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Author Topic: Two Sides of the Same Coin // Subaru Anzai  (Read 76 times)

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Two Sides of the Same Coin // Subaru Anzai
« on: February 02, 2021, 12:33:06 pm »

Twenty Four Alpha Homosexual Professional Online Cosplayer Biography

Anzai Subaru is a young man who works as a professional online cosplayer. Starting out as a child under the persona of "Suba-chan" due to his feminine features, he often used it to wear clothes he thought were cute, which were female clothing. His mother, before she died, was fine with this but his father wasn't. He preferred his son to dress and act like a boy while admitting to sometimes being ashamed that his son partakes in such an interest and hobby. It didn't help that when he became of age, he presented as an Alpha. Subaru wanted to present as an Omega like his mother but luck wasn't in his favor in that department. Having said that, once his mother died, his father actively began trying to rid his son of his interests, finding them distasteful in his eyes and would have a tendency to throw away everything related to Subaru's hobbies and interests. It was clear to Subaru that his father was a man that held the societal system and its rules in high regard, often telling him that he should act in a manner that Alphas normally do, something Subaru didn't like the idea of nor supported.

He disliked a lot of things related to it and tried not to focus on it despite being reminded of it by his father and others who found it strange for someone like him to not act as Alphas should. Instead of being highly aggressive, possessive, and confident, Subaru is the exact opposite of that. He's only aggressive when annoyed but is generally nice, wants to make friends, and shares his love of cute things with others. He can be heavily opinionated when he wants to be and doesn't mind expressing something he likes or dislikes. However, he can revert to being submissive and keeping things to himself when wanting to avoid conflict with others. As he became an adult, he hated how his features became less feminine and more masculine along with the change in his voice due to puberty. At one point, believed he couldn't do his hobby anymore until a friend of his and his aunt, whom he is close with, suggested otherwise. He eventually came to accept this change of his body, if only somewhat, and donned the new personal of "Suba-kun" and officially retired his old one, "Suba-chan".

The only known friend in Subaru's life is a Beta by the name of Tomiji Kishimoto. He was aware of how Subaru was treated by others and was able to approach him when the other needed someone the most. Tomiji admitted that he liked the things he was interested in as well as found him cute and didn't understand why everyone was trying to push him to be this stereotypical Alpha that a lot of people already don't care for. Subaru was glad to have someone on his side that wasn't trying to make him be someone he didn't want to be. He just wanted to have friends to share his interests with but everyone, including his father, was judging him for them. His aunt, while supportive and sometimes indifferent, would express sometimes whenever her nephew was being overly dramatic that he is a boy and he should start accepting that even if he hates it. He hated hearing it but knew she was right. He only changed some aspects of his hobby while still retaining an interest in what he does.

Instead of being "Suba-chan" which is the first persona he started out with, he's now "Suba-kun" and has captured the appeal of those of both genders with the style of clothing he wears and his appearance mixed in. So he had a lot of fans who view his social media and websites. While he has followers and fans, Subaru would like to have more friends that won't be so judgy of him. Given that Subaru can be playful both when in his persona and out of it, it's to be expected of him to tease his friends. If anyone has characters that'd like to befriend him, I'm open to some ideas as far as interactions are concerned. Characters of any secondary gender of welcome as long as they aren't a Dick. Female characters aren't excluded either. I think it'd be interesting for Subaru to have a female friend who he thinks has such a beautiful appearance but they tend to hide it with drab clothing and he wants to fix that. XP Something to think about.

It isn't hard to see what Subaru clearly dislikes. Explaining them off, to start with would be his like of his secondary gender. He has somewhat accepted presenting as an Alpha, it doesn't mean he favors it. It is true that Alphas are known for being widely successful career-wise, which is why his father was often trying to push him in such a direction. Subaru's father is an example of a successful Alpha, albeit in his mind, a heartless one. He hates the stigma that Alphas have and the idea that others wanted to project onto him to be like other Alphas which is something Subaru refuses to do. He doesn't want to be like your average Alpha and while he doesn't mind making friends with anyone of any secondary gender, he does show his dislike of how all three of them can be contradictory. While Subaru doesn't hate the idea of being male, he was disappointed that his more feminine features became more masculine as he became an adult.

This is because he was able to use it more with his hobbies and interests as well as having fun with it so on occasion, he will bring it up which would be an interesting topic that would probably confuse most people. While this isn't expressed very often, it more depends on who Subaru is interacting with. For some reason, he doesn't like it when women aren't honest with themselves about how they feel towards someone. He's seen a lot of girls try and play it off not being interested which ends up with them missing their opportunity and that just angers Subaru. He's not saying that guys can't be this way too but it is more noticeable with women than men. He finds it exhausting and frustrating. So, unfortunately, I have no big plans for Subaru to have "enemies" so to speak. Instead, I focused more on his distaste for things and certain types of people. This could be more of a plot idea to write about than spending time on formulating enemies for him to hate. If anyone wants to play around with the idea of doing a thread with him pertaining to any of his distastes, then I'm cool with it. This is an old character that I'm implementing new elements onto so writing them out would help. If anyone has ideas they'd like to add, I'm fine with that as well.

Subaru is obviously someone who believes in romance, even if he doesn't believe he'll find a mate that will like him for who he is. As stated above in his distastes, he doesn't like it when people aren't honest about their feelings when it comes to someone they clearly have feelings for. He wants that special connection with someone and is clearly teasing and flirty as a person. Especially if he finds someone to be cute in his eyes. For this character, I don't think secondary gender matters much when it comes to romantic interests. No, Subaru would be interested in someone who isn't complete garbage as a person and just accepts him for who he is without trying to change him to be something that he isn't. Funny enough, if he were to find a mate, I'd imagine he'd like dressing them up like a doll if they have the appearance that matches for it. Because he can't help himself and it just fits his personality for him to do something like that. I don't focus much on talking about him being a homosexual because it's obvious that he is one and into men. I wanted to focus more on him as a person and not write Subaru out like a dildo. =.= I would like to actually plot with this character and for someone to meet me halfway in that department. Like I said, for this character, the secondary gender of the opposing one does not matter to me. If he connects with your character and yours with him, then I don't see why them being mates would be a problem.

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