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Author Topic: Party in the CIA // Lucas Kanejou  (Read 74 times)

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Party in the CIA // Lucas Kanejou
« on: February 03, 2021, 01:47:13 pm »

Eighteen Heterosexual Alpha Hakoniwa Student Human Biography

about lucas,
Lucas Kanejou isn't the type of person that stands out in a crowd of people. At least, not intentionally. He comes off to many as someone who's probably lazy and doesn't give much care to things or people around him. Which is the opposite. Lucas is more observant of everything around him and will speak to others and show respect to them. His high IQ also is the reason behind his reserved personality. He may be smart but he's aware enough to know that many can be intimidated by the intelligence of others. He doesn't demean himself by playing dumb but out of respect for his peers, he's never always the first to answer questions in class. This aspect of him shows he prefers to give others a chance to learn things on their own without always being made to feel like they're too dumb to figure things out. As such, he's not quick to tutor anyone either. Your grades have to suck hard for him to put in the effort and interest in doing that. Outside of schooling, he has an interest in gaming as well. Both playing and consulting others in how to beat highly difficult games. He isn't ashamed of humiliating other gamers online in competitions because he knows there's heavy ego in that territory. It's all in good fun for him as he doesn't take it as seriously as others. He also games leisurely to cure his boredom as Lucas is often found to be always bored. When that doesn't work, he'll find other things to do like reading mystery novels and collecting figurines. Growing up with his father for part of his life and because of his job working for the CIA, it taught him that the world isn't safe. It's more than just the focus of the societal system around them but a more dangerous world and life that many don't think about. Knowing about this causes Lucas to stay to himself. Not because he wants to be distant but out of protection for the safety of others. That said, he really doesn't think much about secondary genders as a whole.

distant friendships,
Lucas has more acquaintances than he does friends and because many have a vague view of him, this is why some tend to steer clear of him or forget he exists without meaning to. It's not something he prefers others to do since he would like to have friends but due to the situation his father's job has him in, Lucas fears that eventually, those that get close to him will end up getting hurt. His father's last mission has his enemies hunting for him and thus the reason behind him not using his real surname but a fake one. He thought it too easy to use the surname "Tsukishino" so instead he just used a different one while living with his mother and his half-siblings. It does confuse some that do question his relation to them and others don't care enough to ask. And due to Lucas being aware of just how dangerous the world is outside of the system that people tend to focus more on, he does have difficulties putting trust in others. I would like for that to change. I want Lucas to make friends with others in his age bracket and a little bit outside of it. As a way for him to learn that there are not only just garbage people in this world but good people as well. Find some people that he can trust. So there are no limitations with characters here. You can try if you have a character that works fitting Lucas' personality.

deadly enemies,
Lucas' father is a CIA agent which makes him an easy target for being used as leverage. And his last mission put him and his son's life at risk to a point that he had no choice for his protection to place him in the custody of his mother. He holds no resentment towards his father for the decision since it wouldn't make sense for him to be upset. Things just went wrong and took a turn for the worst and because of it, he had to go into hiding. He can't talk about it with anyone and is required to have as little contact with his father as much as possible. On occasion, he disobeys this order but does so in a way that it can't be traced by those that are after his father and his colleagues. These dangerous people after him are also willing to target the families and friends of everyone involved in the mission. That said, Lucas has to be very careful in who he associates himself with. Another reason why he's distant, on guard, and distrusting. I did have an idea where these criminals make their way to Japan and do find out that Lucas is there with his mother but instead of being able to get ahold of everyone they think would be useful leverage to lure out his father, they would get ahold of him and his half brother Usegi. I am game for anyone that wants to get in on this and expand more on it. I suppose this idea could also tie into whether or not Lucas eventually decides to want to do the same line of work as his father as long as it's not putting those he cares about in danger. If not, there's always the option of being a police officer when he gets older. But yeah, I'm kinda interested in some other criminal plots to involve him in where he has to go in and help someone cuz they're dumb and got themselves in trouble they can't get out of. And if you hadn't noticed by now after reading Lucas' bio, it is a bit based on the Taken movies. XD

romantic connections,
Lucas is only fourteen years old right now. I'm not saying he can't have a romantic interest but it would be hard for him to feel something for someone without also worrying about their safety. But his interest would be in females so, sorry to anyone that "may" have been interested but Lucas isn't gay. ^^; This area isn't too much of a focus since I'm not expecting intimacy with it based more on his age. No, he is more of a heavily plot-focused character with those elements being tossed in eventually. Plus, he has to really care and be protective of someone for that desire of interest to show. The character also has to be interesting too. That does play another factor. This area is really up in the air for right now. If you guys have any ideas you think could work, I'm willing to hear them out.

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