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Author Topic: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)  (Read 164 times)

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Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« on: November 20, 2020, 02:55:35 pm »
First Position.
Second Position.
Third Position
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Fifth Position.

Natsuki repeats the basic moves as she cools down from the intermediate ballet class. She stretches on the barre, feeling her muscles strain and the sweat, making her black leotard and blue tights stick to her skin. Hair pulled back into a loose bun, the rabbit hybrid hums to Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act II - Four Swan Dance composed by Tchaikovsky. The other students already left, most likely changing into their casual attire to race to the coffee shop in the lobby before heading home. Natsuki embraces the room's silence and enjoys the ache in her muscles from today's practice.

In charge of three intermediate ballet classes, Madame Haruka is strict and tolerates no laziness or slacking. No matter who her students are, or their surname, Madame Haruka places her favorite students in Class 1, the average students in Class 2, and the rest in Class 3. Everyone who works or attends the Japanese School for Ballet (or JSB for short) is aware of the hierarchy. Class 1 end up in star roles for the various plays put on by the JSB, Class 2 in backup positions, and Class 3, if lucky, were trees or stage crew. For Madame Haruka, she pushed all her students more than any other instructor. If she saw potential, she kept you. If not, you were dismissed.

Despite starting ballet later than other students and determined to one day land the role of Princess Odette, Natsuki pushed herself harder than others. She's not the best nor held any leading positions, but it doesn't stop her from practicing at JSB or at home. After meeting Faust, and their conversation about Swan Lake, Natsuki wants the role. Her daydreams composed of Faust dressed as Prince Siegfried and saving her from Rothbart. A blush decorates her face at the thoughts, and she's grateful for being alone in the empty room.

"Get yourself together Natty. Not every guy is Prince Siegfried."

Satisfied with her cool down, she exits the room and heads to the locker room. The halls are mostly empty, with instructors heading to their offices to finish last minute paperwork. Small groups of students gather to exchange gossip as they drink their water or coffee, but Natsuki ignores them. Her long rabbit ears eavesdropping on gossip, but it's nothing worth interest. As she passes a hallway leading to the costume room, something catches her attention. Curious, she walks down the hall, concentrating on the odd noises to find the source. It's difficult to make out through the walls, but Natsuki recognizes the tone and words.

Someone is being bullied. Gathering her courage, Natsuki barges into the costume room.
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OOC Notes: I'd like to thank Miss Auti on Youtube for the inspiration to begin this thread.

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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2020, 07:59:00 pm »
"Leave me alone at once!" Gwyndolyn demanded, stomping her foot, her breaths heavy, clearly not fully recovered physically from the lesson beforehand, surrounded by a group of 5 guys, towering over her by quite a bit due to her shorter stature. Despite this however, she tried her best standing her ground, despite obvious tears forming in her eyes.

Ballet used to be Gwyn's escape from all of this mess, physically and mentally, but it unfortunately has seemed to have followed her here too. No escape for this poor girl. "Why can't I have one place where I don't have to deal with this?!" She cried out again, hoping someone, anyone would come to her aid, even though she was an independant person, she couldn't take even hope to take them down herself.
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OOC Notes: Sorry for this being so late, you know why, but thought it'd be best to apologise anyway, hope this is good enough to work off of! Also, thanks again for letting me use this~


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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2020, 12:36:39 am »
As she bursts into the costume room, Natsuki sees the five boys surrounding another student. It reminded the rabbit hybrid of horrid past times, and the urge to flight or fight shot forward on instinct. No. Natsuki gathers her courage, not wanting to be dominated by fear for the rest of her life. She races past the guys, ignoring their looks and questions as she takes hold of the other student from behind, pressing her hands against the other girl's ears. Mixing courage with conviction, she calls upon her BLUE RABBIT abilities: "Goodnight!"

Immediately, everyone else falls asleep. The bullies collapsing onto each other with a thud onto the floor, and the girl limps in Natsuki's arms. Not taking a chance on how long the men would stay asleep, she pulls the girl's sleeping body over them and out of the costume room. With any luck, they would remain asleep until security found them after hours resulting in a stern discussion about safety with their parents.

Thankfully, nobody is around as Natsuki drags the unconscious girl into the locker room, careful to make sure she's not hit by the doors or stuck on a corner. Natsuki collapses onto the cold tile floor, the girl's head propped on a leg. "Maybe I need to hit the gym with Alcmene. Get some muscle." That would be amusing. Tiny, skinny Natsuki becoming a bodybuilder; she would look like a gnome on steroids. Chuckling at the imagery, she sits up, looking at the sleeping girl. "I hope you wake up soon. Hopefully you think this is all a weird dream." The girl looks familiar, and the sea breeze scent reminding the rabbit of the ocean and happy times with her family. Who was she? "She's kind of cute." Purple hair drapes across Natsuki's blue leggings as the girl peacefully sleeps.
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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2020, 07:41:35 pm »
Shortly after being knocked out and dragged away by the mysterious girl, Gwyndolyn begane to slowly awaken, quite slowly. Initially stretching out as a "waking up" movement, Gwyndolyn quickly decides to curl up instead because it's not time yet. Occasionally Gwyndolyn would make little happy noises, she must be having a nice dream. "Mmmm.... Please... Please be gentle with me, Ma'am... Nngh..." escaped seemingly randomly, during her sleep, perhaps a fantasy about her idol?

Not long after that, Gwyndolyn slowly actually starts to wake up, quickly realising this is not her bed. She immedietly lept off of the girls lap, flustered to a tomato, completely bamboozled as to how she ended up in this situation. "I-I uh- I demand you tell me where I am!! And... And what happened, how am I here?!" Gwyndolyn demanded, in a similar, but softer tone to the one she used on the bullies.

While she waited for the girls response, Gwyndolyn began to attempt to piece it together. First she was surrounded by a group of bullies, then suddenly she wakes up on a, quite frankly, beautiful, girl's lap. Had she passed out and had a nightmare? Who was this girl? As Gwyndolyn's brain slowly began to wake up, she slowly pieced peaces together, like - This is one of the girls from her ballet class, she always seemed super nice, so hopefully she wouldn't be a threat, or a bully toward Gwyndolyn.
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OOC Notes: Christ - This one took way too long, my bad.


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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2020, 11:51:43 pm »
Natsuki's rabbit ears twitch at the sounds the girl makes and radios in on them, causing her face to turn red at the sounds. Thankfully (or unthankfully, depending on how you look at it), there's no one else in the locker room to hear the sounds. They echo in the room, and anyone knew what those sounds meant. There were already plenty of rumors circulating about couples and experimenting with other ballerinos and ballerinas, and she didn't need to be part of them. Natsuki felt like she was in a strange dating simulation game where the main love interest falls in the protagonist's lap. The problem is that if she's the protagonist, then she's straight, whereas she didn't know the other girl's references. Would this be the moment she discovers she likes girls? As the sleeping beauty awakens, Natsuki remains silent, not to startle her. Instead, she watches with wide blue eyes at the sudden actions as the girl leaps off like an anime character. The loud noise making the rabbit hybrid cover her rabbit ears.

"You're alright. Everything is alright now," Natsuki begins, her voice low to not cause the girl to panic anymore than she rightfully is. Releasing her ears, she straightens them out to be sure they're not bruised before continuing. "You're at JSB, remember? I heard you in the costume room, and there was some guys in there with you. I came in, and you fainted. Don't worry, those guys will be caught by security soon." The ballerina skips through vital information, such as using her abilities and dragging the girl out of the room. "Speaking of which, why don't we change, and head downstairs? That way when the guys are caught we're not suspects."

Natsuki slowly stands and steps towards the girl, offering her hand. "I'm Natsuki, by the way. I'm in Madame Haruka's Class 1 group. What's your name?"
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OOC Notes: Fun fact, in French, male ballet dancers are referred to as a danseur and a female as danseuse. In Italian, males are ballerinos and females ballerinas.


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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2021, 11:17:52 pm »
Gwyndolyn took a couple breaths, calming down considerably "Sorry for freaking out, you clearly aren't mean." She paused for a second processing what Natsuki explained, rubbing her head a little, because she'd just woken up so her brain was kind of slow. "Yeah, good idea."

Gwyndolyn took Natsuki's hand with a very slight blush on her face, due to the nature of her dream, and because she's still waking up. "I'm Gwyndolyn, I'm in Class 3. Thank you, by the way... For looking after me after I passed out."
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OOC Notes: Finally popped something out - I hope you can work with this


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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #6 on: August 24, 2021, 08:34:04 pm »
Natsuki smiles at Gwyndolyn. The girl is cute and seems nice. She hasn't heard much about Class 3 given her attention focusing on the harsh routines of Class 1. "No worries, Gwyndolyn. Let's get dressed and out of here before we're caught." Quickly, she removes the practice ballerina outfit of tights and slips. Her figure is naturally thin, but she covers it up by a large shirt and her iconic jacket, but retains the leggings. Her small feet quickly slip into sneakers. She'll have to wash her clothes when she gets home otherwise they'll smell of Russian nutCrackers and stale determination.

"Why were those guys after you?" Natsuki asks. Unintentionally, her ears turn to listen to Gwyndolyn dress, and once assumed finish, Natsuki turns to look at the other. "I heard you scream and that's when I came in. Were they bullying you?"

OOC Notes: Precious wholesome Natty <3


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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #7 on: September 29, 2021, 01:13:53 am »
Gwyndolyn returned the smile at Natsuki. This girl clearly had no mal-intentions with her. Gwyndolyn simply nodded along with Natsuki's suggestion to hurry, her confidence running low after today. Following Natsuki's speed, Gwyndolyn removed her ballerina outfit, tights and slips as Natsuki did. Occasionally she'd glance over at the girl who helped her, watching her dress as she did so herself. In comparison to Natsuki's figure, Gwyndolyn was built decently smaller.

Due to her build, Gwyndolyn could probably get away with tighter clothes if she wanted to, but most days, today being one of those days, Gwyndolyn wore her usual outfit which consisted of an untucked long-sleeved plain white shirt, with a grey and black plaid jumper over the top. Matching her jumper somewhat, she wears plaid 3/4 length suspender pants, with the suspenders typically just hanging there, being out of the way. Finally, to bring the outfit together, she enjoys matching these with her brown suede shows, done up halfway, and the other half folded down, to show the cute white on red poke dot design of them. After getting dressed, she placed her ballerina outfit, and its accompanying accessories, inside a bag, which she placed inside of her handbag, nice and out of the way.

"I-I guess.." she responded finally, in a low, almost whisper level volume, due to her not liking to show weakness to others. "Though, I'm glad you were there when I suddenly passed out, I dread to think what despicable things they would have done to me otherwise." She added, in a normal speaking volume this time, completely unaware that Natsuki had made the guys pass out as well.


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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #8 on: October 14, 2021, 11:20:42 pm »
She listens and tries to recall who those guys were. They were definitely in the less experienced classes, but other than that their faces blend into the background. No one would dare risk the wrath of Madame Haruka for misbehaving or treating the other students in such a disrespectful manner. Those who did never received the roles they audition for. Madame Haruka disciplined her students to be the best person; the role model they sought when getting into dancing or growing up. Anyone who didn't stand by this was dismissed from her classes and were transferred to another, and sometimes another dance company altogether.

"When security and Madame Haruka find out they'll probably be dismissed. I've seen her toss out people twice her size." The dance teacher a mere 5'6" who had no problem using her thin and seemingly fragile appearance to undermine another person's perception and take them down. "If you want, I can walk with you to security. I can vouch that they were trying to hurt you." Having been a victim of bullying herself, Natsuki tried to embrace what a hero would do. What Alcmene would do.

She closes the distance between them and puts her hands on Gwendolyn's shoulders. "We can go to them together, or, we can head to the food court if you like to calm down." It was up to Gwendolyn to decide. Gathering the courage of what it meant to help people, Natsuki smiles and will do whatever Gwendolyn decides.
OOC Notes: Friendship power!


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Re: Dance to the Sandman (Gwyndolyn Lee)
« Reply #9 on: October 22, 2021, 06:33:41 pm »
Gwyndolyn let out a light sigh. Trying to recall exactly what happened. Her memory was still a little cloudy from passing out. She listened to Natsuki's soft voice as the girl came up with a plan. Natsuki had a soft voice. No wonder she was able to calm Gwyndolyn down so quickly. Gwyndolyn let out a little chuckle as Natsuki mentioned Madame Haruka throwing out people twice her size. It didn't surprise her that this was a thing.

"Yeah. I think it'll be a good idea if you come with me to security. A second opinion is always a good thing." Gwyndolyn smiled at Natsuki. "I am calm. I think."[/co;pr] Gwyndolyn started on the way to security, this time leading the way instead of Natsuki.





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