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First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:04:35 pm »
"I'm always open for something new. Though as far as input goes you'll find I don't have a ton of ideas." He smiled back after she kissed his nose and gave her a wink. "It'll be a nicer experience than just working off stress during downtime with the crew for sure. We never got very creative on duty honestly, at least out side of finding places to not be disturbed anyway. While I enjoy a good rutting or helping with a heat, It was usually plain sex with the occasional headless play." It was all good fun honestly, the submissive side of him did enjoy the occasional sudden beheading/kidnapping his female coworkers did whenever they really needed some relief. Though one of them did say it was a bit oddly hot to see his body react to when the alpha women got a hold of him and left his body behind.

In all honesty he'd miss that kind of comradery, but at least now he'd have less trouble with the boss lady hopefully. Her drunken spells were exhausting to deal with when she got going, and she was a troublesome drunk. They were friends but she was still his boss and he always tried to keep that sorta thing separate, even though sober her never seemed to recall the events the crew did, to her dismay. Maybe getting all this official like would help calm that side of the boss lady's mind a bit, one way or another. He tilted his head to the side before continuing "You know I'm more than having fun doing whatever comes to your brilliant mind hon. Speaking of which, I feel like you've had a few ideas since you've gotten here."

Activity Checks / Re: September Activity Check!
« on: August 27, 2022, 09:48:35 am »
USER NAME: Zach Green

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Lt. Zach Green, Giovanni Tempest


First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 21, 2022, 09:43:25 pm »
"You don't have to tell me that." He chuckled picking his head up and putting it back on his neck and grinned, her display already having a visible effect on him. "You've certainly proved that aspect plenty of times already. Though I can't say I'd turn down another display or ten of your abilities. A little practice before the big show goes a long way." He winked at her and leaned forward to give her a kiss. He was happy to know he wouldn't have to be worried about a surprise contestant while he and her were having fun, though an audience wasn't something he was used to. Public play was fun for the risk involved, but he'd never actually considered someone actually watching, let alone a good number of people watching at once. Sounded like a weird segregated **** honestly.

If it was something she wanted to do though, he'd follow her like a good soldier does. By far would her wishes would be some of the best order's he'd ever carry out in any case. The idea swirled in his mind in different scenes, some of which may have been from books he's read over the years. He imagined being in a big bed, with people wearing those masquerade masks sitting around the edge in low light while they just went at it. Another scene was a classroom style scenario, her playing the teacher and there being a chalkboard and everything. How and where she got a chalkboard he'd no idea but it was there. A few other scenarios flitted in and out but were just as quickly brushed away by the view in front of him once again.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 19, 2022, 07:42:10 am »
"That you are, though opefully they won't hold a grudge now that you've decided to keep me all to yourself. How many people are we talking about anyway? I've never had more than a few women present at a time before, plus Dutch that one time Chiquita visited for a new years party..." He responded to her expiration, his mind imagining that scenario, but a lot more people and less sharing. Running an active participation sex-ed class effectively felt more odd than just having a regular orgy. Then again he's been in some unique situations before and he was undoubtedly capable of handling it, at least in his mind. "And they may have an issue replicating everything we can do." He gestured to his head with his hands, he wasn't an expert, but he's fairly certain the two of them had a few moves they could demonstrate, but not teach much to the entertainment of their students he was sure. At least if they were anything like her that is.

A part of his mind wondered why she wanted to be monogamous, not that he disliked it in the slightest, but having a group of friends happy to have parties or hand out like she mentioned, you'd think she'd be a bit more interested in polygamy or an open situation. He wondered if she'd been burned in the past, or maybe she just had a different thought process to his regarding it. She had her reasons obviously, so he wouldn't pry, not wanting to ruin the mood or dredge up potential bad memories and continue with the fun.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 16, 2022, 07:22:37 am »
"You make homework actually sound like a fun idea." He smiled a bit, she hit the nail on the head though as far as his uncertainty went. He had very little idea on what he was supposed to do in this scenario beyond vague ideas. That said he did feel reassured at her touch, weather that was just her, or the fact he liked having his hair played with, he wasn't sure. However now he felt less like he was going to mess things up somehow, he'd have some time to catch up on some health classes he'd slept through in school.

"I've made my choice, but you're probably right that I should look some things up." the red tint to his face lightened a little, still mildly embarrassed about his ignorance but he wasn't faking anything when it came to his response, he was ready, well ready as he could be at the moment for whatever she wanted. He could be a little more informed obviously. "But I don't think I'll have too much trouble making you feel good in the mean time," he gave her a wink and as seductive a tone he could manage right now.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 15, 2022, 07:39:53 am »
He had to take a moment to gather his words, a response he did not expect to make today had already been given and another one was already here, begging an answer. Sadie regardless of if she knew it or not, could make a trained speaker have to find his tongue. Although he liked to think himself well read, Sadie likely had him beat word for word by a decent margin. "I'm not sure, good for certain but I feel like doesn't do it justice." he responded, adjusting himself to keep facing her properly.

He wasn't going anywhere, at least as far as she was concerned anyway. Sadly he couldn't help where work would take him, but he could always return here when he could. He also wasn't the most familiar with how the whole bonding process worked to begin with, he quite honestly never considered it a possibility and thusly never looked into it. He just knew it was supposed to be a big deal and it should be treated as such. "I trust you Sadie. I'll follow your lead and go with your call." He smiled trying to look more confident than he was, more uncertain of what to do next as internally, he felt a little frazzled. Excited, in more than one way, and happy absolutely, but more than a little lost at sea with her being the lighthouse on a foggy night.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 14, 2022, 07:49:51 pm »
His face got a little red as he processed what she was saying, wondering if this was roleplay or if she was asking what he thought she was. "Are you asking what I think you're asking Sadie?" He'd given it some thought before, but he wasn't sure she'd still want to after learning he was in such a line of work. If not from the kind of work he did, but for the fact he could die at anytime would make some folks think twice before mating with someone. "I mean...Yes Ma'am. I'm interested." He kept very still, unsure how else he should react at this point, but he had a lot more control over where his eyes locked, and they were now locked on hers.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 14, 2022, 03:41:54 pm »
While the thought of her going toe to toe with the girls in his squad was an entertaining thought, he didn't see it going well for his lover in the end. Strength and fury were definitely factors, but they were usually outmatched by experience and technique. She'd fit in well enough though, in his mind at least. He almost wished she was a military lass so that he could bring her on the ship and on missions to make the dull moments better, especially since he's not going to be available for stress relief like he used to be. Those times are gonna be way harder to get through now that he thought about it.

Speaking of stress relief however, he was suddenly feeling like he should play along with what was coming next. She knew exactly what to wear and do to make him feel exactly what she wanted him to, and it was certainly working as always right now."What questions would those be?" He asked his eyes having trouble keeping themselves on hers, and her voice working it's magic on him as he had to look up at her. He could already feel his heartbeat pick up the pace in anticipation of whatever she was gonna do next.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 14, 2022, 02:36:27 pm »
Zach was pleasantly surprised that she wasn't jumping ship. Then again as she said her self, her own anger issue might have put her in the same line of work if the fates had different plans. The image of her beating the living daylights out of an assassin was an amusing thought. It's a good thing he'd already made his peace with the violence and bloodlust that came with this line of work, or else he might have had some concerns with being alright with that vision. Her grin lifted a good deal of weight off of his shoulders, he'd worried she'd have just up and left then and there. "I'm glad you feel that way, and trust me as long as I'm not working you'll have me all to yourself, even if the girls in the squad get a bit jealous." He chuckled a little to himself.

He laid back, pulling off his head and resting it on his chest. "It's chaotic, stressful, and dangerous. But it pays very well, and it scratches an itch I can't explain. I don't know if it's just a me thing, or a Dullahan thing, or the Unknown thing, but combat is a good fit for me. It's hard to explain without sounding like a madman." Dullahan were considered harbingers of death, grim reapers, and some even compared them to Valkyries. When it came down to pulling the trigger, he paused no longer than the time he needed to identify the body in his crosshairs was the enemy before moving onto the next one. The occasion's where he gets to know that a firefight is coming are some of his favorites after all, because he gets to be offensive, even if they're supposed to be on the defense.

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 14, 2022, 01:01:36 pm »
Zach nodded slowly as he gathered his words. "Well, I can tell you just about everything other than names and some exact places, as for the danger aspect, I deal with death and lead on a surprisingly regular basis. I don't expect you're in any more danger than a couple suits asking some questions, but my job isn't a pretty one to know about." He started off trying not to scare her any, but he wasn't going to sugar coat it too much. "My boss deals with a lot of dangerous people that are involved in big things. Whenever she decides to deal with one, several others can take offence at that, and as such my job is to keep them at bay with no exceptions. It isn't uncommon for me to have to kill would be assassins or less scrupulous men and women to accomplish this. Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not some hitman, or personal killer or something."

"She also prefers to handle her business in person, rather than through intermediaries, which is why she has people like me and the rest of the crew covering her. Military men and women from around the world that know how to do our jobs, no matter how messy it gets. We have to be able to plan and protect her at the drop of a hat, and there have been some weird ass hats dropped over my time with her. There have been merc ambushes, private interest groups, actual armies, and one time even some spec ops guys from the states. Hell there was even one time where a bloke showed up wearing a executioners hood with bolt cutters. Just ran through a Damn wall like the Juggernaut." He mimed running and shoulder checking something. "I've had to be everything from a standard body guard with just a side arm guarding a door, to a counter-sniper on top of a building half a mile away, to a door gunner on a helicopter, not to mention dealing with every modern pirate that sees containers as banks waiting to be ****. Hate those ones the most, because they don't even know what they're getting into, the poor bastards."

He sighed and looked over at her, not sure what he'd see. Maybe a little horror? Sadness? Fear?

First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 14, 2022, 11:16:37 am »
He blinked, he hadn't expected her to show up looking ready for either hitting up a club or to test the durability of his hotel bed. Not that he was complaining in the slightest, though he'd probably be a bit distracted for the rest of the night, provided she didn't get warded off by the answers he was intending on providing. "Wow...Oh erm, come on in love." He gestured for her to come on in and closed the door behind her, taking her current look and thanking the powers that be that he was the one that got to handle her. "Take a seat anywhere," He said locking the door and returning to the bedside to sit down himself, going through some mental prep for what was to come. He really liked how things were working out between them, and he didn't want to bungle things by keeping secrets. He's seen the kind of stress that puts on his fellow crewmates that have families, and that's not something he wants to go through. He can only imagine what their significant others feel when they're out on duty, far from home. Who wants to find out post mortem that their hubby wasn't just a normal bodyguard for some bigshot, or isn't actually still in their home military, but actually protecting an arms dealer? Sure they'd be well taken care of by the company, that he's seen first hand, but the family's memory gets tainted by that secret.

It wasn't like Sadie was a spy, or affiliated with anyone closely related to any government. At least none that he could find. A precaution he had to take seeing her, but the spy movies weren't kidding with the sexy spies bedding targets and their guards for information, and Sadie was certainly matching the sexy part. The worst she could do was write a book about him down the line, and he felt he could trust her to obfuscate some facts enough that nobody could do anything with it.

As for why he wanted to meet her here, rather than her apartment as usual like the gentleman he saw himself as, it was a more controlled environment. With some looking about and pressing of the staff, he could make sure that his space was free and clear of prying eyes and ears pressed to walls. He couldn't be one hundred percent sure someone hasn't broken into her place and hidden listening devices of some sort, and sweeping her place with his bug catcher would be pretty odd.

"Before we go having too much fun, and I see you intend on having a lot of it, I think it's time that...I answer some of your questions that I've sort of dodged since we started seeing each other. So for the next bit you can ask whatever you want and I'll answer truthfully to the best of my ability."

First Floor Rooms / Dispelling Mystery?
« on: August 13, 2022, 07:33:20 pm »
Zach hung up the phone next to his bed and stretched a bit as the front desk alerted him that someone new was coming to visit him. Apparently Sadie had arrived earlier than he figured, though he should have expected as much. She knew the city far better than he did, she likely knew all sorts of shortcuts about the place, plenty of nooks and crannies too, they were fun. He rummaged through his bag to find his trusty bug catcher and began sweeping the room just in case the police had put something there the last time they swung by to annoy him. Last thing he felt like dealing with was some recording of him saying something stupid on camera. That Blonde woman might be on his bosses good side, but who knows what's been set up and by who. After brief sweep he was satisfied nothing was new was hidden and tossed the gadget back into his bag and awaited Sadie's knock on his door. She'd been getting curious about his life up to this point, and he'd gotten tired of brushing off the questions or finding ways to answer her without actually answering her. So he finally broke and promised to answer her questions openly, under a few conditions, one of which was she came to him, and two she'd have to look him in the eye and swear to never tell a soul. He'd just thought to himself he should probably set up some secret cameras of his own when the knock he was expecting came from the door. "Ah, still ahead of schedule...sorta expected she'd get a little slowed down by the elevator at least." He mumbled as he walked over and opened the door for his guest.

Gio shrugged, mystery solved for the most part. He'd come to satisfy his curiosity mostly, as well as a mild moral duty to the general public. "I've got a friend who passes through the area regularly as I understand, I'm sure he'd be interested enough to try one of those weird things, he's always on about fae anyway." The dragon looked at Nimiko and gestured back the way they came with his tail and hand in a ladies first kind of way, a light arc of electricity trailing down to his tail to the tip before fizzling out "In any case there doesn't seem to be any dangers here besides what one would wrought upon themselves. Are you as satisfied as I am with this outcome?"

Activity Checks / Re: June Activity Check!
« on: May 28, 2022, 07:36:52 pm »
USER NAME: Zach Green

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Zach Green, Giovanni Tempest

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active (posted a open a little while ago, but no takers)

Activity Checks / Re: May Activity Check!
« on: April 30, 2022, 11:45:56 pm »
USER NAME: Zach Green

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Zach Green, Giovanni Tempest

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active (posted a open a little while ago, but no takers)

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