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Recycled Threads / Look I'm on Vacation! (Open)
« on: March 27, 2022, 11:42:13 pm »
Zach groaned and stretched as he was once again escorted from an interrogation room by a commissioner of the police force to the break room of the station, where he was apologized to in a less than genuine fashion. Either this guy or someone above him knew better than to keep him locked up, Zach wasn't sure which but he didn't really care too much about the details really. The boss lady wasn't someone you wanted to upset and clearly someone was doing their best to make sure that didn't happen, Zach was more annoyed about the waste of time all of this was. "Another waste of a perfectly good Sunday afternoon." He knew better than to fight the power in this sort of situation and by now its become relatively routine in the last couple weeks. Somewhere out of the blue, the local beat cops would get an 'anonymous tip' saying that someone matching his description was up to no good. Usually something about brandishing weapons or something drug related. If only they knew what his crew did to dealers, Hell, if only they knew what Wheeler alone would do to drug dealers.

"Look the least you could do for me, since you guys don't seem to learn that you should just ignore calls about me...or just put up fliers around the office, seriously, is have some snacks ready. Whoever stocks this vending machine is making a Damn mint off of me." He half joked, half didn't. Heck they haven't even full restocked since the last time he was here, they were still out of honey buns, or maybe he just got lucky last time he was here. Either way the commissioner shrugged and gave another half assed apology and told him not to leave the room until someone came to get him. With a sigh and a wave of his hand showing he understood, Zach bought some refreshments and sunk into a nearby seat as two beat cops took up guarding either side of the door. "What's a Gaijin gotta do to get some peace in one of the most peaceful countries in the world?" Probably beat the ever living hell outta whoever is giving these shmucks 'tips'

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 21, 2022, 07:44:33 pm »
He thought for a moment he'd woken her up, but smiled a little when her snoozing continued. He contemplated extricating himself from the bed, but settled for just adjusting a little to get comfy and resting some more as he waited for her to wake up on her own. That said he was having a little trouble doing so, he could feel all the scratches on his back from her nails in detail now. That was something he wasn't quite used to actually but it wasn't anything he couldn't tolerate, especially thinking back on the night before giving him something else to concentrate on. He'd have to wait to take care of that issue until later though.

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 21, 2022, 06:54:46 pm »
Zach managed to get them there with no problem, opening the door and carefully kicking the door shut before the rest of their night began. His crew were likely either at a deal at the moment, alert for any signs of danger from whatever client is running his mouth, or standing guard around a company compound, likely up in the more mountainous regions outside of town or wherever the boss lady decided she wanted to stay for the night. Mean while he was thoroughly enjoying his leave, even if he may regret his next morning run because of it. He could easily say right now a few of his comrades would fight him to switch places at the moment, and that thought amused him a bit.

The rest of the night was a blur of fun, sex, and a bit of cuddles at the end, to the point that Zach was pretty sure the sun was just over the horizon when sleep finally took them, and the last thought he could remember before everything when dark was 'I guess the neighbors didn't hear all that.' When he finally awoke next he was a little confused and groggy, the sun was high in the sky outside and he was sore all over. Mostly his back honestly. Actually...he arched his back a little and reached under himself and pulled something from below him, finding a vibrator that he'd apparently fallen asleep on top of. Without thinking he tried to switch the thing on with his other hand and found it was pinned under something and looked over to see Sadie still asleep next to him. Now he remembered the night prior and smiled to himself before settling back down not to disturb her rest, she'd earned it after all.

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 20, 2022, 07:36:25 pm »
He let out a laugh before leaning in and giving her a kiss before standing up and stretching for a moment. "Yer chariot awaits then." With hardly any effort he picked up his new lover bridal style and proceeded to carry her to their destination, careful not to trip on their mess of discarded clothes. "We've got all night ta play, run outta breath, and batteries alike." It was nice to speak in his native accent again, but it was a bit of an effort to do after such a long time traveling and it molding to match the oddity that was his crew. He could even feel himself mildly pulling to match her accent, but he was managing to keep it Irish.

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 20, 2022, 03:27:53 am »
War stories, tales of daring do and heroism could certainly wait until after they've exhausted themselves and eaten breakfast in the morning or something. For now it was time to indulge in one another some more, and he wasn't going to **** it up by blabbing about shooting pirates and terrorists. No, there was much more fun to have with the passionate blonde before shooting the breeze, and she seemed to agree with her smirk and tone.

Zach paused for a moment before a sly smile crept across his face. "Trust me, by the time we're finished, we'll both be speaking the same. An' it'd be ah grand idea to move this to the bed room lass, am I wrong?" He offered the thought taking in her accent again. He was Irish through and through, and his family certainly had opinions about the British, especially their government, but he held no issues against the average British person let alone their accent. Especially when said British person is a sexy blonde woman who's already taken two of his loads, and is still asking for more. All of that said, he'd like a bit more room to work with for what was coming next, and a bed is quite a bit bigger and comfier than a couch.

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 19, 2022, 03:40:46 pm »
"I'm always on an adventure ma'am." He responded with a wink, "Hopefully said adventure will involve marginally less bullets flying my way for the near future." He rested his hands on her outer thighs as he beamed up at her, satisfied and happy for the company tonight, and if her offer of an adventure was any indication, he wouldn't be spending his leave alone. Hopefully she didn't ask too many questions about what he did for a living, because the only stories he could tell without changing the details...well most people wouldn't approve of his occupation, hazards and practices both. "Hope you won't mind my Japanese that much, It's not my third language."

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 17, 2022, 07:53:15 pm »
"I may have to take you up on those then." He chuckled a bit and grabbed her foot and shook it playfully before letting go and laying back into the couch. "From what I've heard the boss lady's been loving the town and one of the guys grew up around here knows where all the good restaurants are. Probably be sticking around until she feels the need to get moving again. Till then at the very least we can make all the bets you want." He could certainly let off the steam he's built up over the last couple years in some big bursts with Sadie it seems. While he enjoyed a good gunfight, he preferred a **** fight.

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 16, 2022, 07:42:55 pm »
Zach blinked a little with a mildly dopy grin on his face, "Is that a serious question?" He chuckled and sighed, his breath returned and with some effort, and reluctance he pulled away from her, and out of her slowly. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had such a good romp, and he's had some good ones in the past. "I haven't had such a good time since...well ever." He laughed a bit as he sat back on the now, pretty much soaked couch. "Closest would have to be the first Christmas party with my crew, but I didn't know Dutch spiked my flask."

He thought back on that night, while he didn't quite black out his memory was a bit spotty, and he's not sure what was real and what wasn't, since everyone gave him different accounts of the night, and he woke up in two different bunks the morning after. After that night the crew were a bit more open, one might say. Afterward it was mostly stress relief when the days got long or the wifi decided to kick the bucket. What happened tonight started off pretty quick and dirty but he wasn't so sure about that now.

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 16, 2022, 02:29:17 pm »
That was a look that could drive any man crazy, and it was enough for him to push him to finish one more time. Zach held her tight and pushed himself as deep as he could inside her before he finally let loose again and filled her up once more with his seed, all the while moaning her name. Each rope he shot inside accompanied by a throb of his rod and a light squeeze as he tried to hold her closer. He wasn't sure but he could swear he felt something akin to flying for a moment before returning back to the ecstasy. That was new. He'd be a little worried if he wasn't still cumming, and hopefully his mental note wouldn't vanish before he could look into it later. Did she have some sort of sex powers or something? If so they were some Damn good powers.

Gio was pulled from his thoughts as he saw the spirit set about tending to the shrine. He wasn't completely familiar with how these shrines worked as far as the Japanese were concerned. He was used to Humans and their general beliefs in their various gods and ancestor worship over the years, but as far as he was aware the Japanese favored cremation and buried their ashes in familial tombs and such. "This is one mystery solved I guess. I'd ask some more questions, but unfortunately I left all my ghost hunting gear in Italy." He sighed sarcastically as he shrugged. "Not sure any of that radio signal nonsense even would work if we had one anyway, and that's only if she's actually ghost or just a spirit of the land. However that works, if it even works that way."

"Curious. I wonder if this sensation is something that is just a natural response of the living to the dead. Maybe Green has experience on the subject given his heritage." He mostly mumbled to himself. His unlikely fair folk friend was essentially a personification of death, at least as far as old stories could be counted upon to give a true account. Supposedly his kind had the power to call the name of those destined to die and their souls would leave their vessels to never be seen again, either guided to the next world...or otherwise in some tales. Then again he'd never heard the lieutenant claim he'd ever dealt with spirits of any kind before.

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 13, 2022, 06:42:13 pm »
His mind was more affixed to the here and now, but later on he'd be hard pressed to say he would mind having her around more often, especially after a night like this. Even though he wasn't a huge fan of what he did for a living, he was a loyal body guard for his boss, and where she went, he'd follow come hell or high water. That said he'd finally have a reason to use up all the vacation time he'd accrued over his service, and someone to spend his small fortune on. Hopefully she wouldn't mind whenever the bosslady decided she'd had enough of japan for a time, and he'd have to get back on the ship.

For now however, he was doing his best to stir up her honeypot nice and good, enjoying every moment of her warmth and embrace around him.

Giovanni crossed his arms and shifted his weight to one foot as he looked the spirit up and down, gauging her as best he could to get her measure. The odd feeling he felt outside the wood earlier was certainly stronger with the spirit around now. "It seems you're source of the curious sensation I felt a while ago. Or something related to it. Are there any more spirits about, or are you alone between these trees?" He asked his golden eyes glancing about, the cut rope still on his mind from earlier. He wasn't too familiar with what came after death, as he imagined most weren't either. "Not that it's any issue, just something got under my scales even though I was on a walk way just side the woods."

Unfinished & Finished Threads / Re: Discotheque [Zach/Mature]
« on: March 13, 2022, 05:48:41 pm »
His hips jerked forward faster that he had intended, the feeling of the spank wasn't unwelcome, but unexpected. He was so caught up in the flow of things that he didn't anticipate her returning the favor and a moan caught in his throat. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten a good spanking in a romp, and certainly wouldn't be the last, especially if she had a future say in the matter he if he had to make a bet. He let out a small curse and looked his lover in the eyes and couldn't help but chuckle a little before locking lips with her again. He moved from his almost feral thrusting to more sensual sexual attention, trying to hit her sweet spots as well as regain a bit of stamina in the process.

The leg lock and her hands where they were, it felt like even though he was on top she becoming the one in control again, not that he minded per say. If she wanted to powerbottom he'd oblige just as happily than if she wanted him to just keep fucking her brains out until she was overflowing with his seed.

Activity Checks / Re: March Activity Check!
« on: March 11, 2022, 10:28:14 pm »
USER NAME: Zach Green
CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Zach Green, and Giovanni Tempest

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