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Author Topic: Girl Who Can't Smile [Eri Hayase]  (Read 62 times)

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Girl Who Can't Smile [Eri Hayase]
« on: May 21, 2021, 08:43:03 pm »

Eri's life began in the Yokai Inc facility in the Yokai Realm. Her mother was a human woman that'd been kidnapped like many others and forced to breed more monster children that didn't end up as failures. This means Eri has siblings she's unaware and as far as she knows, she's an only child. As for her father, she'd never met him but it is in her file that he is a male Alpha dragon that her mother was forced to mate with. She was only allowed to stay with her mother until she was a year old before being taken from her and subjected to painful experiments to determine what her secondary gender would be by attempting to force her to present early (which didn't happen) and awakening what possible dragon abilities she may have. Unlike the others, Eri has managed to escape from the facility only to be brought back. The board of directors at Yokai Inc found her too valuable of an asset to lose her. So they thought by allowing her to make friends with some of the other children at the facility, would stop her. However, they only had an interest in one child in particular and that was Kusano Yatogami. Eri along with another child, a boy named Akira Yaotome, had been tasked with befriending her.

Yet, Eri didn't know how to go about doing that. She was always scared she'd be killed, fearing everyone that worked there. But she also saw her nice Kusano was and didn't want to go about lying to her that she was being targeted and Eri and Akira were made to befriend her so those people could capture her and experiment on her as they were doing to them. She'd been told not to say anything but she unfortunately did. Doing so cost many innocent people their lives that weren't aware of what was going on behind the scenes and Kusano her parents were the ones that confronted the board about what Eri had told them. Eri feels guilty about this because of what happened. However, she and Akira had been promised by Kusano that she would take them someplace safe and away from Yokai Inc and those after them. While grateful, there will always be the lingering guilt that Eri feels. More importantly, she is happy to have a friend since she'd never had one before. Now, she, Kusano, and Akira have escaped to the human world in Tokyo, Japan, and are currently on the run to avoid being captured by those from Yokai Inc.

Eri had never had friends before meeting Akira and Kusano. She had accepted her fate as a prisoner at the hands of Yokai Inc despite her many attempts to flee only to be returned to them. But for the small amount of time she'd been allowed to get to know Kusano and Akira both, she knew what it was like to not be alone. She didn't want to go back to that which is why she wanted so much to tell Kusano what was going on and hoped that she wouldn't be hated for doing so. While the events that happened turned out for the worst and put her and them in the situation they're currently in. Eri, despite being fearful, is willing to stick by the two of them and doesn't want to see them get hurt because of her either. So, Eri is a skittish child who is unwilling to trust someone unless convinced by another person. That said, she will open up and be willing to learn more things when shown she can trust someone. That won't be an easy task without Kusano and Akira at her side. Considering all three of them are on the run from Yokai Inc., it will take a while for her to not feel/be as traumatized. If anyone has any ideas for this area, by all means, toss what you have to me and we'll go from there.

This area is self-explanatory. Yokai Inc and its board of directors are her enemies. Mainly because she's afraid of them and now that she is currently in a sense free from their grasp, she doesn't want to go back to that life of loneliness and experimentation. I would like for her to eventually learn to properly use her abilities in the long run if someone is interested in that. None of the characters from Yokai Inc have names. As I stated in Kusano's plot page, they are all NPCs that anyone can just RP when they want. If you decide to give them names, stay consistent with the names so I don't forget who they are and their role in the idea. The bottom line is they want to be able to create and control powerful monsters and despite their dislike of humans, they are willing to kidnap and use them for this purpose to "make use out of them" so to speak. Flunkies that work for the board of directors are allowed. They are also expendable. Also, because the previous facility was destroyed and they moved to a new one, that doesn't mean they were able to move ALL of their test subjects to the new facility. Many of them have escaped and secretly lead lives in the human world while trying to blend in with them and others who aren't human as well. These side plot ideas you guys are more than welcome to do and they don't have to tie into what's going on with Eri, Kusano, and Akira. Every test subject will have their own reason for escaping and going into hiding. Many I imagine would remain in hiding while others that have escaped, will desire revenge for the hell they were put through. So, I am flexible with this just to give everybody something to do if they want. I'd either like to be involved or at least be aware of what side plots going on so it's not just happening and then what I'm doing with my three characters doesn't line up with the side plots. So, if interested, please communicate with me. Thanks.

Unlike Kusano, Eri won't have an understanding of the concept of love considering she'd never been given it as she grew older. She wouldn't understand what it's like to love someone or be loved by this. My context of this lies more in the form of parental or sibling love. Someone to have in her life that is of comfort to her as well as willing to protect her from danger. And just like Kusano, she'd probably end up in the care of Shouta Akimoto if they don't all end up getting separated from one another. But that is something that can be worked out later. But for this area, parent and sibling love is more what I'm referring to here than romantic love. She's not old enough for that yet and until she is, that area is off-limits for right now. I don't have much of anything else for this right now but if anyone has ideas they'd like to share if something comes to mind that you want to do, by all means, reply below. ^^

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