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Author Topic: Optimistically Cheerful [Akasha Kusama]  (Read 50 times)

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Optimistically Cheerful [Akasha Kusama]
« on: May 29, 2021, 04:31:57 pm »

Akasha is a Beta whose very down to earth and friendly. She prefers to look on the bright side of things rather than going through life being depressed about her losses and misfortunes. She lost her ability to walk and her parents in a car crash, losing her ability to walk and to forever be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She has a younger sister named Athena who feels it is her responsibility to look after Akasha because of her condition but she unfortunately has a habit of sneaking away from her sister just to get out and have some fun of her own. If she's not hanging about the park, she's with her friends at school, having races to see which is faster, their legs or her chair, all the while wearing a smile on her face. She may get ridiculed for it and being a Beta but there are many who are amazed at how happy of a person she is despite her situation. Akasha chooses not to focus so much on it. She just knows if she'd died along with their parents, she would've been left all alone which is why she encourages her sister to make her own friends but Athena keeps smothering her with too much tender love and care. So don't be surprised if you see her hanging and laughing, having herself a good ol' time. That's just Akasha being Akasha.

Akasha can make friends with just about anyone but won't put up with anyone's bullShit either. All the friends she originally had before she became disabled all left her hanging high and dry when she really needed them to most so she sought out to make new friends that wouldn't judge her because of her disability. As Akasha believes it, she is no different from anyone else which is true. So characters of any age for her to make friends with are welcome. I'm not being picky in this area. I just want to get Akasha out there while testing myself to work with a different type of character I've never played before. And I only got to use her very little at LH except for a few times so I'd like to see what kind of friends she'd make in this type of setting.

I don't picture Akasha having many rivals since she's just naturally a happy person who likes to encourage others to feel better about themselves and not be ashamed of who they are. I do picture there will be like NPC sort of characters that would try and get in the way of that by trying to discourage her that she shouldn't be happy about the way she is and she shouldn't be trying to make others feel all good and what not about themselves. Probably even made to feel bad that she shouldn't be alive herself and that she doesn't have a right to feel happy when her parents are dead. Something along those lines. There are just many things that she as a person doesn't put much of an effort into caring about so if anyone has any ideas for rivals, feel free to post them and we'll discuss how it shall go about. If I don't picture Akasha reacting much to it, I'm probably going to say no. Concerning her sister Athena, I do have a face claim for her as well if anyone is interested in playing the younger sister. They are five years apart, so she would be thirteen. As stated here and within her bio, she is the smothering type of sister who constantly worries about Akasha. If there is to be sort of a rivalry, or just anything similar to it, probably Athena feeling jealous that her sister has all these friends and feeling confident about who she is along with coming to accept her disability and it maybe makes her feel like she isn't needed. Them needing to work on their relationship as sisters does need a bit of development. I am game for that idea.

It is rare when Akasha takes an interest in someone romantically but when she does, she is known to act very shy and unable to think of what to talk about around a person. This normally happens with boys though. With Akasha, love knows no bounds so she doesn't really care if anyone male or female takes an interest in her. Nor does secondary gender matter to her. However, she's very careful about doing so because there are cruel people in this world that like to play upon the emotions of others and because of her vulnerable state, she is aware that others will and can easily use that to their advantage to humiliate her later on. Now if she takes an interest someone, it'd would be nice for the feelings to be returned if she were to openly admit to them. But I'm down for rejection ideas too. I'm not putting too much of an effort into this area since I haven't played this character much despite having her for quite awhile now but I don't mind playing around with the idea of her entering into a relationship with someone. If anyone is interested, post your ideas.

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