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Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: December 17, 2022, 05:10:23 pm »
Kusano was quiet. Despite still feeling scared that she would be seen and caught and Shouta getting hurt as a result of helping her, she didn't want to worry him by crying again. She may have felt scared on the inside but part of her was thankful and happy that she wasn't running for her life right now. She was too tired and too hungry to run. She wanted something to eat that wasn't the vegetables she created with her own powers. They weren't terrible but they weren't filling anymore. When the two of them reached the diner that Shouta had mentioned that he goes to, the child was surprised by how big the place was and the smells of all the different meals that were being prepared and coming from the back made her unable to help but drool a bit because everything smelled delicious.

Shouta had given her a pat on the head as he'd reminded her that she could get anything she wanted. Kusano took a second to glance up at the menu. From what she could see from where she stood as she was too short to see the other choices, the green-eyed child thought it would be better to go simple. A burger with some fries. But she can't just eat for herself. She wanted to get Akira and Eri something as well. She hoped they were okay and hadn't gotten caught by those people from Yokai Inc. As she'd decided on a burger and fries, she looked away from the menu and up at Shouta. "Can we get burgers and fries?" she asked him.

And while Kusano was in the diner with Shouta ordering food, Akira and Eri weren't that far behind. Albeit, they remained out of sight where they couldn't be seen but they were right across from the very diner. Akira was very much on guard and watching while Eri stood beside him, rubbing her stomach as she began to feel hungry. "Aki, can we get something to eat too? I'm hungry," the child mumbled.

Akira looked down at Eri, whose hand he was still holding, and frowned. They had no money to get any of the food that the mall had. There wasn't much in terms of human food he could eat outside of ramen but he knew Kusano and Eri could eat anything. Without Kusano with them, she couldn't use her powers to grow vegetables for them to eat. So the two of them were stuck. The young boy couldn't help but sigh. "Just hang in there, Eri. Once we make sure Ku-chan is safe, we'll get something to eat. Okay?" he told her. He didn't know how long that would take but for Eri and Kusano's sakes, he'd remain hopeful that this man that's helping Kusano can be trusted.

Eri nodded her head slowly despite her stomach clearly growling. "Okay," she replied and continued to wait patiently with Akira who was watching Kusano with Shouta.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: November 11, 2022, 12:00:47 pm »
"Okay," Kusano replied, her kitten meowing in response to this as if 'agreeing' in a sense with the child as well. Kusano was happy to be getting some real food in her stomach. She kind of was starting to grow tired of eating vegetables. She didn't hate them but they weren't satisfying to eat and it only made her feel hungry hours later. This nice man was willing to get both her some food as well as food for her kitten. The child honestly believed he wouldn't want to do that but it would appear that she was wrong about him. She still wasn't sure if he wasn't working for the people that'd been chasing after her and her friends but according to Akira, appearances can be deceiving. To trust no one. But that was only going to get them so far. They couldn't not trust that someone would be willing to help them. Kusano didn't know what to think. Kusano did know that they couldn't keep running forever. They needed to be somewhere safe with someone that could at least help them if it was possible. This man named Shouta, while he didn't appear to have any form of powers like others she's seen since being in this country, he was willing to go out of his way to help her. It was something that Kusano appreciated right now as she was exhausted and hungry. She didn't know if she would be able to get away if she were found again and attacked by those people.

While Kusano was walking with Shouta to get something to eat, Akira and Eri were far in the distance following them through the crowd of people. Akira was very vigilant of their surroundings and it also helped that from places outside of this mall, they were able to grab a few clothing items to disguise themselves from being discovered by the people from Yokai Inc. Only the three of them would recognize each other based on these items. They were only a few baseball hats in different colors. Akira was currently wearing a purple one with his hands shoved in the pockets of a jacket he'd also pilfered as well. Eri wore a bright yellow one on her head but Akira made sure to fix it so that most of her hair was hanging out of it. They couldn't grab a whole lot of things. Just small items here and there and ditch them and find replacements when they were able to. They didn't have time to do that and when they split, Akira noticed that Kusano had ditched her disguises. He couldn't be upset with her for that. All of them were tired of running and hiding. It got old fairly quickly. All three of them were exhausted from this.

He thought it best they didn't trust anyone because anyone nice could always be an agent of Yokai Inc trying to trap all of them. They'd gotten quite smart at blinding in with everyone that lives in this country which is why he thought not trusting anyone was the better option. But even Akira began to realize this wasn't helping their case. It didn't matter at all whether they trusted anyone or not, they were still going to be targeted regardless. They just had to be better about looking out for one another. Sighing, he kept walking while holding Eri's hand to make sure they didn't get separated. Though she'd been asking him a lot of questions earlier, she was very quiet at the moment. Akira figured that was possibly due to being able to see that Kusano was alright, at least for the time being. The young boy was still suspicious of the green-haired man that approached Kusano. He needed to be observed more for him to believe that he wasn't working with the enemy. Thus, he and Eri continued to follow Kusano and the man.

Activity Checks / Re: November Activity Check!
« on: November 11, 2022, 09:20:35 am »
USER NAME: Raven Nightwing

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Akira Yaotome, Eri Hayase, Kusano Yatogami

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, been busy with work. x.x Muse tends to die super easily because of it.

Activity Checks / Re: October Activity Check!
« on: October 16, 2022, 02:17:40 pm »
USER NAME: Raven Nightwing

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Kusano Yatogami, Akira Yaotome, Eri Hayase

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, been working.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: September 17, 2022, 03:24:11 pm »
"Hm?" Kusano looked up at Shouta when asked if she wanted something to eat first before looking for her friends. She kind of expected him to ignore that her stomach was growling. She'd been doing so for the most part because she didn't know if she'd have a chance to eat anything before those bad people from Yokai Inc would find her again. But as she didn't have any money to buy anything and her powers could only do so much to grow vegetables without going out of control but she did her best so she, Akira, and Eri could eat something. Kusano couldn't lie and say it wouldn't be nice to know what it was like to have some real food that was more filling. And Shouta was offering to buy her food so what was the harm? She looked away and then nodded her head at the man's offer of buying her something to eat.

"I would ... like some food. So would kitty," she told him, her feline friend merely meowing softly in her arms as she held it. It wouldn't be fair for her to eat and not her kitty too. She knew it couldn't eat human food but the furry animal still had to eat something. Kusano wished she could save some food for Akira and Eri too but she didn't know if it would be okay to ask Shouta to do that since he didn't know what they looked like because she was currently too afraid to tell him. 'Maybe ... I could just get some extra items and save them for Aki-chan and Eri-chan? I don't know. I'm not sure...' Kusano thought with a frown. She didn't know how to go about this but one thing she did know was that she was definitely hungry right now. There were so many food choices around, it was hard to pick just one thing. Kusano figured she'd let Shouta suggest something and make a decision based on that.

Activity Checks / Re: September Activity Check!
« on: September 17, 2022, 07:24:49 am »
USER NAME: Raven Nightwing

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Kusano Yatogami, Akira Yaotome, Eri Hayase

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active. Got busy with work.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: September 04, 2022, 01:32:57 am »
Kusano was surprised that Shouta didn't get upset with her for not giving her the names of her friends. She half expected he would be upset with her. At least that would tell her whether or not he was pretending to be nice to get the names of her friends or not. Instead, he'd offered his hand to her to take so he could walk around and help her look for them. Her kitty meowed, purring in her arms. He'd also offered to help her think of a name for her little feline friend as well. Shouta seemed to genuinely want to help her despite being still skeptical. 'Kitty doesn't seem bothered by this man wanting to help me. Is he really ... not working with those bad people ...?' Kusano wondered as she reached her own hand out. Hesitantly at first but she took the chance in trusting him.

She did notice he said he had to text his boss that he was going to be late returning to work from his lunch. Inwardly, she was worried this wasn't true but again, she couldn't stay where she was and end up in a much worse situation. But what could be worse than being on the run from other people with powers wanting to use her and her friends for experiments? She didn't know what types of experiments they would be used for but it sounded very scary to Kusano. Akira would never go into detail whenever she asked. He'd always tell her that they were terrible and he hadn't wanted her to be subjected to that like he and Eri were. Kusano didn't like not knowing things but she knew she couldn't make Akira or Eri tell her things simply because she asked based on her own curiosity. Right now, she couldn't worry about that. Kusano just wanted to find where they were and Shouta was the only person willing to help her right now.

She had to take what she could get. She carefully, squeezed her small hand around his own while waiting for him to finish what he was doing. She simply took her place beside him and just nodded her head slowly in response to what he'd said to her earlier. "Okay," was the reply she'd given him. As she'd done this, her stomach started to growl, her expression changing to a straight-faced one because of that. She hadn't eaten anything at all today because she wasn't able to use her powers to grow some vegetables for her and the others to eat because they'd been spotted by someone from Yokai Inc in the early part of the morning and they were once again on the run trying to evade them. They'd all last eaten last night but hadn't eaten anything at all today. Her stomach currently felt empty and the different smells from all the food in the mall wasn't helping her not think about it. Kusano wanted something to eat.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: August 21, 2022, 09:01:05 pm »
Kusano flinched when asked for her friends' names. She wasn't sure if she should give Shouta their names. She didn't know if the people from Yokai Inc were nearby watching them or not just waiting for her to slip up for them to strike when she least expects them to. The mall was too open of a place. There were even people beginning to stare at them too. Any one of them could be from Yokai Inc. Her kitty seems to trust Shouta as it meowed again before leaning its head up to gently lick the side of her face to comfort her and show her this young man could be trusted. Even so, Kusano had to still take precautions just in case. Shouta wanted to help her but she could only give him so much information. 'I don't ... know what to do...' she thought sadly, biting her lip.

In the meantime, Kusano was being watched by not by whom she assumed would be watching her. From a distance, the very friends that Kusano had been looking for watching her from a distance but staying out of sight. Rather, the one named Akira had been watching while keeping the other one named Eri at his side who clung to him. The young boy had his hand placed around Eri, making sure the two of them didn't get separated since he knew that she wouldn't do well on her own to avoid getting caught but he had faith that Kusano would at least be okay on her own, temporarily. However, he'd seen someone approach her as she sat out in the open crying and he narrowed his eyes at the green-haired young man, watching his body language and more importantly, paying attention to how Kusano's feline friend reacted to him.

It would seem that the feline didn't have a poor reaction to him. To Akira, this usually would indicate that a person didn't have any form of association with those from Yokai Inc that had been after them. Yet, Akira was still rather on guard since there was always the possibility they could mask their scent with something to avoid being caught in a lie. The young man didn't display any sort of indicators that he was a threat which could mean he was really just an average person that had no ties to Yokai Inc. 'Still can't be too sure. Ku-chan is powerful enough to fend for herself but I have to remember that she's just like Eri. Just a child who wants to trust someone.' Akira sighed, not taking his eyes off Kusano or the young man she was speaking with. It was then he felt a light tug of his shirt which made him look down at Eri who was looking up at him with worried eyes.

He smiled down at her, placing a comforting hand atop her head. "Don't worry, Eri-chan. We'll be okay. I promise," Akira assured her.

"Are ... you sure? Shouldn't we go help Ku? She might be in danger speaking to that strange man?" Eri asked.

Akira shook his head. He was always on high alert but he couldn't immediately react as it would otherwise draw unwanted attention to them that they hadn't wanted. Even he hated to admit it but they had to trust someone and it's possible this may be someone they can trust. He had to watch from afar to be sure. He'd only step in if absolutely necessary. "Not right now. That's why we're here watching like we are. To make sure she doesn't need help. We'll be together soon, okay? I know neither of you like this but it's temporary that we keep our distance to avoid all three of us getting captured together. So trust me, alright?" He patted Eri's head once more.

The red-eyed child was clearly scared since living in the Yokai Realm was all she knew. She wasn't familiar with the human world but she had been curious about it. Getting to know Kusano is what allowed her curiosity about the world of humans to grow. She'd been told that humans coexist with monsters here. Very different from everything she'd learned and been told by the people of Yokai Inc. Eri wanted to still believe that was true. That there could be someone, anyone they could trust so they wouldn't have to keep running anymore. As much as the child didn't want to admit it, she'd grown tired of running. She nodded as Akira patted her head, assuring her that they would be okay and they would reunite with Kusano very soon. She hoped so. "Hrn, okay," was Eri's response.

For the time being, Akira seemed to have kept Eri calm but he couldn't help but wonder if Kusano would remain calm before eventually spilling everything out in the open for people to hear. 'Guess I will have to keep watching to make sure this person can be trusted. Can they ... really help us?' he wondered, turning to look back in Kusano's direction to keep a close watch on her and the young man she'd been speaking to.

Meanwhile, Kusano had finally come to the decision that for now, she couldn't tell Shouta her friends' names. At least not right now. Maybe once they were away from the mall and if they found them before then she could tell him everything. For now, she decided against telling him. He did inquire about the name of her kitty which, come to think of it, she never did give the feline a name. It was a present from her parents for her birthday and she'd been so excited about it that she'd forgotten to name it. Maybe she should but didn't think that right now was the appropriate time to do that. Maybe later. "I ... can't tell you my friends' names. I don't want them to get hurt," she finally responded, her lips forming a frown on her face. "My kitty also doesn't have a name. I never got the chance to give it one after mama and papa gave it to me..." she told him, sniffling.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: August 18, 2022, 06:15:19 pm »
Kusano's kitty meowed again between them. Now that it was much closer to the young man offering to help them, the feline carefully leaned forward to sniff him. It'd done that for a few moments before beginning to purr which Kusano took notice of as she finally looked up at the young man named Shouta. She felt a little more at ease knowing that he wasn't going to take her to security and have them call for someone to come and pick her up. Who would he have them call out to besides Akira and Eri? She knew that would put them in danger which is why she panicked like she did and pleaded for Shouta not to call anyone. However, he did offer to help her find Akira and Eri since this mall was huge and she'd never been in it before and had no idea of how to find her way around it much less out of it.

There were multiple exit signs everywhere but they could always lead into an area where she couldn't get back to where she needed to be. So Kusano never tried to leave the mall. But Shouta was also right, she couldn't stay here and be left alone either. Eventually, someone else would've seen her and offered to help and it may have been the wrong type of person offering. She'd only know by her kitty reacting to them and in this case, it didn't. It'd purred instead which to her meant that this young man wasn't working for Yokai Inc or the "bad people" as she called them. Kusano was still taking a risk, even with giving him her name but how else was he going to help her without resorting to taking her to mall security, which she again, did not want?

Sniffling, she nodded her head slowly as she carefully pet the top of her kitty's head as her eyes remained on Shouta. "Um ... m-my name is K-Kusano," she told him, her face tear stricken but her cheeks were flushed pink due to her shyness. "Y-You'll help me f-find my f-friends?" she asked, stammering nervously.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: August 14, 2022, 04:10:08 pm »
While the young man sounded nice and wanted to help her, Kusano didn't want him to reach out to anyone and attract the attention of the Yokai Inc people. He could even be on their side, she wasn't sure but her kitty wasn't reacting badly to him as if he posed a danger. Maybe he really wanted to help her. If he did, she had to stop him from trying to alert anyone. Kusano had no idea how to explain to him that she didn't have any family. She had friends and she was looking for them and hoping they were alright but no living family. That realization made her fear surface again. She would not only be in danger but her friends too and immediately she hugged the young man who'd introduced himself to her by the name Akimoto Shouta and began to cry, squishing her kitty between herself and him, making the poor feline meow in surprise at this action.

"P-Please no! Don't call anyone! I don't ... I don't want the bad people to find me or my friends!" Kusano cried. She couldn't risk Akira and Eri getting caught simply because someone wanted to help her out. The three of them couldn't keep running forever. They had to trust somebody that could help and protect them from harm. She didn't know if Shouta could but she hoped that he would believe her enough to not take her to the security booth and reach out to anyone by broadcasting her name. Risking putting everyone in the mall at risk for harm. Kusano would never forgive herself if that happened.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: August 13, 2022, 06:55:08 pm »
Kusano continued crying, the kitten in her arms meowing in an attempt to comfort her. Even lightly licking the child's arm as the animal continued to purr. It was as if it knew the child was sad and scared and in its own way, trying to assure her that things would be alright. That they would get better. As everyone continued to pass by them, it would seem out of everyone, only one person did not. The feline was the first to notice a rather tall young man approaching them as he'd knelt down, flashing a kind smile and asking if Kusano was lost. The sound of the male speaking startled the child, making her raise her head to look at the person who was speaking to her.

Normally Kusano's kitten would be on guard and would growl at anyone that posed a threat but it would seem it had not done that. Instead, the animal was rather intrigued, as if trying to sense something from this person but was unable to do so. Kusano had noticed this as it would be a sign that she would need to quickly run away and hide. That she'd been found by those from Yokai Inc trying to take her away since she was too young to be able to sense danger herself. Her powers weren't that great or at least, she didn't think so. She could barely control them and would do her best to avoid having to use them unless absolutely necessary. But did she have to use them here to ward off this person? She didn't know.

Kusano had no idea what to do. The young man seemed nice but she couldn't help but be wary. Those from Yokai Inc could be anyone she least expected. But did she really have much of a choice? She couldn't sit here all day in one spot and Akira and Eri had yet to find her. Still rather frightened, Kusano hid her face behind the kitten she was holding and in response to this action, the kitten meowed cutely, its tail swishing from side to side with a look of curiosity as this person knelt before them. As for Kusano, she could only nod her head in response to the man's question instead of responding verbally.

Hitoshi Mall / Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: August 13, 2022, 05:02:08 pm »
A green-eyed child was lost. Lost and scared. This child was Kusano and she'd gotten separated from the two companions that she was with. How? Why? Because they were on the run. On the run from the people of Yokai Inc that'd been sent to take her in as well as her two friends that'd escaped that place with her to come to Japan. It'd been Akira's idea to briefly separate so they wouldn't get captured together which would defeat the purpose of them having escaped only to be taken back to that terrible place. But Kusano didn't want to separate from Akira or from Eri, another child that'd escaped Yokai Inc as well. Living in the Yokai Realm was all Kusano had known but her parents told her to escape and get as far away from Yokai Inc as she possibly could.

She did what her parents told her to do despite not wanting to leave them behind. So she took Akira and Eri with her and they've been in hiding ever since. Of course, they were followed by those people from that corporation her parents used to work for but Kusano didn't understand why they would hurt her parents and want to hurt her and her friends. While she may not have understood everything, she just knew that she couldn't go back. Otherwise, she and the other two would never make it out again. She didn't want that either. Kusano just wanted the happy life she had before with her parents and with Akira and Eri a part of it. Why couldn't she have that? With all these thoughts in mind, the green-eyed child sniffled, drying her eyes with one hand as she held the kitten her parents gave her with her other who purred in her arm.

She then hugged the gray little feline close to her body as she stood by the wall on the ground floor of the Hitoshi Mall. She and the other two got chased here by an agent from Yokai Inc which was the reason behind Akira's suggestion for them to temporarily separate. Yet Kusano was super scared to be alone and believed she would be caught if they weren't all together. While she should've hidden, she tried to remain in sight to at least be found by Akira and Eri who were somewhere in the mall evading Yokai Inc agents. The child tried her best not to freak out so much, to avoid drawing attention to herself but it was not as if she had any place she could go to hide. She knew nobody here in Japan and that reminded caused more tears to fall down the sides of her face as she hugged her pet cat and cried softly.

'I just wanna go home but I ... we don't have one to go to. Aki-chan ... Eri-chan ... where are you? I'm scared. I don't ... want to be alone anymore...' Kusano thought as she slumped down onto the floor in a sitting position and cried more.

Activity Checks / Re: August Activity Check!
« on: August 13, 2022, 08:53:41 am »
USER NAME: Raven Nightwing


REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, Work. I try to check in when I can even if I can't post much.

Activity Checks / Re: July Activity Check!
« on: July 03, 2022, 05:00:04 pm »
USER NAME: Raven Nightwing

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Isa Olga Suman, Akasha Kusama

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, work and lack of a full muse.

Recycled Threads / day out on the beach (open)
« on: May 30, 2022, 12:50:10 pm »
Stretching her arms above her head, Akasha was enjoying the rays of the warm sun beaming against her skin as she released a sigh of contempt. She couldn't be more glad to be out of school right now as it gave her mind a breather to enjoy the summer break. She'd passed all of her classes and didn't have to do any makeup tests which was awesome. Now all she had to do was focus on what classes she should take come fall for college. But she had two months to prepare for that and she didn't want to be bummed out and stressed worrying about school. It was summer break. There was no harm in enjoying this free time she had and she was going to make every second of it count. The brunette-haired young woman was determined to have some fun. It would've been nice if her sister had joined her but she decided to stay at home today. Another bummer. Her sister was more focused on making sure she already had her own classes selected for next semester since she was still attending Hakoniwa Academy but Akasha was worried that Athena wouldn't get out and do anything.

The whole point of summer break was to have a break from school. Have fun, get wild, and let loose. Not think about the next following semester of school. She was happy her sister was keeping her mind focused on her studies but at the same time, it was starting to feel like she wasn't making any friends because of it. In fact, she didn't believe her sister had brought anyone home to hang out with. All she could do was encourage Athena to be a little more social but she couldn't force her to do it. She had to be the one to do it on her own. She knew most of that stemmed from her sister worrying about her due to being hyper-focused on her disability. Something that Akasha wasn't focused on at all. She'd learned to adjust to her life in a wheelchair. It was a struggle and she hated it but she adjusted. She was steadily working with her physical therapist to determine if there was any feeling in her lower body that could possibly allow her to be more mobile. Meaning using the wheelchair less to use other means of getting herself around. So far, no luck but Akasha remained optimistic regardless. Even if nothing came of it, there was no point in beating herself up about something she more than likely already knew would never be reality.

Meanwhile, she began wheeling herself around the beach. She liked that the beach she went to was wheelchair accessible and her sister would often complain that it was still too dangerous. To Akasha, to not attempt at all is a sign of defeat. Giving in to defeat is something she refused to do and stands firm by that. Plus, there were plenty of people out on the beach today and they were too busy having fun to worry about gawking at her which she believes was the main reason behind her sister's concern. With the two-piece bathing suit she had on, how could they not take a gander at her. She was proud of her body after all and even if her mobility was limited, she wanted to maintain staying healthy and not gain a massive amount of weight from sitting down. Plus, it was a nice day outside. It wasn't raining at all. It was too good a day to pass it up by staying inside all day just watching TV. She had the next two days off from her part-time job as well. She was taking advantage of all the free time she had. Akasha managed to find a nice empty spot nearby one of the stands that sold beverages to keep everyone hydrated should they feel thirsty but luckily for her, she prepared herself ahead of time.

She had everything prepped and prepared all inside of her beach bag and with her beach towel placed over everything, she was able to keep everything cool. She carefully positioned herself to where she backed her chair up slowly so she wouldn't be in anyone's way. She also had to make sure the breaks were on because she also didn't want it rolling from her either. But judging by where she'd perched herself, she figured she'd be okay. Reaching behind her, the first thing she did was grab the beach towel out first, opening the large fabric and leaning forward to spread it out on the ground as best she could in front of her wheelchair. It was a messy attempt but she knew she'd managed. Next, she attempted then attempted to move out of the chair to get onto the towel. First, she had to make sure she wasn't bruising her legs, positioning them first and then using her arm strength to scoot herself forward and then sliding down carefully onto the beach towel. So far so good. No bruising her falling face forward. She'd done this so many times she'd gotten it down pat enough to where she wasn't injuring herself further. It took time, effort, and practice but she did it.

Finally, she reached for her bag that was still hanging on the back of her chair, grabbing it by the handle to bring it down and by herself, she smiled knowing that nothing bad happened to ruin the start of this beach outing. "It's so nice out here. Athena has no idea what she's missing," she spoke aloud, turning her head to look out toward the water which displayed a gorgeous blue coloring to it. She wanted to get in it but she'd have to move everything closer to the water to even attempt that. There was always later on. Right now, she took out her phone and earbuds, placed them in her ears, turned on the music in her phone's playlist, and before she laid down, she made sure her legs were stretched out before doing so. Right now, she was bobbing her head to the music while staring up at the sky. A cool breeze blew that made it feel less humid outside. All in all, she was relaxing right now.

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