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Author Topic: Reflection [Mana Asakura]  (Read 62 times)

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Reflection [Mana Asakura]
« on: June 04, 2021, 09:41:18 pm »

Mana Asakura is the niece of Nodoka Mito who is the current head over her family's company that specializes in making educational toys for children with Mana being the first one to try out each new product before its mass produced. Although the idea of playing with toys would make any ten year old happy, Mana is a little different. Mana struggles to establish a sense of self-identity as most of her characteristics emphasize qualities about herself which she is uncomfortable with. She is emotionally fragile, and increasingly depressed due to standing out more with her female peers due to being well-endowed for her age. While this is a family genetic she cannot control, this doesn't mean those around her are kind about it. She's been ridiculed for it, being told she looks weird and among other things. This has caused her to hate herself in a sense because of the things people say about her. Mana tries not to stand out but ends up doing so without trying to. She's rather shy around those she doesn't know, usually only speaking when spoken to and tends to be afraid to be honest with how she's feeling. She is rather close with her Aunt Nodoka and her great grandfather who take care of her and she wishes to be more confident like them so she can not be afraid to approach others and make friends.

It isn't difficult to get to know Mana at all. She's a rather sweet girl if one takes the time to get to know her by talking to her. However, the changes her body is going through prevents many from paying attention to her as a person and focusing way too much on her physical characteristics as if that's all that is to her as a person. It makes her feel ashamed about her body and it causes her to struggle to approach her classmates seeing as how she's often ridiculed and poked fun of by them by something she cannot control. She likes reading, she likes toys, and watching cartoons. Mana even likes the idea of wanted to learn knew things. But someone has to open that door and give her that chance to open up to them. I have no reason to make this area difficult. It more depends on who attempts to interact with Mana and wants to be friends with her. That said, don't make it weird and creepy but open to ideas for friends because I really need to use this character. x.x

I don't picture Mana having rivals or enemies. Maybe on the opposite end like if someone she knew or didn't know was jealous of her which would explain why she's often mistreated, especially by other girls her age. I can say that Mana would feel jealous that she doesn't have a normal body like other girls and it would take a lot of pressuring for her to admit this as well as admitting that she kind of hates herself because of how people treat her. As for enemies, if I have her get involved in anything supernatural, maybe she might have them but that's a big maybe. That's not a definite. If anyone has ideas for this area, rivals & enemies, feel free to toss them to me.

Since she's ten, I won't focus too much on this area as I'm not trying to breed a ten year old. This won't erase her possibly taking an interest in someone in the future but like friendships, that depends on her interactions with other characters for those feelings to surface. Her bio does hint that she will eventually present earlier than normal since her body is going through early puberty and therefore she will present as an Omega. But I'm not doing anything sexual with her. A wholesome romantic interest might be something and it includes her and that character waiting until they're of the appropriate age to do anything but for Mana, I think how she'd feel in a situation such as that would be just being happy that someone likes her for her while also giving her the confidence boost she needs. But she has to get to that point in her development. If anyone has ideas for this, don't be afraid to drop a reply below and tell me what's on your mind to do. ^^;

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