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Author Topic: Queen of Duels // Asuka Tenjoin  (Read 62 times)

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Queen of Duels // Asuka Tenjoin
« on: January 11, 2021, 12:48:17 pm »

Twenty-One Alpha Heterosexual Kaibara University Student CEO of Tenjoin Incorporated Biography

Tenjoin, Asuka is a graduate of Hakoniwa Academy who now attends Kaibara University as a first-year student, studying for a business major. She's a young woman from a wealthy family who doesn't put focus on it compared to others who do so. Being rich or an Alpha isn't something that she particularly cares about. She's someone that loves dueling and music, taking both of them seriously. When it comes to dueling, she always respects her opponents. It doesn't matter whether she wins or loses as Asuka likes having a good dueling rival that pushes her to step up her game. With music, she is neutral. She finds it as a way for her to express how she feels when she needs to get something off her chest. Asuka's quite an observant and intelligent individual, keeping her mind focused while having a good head on her shoulders. She doesn't find herself easily distracted by things she finds to be meaningless to her. But she has had conflicting concerns about her life and how her family's so heavily involved in it that it feels suffocating. To her, it feels like she has no choice in the matter to accept things instead of doing what she wants for the sake of her own happiness. Right now, she is trying to figure things out for herself.

Asuka has no qualms about making friends with anyone she engages with socially. However, it becomes rather bothersome that she can't seem to have a normal conversation with males without them hitting on her and showering her with gifts in hopes she'll become interested in them. All she wants is just to have friends. She can make friends with other females and not be interested in them sexually, she'd like the same when it comes to guys. She doesn't find the entire male gender hopeless idiots but friends are welcome. Doesn't matter their secondary gender as long as they aren't someone trying to push weird views on her or make sexual advances upon first meeting her. She's quiet and reserved but kind and respectful to everyone. She will stick up for her friends if anyone is mistreating them. So, this area is fairly open as I do want Asuka to have some friends. I haven't decided if I want to make Dallas and Tracey here on EL. I probably won't if I don't find it a necessity to make them. I'd much rather her make some new friends so if anyone has characters they believe will interact well with Asuka, feel free to respond to my plot page with your characters and ideas in how they should engage in interaction.

Asuka would have more rivals in dueling than she would have enemies in any other area of her life. From a business standpoint, someone working inside Tenjoin Incorporated could attempt to deface the business and attempting to bring shame to Asuka. By attempting to set her up in a scandal of sorts. Not sure what scandals would work but even if I don't have any ideas, I'm sure some of you will. ^^ I mean if you're bored enough. For the time being, I am fine with focusing on her having dueling rivals and maybe some music rivals. Someone that's secretly seen her sing and wishes to challenge her openly to prove they're better at the craft of producing music good music than she is. I don't know. Someone petty thinking that Asuka is someone who pretends to like music when that isn't the case. So she ends up getting caught up in having to try and prove them wrong, weirdly enough. So there are some ideas to play around with. If anyone has something better, feel free to share them.

To put it simply, Asuka isn't interested or looking for a relationship or a mate. She won't date the first person that asks her out either. Again, she's a reserved person that stays to herself and would rather make friends than focus on settling down with someone. If that comes to be in the future, I'd rather it be with someone she shares mutual feelings for instead of it being with someone or people that constantly ask would she date them. She's sought after by women and men, Alphas, Betas, and Omegas because of her beauty and not so much her personality. Her family focuses too much on her finding a selective mate for her too. At least her brother attempts to find someone she may like but her parents and grandfather not so much. Asuka is heterosexual so I'm not looking for lesbian ships. I'm fine with female admirers confessing their love to her but she will respectfully turn them down. Just don't turn it into some creepy stalker BS I didn't ask for or plan out. Open to suggestions on romantic interests but I'm being honest when I say I'm picky. If you only want to do a pairing simply because she's hot and Asuka's your fangirl/fanboy crush, the answer is hell no. Move on. Asuka at the very least deserves to be with someone that'll respect and love her and not drool all over her.

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