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Author Topic: Asuna Kugimiya [Omega]  (Read 58 times)

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Asuna Kugimiya [Omega]
« on: June 05, 2022, 07:48:59 pm »

"Letís play some perverted things together on the bed..."

Name: Asuna Kugimiya

Alias: Asuna-san, Asuna-chan, Suna-chan

Date of Birth: November 07th, 2001

Age: 20

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Dragonfruit & Grape

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Succubus

Hobbies: Cooking, Doing Housework, Secretly looking at Porn, Reading (Obsessed with Romance Novels), Competing w/her sister Runa when it comes to assisting clients of the Amestia House

Succubus Physiology - As a succubus, Asuna possesses the abilities that induce illusions and lust. This means she can place humans and non-humans under her control. However, her standard power is pretty basic level because she has a tendency to either doubt herself or become easily distracted and flustered. She has the enhanced strength and speed and various other abilities that her kind has but she isn't on the same level as her older sister Runa.

Flight - Asuna possesses wings that give her the natural ability to fly. She can always retract them at will whenever she feels she doesn't need to use them.

Enhanced Strength - One thing that is noticeable about Asuna is her incredible strength as a succubus. She can carry multiple people and things at once if she wanted to on top of slicing through objects like vegetation, weapons (depends on whether or not they are enchanted to prevent being destroyed), vehicles, etc. This is only whenever she has to engage in a physical fight with someone. Outside of that, she tends to use her strength to pick up the slack around the Amestia House by making sure things are in order. If she has to help, Asuna's more than willing to use her strength to assist in the daily work duties that her job requires of her.

Enhanced Speed - Asuna has proven to be fast enough to dodge incoming attacks thrown at her. It isn't often she has to avoid attacks. On a daily basis, she's more or less shown having impeccable time at moving out of the way of incidents as they occur to avoid being harmed. When it comes to protecting others, she has the same reaction time. With the use of her wings, she can speed immediately to save someone from being hurt which she tends to do a lot as well.

Enhanced Durability - Asuna's body has incredible endurance when it comes to surviving attacks coming from powerful adversaries or unfortunate incidents. Because she isn't human, she wouldn't die normally from attacks from humans and regular weapons. To kill or harm succubi like her, weapons would have to be enchanted or even powerful spells can be used to harm her.

Stamina Absorption - Asuna's body produces fewer fatigue toxins compared to humans that require the need to rest after expending a large amount of energy. With Asuna being a succubus, she can retain her stamina and replenish it through sexual intercourse. The energy and power such intimacy provides, unfortunately, sends her into a lust-crazed frenzy and if she doesn't control herself with the person she is with, she could end up killing them through this very act. This has almost happened a few times where she absorbed so much energy from the clients she had that they were close to death. Unlike her sister Runa who has complete control over stamina absorption without killing that person in the process, Asuna does not have complete control. Therefore, Asuna has to use her ability of "Mind Infiltration" to gain the stamina she needs without killing someone in the process.

Mind Infilitration - Asuna uses this ability as a means of replenishing her stamina by being able to use her powers to travel inside a person's mind by use of her tail. She is able to put someone in a dream-like state as they imagine/dream of having intercourse with her without the need for actual physical intercourse. Depending on the person, this can last from thirty minutes to an hour. Once a person is satisfied with their insense dream, she removes her tail from wherever she's placed it on their body and allows them to sleep off the after-effects. This same ability can also be done through the act of kissing but because kissing can lead to sexual intercourse and her losing herself getting into it, Asuna doesn't attempt to risk it. The longest she's used this power is an hour willingly. She has tried it for longer periods but it ends up backfiring on her where she ends up feeling suddenly overwhelmed with exhaustion by staying in an induced dream-state with someone for far too long.

Charming Illusion - Like any succubus, Asuna does have the ability to hypnotize people, more specifically males. For her, this technique lasts only for a few minutes in a situation outside of the bedroom so to speak. She can affect an entire crowd of males to be attracted to her. However, because she doesn't care much for that sort of attention because she knows it's can be highly dangerous, she'd only use it to help someone else who she believed was in danger by using herself as a distraction. She'd briefly tease them for a moment before punching them in the gut to knock them out cold when their guard is down. She finds this helpful when seeing egotistical Alphas ganging up on others. Outside of that, Asuna doesn't find much use for the power even if her sister chastises her for not using it as she should.

Personality: Asuna has always been someone more skilled at cooking, something she'd learned from her mother and one thing she knows she's good at that Runa isn't. That includes doing housework. She does this more with her line of work for the type of job she has. She's also academically intelligent as well. She never failed any of her classes in school, making exceptional grades. It wasn't something that made her popular but it did feel great to Asuna to know that she could do something that didn't make her feel as if she was useless in some way. It's how she gained an obsession with reading though once she'd realized at that time she had feelings for her brother, this obsession became something she would partake in a lot by buying/reading romance novels. Hoping for a love-filled romance with someone, originally her stepbrother Haruhiko but now she desires to have that with someone who shares her feelings.

Asuna may have a shy and easily flustered personality, she is anything but innocent. She has been known to get jealous when she doesn't get her way. She dislikes it more when her sister flaunts her confidence in front of her, making her feel as if she is inadequate. Her relationship with her sister Runa is a strange one. They don't hate each other but they are constantly competing with one another. However, despite their bizarre relationship, Runa is willing to help her sister when she needs it. But their latest competition is which one of them can land a mate first. As much as she wants to prove she isn't a pushover like her sister treats her at times, Asuna does genuinely want to find someone that will love her. Even if part of her is ashamed that if she were to find a mate, they would find the idea of her being a closet pervert to be unappealing. She doesn't want that. She just wants to please her clients but more importantly, she's more than willing and wanting to please her future mate.

How she is with people is pretty neutral. She gets along just fine when interacting with others and it feels nice to not be treated differently because of her secondary gender or because she's a succubus. She only ever feared that when she was younger but not so much anymore. Things in the world have changed but there will always be the older generation that will still be unaccepting. Asuna tries not to let it bother her and treats everyone the same. To her, secondary gender doesn't matter.

Occupation: General Manager of Amestia House (assists Minoru Saito with the main elements of the business such as Hiring, Budgets, Promotional Advertisements, etc)

School: Kaibara University | Second Year | Business Major

Place of Living: Amestia House, has a personal room set up with all the essentials needed in assisting customers who request her during their Heats/Ruts.

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Helltaker - Modeus

Appearance: Asuna stands at the height of 5'3" with white-silver wavy hair that's unruly and red eyes which sets her apart in appearance from her older sister Runa. She has a black arrow-tipped tail and while she does have black large wings that she uses for flight, they are never visible all the time in a smaller version like her sister's. Instead, she would make her wings appear at will out of her back when she needs to use them. The only thing she keeps out and on display is her tail and her horns. While her irises are still red, rather than black pupils she has luminescent white pupils in the shape of hearts, and under her eyes is an always visible blush, though intensity varies. Adorning her head are two simple black horns pointing up, as well as many hearts that form a vague circle around the sides and back of her hair. She is most prominently seen wearing a black blazer and a red turtleneck sweater and skirt which shows off her obvious figure that consists of a small waist, wide hips, and large bust size which is a standard D cup. Asuna I

History: Asuna Kugimiya is the youngest daughter of her succubus mother Anko (Alpha) and incubus father Takumi (Omega). She has an older sister Runa (Alpha) and both of them are the heiresses to their family's fortune even if both sisters have no interest in their parents' money and desired to pursue their own dreams. Asuna's mother was the heiress of a popcorn franchise that started back in the 1950s during a time in which humans hadn't fully accepted non-humans integrated into their society. That includes being highly following the societal secondary gender system to a T where Omegas were treated as lower-class citizens that were only good for breeding, Betas were either ignored or used as servants, and Alphas were at the top in the working class. Her mother's family fought hard to be accepted by everyone despite knowing what they truly were. Asuna's mother had been arranged to mate with her father to avoid further scrutiny. Had she not already had a mate chosen for her, Anko would've mated and married a human who didn't treat her like everyone else had.

Immediately, she was pressured into having children and with her arranged mate, the two of them had conceived their first child together which was Runa. They later had their second child together, another daughter named Asuna. Despite their arrangement, the two of them were officially paired with one another. She cared about Takumi as he'd given birth to two healthy children for her but she'd told him when they first met she did not love him and it would be wrong for her to tie him to her as her life partner when she wasn't in love with him. She mated with him out of necessity, not out of love. Takumi understood this and was never angry with Anko. He felt the same way that she did, willingly mated with her out of necessity instead of love. They care for their daughters but they only care for one another in the form of a mutual friendship. That said, once the girls were old enough, their parent's parted ways while agreeing to share custody of their daughters. Her daughters may not have understood at the time why their father wasn't around anymore but she was willing to take care of them nonetheless. But Anko's family was insistent on wanting their daughter to be mated and married and so she was often arranged to meet with potential suitors who were Omega or Beta to rectify that.

By the time her daughter Asuna was five years old and Runa was ten, their mother had fallen in love with a human male Omega named Masafumi Kugimiya who already had a son named Haruhiko. Masafumi was an only child just like Anko and therefore, all eyes and attention were on him. So much was expected from him, that included wanting him to have more children that could become successful in the medical field. His son's mother had passed away, leaving him with only one blood heir. The natural persona that Alphas were known for displaying, being that of a cold, strict, and sometimes calculating person was displayed within Masafumi. He followed in his family's footsteps willingly and placed that same expectation on his son. Given that Masafumi was often looked down on for being an Omega, this was his way of proving he could work just as hard as any Alpha, whether man or woman. His feelings for Anko were standard. He was used to being around those who weren't human but never before thought of what it was like to be with someone that wasn't human. The thought of it intrigued him. He didn't hate nor dislike Anko and her interest in him provided him with the opportunity to not only have more children added under his family's name but also someone that could satisfy his needs properly. Yes, Masafumi knew very well that Anko and her children were succubi and has no reason to judge them for it.

However, just like his Haruhiko, he held high expectations for Anko's daughters, Asuna and Runa. Asuna was shown to be the shyer one out of the sisters and clearly didn't like her new stepfather. However, she saw that her mother seemed so happy to be with this man that she never questioned her about it. She would question it with her older sister Runa who would often shut her down by telling her that succubi can't help who they fall in love with. Once they fall in love, they want to be with that person forever. Asuna didn't understand why their mother had to fall for such a cold human man but she was happy that he did have a son who was nice to her and her sister. As they all grew up together, Asuna hadn't expected to develop feelings for her stepbrother. It was because the both of them were somewhat alike in terms of helping to take care of the housework (whenever the staff had days off) and cooking meals for them. They were also academically intelligent. Haruhiko had a big interest in the occult and was always fascinated by the powers that other non-humans had. He never thought to use anyone for their powers to do things for him, he just found it cool to have sisters who weren't human by species yet appeared human. Asuna liked that about Haruhiko and wondered if what she felt for him was similar to what her mother felt for his father.

Asuna wanted to explore this more, especially when she presented as an Omega and Haruhiko presented as an Alpha. Despite her innocent nature, she wanted to take that chance. However, this was not possible since he'd only thought of her as his sister. To make matters worse, Runa had suddenly and openly declared in front of all of their family that she was in love with him and wanted him to mate with her. Their mother immediately disapproved of her daughters' feelings for their brother, finding it inappropriate. They may not have been blood-related but that didn't mean she was going to support the idea of incest. Masafumi, on the other hand, was intrigued by the idea. He believed that if his son mated and bonded with one of Anko's daughters, it might motivate his son more. Haruhiko made it clear he didn't want that with Asuna and Runa. Anko would, of course, punch Masafumi for even considering such an idea. She wanted her daughters to find mutual love with someone that accepted them. She didn't expect them to find that in Haruhiko. This love and attachment Asuna had for Haruhiko grew more and more over the years as well as her rivalry with Runa who she is openly jealous of because there have been moments where Runa tends to secretly spend a lot of time with Haruhiko and it drives Asuna mad she doesn't know what they're doing when they're alone together.

With that in mind, she goes to great lengths to get him to notice her instead of her sister who is noticeably more attractive than herself. She's also a much more capable and stronger succubus who shows no shame in using her abilities to gain the upper hand and trick people. Runa has a lot more confidence in herself and her abilities than Asuna who at times finds other means of using her abilities that don't hurt anyone. Her attempts to make herself more attractive so that Haruhiko would love her failed since he'd fallen in love with someone else, which broke Asuna's heart but at the same time, it made her happy that she didn't have to fight for his attention anymore. She'll always care about him as her brother even if she wanted more than that with him. She eventually decided to put her intelligence to the test and enrolled in Kaibara University where she is working on a major in business. Despite being an heiress technically from two well-off families, she wanted to do something for herself. Show that she could be independent and dependable. Her stepfather had no issues with this and had assumed that Asuna would amount to something more than her sister who wasn't trying to do anything and she was already in her thirties.

Asuna had tested the waters in different types of businesses she could partake in. None of them interest her. Studying medicine was definitely not something she wanted to do. Haruhiko had decided to go down that road for himself. What struck an interest with her business-wise was the idea of Heat Houses and how were they faring in the current economy. She was aware that many of her peers used Heat Houses when they needed to and there were others who simply refused to go to one, thinking of them as trashy places to go and have sex. Or that the places themselves hold their staff as slaves to sleep with people when they visited. Asuna didn't think any of this was true about ALL Heat Houses. It was something she wanted to explore further. She found that opportunity when a Heat House had rebranded and renamed itself. It was called the Amestia House which many would confuse with the Amestia Inn. They're in name partnered but provided very different services. The Amestia Inn is a hotel for permanent residents and temporary guests and the Amestia House was an actual Heat House. She had a lot of ideas prepared to share with the Owner of the Amestia House but it would seem she was beaten to the punch with a lot of the ideas she had, he already provided. This man's name was Saito Minoru. He liked her spunk and out creative she was. Surprised someone like her would be interested in such a place but he was intrigued and offered her the position of General Manager to help him out and split a lot of the main duties between the two of them.

Asuna was more than excited about the job offer and it would allow her to use it for her major as well, especially if she had to write papers about her experience working at a Heat House. The main thing that was needed was hiring more people to work with clients that used the services that were provided. She was given the option to work with clients as well and the very thought of it embarrassed her but if it could help people when they needed a place that's safe and secure for individuals to spend their Heat/Rut somewhere private or for pairs/couples who needed the services as well, that was always an open choice. As for hiring new people, that was a struggle since some of the people Minoru hired seemed frightening to her but overall, they meant well in providing everyone safe comfort. Since she knew her sister Runa wasn't doing anything with her own life, having given up on trying to go after Haruhiko who had chosen who he wanted to mate with, Asuna extended an offer of work to her sister as someone that could assist individual clients during their Heats/Ruts. She was hoping her sister would turn down the offer since she suddenly felt like it was a bad idea but her sister was ecstatic at the offer. She saw it as an opportunity to find a perfect mate that would want to be with her and no one else. And to add fuel to the fire, she bragged about striving to have so many clients begging for her more than her sister.

It was then that fire had been lit within Asuna to prove that she was just as confident as her sister despite her shy and meek nature. It was only when she's around Runa she displays this confidence because she doesn't like losing to her sister. Having a job like this meant she had to explore herself sexually a lot more. She had a few attempts in trying too hard to compete with her sister and became so into the overall experience of having intercourse with someone and draining them of their energy to keep her own from depleting, that she'd ended up having near death accidents with those clients. She was horrified at such a thing happening and almost decided to wear off sex and not using her abilities with clients. As much as Runa enjoyed teasing her sister, she knew it wouldn't be any fun competing with her if she was scared to use her own powers and be an actual succubus. So she helped her by showing her different ways that Asuna could still pleasure others so they can enjoy themselves and she enjoy herself as well, without her draining them so much to where she "almost" kills them. Asuna may have a strange relationship with her sister where they both don't act like sisters the majority of the time but she does, however, appreciate it when she takes out the time to help her with something. Asuna just dislikes it when Runa teases her.

Since working at the Amestia House, Asuna has become someone that has developed strange habits that involves her using secretive tactics on her sister. One of which is playing drinking games with her until Runa passes out because despite being an Alpha succubus like their mother, she has a low tolerance for alcohol and immediately passes out on top of not remembering anything that happened prior to the moment when she wake up. Asuna likes doing this to gain the upper hand over her sister who falls for it every time. But Runa gets back at her too since she knows Asuna is also a closet pervert that looks at porn in secret while imagining doing things to herself when alone. Runa only chooses to make remarks regarding it only around Asuna because she knows she's easily embarrassed by her actions and seeing her reactions amuses Runa but annoys Asuna. Despite having her sister around, her being there doesn't overcomplicate things and she's able to focus on not only the work she does for the Amestia House but her studies as well. While she may have perverted fantasies, the notable one that is real is finding a mate that will return and accept her feelings for them.

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