you want to make a bio for one. So there will be a lot of battle RP scenarios more than likely since if you have seen or know what Rosario Vampire is, that's pretty much what I'm referencing in terms of the Yokai Realm, just a more sinister side of it. Side plots can also be formed that have nothing to do with Kusano but other individuals that were being experimented on having managed to escape during the chaos and they're also on the run as well. Either to be killed or recaptured if they're deemed useful. I am leaving the door open to that one. If anyone has ideas they'd like to add, hit me up.

I don't plan to make this creepy. But I do and would like for Kusano to have some older figures to look up to both males and females. Since talking with Jaz and we decided that her character Shouta Akimoto would be the one to stumble upon her and probably take her in and the people in his life I can see her looking up to. Being inspired by them in different ways. Overall, the joke is she'll have "big brothers" and "big sisters" so to speak. Granted there will probably be those comical moments she'll grow envious of older females who are prettier than herself and not caring about them having big boobs as she's proud of her flat chest which could make for some jokes. I don't care. It's played for the sake of laughs and nothing more. The subtle innuendo jokes will be made all over the place mostly based on Kusano's age. So right now, not going to make too much of a big deal out of the romance area. She's eight, I mean come on. A child changes their mind like water. She'll grow out of it ... eventually ... maybe. Dunno. Toss your ideas anyway. XDD

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