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Author Topic: Trapped By Fate || Himawari Kunogi  (Read 23 times)

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Trapped By Fate || Himawari Kunogi
« on: July 16, 2022, 06:06:06 pm »

nineteen heterosexual alpha & beta kaibara student unnatural bad luck biography

About Himawari
Himawari is a young woman that attends Kaibara University and is close friends with Kimihiro Watanuki and Shizuka Doumeki who also attend Kaibara as well. Himawari on the surface to many appears to be a kind individual that loves making friends with everyone she interacts with, enjoying the simple things of life compared to others. She's always wearing a smile on her face which hides how she truly feels inside. Himawari was born with unnatural bad luck that even if one was to wish for it to be removed, the price for that wish would be too great. This is stated by Yuuko Ichihara to Doumeki when asked about it. Watanuki is the only one who isn't aware of her unnatural bad luck despite being in love with her. Which she is fully aware of but chooses to step aside because she knows that Doumeki is in love with Watanuki and believes him to be a better mate for him than herself. He could protect him whereas she can't.

Despite seeing so many tragic events unfold before her throughout her life, Himawari tries her best to remain optimistic but it becomes rather difficult to do so without mentally and emotionally wanting to break down. Deep down, she feels envious of everyone around her who is able to have the life of happiness that they want without worrying about if they'll be in danger on a regular basis. Himawari believes that she will never have that even though she wants that. It's also why she becomes upset with Doumeki whenever he attempts to distance himself from Watanuki. She doesn't play favorites between the two of them, treating them equally as her friends because she feels lucky to have them in her life.

Unlike Doumeki who actively assists Yuuko and Watanuki during most of their supernatural escapades, Himawari does not. She only joins by choice while still having a basic understanding of what is happening and what she needs to do if told everything in advance so she isn't going in blind. These situations don't freak her out as they do with Watanuki as she is a fan of ghost stories and can on occasion tell old folklore ghost stories to the two that she heard from her parents or other classmates. Sometimes these stories help both Doumeki and Watanuki during their ventures with Yuuko. Aside from all of this, Himawari is just going through the motions of her life, accepting that while she can have friends and not worry about them getting hurt for the most part, but accepting that she'll be alone, whether she wants that or not.

Watanuki, Doumeki, Yuuko and Mokona are Himawari's closest friends. The reason for this is because Doumeki has the innate ability to cancel out her bad luck which protects others she's interacting with. This has only resulted in annoying Watanuki who likes spending time with her alone which she doesn't mind but plays it off by pretending she is unaware of why Doumeki suddenly appears at random when the other least expects him to. As Himawari got to know Yuuko a little more, she did inquire about her bad luck and if there was a way to rid herself of it. Yuuko had told her that it can be removed but the price for it is too great as a wish price can't be any more or less than the one demanded. And Himawari's wish to remove her bad luck would be at the cost of another's life to remove it.

Himawari didn't want to sacrifice anyone just to remove her bad luck so she accepted that she was trapped by the long string of terrible events as a result of something she cannot control. Doumeki later inquired about her bad luck with Yuuko without her knowing about it which she was upset by and she told him that she was fine. She wasn't going to choose the life of someone else just to get that happiness she wants for herself. She wasn't selfish. "It was fine", she'd always tell him. "Just be with Watanuki and make him happy". Her friendship with Doumeki can be questionable at times, especially when the two of them are at odds but they do genuinely care about each other's well-being. This area for Himawari isn't difficult since it's not hard for her to be kind to everyone she talks to. So, it's not as if she'd say anything that would detour them away from her.

She'd willingly hang out with anyone but deep down, she'd make herself emotionally distant because due to her bad luck, she knows that if she gets too attached and something bad happens to someone, it would hurt her to a point that she'll break. To avoid that, she'll socialize and be friendly with others. I think it'd be interesting for her to meet someone that once they got to know her a little more and they find out about her having bad luck, they wouldn't care about the fact that she has it. They'll still want to be friends with her. And this can work with typically any character that's willing and interested to take that chance. If anyone has any characters for this, feel free to toss me your ideas. Also, if you have characters that you want to be affected by her bad luck, you'll have to be the one to come up with the event yourselves. Himawari isn't aware of what her bad luck does until events come to pass. So be mindful of that.

Himawari finds herself to be her own worst enemy. Her bad luck has caused many problems for others around her and she had to grow up eventually learning that these events were her fault is why there is a darker side to her than she's willing to admit. While she generally doesn't hate anyone, there is no denying that she harbors a lot of envy towards everyone around her who can go about their lives and not worry about being put in danger, putting others in danger, finding a mate, and having a family. Things that Himawari wants for herself but knows she cannot have. And the release of her scent makes her bad luck even stronger which is why during those times of the month, she stays inside. Never going out for any reason at all.

Naturally, this would make her hate herself deep down while also believing that if anyone outside of those she knew found out about her bad luck, they would hate her and shun her. How her bad luck works is through the release of her scent, touching, or being in a specific area physically can cause an incident to happen and she's never aware of what will happen until it does. Himawari, in a sense, is trapped by the fate of her bad luck with no way out but down. Someone will always get hurt in some kind of way, without her having to do anything except existing within the space of others. It is why she thinks she's her own worst enemy.

Outside of her bad luck, I don't mind having Himawari being a part of smaller-scale supernatural situations. Whether her being there makes things worse or not will be up to anyone that's interested. Usually, she decides on her own to willingly help out Watanuki and Doumeki if they need an extra hand. Most of the time, she doesn't volunteer. If it makes sense for her to be a part of side plots if additional characters are needed for ideas, I'm all for that. I just need to know the rundown of what's going on before I decide whether or not I want to put Himawari in it. She can be a part of situations that are made up on the fly which is also fine. Again, it all needs to make sense though.

Himawari, like everyone else, wants to have a mate of her own to spend the rest of her life with. But her unnatural bad luck prevents this and causes her to present as two secondary genders: Alpha & Beta, even though she is human. This makes her a rarity of humans that can present as two secondary genders but it ends up coming at a cost of making their lives difficult in the process. Himawari is also of the 1% of Alpha women who can bear a child but cannot impregnate. It isn't abnormal but it is considered uncommon in today's society. And while she finds the idea of it being nice that as an Alpha woman, she can have a baby, possibly due to her genetics of also presenting as a Beta as well, she finds it depressing that she will never know what it is like to experience that.

Just as her friendship with Doumeki is questionable, so are her feelings for Watanuki. She is aware that he is in love with her and is happy that someone could even love her without knowing that she'll cause them nothing but trouble if she were to be with them, she doesn't necessarily admit to returning those feelings. Even when asked by Doumeki if she loves him just as he does, she never gives a direct answer and just encourages Doumeki to be with him instead. Himawari would rather be happy knowing that someone loves her even if she can't love them back than be selfish and return that love only for them to be hurt by her. She doesn't want to see that happen to anyone, especially not to Watanuki.

So, I've personally already decided that Himawari will not be the mate of Watanuki or anything so no worries there. The character may be canon but that doesn't mean I have to go strictly canon with her partner. Her partner can be whomever. It can be an OC or another canon that wants to establish a relationship and future with Himawari while assuring her that her bad luck will not run them away from her. Did want to play around with the idea of it being a character that is unaffected by her bad luck. Dunno about the idea of two bad luck people getting together. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But if any of you have an interesting idea surrounding these two ideas, great. If not and you just want to go with a regular character and see what happens, we can do that too. Himawari may have accepted she'll be alone but deep down, it isn't what she truly wants.





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