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First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: January 24, 2023, 11:48:16 am »
"A-Ah! Yes!" Sadie cried out loudly in pleasure. Putting her fingers to work which were now inside of her instead of rubbing her, while she worked him with her other hand and he massaged her breasts on top of giving attention to her hardened nipples which she enjoyed as well. She enjoyed the ways they pleasured one another. Whether they did it themselves while the other one watched or with each other. Sadie had no complaints as long as both of them felt good. She heavily panted, her juices flowing so much to where it felt like her entire hand was soaked. But then she stopped.

Swapping out the hand she was using to grab Zach's Dick with it, rubbing her soaked hand all over it. Up and down, steady first before speeding up. As for her other hand, she cheekily grinned as she looked down at him and slid two of her fingers inside of her with her other hand to resume pleasuring herself. Her entrance merely inches away from his Dick but why rush to the main course so soon? She wanted to play for a little while. Just to see how long he can hold out before he'd want to ram himself inside the hotness that is her pussy. "A-Ah, it's so good. I could do this all day while you watch me," she teased.

Western District / Re: Just Breathe (Open/Mature)
« on: January 24, 2023, 11:33:23 am »
The feel of her nails clawing at his skin could only make Bridget groan in pleasure at the feeling. As he continued to suck and kiss the area of her scent gland, taking notice of how smooth and soft her skin was, his finger found itself steadily rubbing the bud of Kuri's entrance, making her moan his name in pleasure. It wasn't long before he'd soon slipped his fingers further between the folds of her womanhood, massaging those bundles of nerves. Strangely, the young man felt so pleased with what he was doing and how Kuri was responding to him. Given how wet she'd gotten from just him doing this, Bridget found himself unable to help but feel further aroused by this. He strongly desired to be inside of her. He felt his Dick twitch in anticipation at the thought of that as it'd been left unattended due to him wanting to allow Kuri to feel what he was feeling.

What was he feeling? He had to be feeling more than just a sexual desire to be with the young woman underneath him. No doubt, the idea of that would feel good but what about the aftermath? Bridget didn't know if the two of them would be able to go back to being friends after tonight. At the same time, he didn't want Kuri out of his life either. He wanted her there. At his side, as she always had been. Comforting him, the two of them keeping one another company, just ... Bridget wanted Kuri to be there. Whether his family would approve of such a choice, he didn't care. Out of everyone he has come into contact with, she never pressured him into doing anything he felt uncomfortable with. He knew Kuri was a great friend that supported him because she wanted to, never seeing that she felt forced to do so. He loved that about her. Bridget ... loved Kuri. Finding himself coming to such a realization, he moved out of the crook of her neck so he could see her face. It was flushed red just as much as his was.

He didn't stop his fingers from massaging her but respectfully, he didn't want to rush things. Which is why he was taking it slow. Part of him was still afraid of hurting her but not with his powers. Bridget's gaze never left Kuri's face as he used his free hand to cup the left side of it. Her skin was dampened from the sweat that'd perspired but he didn't care. He just wanted to feel her in every way possible. This was shown as his scent grew stronger, mixing along with hers. "Kuri ... I ..." His voice trailed off as he spoke breathlessly, his hand caressing the side of her face gently. "I ... love you," he managed to say, leaning forward and resting his forehead against hers. "Please, stay with me..."

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: January 08, 2023, 10:22:54 pm »
"Permission granted, Soldier," Sadie replied in a seductive authoritative tone. She could've given a rougher response but she wanted to enjoy herself as well as Zach being able to as well without him blowing a load on her too soon. That would be no fun. But even if he were to, she had no issues breathing life into that magnificent rod of his. So while she would allow Zach to enjoy playing with her breasts that were out for him to do what he wanted with them, Sadie had stood up on her knees, positioning herself over his waist. His hardened organ was inches away from her entrance which was still covered by the body suit she partially still had on.

Wanting to give him a show while he was entertaining himself with her breasts, she made use of her left hand to snake its way between her legs and began to use two of her fingers to rub herself while releasing a moan. She felt the seat of her body suit becoming wetter the more she rubbed her fingers over her covered folds. Her right hand, meanwhile, she used to reach down and grab Zach's Dick and resumed making him feel good. Yet she couldn't help herself when she was with him. She had let a bit of dirty talk slip but he was used to it. It turned them both on with how much they wanted one another. "A-Ah! Zach! You're making me so wet here," she panting, rubbing herself even more, her fingers practically covered in her vaginal juices.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: January 03, 2023, 05:24:32 pm »
Pleased that she was able to give Zach the pleasure he always seemed to enjoy, she decided it was time to kick it up a notch. As much as she loved the taste of him, she loved it more when he was inside of her. Sensually, she slowly removed her mouth from Zach's length, giving the tip a few quick licks before pulling herself back to playfully poke it with her finger as if to tease and drive him insane to want more of her. For him to want her to bring him to the finish line. With a wide grin on her face, she reached her hands behind her back until she'd felt the zipper to the body suit she wore underneath the dress she'd taken off earlier and wasted no time in pulling it down. Once she had, she aggressively yanked the front of it down which allowed her breasts to pop out and be fully exposed for Zach to take in. "Do you like what you see, soldier?" she asked him teasingly.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: January 03, 2023, 05:19:21 pm »
Sho nodded at Kusano's request for a burger and fries. "Of course," he said with a smile. He'd also decided to order a few additional things. It was more or less two extra orders of fries, a juice box-sized milk he could open for her kitty, and a salad he can save for later. The extra fries could be for her friends whenever she spotted them but he'd hoped they weren't young like her with no one to look after them. That and he was still worried about who these "bad people" were that Kusano had mentioned were after them. He could ask Sadie about had she heard anything about suspicious people walking around trying to attack and kidnap children. He knew the blonde would be more up-to-date on that sort of thing than he would be.

The cashier happily had taken the order and Sho had taken out his wallet to pay for everything. He'd been asked by the woman if they were dining in and informed her that the order was to go. Again, given that his life was usually a boring one and he didn't often go to his usual places where he'd hang out alone with friends so he'd liked to avoid being asked any unnecessary questions. There were only so many lies he could come up with regarding why Kusano was with him and who was she. He didn't even know. The child was being very vague in telling him anything and because she was, it was making him quite cautious. Once he'd paid for the order, he stood to the side with Kusano, out of the way just in case any other customers wanted to order.

For now, it was just the two of them but he was being respectful and wanting to avoid causing any trouble. He already knew Sadie was going to have a lot of questions for him and he had no idea how to answer any of them. He did know that the breakroom in the bookstore was safer until both of them could figure out what to do with Kusano. Of course, the main goal was to find her friends and make sure they were okay and then go from there. Right now, they simply waited for their food. Another five minutes had gone by as Sho had taken his phone out of his pocket to check the time. As he had, that's when one of the diner servers brought him their order in a large bag.

"Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon," they said to him, taking a bow before leaving.

Sho had done the same and thanked them in return as he'd held the bag in one hand and then looked down at Kusano. "Alright, we have the order now. You ready to head to the bookstore?" he asked her.

Activity Checks / Re: January Activity Check!
« on: January 03, 2023, 04:55:12 pm »
USER NAME: Shouta Akimoto

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Shouta Akimoto, Bridget Pendragon, Sadie Mably

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, mild writer's block but slowly trying to jump back in.

Hellos & Goodbyes / Re: Hi
« on: January 03, 2023, 04:51:07 pm »
Welcome to EL Kit. Nice to have you join us. ^^ I'm one of the admins, Jazcat under my RP account currently and Naru is the creator of this lovely community we have. Make sure you've read all the necessary information provided while you're working on your character. And if you have any questions eventually, don't hesitate to ask. Even if it's just for clarity on anything we may do here, we are more than happy to help. ^^

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: December 07, 2022, 10:36:42 pm »
Sadie felt Zach's hand placed atop her head as she continued to glide her tongue up and down the sides of his shaft. She pulled back briefly if only to lick her lips seductively, using her hands to work him up real nice before taking him inside her mouth once more. Hearing his moans was always so arousing to her. It let her know that he indeed enjoyed what she was doing to him. And that she was always up for more later. But for now, they only had time to play around before food came. So as much as he would love to have that "super special awesome" fun with him, she was patient enough to wait. The sandy-haired blonde was more than satisfied with this even if she felt herself become a tad wet in the process of pleasuring him, releasing a soft moan of her own. She steadily kept her butt in the air, moving it from side to side on occasion to tease him even more.

Activity Checks / Re: December Activity Check!
« on: December 07, 2022, 07:36:47 am »
USER NAME: Shouta Akimoto

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Bridget Pendragon, Shouta Akimoto

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, in the process of helping Naru and other members integrating into moving from the discord server to the guilded one that's been built.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: November 19, 2022, 03:33:19 pm »
"Ooh, I'm always down for something sweet," Sadie joked as Zach finished ordering room service for them. Once he'd finished, she'd been informed that they had half an hour to an hour before the food shows up. And while she was famished, of course, she was interested in working up more of an appetite. It would seem as if he was as well given that he'd given her butt a nice good squeeze. Plus, she also liked that the bed he had in his room was soft. Not that her own at home wasn't but this one made her feel as if she could melt into it. Sadie also wanted to test out just how sturdy such a bed was too. It'd give her a general idea as to whether or not she needed to eventually upgrade her own bed. But that was a thought for later. Right now, the sandy-haired blonde wanted to have some fun for the next half hour they had.

That said, she wasted no time in undoing Zach's pants and reaching in to pull out his length, gripping it tightly but also stroking it the way she knew he loved it. "As we have some time to kill, why don't we, well, kill that time?" she said seductively as she then moved further down to where her face was in close proximity with his length and not giving him any chance to be prepared, Sadie took Zach's length inside of her mouth and began to hungrily suck and lick it. Her head bobbed up and down, the heat and saliva from her mouth taking his shaft as if it were the sweetest piece of candy she ever had. All while her but was in the air, but she teasingly moved it from side to side to get more of a rise out of him. That and she knew he just loved seeing as well as touching every bench of her body.

Western District / Re: Just Breathe (Open/Mature)
« on: November 19, 2022, 03:18:44 pm »
Bridget groaned at the feeling of Kuri's hands touching him while the kiss between them became more heated as she once again slipped her tongue past his lips and he was able to taste her. He never believed he would find himself in this situation with anyone without hurting him and yet he was here and he wasn't hurting Kuri at all. His powers weren't reacting to her like they'd done earlier when he was alone with the woman from the Amestia House. Granted he hadn't wanted to be with the woman and he was only there at the bequest of his family. He didn't want to willingly go to a Heat House to spend his Rut there.

Now he didn't have to. Kuri was willing to spend it with him and her actions proved this to him. His scent continued to fill the room, growing stronger as the brunette stroked him faster, his length twitching in her hands. He broke their kiss and began to plant small ones down her face until he reached her neck where her scent gland was located. Latching his lips there, Bridget began sucking on that area while finding himself becoming aroused by the citrus scent she produced. It always relaxed him, calming him down whenever he felt himself panicking. He wanted more of her. So much so, he felt as if he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled back, moving his hands from where they were to stopping Kuri's hands. At least for right now. Instead, he turned her toward the couch where he'd carefully moved her to lie down while he had joined her, hovering above her slender frame.

He'd taken notice of how long her hair had grown over time. He remembered her telling him that she was going to grow it out. Now that she had, he could see as he looked down at her, her hair spilling out beside her, she was definitely beautiful to him. This beautiful young woman who'd stayed by his side as his friend was spending his Rut with him. His hand caressed the side of her face briefly before making its way down to her left breast which he'd groped yet again, this time, taking a moment to play with her nipple. Despite his arousal desiring the attention it'd been given earlier, Bridget felt it wasn't fair that Kuri was tending to his needs and he not focusing on hers. After all, she willingly agreed to be with him when she didn't have to. At the very least, he wanted her to feel pleasure as well. So while one hand was massaging her left breast and playing with her nipple, he busied his other by undoing the button to her bottoms, slowly and carefully sliding his hand inside them. His hand was inside her undergarments but his fingers found themselves near her entrance where he'd rubbed the bud there gently with his index finger.

Strangely, he felt more confident in what he was doing compared to earlier, or that could be his inner Alpha playing a part as well. Either way, he was pleased with his action. Bridget then leaned down and resumed kissing and sucking the side of her neck near her scent gland again, wanting to get lost in the scent of Kuri, and feel closer to her.

Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: November 19, 2022, 02:39:42 pm »
''She seems okay. I'm still worried about these bad people she's saying that's after her and her friends. Guess it can't be helped that she is too scared to tell me anything. I can't make her. She's managed to trust me this much. I still can't just leave her here alone. I'll start with getting her something to eat and figure out where to take her and make sure she's safe,' Sho thought as they continued walking. He made sure to keep hold of her hand so as not to get separated from her and to keep her from getting lost again. The crowd of people in the area was starting to pick up the further they went to the dinner he normally eats at. Once they reached it, he looked down at Kusano to see if she was alright. Other than quiet, she appeared fine from what he saw. He proceeded to go further into the diner with Kusano at his side.

Luckily for them, there was no line of people and it strangely wasn't as crowded. Sure there were people there that'd already ordered and paid for their meals and were simply eating and conversing with one another if they hadn't come alone. Aside from that, there wasn't anyone in front or behind them. So that made it a little easier. The cashier at the counter who is aware of Sho being a regular there blinked in surprise seeing him come in with a little girl they'd never seen before. He wasn't sure how to explain that and thankfully he wouldn't need to. He didn't like lying but whenever he didn't want anyone in his business that he didn't know or comfortable sharing things with, he would once in a while tell a lie to them. It wasn't often though. Today would be the first time he'd have to. He tried to appear as unnatural about this as he took a moment and knelt down in front of Kusano again, still holding onto her hand as he gave her a smile. "Remember, we can pick anything you want okay and I'll buy it," he reminded the child while using his other hand to give her a small pat on the head.

He then turned his head to look over at the cashier manning the register currently, his smile remained as he spoke to them. "H-Hi, we'll just need a few moments before deciding on something," he informed them. The cashier smiled and nodded which made Sho feel relieved they didn't ask any questions about Kusano. Outside of lying that she was a relative, there wasn't much else the person needed to know. He himself didn't know anything. And Kusano also had her kitten with her and that was going to draw ire from incoming customers. 'Well, I'm not having her eat here since I don't want them saying anything about her having her kitten with her. I'll take her to the bookstore and see if it's okay if she can eat in the breakroom there.' Sho thought that would be the better option than sitting out in the open. What or who she was afraid of, if he could keep her out of view so she could feel safe and comfortable, that's what was more important.

Activity Checks / Re: November Activity Check!
« on: November 06, 2022, 07:50:08 pm »
USER NAME: Shouta Akimoto

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Sadie Mably, Bridget Pendragon

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, mood to write been up and down. I will make responses to threads accordingly. Waiting on others.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: October 29, 2022, 05:29:09 pm »
Sadie giggled into the kiss, licking her lips as she pulled away. The sandy-haired blonde wasn't going to turn down an offer to have a good time with Zach. Though since she hadn't eaten before she came here, room service sounded like a better option. More or less curious as to what type of service they provided when it came to food. She personally always stayed at other hotels when there was a necessity for her to do so and for as long as she'd been living in this country, not once had she stayed at Red Fountain Towers. She'd seen it, she knew where it was, but never stayed in it. Plus, the company that built this hotel also built the apartments named after them as well. And being fairly fine with her apartment and the space provided, it's not surprising Sadie never stayed here. But at least now she had a reason to. Steady laid on top of him, she now had rested her chin in her hands, her eyes looking at Zach lovingly as she wore a smile on her face. "I'd definitely like some room service. I'll even allow you to pick what we eat tonight. The food and each other," she grinned cheekily.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: October 05, 2022, 04:19:00 pm »
A wide grin was displayed on the blonde's face as she couldn't help the many ideas that'd begun to form at the mention of Zach's favorite holiday being Halloween and how that day makes him more spooky. Aside from having the ability to remove his head, she wasn't sure what else could be spooky about him. She found a liking to such an ability and found a very fun and sexy way to use it. To which both of them greatly enjoyed. But it would seem as if the two of them could have a lot more fun on Halloween to where she couldn't help but make a light joke. "Oh no, are you gonna sneak up behind me in the dark when I least expect it and take me from behind and make me scream?"

At least it showed that she wasn't entirely weighed down by her worries regarding her friends. Sadie could tell that Zach seemed worried and wanted to quell that for her by moving on to something different. Something to where they could both enjoy themselves tonight, which she was all for. Whether it simply be relaxing with him and teasing him occasionally or them just getting right into the super special awesome sexy fun as she would comically call it every once in a while. Her grin remained, even when Zach took her hand to kiss it which made her reposition herself to where she was now lying on top of him and her breasts pushed down against his chest. "Oh I'm sure we could think of a lot to do to enjoy the night," she said.

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