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Author Topic: [Language] Burn This B*tch To The Ground! (Open)  (Read 40 times)

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[Language] Burn This B*tch To The Ground! (Open)
« on: September 29, 2021, 09:35:36 pm »
It's Halloween night, and one of her favorite holidays. Well, all holidays that allow excess drinking and dressing like a dollar store wh*re so pretty much every one of them. The American holidays were the most fun for obvious reasons as they didn't allow religion to get in the way of having a good time. A small dive bar on the outskirts of Central District is packed full of loud people dressed as superheroes, television characters, and whatever cheap costume someone made at the last minute. Shooting down some Russian vodka, she cheers as one of the drunk college girls takes off her top revealing gigantic breasts. Everyone hollered and some even shouted to take off her cut-off short shorts with a thong peaking over her hips.

The girl proceeds to lay down on the bar counter in front of Mao who takes this prime opportunity to order a body shot. A bartender comes along and puts a shot glass of whiskey on the girl - who shouts her name is Holly - who takes it and puts it between her t*ts by squeezing them together. Oh, this Mao likes. Getting on top of the barstool so she's bent over enough for everyone to see up her tight black dress. A slice of lime goes in Holly's mouth. Mao grins down at Holly and playfully nips at the girl's nipples to get a reaction. People are watching, and someone is caressing her a*s, and she loves it. The drunken haze of lust in the air as people forgot their current problems. For her, it's every day needed escape.

Not for the person behind her who will go home and find their apartment broken into. Their roommate instigated it and is hiding the belongings in a storage unit.

Putting a hand on either side of Holly, Mao grabs the shot glass with her lips and shoots it back before popping it back out and tossing it in the crowd behind her. Seductively, she takes the lime out of Holly's mouth and bites into it allowing the juices to spill down her chin and onto Holly's neck. Mao wastes no time to bend down and lick it up before kissing the college girl and kneading her breasts right there on the bar counter. Everyone, but the staff is drunk enough to where the two could have s*x right then and there, and it would result in a massive 0rgy.

Holly will wake up with no memory of that night in a stranger's bed. She'll ask for breakfast and another round of sex before returning to campus with a frown.

There's more shouting and cheering. Someone else spanks her a*s, and she kicks them in the face with the toe end of her heels. Reculentally, she breaks the kiss and looks at the dumba*s who spanked her. Some guy dressed as Wal-Mart Iron Man.

"Can't ya see I'm busy? F*ck off," she yells as she pinches Holly's nipples. The girl cries deliciously in pain, and arches into Mao's hands. The seer's attention is brought back to the important matter at hand. "Somebody likes pain. Are ya a pain sl*t?" Holly nods, and mews. "If ya keep making those noises I'm gonna take ya to the bathroom and f*ck ya against the door while these b*tches pee on themselves." She sits back down on the barstool and slides Holly into her lap to continue kissing the girl.
OOC Notes: Mao is a bad example.

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Re: [Language] Burn This B*tch To The Ground! (Open)
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2021, 01:12:00 am »
Hitoshi wasn't really accustomed to going out during the holidays; alas, he figured he needed a change of pace in his life. Apparently, a bar was having a Halloween party-themed bash and the man was actually interested in going. Although, being as spoon-fed when younger, he didn't really have anything his own. Being so coddled left him in a rut when he moved out. Hitoshi didn't have much to carry out with him but that problem was sort of semi-solved as he purchased complimentary skin color dye. After browsing actual clothing, he instead turned to an old worn-out Ronin straw hat, finally, he grabbed pale white colored contacts to finish it. After everything was paid for, he went into a dressing room with a mirror. Cautiously, the man painted red Cracks around his eye, adding an orange highlight to pop the red Cracks. As he added the highlight, he took a new a new brush in order to blend the two colors at the edge, making it look a bit more natural, despite the design being extremely unnatural. Teetering on the lines of an oni and a horribly mutilated, the man finalized his facial marks by inserting the opaque pale contacts. A Ronin, a demon, he didn't know what he looked like, but the ragged straw hat pretty much combined the two in one. Leaving the building, all that was left was to walk in there.

He didn't really get out much outside of work so the potential of not knowing anyone there was quite prominent, he didn't mind, it meant making new friends; or with his luck, enemies. Hitoshi walked into the bar, pulling at the door, it was lighter than he imagined so in doing so, he almost yanked it off its hinges. Smooth, real smooth. The Instructor thought to himself as he made his way into the ruckus that formed. He wanted to see why everyone was hollering more than a drunk sho- Holy shit! The man was caught off-guard as he saw the tantalizing breasts and the bubbly ass of who everyone was calling Holly. The man just watched with a smile before catching the sight of another woman getting her ass spanked. No amount of focus would hide how hot he thought this scenario to be. I can't believe I've been missing these moments.

That was when things started to get fiesty. As he saw the man get demolished by the woman's kick. "God Damn!" The man exclaimed in disbelief. He walked over to look at the poor soul who got kicked. He reeked of alcohol and kerosene. Normally, Alphas aren't supposed to be this weak. He didn't see any concussive blows or any bleeding. Hitoshi helped the man get up but looked at him with a malevolent glare. "Don't even think of lashing out, or I'll finish what she started." Hitoshi released his grip to let the man back off. Looking back at the girl playing 'nice' , Hitoshi placed a hand on the bare of Holly's back before lightly doing the same to the other girl, "I think it's better we go somewhere else, before more **** ruin the fun?"





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