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Title: Plot & Setting
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Welcome to Enchanting Love's Omegaverse RP, an AU universe where everyone has a secondary gender where they identify as an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. Alphas are known for being from influential and powerful families who are dominant as partners. They are also known for having powers, be they human or not. Betas are everyday citizens that are usually born without powers but it isn't uncommon for them to be born with abilities, albeit weaker ones. Omegas are known for being submissive towards their partners and can be born into influential and powerful families or common families. Though it is normally written in many stories for Omegas to be written as partners for Alphas, this however is not absolute as they can also have Beta partners. The same with Alphas having a Beta partner. It is also not uncommon for Omegas to refuse to be submissive either.

Alphas normally seek out Omegas to mate with them. Sometimes out of love and other times through arranged pairings between families. This world we have now is current-year Tokyo, Japan where it isn't hidden that individuals with powers and nonhumans exist. However, it depends on the areas around the world as it is common for certain places in other countries to not be heavily populated with empowered individuals. Thus for people who have never interacted with someone like this, it's seen as an exciting discovery. But because this knowledge is known among everyone, organizations such as factions and others have been created to keep the peace. To protect everyone both human and nonhuman.

After all, shady people and organizations do exist as well. Some from dimensions that exist alongside our very Earth. They have their reasons for trying to harm Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. The usual reason will be to make one extinct and another reason would be to breed. Sometimes neither is a reason and many just want to do experiments or sell their victims to the highest bidder. Regardless of the reason, there are people out there that will protect everyone. This world may be somewhat normal but it is told to everyone to watch their backs and learn to protect themselves. The world may be scary but that doesn't mean everyone regardless of who and what they are, can't live within it together. So come and venture into this world with us here at Enchanting Love. Come find your mate and start a family in this world. For there is someone out there waiting for you...