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Author Topic: Sarcasm & Chaos -- Howard Mably  (Read 36 times)

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Sarcasm & Chaos -- Howard Mably
« on: September 07, 2022, 08:28:04 pm »

Twenty Two Human Alpha Bisexual Sarcastic Drunk History

Howard Mably is the younger brother of Sadie Mably and the heir to the Mably Pharmaceutical companies that are located around the world, including Japan. Both of them are British Americans but they've lived in Japan for so long, that their accents have fallen off unless, of course, they're upset. Howard is an example of this but his access comes out at rare moments with him. Either when he's angry or during acts of intercourse with someone. Unlike his sister who is able to quell her anger most of the time enough to hold a conversation, Howard can hold a conversation, an intellectual one in fact but it's usually filled with some form of anger and sarcasm mixed in with it. In fact, he's typically seen being annoyed with everyone around him and drinking beer. He hates ALL of his sister's friends that she hangs out with on a regular because Howard finds them idiotic and doesn't understand how she can put up with them.

He has shown to be able to tolerate a few of them but he wouldn't openly admit to it. This is only because he is able to have a tolerable conversation with them that doesn't hurt his brain. The rest of her friends do and he wants to punch them all in the throat. At the very least, he tolerates his sister's "boy toy" but openly holds nothing against him as long as he treats his sister right. Howard's not the easiest person to get to know because he's very honest when speaking with someone and usually gives people nicknames or insults them by matching the behavior they display when around him. He's never nice about it. He's never been someone to force himself to like anybody. He does indulge in other things outside of insulting people and drinking. He does enjoy playing video games but prefers shooter-type games, he doesn't go knife throwing as much as he used to but he is skilled in using a knife to his advantage, especially if he gets into any fights with people, he's a clean freak and he's a perfectionist at cooking. But upon first meeting him, many wouldn't even think he has such a side to himself.

Howard's "friends" are technically implied NPC characters he hangs out with for some fun to take his mind off of things. This would include playing video games, going to a bar, etc. Something fun to pass the time to where he's not in his own head all day. As mentioned before, he hates all of his sister's friends. However, her closest friend he's usually seen picking on is Shouta Akimoto, an Omega who originally was highly afraid to be around Alphas but as of recent, even Howard has seen that to have changed about him. The only reason he picks on him so much is that he feels that his sister treats him more like a younger brother than she does him. So instead of talking it out with his sister, he retaliates by torturing Shouta. Whether it's through constantly calling him a nerd because of his interests, punching him in either of his arms or giving him noogies. He also won't admit that he has come to tolerate him in some capacity, especially after learning of Shouta's condition where he's actually required to mate otherwise he would continue to be in more pain. That doesn't mean he hasn't cracked jokes but in his own sarcastic way, he has given him some advice regarding his predicament.

As for anyone else, people don't usually like him as he is and many have made attempts to "change him". This never works. To Howard, you either like him as he is or fuck off. And because he's rather sarcastic ass to people, many find it difficult to understand him as a person and actively avoid him or insult him which only amuses him or he ignores them. So for this area, you're basically having to force Howard to accept you as a friend since he's definitely a stubborn individual who likes to do what he wants and he makes it openly clear he can't stand anyone who's stupid. Yes, he does not care if anybody likes him or not and he technically hangs around others, specifically his sister's friends if he has to, not because he wants to. To try and be friends with Howard, you have to be able to see past his crass and brutish exterior. If anyone has any characters that want to give being friends with Howard a shot, feel free to try and we'll see how it goes. I can't promise that Howard won't be Howard. I will not write him outside of how I've written him. Defeats the purpose of his character.

It doesn't take much to get on Howard's bad side. You say something he doesn't like, he's pretty much resorted to insulting you until you prove him wrong otherwise about yourself. This usually comes from people who don't like it when he points out their faults. Of course, this has definitely led to him getting into a lot of fights with people which he's more than happy to fight dirty. This shows that Howard knows whether or not he can win a fight he's in with someone. If he's unable to, then he fights dirty by pulling out knives he hides on himself to slow that person down or tire them out enough where they've lost so much blood from being cut that he can kick their ass. Although he doesn't find it to be a real win if it comes to that. If he can win a fight, he won't back down to beat a person to the ground. However, he's not as violent as his sister but that doesn't mean he hasn't gotten to that point before.

I don't really see Howard getting involved in anything supernatural related but I'm not against it if it makes sense for him to be a part of such ideas. He'd be at a disadvantage with no powers but he can help in other ways. For other characters, it's not all that hard for characters to easily hate him. Pretty much been playing him long enough to see that only so few characters actually tolerate him while the rest just hate him and don't attempt to understand who he is as a person and why he is the way he is. So as a result, there are a lot of opposing characters Howard himself will not favor. I don't want to make a plot for characters who just don't like him but if I have to, I'd rather it be more than just simply hating him for how he is. Give me something more to work with than that.

Howard's a very honest person when it comes to his sex life or him just being attracted to someone. Most of his sexual encounters with people are implied since I don't feel like constantly writing out him engaging in sex all the time with different characters. He's not into someone that's overly clingy and emotional, he doesn't want someone trying to change him or preach to him about how he is (that's already way past annoying and has happened in other places) and he's attracted to men and women. And he is vocal about that when he's approached by anyone that's surprisingly interested in wanting to do anything with him. He has no interest in individuals he calls "why boners" which has gotten him punched a lot. Howard considers those who are like that to be people who have no idea what they want to be or trying to be and he does not wish to be dragged down trying to figure that out along with them. That's a headache for him. He also calls these same people why boners because he knows why other people are attracted to them but he personally isn't. He'd rather be with someone who knows who and what they are already. It saves time for him. I personally feel like Howard works best in some form of a chaotic relationship. Someone that matches his energy. That'd be the better partner that could work for him as a mate. At the moment, he isn't thinking about it, much less looking for it. He just does what he can to feel good and keep it moving. A character really has to pique his interest enough for him to even consider it. If interested, maybe it'll motivate him to get off his duff and put some of what he can do to use.


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