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Author Topic: The Storm That Heals  (Read 29 times)

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The Storm That Heals
« on: October 21, 2021, 09:29:40 pm »
The Storm That Heals

About Thunder

Thunder is a sixteen year old male who looks human, but is really an elf due to his blood being that of a pure Aleantylar, a race of elves long ago created by the god Corellon to satisfy his loneliness because he and his wife Alona could not have children together. He is the last pure-blood of his kind, but only because Corellon put his own blood into Thunder while he was being conceived. This led to Thunder developing powers like Corellon, but on a lesser degree. As a result, he's sometimes pursued for his healing abilities because he has the power to heal anything from injuries, diseases, to reversing those affected by poisons, venom, or those who have been transformed unwillingly into another creature, and to make others immortal through his blood, (if they get enough of it), as well as revive those who have been killed.

One thing about Thunder's healing abilities, is that if he is near someone who is injured or disease, his healing powers will try to come out on their own, forcing him to inwardly fight against it, so he doesn't expose what he can do. This can lead him to feeling shaky, exhausted, and ill. If he is touched by someone who has one of these, or if he bum[s into a corpse or other remains of a once living creature, his healing powers will come out full force, whether he wants it to or not. He was also born with a second power, that of electrokinesis, which gives him control over anything electrical or to produce it in various forms, as well as different types of lightning and thunderstorms. During an ICS, also known as Irritable Cutozria Syndrome, (which is basically an Aleantylar's heat/reproductive cycle) he accidentally produces massive lightning storms capable of destruction.

Any time Thunder uses his power, his symbol, a lightning bolt will always appear on his forehead and a red aura will appear around him. To tell the difference between which power he's about to use, one should look for the sparkles or glittering inside the aura. If there is a glittering sparkle within the aura he is using his healing power. If there is none, he's using his electrokinesis.

He's skilled in martial arts, particularly Aikido and Kendo and practices them three to four times a week, as well as being an excellent swordsman. Because of his quick reflexes and graceful way of moving about, even when in fight mode, he's a proficient fighter though he tries hard to avoid them if he can. Still, if he needs to he can fight several opponents at once and usually walk away, leaving them knocked out unconscious from his feet and fist blows. Meditating daily helps him stay focused, and he's not above to reading a good book either, especially when he doesn't feel up to doing anything else. He's not a snappy dresser, but he's most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt/tanktop/sweater. Rarely ever will you see Thunder in shorts and he doesn't often remove his shirt, but sometimes he does if he gets too hot and sweaty. For the most part, he tends to be quiet unless he has something to say, and if you're lucky, you might just hear him sing, which he often doesn't do, because he hates the attention it gets him. Sufficient to say, he could be a famous singer if it wasn't for his shyness and if he wanted to.


Thunder isn't like most omegas, meaning that he's not afraid to treat others like himself, no matter their secondary gender. He's not entirely trusting of most people he first meets, and girls are a definite no-no until he gets to know them better. Not that he's trying to be rude or anything, but his first time experience with girls didn't go too well and it scared him. Add to the fact that many girls always want his number, write him love-letters in school, and to even just try to be near them him puts hm on edge. To be hugged by a new girl will send him bolting.
At the same time, Thunder has this inherent ability to sense when others are in emotional pain, though he cannot heal that. All he can do is try to be supportive in any way he can.

In truth, Thunder doesn't have very many friends, except Flash Michaels, who came to Japan with him and his father. He's been told by Flash to go make more and to stop letting his shyness prevent him from doing that, while Frank Copiel tells him to be extra careful because of his powers. In fact, Frank rarely trusts people when he first meets them, watching them suspiciously and always warning Thunder to never talk about his ability to heal. This can pose some problems for Thunder, who doesn't believe everyone is out to get him for that particular ability, and he hopes that someday his dad will see that. 

I'd like to see Thunder get friends that he can warm up to, not romantically mind you, but as close as brothers or brother and sister if possible, and to overcome his shyness with people, especially girls in general.

Enemies and Rivals

Thunder's major enemy would be the god of evil Tutock and his Guardians, but since they've been defeated and Tutock sealed away, he really doesn't have any enemies per se. On the occasion, he might have a rival in a martial arts competition, or someone who might want to use him for his powers for notorious purposes, particularly that of his healing abilities. There may be the occasional person who finds a reason to be jealous or want to dislike him for whatever reason they can, particularly since Thunder attracts others to him by his physical good looks, which really annoys Thunder and makes him quite uncomfortable. A main reason someone would be jealous of him would be because Thunder has something they don't, particularly gracefulness and agility that comes naturally with him.


Thunder is an Aleantylar elf with the Omega gender, which means his "heats" or reproductive cycles if you will totally differ from typical Omegas. Rather than being able to get pregnant, Thunder can impregnate others, but only during times of ICS. Until his ICS calms down or he's tranquilized he becomes very moody and dangerous, or unless he manages to mate. Presently, Thunder is not ready for a romance, but that doesn't mean he can't open up to one with the right person and the right time. The god Corellon would help try to set up a romance between him and a young woman, just because he wants to create the Aleantylar elf race through Thunder, but Thunder as always is quite stubborn and unless he finds a mate, he may just be the last Aleantylar ever. My thoughts were to put him with Flash Michaels, but I am open to other possibilities, once he becomes fully of age. For now, anything would be strictly just friends only. The biggest obstacle to romance would be Thunder's shyness and his inability to currently be attracted to someone. Once he enters into ICS mode, he will find himself being attracted to someone he likes, but this may take time and not be definite.

Once Thunder becomes romantically involved with someone he is committed to them for life and will remain very loyal. The idea of cheating on his mate is something he'd never consider, but if his mate cheated on him it would crush him into a depressive state where he'd probably go revert back to not trusting anyone ever again and the cycle would need to be broken again. He'd be very protective of his mate, especially if they were being harassed by someone or threatened.

But again, Thunder is not yet looking for a mate. He's intent on finishing his studies at school and then deciding what career he wants to pursue through university. He considered being a doctor. Frank would like him to enter the IDDA and become an agent like him, but Thunder knows that whatever he chooses, so long as he's careful, it would be good. Perhaps, someday while in college, he'll meet his fated mate.


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