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First Links / Sonder || Semi-Realistic Wolf RPG
« Last post by Evan on January 19, 2023, 01:47:34 pm »
Link Backs / Elusion - Panfandom
« Last post by ElusionRPStaff on January 18, 2023, 03:59:10 pm »

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After wishing for an escape (either genuinely or fleetingly) characters from television, film, video games, books, animation, musicals, or even TTRPG worlds find themselves in Elusion; a world full of magic, technology, adventure, romance, and mystery.
First Links / Valeria University, Guilded Forum-Server RP
« Last post by VU Staff on January 14, 2023, 01:42:22 pm »

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Valeria University is a prestigious school established in 1974 and located in Tokyo, Japan. The intentions of the university allow all of its applicants to graduate with the guarantee of having a well-paying job. The entrance exam isn't easy and the acceptance rate is small. But that determination to succeed has given many who have failed the chance to attend this wonderful university. Students that attend also venture into the city for leisure or work. There are available living areas for those on a budget or who want to live that college high life! Plenty of opportunities are available for everyone! We're a small +18 story-focused ERP forum-server. This means we do try to focus on forming a plot even though we're an ERP server community. The staff is friendly and always welcoming new faces of individuals that love to write. We can't wait to see you at Valeria University.

The server also doubles as a forum as Guilded's platform allows us to create a forum community without the need for a physical forum. Everything works the same way as specific channels that are RP allows for the creation of topics and no waiting for others to finish using the channel to have a turn. The same goes for the Affiliate, First Link, and Link Back channels. We even have a channel for Member Availability where members can log what days they're free to write or free to hang out with everyone and vibe. There's additional channels to ask questions. So come and join us!

Fair & Clear Rules
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LGBTQ Accepting
A no drama server
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A safe writing environment
Unlimited Creation of Characters
Characters can be - Students, Professors, or Citizens
Updates / Re: Updates of 2023
« Last post by Jazcat on January 10, 2023, 06:03:25 pm »

1. Locked 2 thread(s) in First Links sub board.
2. Locked 2 thread(s) in Link Backs sub board.
First Links / Back Into Tune
« Last post by Scribbler on January 09, 2023, 10:21:56 pm »
[align=center]Step through the pages into this Slice-of-Life Merlin AU Roleplay. Please, come visit our Discord as well as check out Rules, Plot, and Characters.  We are LGBTQIA+, POC, and disabled welcoming. Original and Canon Characters accepted. [/align]
Link Backs / A Dream of Spring - Medieval Fantasy AU ASOIAF
« Last post by Renya on January 09, 2023, 07:01:41 am »
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♔ Do you value the opportunity to actively drive the storyline?
♕ Did you fall in love with Mr. Darcy and Bridgerton, do you love romance?
♚ Are you keen on political plots?
♛ You want dragons, we got them!
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When we say; we're not like other Game of Thrones roleplay, we mean it! We're a member-driven community, that has built this site with feedback and by listening to all of the people who have joined our community. This is your opportunity to directly influence and participate in the stories that you want to share and create.
First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« Last post by Zach Green on January 09, 2023, 12:12:39 am »
She had no problem getting the reactions she wanted out of him, and at this stage it felt like she knew his limits greater than he did himself. She could work him as fast or as slow as she wanted and make this one moment stretch all night into morning if she so desired. All the while he'd be on cloud nine under her affection. He didn't need to look down to see the truth of her words when they reached his ears, he could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes. He wanted to rip that suit off and give her more than just fingers to enjoy, almost as much as he wanted to play along, fondle her breasts and take things at the pace they were going.

Zach could listen to her dirty talk forever too, it was like a siren's call that never failed to bring him to full mast, ready to dive into the welcoming depths. Her hands grip would have to do for the moment however and he would do what he could to make her feel even better, massaging her breasts in each hand with delight and making sure to give her nipples plenty of attention.
First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« Last post by Shouta Akimoto on January 08, 2023, 10:22:54 pm »
"Permission granted, Soldier," Sadie replied in a seductive authoritative tone. She could've given a rougher response but she wanted to enjoy herself as well as Zach being able to as well without him blowing a load on her too soon. That would be no fun. But even if he were to, she had no issues breathing life into that magnificent rod of his. So while she would allow Zach to enjoy playing with her breasts that were out for him to do what he wanted with them, Sadie had stood up on her knees, positioning herself over his waist. His hardened organ was inches away from her entrance which was still covered by the body suit she partially still had on.

Wanting to give him a show while he was entertaining himself with her breasts, she made use of her left hand to snake its way between her legs and began to use two of her fingers to rub herself while releasing a moan. She felt the seat of her body suit becoming wetter the more she rubbed her fingers over her covered folds. Her right hand, meanwhile, she used to reach down and grab Zach's Dick and resumed making him feel good. Yet she couldn't help herself when she was with him. She had let a bit of dirty talk slip but he was used to it. It turned them both on with how much they wanted one another. "A-Ah! Zach! You're making me so wet here," she panting, rubbing herself even more, her fingers practically covered in her vaginal juices.
Link Backs / Forever Falls
« Last post by FF STAFF on January 08, 2023, 07:18:50 pm »

Guidebook | F.A.Q. | Canons | Claims | Discord

Forever Falls is a canon RWBY roleplay forum
set at the beginning of Volume 3 of RWBY
where OC and Canons alike shape the story.
Pending / Kyoko WIP
« Last post by Kyoko on January 07, 2023, 07:54:22 am »

The Flame of Life burns forever in my heart

Name: Kyoko

Alias: Kyo

Date of Birth: 9/5th/2005

Age: 18

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Fresh cut Lemons and Lavendar

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese/American

Species: Human

Hobbies: Kicking bad guy butt, playing video games and looking cute


Peak Physical Condition: Kyoko was trained at a young age by her childhood friend. Together they trained day by day and by night, doing the martial arts until their bodies was past its limits. Although no muscles was clearly on her body, she has however surpassed her limits and can easily fight against a group of thugs, and still keep going, without breaking a sweat.

Superhuman Strength: Strength wise can be quite easy for young Kyoko as she can lift heavy objects from things like a man four times her weight, and heave them high above her head, not to mention other things like an actual settee and keep them above her head for as long as she wanted too. Punching wise she can punch through solid brick and even a crate without injuring herself, thus punching a guy or a girl would feel like being hit by a diamond sledgehammer.

Superhuman Durability: Defensively wise, Kyo has a durability which is just above the superhuman level. There were times when she got hit by a vast array of things, like a baseball bat to the face and even got hit by a speeding car, and yet every single time the girl got back up to her feet with very minimal damage, like cuts to her face or body,

Superhuman Agility: Thanks to her training with her childhood friend, Kyoko has superhuman agility that basically allows to move faster then a speeding bullet when it comes to things like dodging etc. Once she was fired upon by a yakuza thug, using a handgun, but she merely moved to one side instantly before any bullets had hit her. Such an example of her agility is that Kyoko can kick her opponent multiple times and they are so fast, it looks like she has multi leg kicks to the human eye.

Personality: Kyoko is a lovable and fun loving girl who lives life to the fullest. Although not the sharpest tool in the shed, and yet  she is quite laid back and easy going, but when it comes to the people she cared about, she really lets loose. Basically if either her mom or friend gets threatened or attacked, Kyo would get very angry and would transform from a cute and adorable yet typical teenage girl, to a volcano that it ready to burst! Deep down she has a good heart and yet the girl can be quite gullible.

Loyalty and honest are also one of her strong points as she will always be by their friends or family, while defending them from anyone or anything that stood before them. Deep down she cares deeply for her childhood friend, who was the sister she never had. Brain power is not her specialty as she once thought that an old style console as a robotic octopus, so that is basically a weakness, not to mention the girl can fall easily to the simplest of things like scams or offers.

Occupation: Lives with her mom, for she works as a newspaper reporter

School: Nekketsu High School.

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: Kyoko/River City Girls

Appearance: Kyoko has a fair complexion and a slim build, she is of about five foot nine has an average weight. When it comes to her hair its fixed into a pony tail, while a red bow sits above the start of her ponytail. and is of a chocolate brown colour. Clothing wise she wears a white shirt, followed by a red tie which is short and goes down over her breasts, a dark black skirt covers her waist area, while several pink plasters cover certain areas of both of her legs, white socks and trainers cover her feet and toes. Finally over her shirt she wears a blue jacket with chalk white sleeves which has a blue circle on the sleeves themselves. Just upon her ears are a set of silver earrings which has the shape of a sword.

History: All members are required to post at least to four paragraphs or more. Three paragraphs are the limit if the history of your characters makes sense summed up in this amount. Please provide detailed information regarding your characters that are relevant to their history. There are no exceptions to this.
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