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Author Topic: Passionate Amusement [Open]  (Read 149 times)

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Re: Passionate Amusement [Open]
« Reply #15 on: August 05, 2022, 06:28:12 pm »
Yuuri's replies were certainly interesting, it was insightful to get to know him and it made the girl think if this was how proper socializing was done. It felt weird, it wasn't like her to let someone in, she kept her bubble for a reason and he almost learned why real quick. Thankfully, his logic and rationale allowed her to contemplate her actions before she did something really stupid. His background, she couldn't help but feel bad for the amount of shit he has to put up with, she was in a similar boat but it was nothing like his, she didn't even bother showing it through her poker face. Why should she? Kasane didn't need nor want the troubles of another weighing on her head while she had her own problems to face. Day in and out, Kasane had to deal with the thoughts of whether her real parents hated her or could not take care of her; worry about Naomi and her own standing in the Randall family; discover what is Yokai inc. really about. It took up a lot on her plate and the troubles of others mattered naught to her. Did it make her cold-hearted? Honestly, most likely, but she had her reasons, just like everyone else. What was brought up repeatedly but was never talked about was finding a mate, or, in Yuuri's case, being forced to find one.

From what Kasane was taught, finding one mattered about true love, it meant finding someone who can mutually see past each other's flaws and work something out. That was a dream for some including Naomi; Not for Kasane, she couldn't care less about such a finicky and flawed concept. Besides, she wasn't built for that, she was more suited to kick someone's ass, than raise hers for any Damn reason. The girl was curious though, did she exist out of time or even in the wrong place? That was a question she knew she didn't have an answer to nor did she want to entertain one; instead, it would be just an unanswered question in her head and she'd prefer it remained that way. In the present moment, Yuuri shrugged as she waved him over. Agreeing with the sentiment that he wasn't hungry. Whether it was true or not, Kasane was oblivious to it, the fact of the matter is he went along with it. That's all that she cared about but a part of her felt maybe she should properly consider his body language. An even larger part of her screamed she didn't care, of course, she went with what came easy to her, not going back to it. They already went back on subjects one too many times.

Once Yuuri was close enough, they went on the course set earlier. Kasane looked ahead, scanning the people walking pass and with them. "Why is there so many people here and why are some scents stronger?" Kasane asked rhetorically, scrunching her eyes as she pushed away the air from her nose. Why can't everyone be like Yuuri and not stink? Kasane continued the course as she looked in Yuuri's direction. "What will we encounter first, the ride or the animals?" It was a nonchalant question, asked almost like being out here was an operation and less an outing.

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Re: Passionate Amusement [Open]
« Reply #16 on: August 13, 2022, 07:14:03 pm »
Yuuri walked in silence beside Kasane as they ventured down the intended path they'd settled upon. For the most part, it just felt like a normal outing, albeit with someone who was clearly socially inept. They weren't even doing anything yet and it didn't seem all that bad to the young man. While he'd still rather be anywhere but at an amusement park, he was willing to suck it up if only to help Kasane to be more sociable and engaging with others as she wanted. He would assume that's what she wanted despite being lied to on why she was really supposed to come here today.

However, it would seem that Kasane was already not enjoying herself. Yuuri listened to her complain about the scents of everyone around her being too strong. This made him raise a brow. Sure there were the smells of mixed scents coming from everyone at the park. He'd even be sensitive to it because he is nearing his Heat cycle and didn't want to be around a lot of people but he strangely not feeling that entirely terrible. Yuuri felt at most irritable which it wasn't a surprise for him to be annoyed having to deal with his grandparents meddling in his life no matter how much he would insist they stop. They would assure him they were doing it for his own good but he knew it was for their benefit more than his to constantly set him up with people.

Yuuri felt that Kasane should be thankful her family didn't seem to be subjecting her to that. However, that was the least of his worries. She seemed heavily affected by everyone's scents at the amusement park. He couldn't help but wonder if this made her feel frustrated or ill in any way. He could hardly tell since she quickly went from complaining about the scents surrounding them to asking if they would encounter the rides or animals first. It didn't really matter to him. They already passed by one ride which was basically a fast ride called the "Tea Cup" which would usually have everyone in large tea cups and spinning around really fast. He didn't think he'd want to get on that. There were a few more coming into view so from what he could tell, they were more in the territory of rides than animals. First, he wanted to make sure Kasane felt okay handling the rides. So he stopped momentarily, a hand in his pocket as he stared at the young girl. "Are you sure you're well enough to get on any rides right now?" he queried out of concern.

"You seem to be having trouble handling the scents of everyone. Do you have medication with you at least to avoid being more affected? At least to avoid feeling ill? I'd hate for us to get on a ride and you're not enjoying it due to how you're currently feeling." The girl was an Alpha. That much he knew but he didn't know how much everyone's scents were bothering her. He'd hoped she would have Rut medication on hand. If not, there was an infirmary station in the area where they could get some to hold her out temporarily. He just didn't want things to start out terrible. Plus, who's to say that she wasn't bothered by his scent? He wasn't releasing it at all but clearly, his clothes would have a small fraction of it on them. Yuuri just wanted to take all the necessary precautions.





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