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Author Topic: Dakota Anderson [Omega]  (Read 42 times)

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Dakota Anderson [Omega]
« on: July 10, 2022, 12:04:34 am »

"Always take care of your pets!"

Name: Dakota Anderson

Alias: ----

Date of Birth: May 18th, 2002

Age: 20

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Honeysuckle & Peaches

Sexuality: Demisexual

Race: American

Species: Human

Hobbies: drawing, reading, nature walks, taking care of animals

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Dakota is a friendly when interacting with others. While he may have the face of someone that appears uncaring, his personality reflects the opposite of how he appears. It has made it difficult for him to make friends but once many saw that he wasn't someone that was going to cause trouble for them and need to actively avoid, they took the time to get to know him. In fact, he's usually the main one that's sympathetic towards others and wants to be there for them whenever they need a shoulder to lean on. He has shown that he can become anxious and dislikes confrontation. He will do what he can to actively avoid it. Dakota doesn't put any thought into secondary genders and feels that everyone can get along with one another if they're just willing. He opens up more when engaging in his hobbies like drawing, and reading, and he absolutely adores animals. He may not be able to have as many pets as he likes but that doesn't stop him from wanting to take care of the ones that need homes. And informing close friends what they need to do to properly take care of them. He is often called a dork for this but he doesn't let that bother him. Dakota does worry about being taken advantage of by others due to his Heat and always makes sure to keep suppressants on hand. However, there are times this can't be helped and when that doesn't work, pepper spray is always an option. Due to this fear, he actively avoids large crowds now due to previous experiences.

Occupation: Veterinary Technician in Training at Akasaka Animal Hospital

School: Kaibara University | Second Year | Veterinary Science Major

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > First Floor > Room #018

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Actors - Ryou Saotome

Appearance: Dakota I

History: Dakota was born in Houston, Texas to Alpha and Omega parents (both males), along with having a twin sister named Dallas. Dakota felt that his sister grew up not having to worry much about her needs and wants. This may have been because when the two of them became of age for their secondary genders to present, Dallas was discovered to be a Beta while Dakota was an Omega. Personally, Dakota would've preferred to present as an Alpha or Beta. He knew that this way he wouldn't get bothered much by anyone at school. While Betas were steadily bullied too, it wasn't as regularly compared to how Omegas were often mistreated for simply presenting as an Omega. Accused of releasing their scents on purpose to trap someone when in fact they weren't. It was a weird stigma that Dakota never understood and it's why he kept to himself. However, because he had his Alpha father's features, this was the real reason why people avoided him.

They thought of him as a trouble-making delinquent which was the complete opposite of who he was as a person. Dakota was someone who while he stuck to himself sometimes, was friendly if approached by someone who wanted to talk with him. And this assumption was before anyone ever found out he was an Omega. His sister would often joke that because he looks so much like their dad, he'd never find a mate. It was a horrible thing to say but he just didn't think much of it. Given that his mind wasn't on finding a mate more than it was just wanting friends, that was never something he put focus on. He did have classmates in school that he was friends with but there were actual troublemaking students that were Alphas accompanied by Betas that would bully him and his friends. They never provoked these students, they were simply bored and felt that their family and status had to be known to everyone, even if everyone didn't care.

Of course, Dakota didn't like confrontation and so his sister would always come to his rescue, while he felt embarrassed about her having to come and save him. He was a guy that should be able to defend himself but he wasn't good at fighting and he didn't like to fight. He didn't see anything wrong with solving a situation by talking it out and reaching a compromise. But those bullies weren't interested in that. Dallas chastised and put fear into them for being what she called "terrible pieces of crap". This didn't make those situations better. It just made him look weak in comparison, especially to other male students. Dakota knew that Dallas was trying to protect him but it felt wrong for her to have to fight his battles. So he told her flat out to stop and that he'd try and take care of it himself without her. Dallas would often call her brother an idiot for thinking and even saying something like that which caused the two to fight and go without talking for a week until their Omega mother stepped in. They would eventually come to see each other's sides, understand each other's feelings and made up. Dakota knew his sister meant well and apologized to her for being an "idiot" as she called him.

Dallas accepted her brother's apology and apologized for calling him an idiot. She just wanted him to understand that he didn't have to be ashamed of allowing her to help him and that he wasn't weak by any means. He thanked his sister for that and they managed to reconcile things. As for Dakota, he took an interest in other things and he went through school. Drawing was something he did leisurely even though he wasn't very good at it. He did love animals and liked visiting cat cafes and pet stores to see what different ones they had up for adoption while knowing he couldn't get one. He just felt at peace being around animals who needed the care of a person to survive. This love for animals that he had grew and he showed an interest in wanting to know about different types of animals. Not just cats and dogs, which are the usual pets that owners had but bunnies, ferrets, snakes, etc for any animal that could be kept as a pet, Dakota would do research on it and how to take care of him. And while there were schools were universities where he lived he could eventually attend once he graduated high school, Dakota began to search for universities in other areas.

When he reached eighteen and was a senior, his high school had a foreign exchange program announced to him and others in his year. This program covered flight expenses and placed students in affordable housing for them to complete their studies. It was a program that allowed seniors to study aboard in the three countries that were provided for them to select from: France, Germany, and Japan and it was dual enrollment. Dakota was definitely interested in this and originally struggled to pick which country to study in. His parents and his sister were worried that this wasn't a good idea but Dakota assured him he would be fine. Plus, he had to live on his own eventually. As for his choice in the country picked, he'd chosen Japan to start his dual enrollment program with Kaibara University as he'd researched and seen they had good opportunities for jobs that allowed him to work with animals. He wanted to work on getting a degree to become a vet technician. His family supported his decision and saw him off.

Dakota arrived in Tokyo, Japan and he'd been arranged to stay in one of the rooms at the Amestia Inn where he'd have his own space to focus on his assignments for both finishing up his high school courses while working on the ones he had for Kaibara University. Learning the language, the culture, and the way of living wasn't easy for him. He struggled to fit in more in this country than he did back home. Naturally, he was stared at and assumed that he was someone that'd start trouble but for the most part, no one was bullying him. The manager of the inn was his tutor who tutored him in learning the language and because the woman spoke English, it made it a lot easier to understand his assignments. He managed to finish the rest of his courses and made enough credits to graduate high school and earn his diploma which was later mailed to him. And since he was already doing classes at Kaibara, he'd decided to stick with it as they had courses related to the major he wanted to study which was animal care and he was already part of the way in.

He was now officially a student at the university and since he'd spent the majority of his time in Japan and didn't use any of it to look around and explore the city, Dakota had decided for one day to take a break from his studies to do just that. Though having woken up with a headache unexpectedly wasn't great but he didn't put much thought into it. It'd gone away and he just wanted to see what was fun around the city. They were having one of their usual festivals, celebrating something or another, and decided to check it out for a bit. He did take everything with him just in case since he didn't want to cause problems for anyone. The mixture of scents coming from everyone that was present at the festival had ended up triggering Dakota's Heat to start early which made him quickly run to the nearest bathroom in the area of the festival. He'd immediately taken his suppressants once he went in but he wasn't aware that he was also being followed. A stranger had caught wind of his scent.

He'd waited for the medication to kick in before gathering himself and leaving the bathroom, only to have been followed by a female Alpha woman. Given that they were outside in the open, Dakota was surprised that out of all the people present, anyone was able to sniff him out specifically. She was a very domineering woman. Nothing like anyone he'd approached before in terms of an Alpha. Usually, any Alpha he had issues with were male, not female. This woman began to release her scent in an attempt to make him submit to her so she could take him back to her place. Yet he didn't want that. Not that she wasn't a beautiful woman. Definitely attractive by all means but he found what she was doing to be inappropriate for one and two he had no idea who she was and wasn't about to do anything with anyone he didn't know. He turned her down and said he was going home but this had apparently upset the woman and she grabbed Dakota roughly by his arm and pulled him close to her. Making it known that she didn't take kindly to being turned down. He was nothing more than a good lay for her and he should take it like the good little Omega he was.

Dakota definitely felt that he was in danger and he reached into his pocket to pull out the pepper spray, using it on the woman. He was able to get free since she hadn't expected him to pull that out and ran as quickly as he could back to the inn. Never before had anyone tried to sexually assault him the way this woman did. Ordering him to submit and sleep with her. The thought of that made his skin crawl. Any other female he'd met had been very nice to him but bumping into a strange woman at a festival wanting to have her way with him felt like a nightmare. That was the first and last time that he ever went out into crowds by himself and even started to take self-defense classes as Kaibara offered them to students that wanted to learn how to protect themselves. Dakota refused to be a victim, much less be treated like one so he took the first step to be more aware of his surroundings and to fight to defend only when he needed to.

Ever since that incident, Dakota's done nothing but focus on his assignments. With him being in his second year at Kaibara and maintaining his scores decently to where he doesn't falter behind, he was able to land a job working at the Akasaka Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician in Training. Working around animals is a great highlight of his day. He's been learning a lot about different animals and their required needs. He aims to get a pet of his own but wants to wait before he does. But he's not against fawning over the pets that come into the animal hospital or the pets that some of his peers own. And Dakota will chastise them if they aren't taking care of them properly. Overall, Dakota's doing fine. He does contact his family and let them know how he's doing as well. He does plan to go back for a visit but has contemplated making Japan his permanent home since things have gotten better for him here.

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Re: Dakota Anderson [Omega]
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2022, 12:21:33 am »

Your character has been approved! Make to post your Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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