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Activity Checks / Re: December Activity Check!
« on: November 30, 2022, 05:20:17 pm »
USER NAME: Cathy Himeshiro


REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, been working still. Was informed of what happened with the server and checking in to try out the possible Guilded version of it. Suffice to say, I do like Guilded more than discord. ^^ I do need to RP more and I try to respond when I can. So far only one thread I need to respond to, I need to make more open threads for anyone interested.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Girls Having Fun // Kuri or Anzu
« on: October 08, 2022, 07:02:45 am »
Rebecca was glad to know that Kuri wasn't upset by her awkward compliment. Admittedly, she'd even thought her sister was pretty as well. May possibly look prettier with longer hair but she'd never thought to say it. Considering that a lot of things were a touchy subject when it came to the brunette. But it wasn't untrue. Both sisters would look nice if they grew out their hair. The blonde wasn't sure if Anzu had ever considered that but it would seem her sister had very much thought about it. If only to avoid being compared or seen as "Anzu's Sister". She understood that since admittedly, that's how she'd viewed Kuri when coming here tonight. Having stayed tonight, she could clearly see that the young girl was very different from her sister. Sure they were similar but very different in a lot of ways.

Kuri was even concerned for her sister shutting herself off because of past incidents and experiences to where she was so overprotective of what her younger sister did. Rebecca never knew that but now that she did, she understood Kuri's feelings. Having no siblings of her own, she may not be able to related but she could understand. It did make her feel a little sad that her own parents never decided to have more children. It would've been nice to be a big sister but she believed her parents were just fine with having her and that does make her happy but having a sibling would've made her feeling a lot less lonely. Rebecca felt that Kuri was lucky to have Anzu even if things between them as sisters was a tad strained.

But more importantly, she was just happy to know that throughout this entire interaction between them, Kuri hadn't judged her or made her feel inadequate because she was a highly intelligent person. In fact, her intelligence wasn't a key factor in their interaction and it felt nice. 'So this is what it feels like to have a normal conversation,' she thought with a smile. Having been a little too quiet, she spoke up if only to not make things awkward. "That's a nice goal. I'm sure it'll look nice once you start and keep it up. Just don't let it get wild like mine. Heh, well, it's usually not wild but I got so busy with my school work recently that I neglected it without trying to," she said. Rebecca knew that was her own fault and she had to be better about that. That started with looking into the products Kuri used on her hair to keep it reigned in.

Activity Checks / Re: October Activity Check!
« on: October 02, 2022, 12:21:11 pm »
USER NAME: Cathy Himeshiro


REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, busy due to work. Wouldn't mind joining in on any plots someone has in mind that would work well with our characters. ^^; Feel free to send me a PM anytime.

Hellos & Goodbyes / Re: Hi there
« on: September 24, 2022, 06:52:57 am »
Hullo, Rosa-chan! ^^; I'm Becca. Welcome to EL. If there are any ideas you have in mind that you would like to do, don't hesitate to ask. For the most part, all my characters are open and I currently have no set plots with them. Feel free to send me a message anytime in PMs since I'm not entirely as active on discord. I have it set to where I am emailed letting me know I have PMs and responses to threads I've posted. I may not get to those responses right away but I will try my best! Great to have you here with us.

Activity Checks / Re: September Activity Check!
« on: September 24, 2022, 06:49:05 am »
USER NAME: Cathy Himeshiro


REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, apologies for being super inactive. Life has been rather busy for me on top of working and I don't have as much free time as I once used to. I will try to make posts to threads I am still in and hopefully to finish them out and start something new. @_@ Again, I do apologize.

Recycled Threads / Under False Pretenses (Open)
« on: August 06, 2022, 01:00:09 pm »
Ashford Milly was currently standing in front of an apparent luxurious and large mansion home on a very hot day. She was in the middle of trying to register for fall classes at Kaibara. She still had a long way to go before she completed her degree in one of the job fields she wanted to make a career in. At first, she was going to put off doing a round of courses for her second fallback career choice but as time was nearing more and more that she gave even a hint of taking time off for herself, her parents would surely swoop in and use it to their advantage to get her to do what they wanted. The only thing that kept them off her back was continuously attending school.

Towards the end of the year and the beginning of next, she'd be finished with her courses and received her Bachelor's degree in journalism and then that was it. However, the blonde refused to let that "be it" for her. She was willing to take it a step further. Instead of settling for just the degree in one field, she was interested in, once she was done with everything for it, she was going to take courses for her second field of interest which was teaching. Her parents won't like it but it not only keeps Milly busy and working on something she wants to do, it continues to keep her parents from pressuring her to marry once she was finished with university. At least, that was her goal. Today, was a strange day for her as her parents had called for her to meet with them only to inform her of a possible job position and wanted to see if she'd be interested in it.

She couldn't help but be suspicious of such an offer being presented to her. By her parents of all people who wish to discourage her from making something out of herself that she could be successful in overdoing anything related to family affairs, which she'd made it clear she wanted no part of. Yet she was being used as a tool and arranged to mate and marry some guy she didn't love and had never even met. All for the sake of fixing their idiotic mistakes. Mistakes that weren't hers to fix. And it had to be someone from another well-known family with money and status that she could marry into. Two things that Milly had stopped caring about years ago.

Money was fun and all to have but it wasn't enough to make a person happy. And all she would do with the money was spend it on other people by showing them kindness and that it's okay to be who they are no matter what background they came from. She would always accept them regardless. Taking them to some place they could open up and have fun was always the ice breaker she used to be able to help people get comfortable around her. Since then, it's continued to work. And when the morale was down, whether it was with her friends or her school, she'd throw extravagant events for everyone to take their minds off their problems and have some fun. Her parents hated it when she did that but Milly didn't care. Sometimes, it was best to put the feelings of others in mind for a change.

She knew she couldn't do that forever. This is why she was only piqued enough about her parents' job offer to see where it was going to go. It was up to her to turn it down. She dressed professionally for this job offer, bringing her resume with her as her driver had dropped her off at this very expensive and large home. She was to meet with some man about whatever this job was. She didn't think it had anything to do with journalism or even teaching. Milly definitely had her suspicions because her parents were vague about the type of offer it was and she didn't like that. Her parents were manipulative and vindictive all in one. Whatever this was for, she was willing to check it out, say no to it, and move on. She walked up the stairs where she'd been greeted by the staff that held the door open for her and then proceeded to guide her through the hall of the large home from the inside.

The place had this brand new smell to it. It was as if no one lived here and it was used every so often. That was the vibe she got as she proceeded to follow the staff to where she would be meeting whomever she would be speaking with today. It would appear they were going up to the second level of the home where eventually the staff had stopped after passing the first couple of doors and stopping in front of a double door that lead into what felt like a board room space from the looks of it. There were chairs around a large oval table but the only person present in the room was herself. No one else. She'd been told to wait and that someone will be with her soon. So Milly did as she'd been in structed to do. Of course, she'd seated herself in one of the chairs that was away from the larger chair while setting the folder in front of her with her resume within it on the table.

So now, she was playing the waiting game. Inwardly, she was praying for whatever this was to be over with as quickly as possible so she ould get on with her day...

First Floor Rooms / Re: Girls Having Fun // Kuri or Anzu
« on: August 06, 2022, 11:22:11 am »
Rebecca retained her smile. Truth be told, this would be her first time as well as having actual girl time with another female that didn't think of her as obnoxious whenever she spoke about a subject she was knowledgeable on. Granted, some part of her may have still appeared quite young but overall, she had grown up and her appearance shows that about her as well. Yet people still seem to treat her like she was still twelve when she wasn't. It irritated her so much.

And here she was hanging out with Kuri. While she originally was expecting Anzu to have returned from work, she had no complaints at all with spending time with her sister. She got to know how kind she was a little bit and how different she definitely was compared to Anzu. She'd expected her to be a carbon copy of her sister but this was not the case. The only way they could be told they're related is by how both of them wear their hair. The blonde didn't know why but she strangely thought Kuri would look so much prettier with longer hair. Much like her own. She didn't know if she'd be offended by that but there was no harm in tossing it out as sort of a compliment.

More than anything, she was also glad that the other girl was interested in wanting to hang out with her again after this. "You're welcome. It feels nice hearing someone say that out loud. I don't ... get that very often from people. That my words mean a lot to them," she explained to Kuri, "but I could definitely get used to it. As long as someone sees that what I'm saying isn't meant to be taken as offense. Like, crazy question," Rebecca began, putting what she had on her mind to the test to see how the brunette would respond to it[/b][/color], "have you ... ever thought about growing out your hair? Maybe even halfway or maybe as long as mine for example?" she queried as she casually played with the end of her clean hair, noticing by the texture of it how much better it really felt. Not just her head feeling lighter but it definitely felt softer against her skin.

"I'm only asking because, well, I think you'd look really nice with long hair. Even prettier. If that makes sense." While she was confident for a bit that her question wouldn't garner any reaction, it didn't take Rebecca long to feel a twinge of regret from the question and she immediately bowed her head. "I'm so sorry. That was dumb of me to say. You're probably offended by me saying something like that to you. I'm not very great with complimenting the appearance of others. This is all very new to me."

Activity Checks / Re: August Activity Check!
« on: August 06, 2022, 10:52:22 am »
USER NAME: Cathy Himeshiro


REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, busy with work. Gomen for not being as active as I would like and that my responses are low. D=

Activity Checks / Re: June Activity Check!
« on: May 28, 2022, 06:18:11 pm »
USER NAME: Cathy Himeshiro


REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active. Been working. Have the weekend off. May try to get some posting in if I can think of something. ^^

First Floor Rooms / Re: Girls Having Fun // Kuri or Anzu
« on: May 21, 2022, 10:34:42 am »
"You don't give your sister enough credit. Despite what she's going through, you're her sister. She's going to have to realize that you two will go in different directions in your lives. What she'd want more than anything for you is that you're happy and safe," Rebecca assured the brunette. "And even if she becomes upset with you for your decisions, she won't be mad at you forever for them. Keep that in mind, okay?" Rebecca wanted to give Anzu credit that she wouldn't ignore her sister's concerns. Kuri was right to feel the way she did. Anyone who had parents or siblings that wouldn't understand how the felt regarding something would naturally feel concerned they wouldn't be understood. But Rebecca also knew that while people naturally can be trash to one another, she also knew that people can be understanding if they're given the chance. They have to be given that chance. That said, the blonde new that this was something the two sisters had to work out for themselves.

In the meantime, Rebecca was appreciative to what Kuri had done for her today regarding her hair and using the facial wipes on her face as well. As she stated before, she was definitely going to buy these products for herself when she returned to her room. Standing up, she gave the other girl a respectful bow to show her thanks before standing up straight. "My hair feels amazing. I can't lie to you about that. Everything you've used makes my head feel so light despite the amount of hair that I have. Thanks, Kuri-san," she thanked her and smiled. "I'm also glad that I wasn't taking up too much of your time to do this. Dare I say, we should do this again sometime. It was ... fun. I don't think I've ever know what it was like to have what is known as "true girl time" with other females my own age. I'm usually wrote off by them but I supposed I don't help that any when I start talking like an intellectual snob." She chuckled sheepishly while sweat dropping.

There were times Rebecca didn't know when to reel herself back when trying to engage with others her own age. Which made attempting to form some sort of connection rather difficult to do when oftentimes people were always intimidated by her intelligence. It wasn't often anyone looked down on her or paid her no mind simply because of her secondary gender. Thankfully, that was rare but it was definitely obvious to the blonde when people avoided her when she started spouting out a bunch of information which in term makes them feel dumb. Majority of the time, she wasn't trying to do that but there are the few occasions where she is and it's when her troll side comes out. Especially when people are being idiots towards others for no reason. Those types of people, Rebecca felt needed to be put in their place. However, she did want to make more friends and having met Yuugi opened her mind up to that idea but she still struggled with it. Though it was nice spending this time with Kuri to see what it was like and the blonde wasn't lying when she told the other girl she didn't mind doing this again. She just wanted to make sure she was okay with that.

Activity Checks / Re: May Activity Check!
« on: May 08, 2022, 04:05:34 am »
USER NAME: Cathy Himeshiro

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Cathy Himeshiro, Rebecca Hopkins

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, due to work. Apologies.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Girls Having Fun // Kuri or Anzu
« on: May 03, 2022, 09:40:50 pm »
Rebecca nodded to Kuri as the other girl thanked her for her advice. "You're welcome. I know it isn't much since this isn't really my area of expertise but my advice is based on better judgment. You need to be honest with Anzu-chan about how you feel. If you don't, then she's probably going to always be overprotective of you and without realizing it, hinder you from doing the things you want to do. Live your life. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy after all. If it were, then I think everyone would have an easy time settling down and finding something and someone that makes them happy." Rebecca couldn't help but smile a bit, her cheeks flushed red as she pushed the strands of her hair behind her ear, for she suddenly felt a little embarrassed about what she was going to say next.

"It's definitely something that I know I want. I have someone that I like very much but I know it's next to impossible for them to remotely pay attention to me. Still ... it makes me happy knowing that I can be there to help him as a friend. So I don't mind helping him whenever I'm asked to. I feel bad for how I treated him in the beginning but it makes me extremely happy that he forgave me and was willing to be friends with me anyway. And I'll always cherish that and the card he gave me." Rebecca always held onto the ties of friendship card that Yuugi had given her. She made sure to have it kept someplace safe where she wouldn't lose it. Her friendship with him also allowed her to form a friendship with the others as well. It was nice to have friends after struggling and being in denial about it not having any.

She could tell that Kuri seemed to enjoy the new friend she's made in Tokyo. It'd be a shame for her to not be able to associate with them simply because Anzu didn't approve of them. Now that really would be selfish. Again, she didn't want to assume or believe Anzu would prevent her sister from doing such a thing but it was a concern. However, she did tell Kuri to just be honest with her sister. After all, they weren't going to be living together forever so Anzu would have to accept her sister's new friends. Rebecca was confident enough that Kuri could take care of herself and realize that someone wasn't a true friend or not. It's for her to discover and her sister can't do that for her. Realizing it finally, it was getting way late and the blonde felt like she overstayed her welcome.

She appreciated the hair wash and her hair felt so much lighter thanks to the products that the brunette used on it to wash it. Rebecca would definitely get online and research these products and have them on hand. She gave Kuri her full attention and then said, "I apologize, I took up so much of your time and you were supposed to be helping me with what I came over to ask for assistance with. But I do hope that I was able to give you enough advice even though we got a bit sidetracked." She gave a sheepish chuckle as she lightly scratched the side of her cheek lightly.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Girls Having Fun // Kuri or Anzu
« on: March 27, 2022, 10:56:04 pm »
"Hm, well if she did, then that wouldn't sound like the Anzu-chan I've come to know considering that Yuugi-san and I weren't the same age when we met. Yes, I'm aware, that my love for him is probably childish in some aspects but even if I don't expect anything to come out of it, it's just nice to help him and the others as friends. Our ages really shouldn't matter at all. You know, as long as nothing weird is going on," Rebecca stated, making sure to clarify that last part to avoid Kuri getting the wrong assumption behind her words. Rebecca had also refrained from swooning while mentioning Yuugi which felt next to impossible to do but it would seem it depended on the situation at hand.

And there was no reason to tease Kuri about her interest in Yuugi since the other girl clearly had no interest in him. Only her sister did, even if she was unwilling to admit it. But the topic of conversation was not her own, but Kuri's. Kuri needed advice on how to handle her situation and the blonde didn't really have anything. She was never great at making friends herself and still struggled to make them even to this day. However, she wanted to offer the brunette some advice that would be helpful to her. She wasn't sure if what she would say could help her but it's better than sitting there saying she didn't know what to say. "If your sister did act that way towards your friend, then I would be very disappointed in her. And you can tell her I said that too," she replied sternly, folding her arms across her chest with a serious look on her face.

"You have every right to make your own friends and as long as you feel safe around them, that's what matters. Anzu-chan is letting her own issues cloud her judgment and she needs to work on that. That's only if she acts that way regarding your friend. I'm not saying she would be you seem to feel like that would be the case. If it happens, just be honest with how you feel. She's your sister and you'll always love her but you have to live your life too just as you have to live your own. You can't do that if she's controlling how you live it." Rebecca didn't want to think that Anzu would control her sister's life. The only reason she would is out of fear and it would be up to Kuri herself to tell her that she has to let her fear go so they can both live.

Activity Checks / Re: April Activity Check!
« on: March 27, 2022, 06:46:05 pm »
USER NAME: Cathy Himeshiro


REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, writer's block. I have more muse to write bios than I do writing out ideas for said characters. ^^; Plus, I've been quite busy working. I do apologize beforehand to anyone that I've been writing with.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Girls Having Fun // Kuri or Anzu
« on: January 17, 2022, 04:57:14 pm »
"No, no, it's okay. After having met, Yuugi and the others, I've come to familiarize myself around more people that have powers. I won't sit here and pretend to understand it but I can be more aware that there are others around me that are going through different struggles every day. Some are more anxiety-inducing than others," Rebecca told her. She knew and understood many things but those with powers weren't one of those things she was well knowledged in. That said, it hadn't meant that she was never interested in trying to understand those who had powers. It's more when she showed an interest, no one wanted to meet her halfway so to speak. She was viewed as strange for wanting further details about how someone's powers worked and did they struggle with them regularly.

Rebecca could admit that the way she went about approaching situations and people wasn't great but it doesn't mean she hadn't tried to get to know anyone. She couldn't help it if it was the most noticeable thing about a person. It's not as if she was trying to make them feel bad about having powers or just being different overall. However, they didn't see it that way. Given how many have responded to her whenever her interest was piqued in such an area, she couldn't help but be surprised to be asked for advice in this. Outside of Yuugi, Rebecca didn't personally know anyone that had powers that she was close friends with. The blonde knew people who had them were more than just their powers but if she wasn't allowed that chance to get to know them more, there wasn't much she could do.

She couldn't help but be a little envious that Kuri managed to interact with someone who was afraid of their own powers and not shut her out. She couldn't help but wonder what was it she was doing wrong that Kuri did right. She shook her head, pushing those thoughts aside. This wasn't about her. This was about Kuri's friend. Well, the brunette didn't say she couldn't add in her own experiences with her advice but Rebecca would do her best to not make it all about her. "I am not sure how to help if I'm being honest. I'm not someone that's lucky enough to make friends with others who have powers. Outside of Yuugi, I'm just looking from the outside while everyone else has friends both with or without powers and they seem to have fun hanging out with each other despite that," she told her, lacing her fingers together in her lap as she looked in Kuri's direction.

"I think your friend still needs time to accept that his powers are a part of him and just being his friend may help him with that. I believe that's a start for now. And it's not unfair that you don't want to ask your sister but I feel like eventually, you should. Yuugi was in that same situation from what she told me and you'd get better insight and advice on how you can help your friend from her more than you can from me. I hope that's okay with me saying that." If not, then Rebecca couldn't say that she didn't at least try and offer some sort of advice. It wasn't the best but it was better than nothing.

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