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Author Topic: You Haven't Seen the Last of Me [Minato Asano]  (Read 63 times)

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You Haven't Seen the Last of Me [Minato Asano]
« on: November 04, 2021, 09:23:31 pm »

Asano, Minato. Stage Name: Sano Ito. He's been an idol ever since he was young. While it isn't hard to recognize him when he's out in public, he generally tries to hide and blend in by wearing hats and shades if he's trying to enjoy a day he has free. His lifestyle of being an idol isn't something he goes around bragging about. He loves doing it because he enjoys music but that doesn't mean the life of an idol isn't stressful at times. He was never someone that was big on being social with others originally but meeting others in the industry that have never attended his father's school for idols gave him the ability to properly learn to be social with others and make friends that didn't see him as his father but saw him as himself. He's known for being a nice guy, engaging with his fans, and signing autographs for them. Just not on his days off. Because he's a Dominant Alpha, he is wanted by a lot of people both fans and other musicians/artists alike. Unfortunately, Minato doesn't share this sentiment. Being a Dominant Alpha means he struggles to deal with the scents of everyone around him and he hates it. Usually finding the scents he's around to be unbearable to inhale and it makes him want to vomit. He deals with a lot of other symptoms that come with presenting as a Dominant Alpha but to avoid causing problems, he usually takes care of his needs at the Amestia House rather than being a burden on others. This already worries his parents and he doesn't want them worrying themselves to death about him. His friends and manager worry about him as well but he prefers to keep them at a distance during these times. When he's fine, he's more engaging with them and ready to get back to focusing on his music. His songs have inspired the hearts of many fans he has and seeing the smiles on their faces is the reason why he keeps going. To make sure they remain smiling. The promise he made to his mother: for her and everyone else to smile when they hear him sing.

Minato doesn't trust a lot of people because for one, because of his status as an idol, they always want something from him and he has no time for it. The only friends he was able to make were the friends he made when he attended public schooling for a while and they didn't know he was a former idol at that time taking a break and other musicians/artists that love his music. He keeps these friends close but keeps others at a distance. For him, it's easier to avoid dealing with people being he doesn't know being excited fans that aren't real fans. I'd like for Minato to make some friends. It doesn't have to be with the male characters that were originally planned out to be male versions of the Sailor Guardian characters from Sailor Moon Crystal. That is not expected here since their lives and professions would obviously be different in the universe of EL. So this opens the door for me to do more stuff with him. Meet some new characters. Characters that will show concern for him whenever he's going through his Ruts. This would make him wonder why they care since at that current time, he wouldn't think of them as close friends more than likely. I welcome ideas and characters in this department.

Given that Minato has trust issues with people, especially if they're someone that gets on his nerves, I can see him having to encounter characters that have a rather outgoing if not annoying as hell personality that clashes with his own. They can have any particular reason for getting under Minato's skin as long as said reasons make sense. I also expect rivals of other idol groups and such to be jealous of Minato's success as well. Ones that are constantly trying to one-up him but end up failing. He will begin to show he's bothered and annoyed by it which pushes him to do better in his career for the sake of his fans and the promise he made. Sounds like something that could be fun. If anyone has any other ideas in this area, I'm more than game for hearing them. I decided not to put enemies here since this version of the character doesn't have powers anymore. This doesn't mean he won't encounter characters with powers and nonhuman characters. But since he's not a fighter in this universe, I picture his interactions with such characters to be minimal at best.

With Minato being a Dominant Alpha, this makes dating difficult for him. The scents of others during his Ruts usually smell awful if not sour to him and he's constantly wanting to vomit and be away from people. For some, he can tolerate if only to satisfy himself during this time but he's usually vomiting right after while experiencing exhaustion, headaches, irritability, etc. Instead of seeking out a mate, he goes to the Amestia House anytime his Rut starts. He finds it a pain since it would be hard for him to find a single person whose scent that doesn't make him want to heave or give him a migraine to be around. Therefore, he doesn't focus or attempt to look. Instead, he just encourages his friends who may be interested in someone. If it's something others around him want, he won't talk them out of it and is willing to provide them with advice if he's able. Sort of playing background matchmaker if you will. In this department, I'm pretty much open to ideas since I don't have a specific fated mate for Minato in mind. Since the cause behind his illness deals with the biology of his secondary gender and not a more serious condition, it would be easier to again, write a romance that isn't a sad one with him eventually dying. So no worries there. Minato will very much live. But the character has to be compatible with Minato and he can tolerate their scent. Possibly a Beta or a Recessive Omega would work in this case. So that leaves the option for the character to be male or female. As for an Alpha, he usually has engaged in intercourse with one if they are female and can't get pregnant. He's never been with a female Alpha with a working womb. It would be an interesting idea. If anyone's interested in that. That part isn't a necessity. More or less, Amestia House partners during his Ruts as a preference if no one else is available. But if anyone has other ideas, they are welcome, feel free to share them.

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