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Author Topic: Warrior of Love // Minako Aino  (Read 40 times)

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Warrior of Love // Minako Aino
« on: August 30, 2021, 06:58:46 pm »

Minako is a devoted young woman who works as a hero for the Marvelous Hero Agency. She protects everyone and everything from evil. Because of her job, she keeps her distance from others to avoid putting them in harm's way, but it's often clear this doesn't always pan out that way for her. Her life started out much simpler than this but having discovered her powers at a young age and training to learn how to use them properly so she doesn't end up hurting herself or others, has given Minako a new perspective on life. Truth be told, she would much rather have fun, be lazy, and eventually settle down. The fun-loving side of her that no one rarely gets to see. It's hidden behind her duty and job as a hero to keep the public safe. Therefore, her missions always come first above anything else. That said, she has actively decided to not find a mate and just focus on working as she believes that she is not fated to have someone to love. Her job does make her happy but at the same time, it also makes her feel lonely.

Minako has had plenty of friends and has never had trouble making them but that doesn't mean she hasn't been the brunt of being badmouthed by others. This is usually the misconception that the general public has towards Alphas and therefore sometimes her peers would assume she was too good to hang out with them. Even though they could always approach her themselves. Minako would brush it off and not let it keep her down. But the discovery of her powers as well as presenting as an Alpha made it a tad difficult to make friends, especially now that she is an adult. Her duty as the hero "Magellan" is her main priority and she would never forgive herself if anyone she knew got hurt or killed because of her. It's never something she wants. For that, she will acquaint herself with people but doesn't openly get close to them out of protection for their safety.

Deep down, Minako does want to make long-term friends but she also knows there are just some things you can't tell everyone. This version of Minako doesn't have Artemis as a feline companion. I can always imply at any time that she decided to get a cat to keep her company and it's just a white nonspeaking cat. As of right now, Minako does solo missions when a situation arises within the city. I think forming friendships with her coworkers at the Marvelous Hero Agency would be a start and maybe forming friendships with other Heroes as well. To show that she doesn't always have to fight alone. Outside of her job, I'd like her to make friends as well if anyone is interested in that and has characters they believe would work for it. I guarantee once characters do get to know Minako, they definitely will not be bored hanging out with her.

Ah, enemies. Such a fun little area to explore. The sky's the limit on what supernatural enemies are in the area causing trouble within the city. I picture it being a minor occurrence but who knows? If anyone can come up with something good, we'll play it out and see where it takes us. Minako isn't above putting herself out there to be a target if it means protecting someone from getting hurt if that is part of her mission. That's also something I'm willing to play around with as well. I don't have anything so major on the brain but I am dying for a battle RP so if anyone has anything they want to do, we can always discuss it! Shower me with your ideas!

This isn't an easy topic for Minako. While she may have personally decided against the idea of finding a mate, that doesn't mean the desire for it is nonexistent. As there are times she will not act as if she's interested in dating because her mind will be on her mission more than it is on trying to have a life. But she has her moments of wanting to break away from that and therefore has dated a couple of guys in the past. One turned out to be a demon that was preying on her Omega and Alpha female classmates which scared and scarred her knowing that there are people and creatures out there willing to take advantage of others' weaknesses. It wasn't an easy decision for her but she managed to defeat the demon and it made her wary of opening her heart. Instead, Minako would rather play matchmaker and help those around her out when they're having trouble figuring out their "love situations" rather than focusing on herself. While she may also be an Alpha, she's not someone that will force herself onto someone because of that. She finds the very thought of it disgusting. Minako believes in finding true love even if she feels she will never have that. Currently, I have no set ideas for this area and she can pretty much match with virtually any type of guy as long as they aren't hot garbage in personality. So, just gonna play around with whatever ideas are given to me but no weird shit. I mean it.


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