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Hellos & Goodbyes / Re: Hi
« Last post by Haley Russell on January 07, 2023, 02:20:56 am »
Heylo, the resident admin here! ^_^ Welcome to EL Kit. I am teh Naru as Jaz above me just mentioned. Very nice to meet you. We have a wonderful and chill community here and hope to have you with us for the long haul. Ask any and all questions you have. We're quite different from the average Omegaverse communities. And by that, I mean the discord ones usually drowning in jizz which we aren't. We do encourage plotting and definitely consent here. So everyone knows if they're having any issues they can't deal with, to inform us staff immediately and we will step in if need be. And we also provide a selection of characters that are very different in their own unique ways. But more importantly, you can actually form plots with them and not just only do the "other thing" all day everyday. Which we don't allow anyway. Everyone has to actually plot so that doesn't seem like it would be an issue for you. ^^ But still, questions, ask'em. We are here for everybody.
Hellos & Goodbyes / Re: Hello there
« Last post by Haley Russell on January 07, 2023, 02:03:36 am »
Welcome, welcome. To my wonderful world of insanity. Nah I'm just kidding. Mabbe. XD I'm Naru, the admin here. Using my staff account and a tad half asleep. My silliness is normal. I'm sure you'll get used to it. Glad to have you join us and can't wait to see what you bring in. There are quite a bit of us that are new to Omegaverse but we've been able to learn it through our own means of making it very sane and comfortable to write for everybody.

We encourage plotting and more importantly consent which you'll see is stress due to others coming from previous discord RP servers that were Omegaverse and being told every single last one of them was gross and cringe. So my bored brain figured I'd make a place for people who want to enjoy the genre comfortably and others who are always on the fence about the genre to give it a second thought without getting angry at the simple mention of Omegaverse. Yeah we all know it's weird but we stray away from weird. As you'll fine, most of the RPs here are regular. Mature threads are few and far between as many of us are trying to write out a plot with our characters.

We do have plot pages you can look at that some of us have posted for specific characters we want to plot with. :) Hopefully, you'll find something that sticks out for you. Everyone is pretty chill. Including me. I don't like getting upset but when I am, usually that means someone has said or done something they know they shouldn't have but that's rare. We all help each other out and more importantly, we have fun. ^^ Feel free to ask any questions you may have and we'll be more than happy to help.
Hellos & Goodbyes / Hello there
« Last post by Kyoko on January 06, 2023, 08:18:47 am »
Hello there everyone, its a real pleasure to meet you all. My name is Amity and I am a 38 year old women who loves anime, playing video games and playing Dungeons and Dragons. I live in the UK with my Aunt (Who says hello by the way) and I don't have a job due to personal reasons. I am new to the Omegaverse. I have read the rules and will respect them, the staff and my fellow players. I look forward to role play with you all.
Second Floor Rooms / Re: Room #49: Catching Up (Yuuto)
« Last post by Haley Russell on January 04, 2023, 07:31:49 am »
Feodora nodded. "I trust that you'll do the right thing by your friend. I never had any doubts about that," she said, chuckling. As much as her brother tried to hide his emotions, he was too easy to read at times. Even if it takes him a moment to say what he really wants to say, sometimes she had to give him a bit of a push without pressing too hard to do that. She was his big sister, she was going to care about him no matter what. "Don't forget, if you ever need me for anything, you know you can always come to me. In fact, I'd rather you'd come to me over our parents. If I have to advise you against anything, I would tell you upfront without taking away your ability to make your own choices."

She hated that their parents did that to them and she was grateful that Neji eventually realized that but still couldn't bring himself to face Yuuto without feeling ashamed for what he'd done. Tatsuya was a whole other story. She didn't believe he'd learn anything. He's no different from that woman that's their stepmother now. He was a lost cause and he was going to have to learn the hard way on his own that he can't treat people how he believes they should be treated in his warped mind. Feodora was thankful that she and Yuuto remained close. She'd love for their entire family to be close but that was nothing more than a pipe dream now with them having differing views.

Nothing could be done about that. She can only focus on the now. And right now, it would seem that Yuuto knew what he wanted and how he was going to go about it. Feodora was happy to listen to her brother and allowing him to talk out his problems. Plus, it was nice to see him happier. He deserved it. He's waited for this long to be able to reach out to his friend, she knows he's patient enough to gave him time to trust him. In the meantime, she was enjoying their quality time together. Chuckling as he'd finished the meal she'd prepared and inquired about any dessert she may have made. "Not this time unfortunately. I'd only bought an angel food cake I was just going to decorate later. But if you want a slice of it anyway, I don't mind giving you one," she'd offered.
Second Floor Rooms / Re: Room #49: Catching Up (Yuuto)
« Last post by Yuuto Usui on January 03, 2023, 11:03:48 pm »

Yuuto can feel his cheeks heating up as Feodora tells him what he really wants with Shouta is for him to be a mate.  His heart is beating so hard in his chest because for years Yuuto did feel a deeper connection to Shouta.  He always thought it was just the friendship he wanted.  It may very well be more than that.  If Yuuto had to put into words he loves Shouta.  How can he love someone that much after many years?  He doesn’t even know who Shouta is.  In many ways he is the same and not all in one.  Yuuto runs his hands over his face as he listens to his sister describe how he was empty after he was forced to end his friendship with Shouta.  He was.  He can't deny it.  A part of him died that day.  He was never the same.

Yuuto knows nothing about having a true friendship outside of Shouta.  Shouta was the one true friend he has.  Yuuto talks to Hana who his father wanted him to date.  They like being friends.  Ryouichi was only his mating partner when he needed it, which wasn’t often.  How can he even begin to be a good mate?  It’s times like this Yuuto finds his inner alpha stepping forward.  Willing to protect Shouta at all costs.  Despite them just meeting he can see Shouta is very much a desired omega.  So many other alphas want to claim him.  It’s not about just claiming Shouta but loving him, protecting him, giving him everything he couldn’t before.  Yuuto runs his hand through his hair not knowing where to start.  Sticking with friendship is the best choice.  He needs to forget about his deep rooted love for his curly hair friend.  He must tread lightly.

“I planned to take my time,” Yuuto says after a moment.  “I know I probably sound crazy for wanting more but….it’s hard.  I feel comfortable about Sho.  It’s hard to explain the kind of peace I feel when he is around.  Thank you for being receptive of me.  It’s nice to be understood.  Shouta has shown to be emotionally unable.  I need to take my time with him regardless of where things go.”  Yuuto is almost tempted to ask his sister for liquor but decides against it.  He can partake once he is back in the safety of his home.  He knows for a fact Sarada will be there to confront him as he nurses his drink.  It takes everything in Yuuto to not flinch hearing his stepparents brought up.  Yuuto nods glad to know that Feodora was never tainted by that environment.  She stayed true to who she is.  Yuuto is deeply grateful for that.  Otherwise he would have no one. 

“I won't allow them to interfere.  They have done more than enough damage.  I wish I had known that earlier.  That they would never be happy with anything I do.  Any sacrifices I made.  I would have never given Shouta up.”  Yuuto begins to eat, almost forgetting about the tasty meal in front of him.  Feodora smiles seemingly happy that he revealed his emotions or maybe enjoying the meal she worked so hard on.  Yuuto is more than pleased when he finishes the meal.

“I haven’t eaten that good in a while,” he chuckles.  “Any dessert big sis?”  He smiles.  Yuuto is not one for sweets often.  Something tells him Feodora would put her foot into dessert as well.   
First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« Last post by Zach Green on January 03, 2023, 06:25:07 pm »
"Yes Ma'am!" The hired gun grinned back at her, his eyes falling to her newly exposed breasts nigh instantly. He couldn't help it, he was a boob guy after all, and hers were just so damn fine he couldn't help but admire. Her physique in general was amazing, it still amazes him that nobody before him managed to lock all of this down tight, and if they let it slip they were fools. His rod twitched in excitement and anticipation, already missing the attention she was giving it before she decided to pull out the big guns, but not disappointed in the show at the least. The desire to play with her chest mounted higher with each breath they took.

"Permission to play with them Ma'am?" He winked up at her and licked his lips as he sat up on his elbows beneath her, figuring he would play along with the scenario he thought she was setting up. He was already imagining sucking on those nipples of hers, and leaving a few love marks before they really get bouncing.
First Floor Rooms / Re: Dispelling Mystery?
« Last post by Shouta Akimoto on January 03, 2023, 05:24:32 pm »
Pleased that she was able to give Zach the pleasure he always seemed to enjoy, she decided it was time to kick it up a notch. As much as she loved the taste of him, she loved it more when he was inside of her. Sensually, she slowly removed her mouth from Zach's length, giving the tip a few quick licks before pulling herself back to playfully poke it with her finger as if to tease and drive him insane to want more of her. For him to want her to bring him to the finish line. With a wide grin on her face, she reached her hands behind her back until she'd felt the zipper to the body suit she wore underneath the dress she'd taken off earlier and wasted no time in pulling it down. Once she had, she aggressively yanked the front of it down which allowed her breasts to pop out and be fully exposed for Zach to take in. "Do you like what you see, soldier?" she asked him teasingly.
Hitoshi Mall / Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« Last post by Shouta Akimoto on January 03, 2023, 05:19:21 pm »
Sho nodded at Kusano's request for a burger and fries. "Of course," he said with a smile. He'd also decided to order a few additional things. It was more or less two extra orders of fries, a juice box-sized milk he could open for her kitty, and a salad he can save for later. The extra fries could be for her friends whenever she spotted them but he'd hoped they weren't young like her with no one to look after them. That and he was still worried about who these "bad people" were that Kusano had mentioned were after them. He could ask Sadie about had she heard anything about suspicious people walking around trying to attack and kidnap children. He knew the blonde would be more up-to-date on that sort of thing than he would be.

The cashier happily had taken the order and Sho had taken out his wallet to pay for everything. He'd been asked by the woman if they were dining in and informed her that the order was to go. Again, given that his life was usually a boring one and he didn't often go to his usual places where he'd hang out alone with friends so he'd liked to avoid being asked any unnecessary questions. There were only so many lies he could come up with regarding why Kusano was with him and who was she. He didn't even know. The child was being very vague in telling him anything and because she was, it was making him quite cautious. Once he'd paid for the order, he stood to the side with Kusano, out of the way just in case any other customers wanted to order.

For now, it was just the two of them but he was being respectful and wanting to avoid causing any trouble. He already knew Sadie was going to have a lot of questions for him and he had no idea how to answer any of them. He did know that the breakroom in the bookstore was safer until both of them could figure out what to do with Kusano. Of course, the main goal was to find her friends and make sure they were okay and then go from there. Right now, they simply waited for their food. Another five minutes had gone by as Sho had taken his phone out of his pocket to check the time. As he had, that's when one of the diner servers brought him their order in a large bag.

"Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon," they said to him, taking a bow before leaving.

Sho had done the same and thanked them in return as he'd held the bag in one hand and then looked down at Kusano. "Alright, we have the order now. You ready to head to the bookstore?" he asked her.
Activity Checks / Re: January Activity Check!
« Last post by Shouta Akimoto on January 03, 2023, 04:55:12 pm »
USER NAME: Shouta Akimoto

CHARACTERS YOU PLAY: Shouta Akimoto, Bridget Pendragon, Sadie Mably

REASON FOR INACTIVITY: Semi-Active, mild writer's block but slowly trying to jump back in.
Hellos & Goodbyes / Re: Hi
« Last post by Shouta Akimoto on January 03, 2023, 04:51:07 pm »
Welcome to EL Kit. Nice to have you join us. ^^ I'm one of the admins, Jazcat under my RP account currently and Naru is the creator of this lovely community we have. Make sure you've read all the necessary information provided while you're working on your character. And if you have any questions eventually, don't hesitate to ask. Even if it's just for clarity on anything we may do here, we are more than happy to help. ^^
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