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Author Topic: Enchanting Rules  (Read 480 times)

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Enchanting Rules
« on: May 12, 2020, 02:19:13 am »

I. All posting must be positive and not offend members. No making hate threads in regards to certain members because they pissed you off or any other type of thread. It's childish and you will be given a warning to stop and if problem continues you will be punished for it as all stuff like that does is cause problems.

II. Content in normal threads at the very least should be PG-13 but if necessary please add a higher rating in the subject title if you feel that it's not appropriate for younger members. You do, however, have to be +18 to write mature content. Anyone under +18 has to resort to using **fade to black**. You can still write here, there is no issue with that but you do need to be of the appropriate age to write mature content because of the type of genre this is.

III. It is required of ALL members to post an introduction thread when you first join the forum. This helps everyone, staff included know that you're new to the board and didn't just appear out of no where. It's the first thing you do before registering a character. Tell us a little about yourself and what made you join Enchanting Love. If you have not posted an intro thread, your character will not be approved until you do. And when leaving the board whether it is temporarily or for good, post a drop out thread. It is not mandatory to be here daily, only when you feel like you need to brush up on your RPing.

IV. Everyone can make more than one account to the board but in doing so, if you make more than one, you have to be an active member on all of them. Just don't waste board space by making another account but stop using your other ones. Please don't abuse this and to be logged into more than one account at the same time, download another browser and any is acceptable.

V. Display Names and User Logins mean the same there here. When you register to the forum, your display name is the default name of the first character that you register and get approved and however it is presented, that's how you type it in when you log in. That goes for any time you decide to change your display name. When you change it, your user login also becomes the name you change it to.


I. You can roleplay an unlimited supply of characters, be it your own OCs or series characters it doesn't matter so long as you make a bio for said characters and plot with them in many different situations besides the ones you're used to. People do easily get bored but are too afraid to say that they are so if you're gonna have a lot of characters, keep up with them and plot differently with each of them. You also can register these characters under the same account so you don't have to make another one. Making a second account is optional when you've made so many characters under your first account. Please make sure to keep up with them. Also, to understand the lore of the board when making your character, it is advised that you read the Omegaverse Lore thread before proceeding further. Thank you.

II. This is an Beginner to Advanced role playing community and everyone is at least required to try and type a full two paragraphs or more when RPing when creating new threads for others to post in. Reason being because not many like to RP with those that post one liners. This means write at least 5-6 sentences per paragraph. So, no way around this rule. At least start your first reply off in a thread with someone with a small paragraph. So two paragraphs or more is required enough to be a post reply. You won't be punished for posting less but you will be told that you need to fix your post and add more to it if others are having a hard time replying to what you put. As for any violent and intimate content, you're allowed to post that too but make sure you rate your threads from PG-13 to X. That is the rating system that we're using here.

III. For those of you who do not know what this is, God modding is creating a perfect character. They have no weaknesses, their personalities are flawless, they cannot be killed (or simply return to life unless with good reason), have ungodly amounts of power, they know everything that's going on everywhere regardless as to where they currently are in the event, controlling characters that don't belong to them, changing events that have not come to pass without permission from other members, playing nothing but tragedy porn characters that show no growth past the tragedy in their lives, and have the perfect plan to defeat every conflict. If someone is God Modding with their characters, report it and it will be handled, most likely their character will be taken from them and moved to the "Denied Bios" board until member learns how to not god mod with it.

IV. The censorship system of createforum is different than conventional forums. While we can post what we want, there are words the system will block out with asterisks. It is advised to preview your posts before posting them so just in case you've posted a word that is censored in the system, you can fix it by using the bbcode to color one of the letters within the word for the entire word to appear uncensored. We've no control over the censorship system as createforum does this for ad revenue. But this is the best way to combat that so everyone's posts don't look weird.

V. Avatars do not need to be any larger than 100x240 or smaller and will be removed from your account if they're not of the proper size. The same goes for signatures as well as images for signatures do not need to be above 500x250 at the very least. If your signature is too big, you will be told to resize it or it will be resized for you if you don't do it yourself. Fair warning.

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